Ass Obsession: A Son’s Virginity


Summary: Son loses his virginity and gets all 3 of mom’s fuck holes.

This is a 2017 Summer Contest Story so please vote.

Note 1: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, and Wayne for editing.

Ass Obsession: A Son’s Virginity

Some guys are obsessed with tits.

Some guys are obsessed with legs.

Some guys are obsessed with pussies.

And since it’s 2017, many guys are obsessed with cock.

Me… I love all of it… including eyes, lips and hair (but not cock).

Until this summer, I’d never had sex, so the only pussies I’d ever seen were on the internet and truth be told, they were a bit of an enigma to me: both how they work and, to me, their lack of visual appeal. I wasn’t sure how any guy could say he loves the look of a vagina. The feel of one perhaps, but I was in no position to judge.

Me, I love legs… especially legs in nylons. Partly because my Mom always wears them, partly because Mrs. Walker, my favourite teacher, always wears them, and partly because the cheerleaders always wear them.

But my biggest obsession, even more than legs, what instantly gets me hard, is a nice plump ass.

I don’t love all asses either.

Prime ass needs to be plump.

I need to be able to grab both cheeks and get two handfuls of ass… in theory… since I’ve never actually grabbed an ass.

I don’t want any anorexic ass.

I like a girl with some meat on her bones… which usually means she’s considered chubby by today’s sexist superficial standards… although today Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield would be considered overweight.

So although my mother had never gotten rid of her baby weight from having four kids and getting Hashimoto disease, she was still very pretty with crystal blue eyes and a sweet smile.

To me she was beautiful.

Full figured with huge tits too… which I wished I could nurse on again.

She also had nice legs that she usually showcased in sheer hosiery, heels and skirts; she was a secretary at a law office and always dressed professionally.

Although I loved seeing her legs in hosiery, her breasts in flattering blouses, and her facial beauty, it was the sight of her plump ass, always showcased in slightly tight skirts, that really got my cock ready to burst.

I tell you all this because when I was eighteen and at the lake with my mother for two days by ourselves before my three older brothers arrived, I achieved the unimaginable goal of losing my virginity to my mother and fucking her ass.

Here is the story….

The only time Mom could get a week at the lake on the 150th anniversary year of Canada was the third week of August.

Unfortunately, or so it seemed at the time, all three of my brothers would be returning from a two week trip to Amsterdam that in their opinion I was too young to go on.

It likely was because of the fact that although all three of them are big, burly football players all playing college ball, I was the skinny, underdeveloped nerd and would likely hinder their style… since, of course, the age limits in Amsterdam are only guidelines.

Anyway, although I was originally pissed, it did open the door to some alone time with Mom… this being the first summer since Dad had left with his younger (and to my mind far too skinny) secretary three months ago.

The first day at the lake, Mom was lying on the beach reading a book, wearing a surprisingly skimpy bikini which had been keeping me hard all day, when she asked, “Cameron, I hate to ask you to do this, but can you put some suntan lotion on my back and legs for me?”

My already hard cock agreed instantly to the request, which would place my hands intimately close to her plump ass, and my eyes in a location where they could stare to their heart’s content without her noticing.

Of course like every horny son who fantasizes about fucking his mother I agreed with my cock’s decision, unable not to stare at her voluptuous breasts barely restrained by her bikini top, “Sure, Mom. Anything for you.”

She looked up at me, pausing briefly as she noticed the tent in my trunks, as her eyes went big and her cheeks instantly flushed to an attractive pink, “That’s so sweet.”

She rolled over and lay on her front, her plump ass in a tight blue bikini bottom now staring back at my appreciative eyes.

My cock flinched eagerly in my trunks.

My hands trembled as I reached for the lotion.

My mouth watered as I stared at her plump ass: it just seemed made for fucking.

Now before I continue I should highlight a few things:

1. I knew my Mom liked taking it in the ass. My bedroom was right below my parents’, and I’d often overheard them having sex when they were still married. I would hear Mom beg, “Pound my asshole,” or “Slam that big dick in my ass,” or “Yes, fill my ass with cum!”

2. I knew she was submissive. I mean it was obvious in her willingness to look after four sons poker oyna while Dad did very little… but it was also apparent when Dad would tell her things like:

-“Take it all, you little slut.”

-“Suck my dick that was just in your fat ass.”

-“Swallow my load.”

-“Rub my cum all over your face before you go downstairs to make dinner.”

And, “Beg me to fuck your asshole,” he would order.

Mom would respond with desperation in her voice, “Oh, please shove that big cock up my asshole.”

3. Although Mom was prim and proper as a mother, in the bedroom her true nature and nasty tongue were awakened:

-“Oh yes, come all over my face.”

-“Oh shit, I’m going to come from having your cock slamming my shit hole.”

-“Fuck your slut.”

-“Yes, I’m a dirty cum bucket Mommy whore,” she declared once, which baffled me, but still made me shoot my wad all over myself.

4. One day while she was at work I snooped in her bedroom and discovered she had an abundance of sex toys including vibrators, handcuffs and anal toys.

5. I knew she was going through cock withdrawal as she hadn’t been with anyone since Dad’s betrayal. Once I even overheard Mom complaining on the phone to someone that she felt her pussy had shriveled up like a prune.

Probably more of a backdrop than you really needed, but I’m just trying to point out all I knew, and why I was feeling just a glimmer of hope about this trip.

Anyway, I knelt down next to her, squirted some lotion into my hands, happy I wasn’t squirting anything in my trunks, and began to massage it onto Mom’s back.

After a minute or so, Mom surprised me twice.

1. She asked, “Honey, I need you to really rub the lotion into my skin. Can you do what your father used to do and straddle me so you can put some muscle into it?”

I stammered, my cock again twitching in its restrictive trunks, “S-s-sure Mom.”

“Good boy,” she said, as I tentatively straddled Mom so I was actually sitting over her legs, my cock almost poking against her butt.

“Anything for you, Mom,” I repeated, trying to hint just how much I wanted to fuck her.

“Be careful what you say, dear,” Mom said, her tone playful. “I may take you up on that offer.”

Deciding I had to at least hint at my excitement, and the true intent of my words, I leaned forward to rub the lotion in, my hard cock deliberately poking between Mom’s plump ass cheeks as I repeated, my tone trying to sound as suave as possible, “I do mean anything, Mom. You can use me as you wish.”

I was worried she would object when she felt my cock poking her, but she said something crazy instead.

2. She asked, “Can you pull the strings of my top, honey? I hate tan lines.”

My cock twitched against her ass as I stammered, “S-s-sure, Mom.”

I leaned forward at an angle where if we were both naked I’d be sliding my cock into her ass… God, I’d fantasized doing just that a million times (and that’s not even hyperbole).

I tugged at the thin strings that had somehow been holding up her large breasts and watched them fall to both sides.

Like the pervert I am, I leaned to my left to see how much of Mom’s breast I could see… which unfortunately wasn’t as much as I wanted, although it was still a sight to behold.

She said, “The lotion, honey,” seeming to know exactly what I was doing, particularly that I wasn’t doing what she’d asked me to do.

“Sorry,” I apologized, “I got distracted.”

“By what?” she asked, even though her tone implied she knew.

“The water skiers,” I lied, as I poured more suntan lotion on her back and began rubbing it in.

“Oh, okay,” she answered, sounding disappointed at my boring answer.

As I kept rubbing, my cock still resting against her ass crack, I wondered if I was reading more into her tone than was there.

Every few seconds I flinched my cock against her ass cheeks, wanting her to know the impact she was having on me… wanting her to know what I meant by I’ll do anything!

Not once did she move away or acknowledge its prodding, which could be read a few ways.

1. She noticed it, but didn’t feel comfortable scolding me about it.

2. She didn’t notice it, which would be pretty humiliating.

3. She did notice it, liked it, but wasn’t sure what to say or do… I am her son, after all.

Either way I was all hormones, and they increased when she asked, “I know this may be awkward, but can you rub the lotion right down to the top of my bikini bottom? That’s where I really burn.”

“Of course, Mom,” I nodded, that request instantly escalating my hopes, as everything she encouraged me to do was keeping my remote dream alive.

“You’re such a sweet boy,” my Mom said, as I flinched my cock three obvious times against her ass before reluctantly getting off her.

“And you’re the perfect mom,” I replied, meaning it.

“Oh, now you’re being silly,” she said, as I squirted lotion on her canlı poker oyna lower back.

“I’m serious, Mom,” I said. “I couldn’t ask for a better mom.”

“Your father sure didn’t think so,” she sighed, Dad having left just for his much younger, skinnier, dumber, blonde, fake-breasted, secretary.

“He’s an idiot,” I said. “You’re the most beautiful woman I know… inside and out.”

“I couldn’t ask for a sweeter son,” she said, as she lifted herself up a bit, enough so I could see her entire left breast from the side.

I froze, suddenly unable to continue rubbing her back with my hands, or even to take part in our conversation.

She asked, looking at me looking at her, “Distracted again?”

I should have broken my drooling stare at mom’s massive tit, but I couldn’t as I struggled to say something… anything… and what came out was no more than a bunch of incoherent babble which I won’t attempt to spell for you. It would have lots of vowels and not many consonants.

“Are you okay?” she asked, lifting her body up a bit more so she could turn towards me. Now I saw her nipple poking out… so hard and inviting.

Finally I admitted, “Mom, I can see your breast.”

She laughed, but didn’t move at all to hide it, “You used to love these things. I mean you refused the bottle far longer than your brothers.”

I tried to joke, “Maybe that’s why I’m a breast guy.”

“And a leg guy,” she added, actually moving slightly to show me even more of the first breast and some of the other.

“Pardon?” I questioned.

“I notice you staring at my legs and feet when I walk around the house wearing nylons with my shoes off,”

she revealed.

I felt my face burn with embarrassment as she continued, “It’s okay, honey. I’ve always been flattered by the attention you give me.”

“You have?” I asked, shocked by the conversation.

“Sure,” she nodded, “who wouldn’t be? Especially since your father left and I began to feel really insecure about myself as a woman.”

“You’re way hotter than she is,” I complimented, before adding, trying to be suave, “especially when you’re wearing nylons.”

“You like nylons too?” she asked, already knowing but wanting to hear me say so.

Deciding to keep things going and keep giving hints, “That’s likely your fault too.”

“My fault?” she questioned, her nipple still hanging out and about and daring me to do something about it.

“Well, you’re the woman I see the most, and you’re always wearing them,” I explained. I then added, feeling like I should just let it all out, “And I especially have a thing for nylon-covered feet.”

“Well, like father like son,” she replied.

“Really?” I asked.

“Your father used to order me to wear them every day from morning to bedtime,” she revealed.

“Order?” I asked, even though I knew what she meant… I wanted to see how much she would tell me.

“I’m saying too much,” she said, her face suddenly changing expression as she lay back down.

“Mom,” I objected, rubbing right around her ass… taking a risk and moving my lotion-covered hands to her legs then rubbing them up her thigh. “You can tell me anything.”

“No, you’re my son,” she said, even though she didn’t move or protest as my hands slithered up her thigh.

“Mom, I’m eighteen; I’m an adult,” I reminded her, my hand only an inch from her pussy and even closer to her ass.

“I guess,” she sighed. After a pause, “Well, to tell the truth, your father was very demanding.”

“Like making you wear nylons?” I asked, digging for more.

“That’s one example,” she nodded, actually opening her legs ever so slightly, as if tempting me with the parting of the pink sea.

“What are some others?” I asked, still stroking her legs even though I was more than done with the lotion.

“It’s embarrassing,” she said. I sensed she wanted to tell me, but was struggling with her moral mother code.

“Is it that you’re submissive?” I asked, prodding her on.

“Excuse me?” Mom asked, startled, jerking her head around to look at me.

I shrugged, looking into her eyes, “Thin walls and thin flooring.”

“Oh my God!” she gasped, realizing my meaning.

“I heard you say that a lot,” I smiled, before adding, “accompanied by a lot of words I’ve never heard from you any other time.”

“You heard me?” she asked, processing the obvious.

I nodded, “Yeah, it was quite the turn on.”

“Cameron!” she said.

“What?” I asked. “I’m a guy, so hearing someone begging to be pounded, or ass reamed, is pretty hot.”

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” she repeated, laying her head back down in shame.

Oddly, she didn’t ask me to stop touching her. So I climbed back onto her, my constrained cock again resting on her ass, and began rubbing her shoulders as I said, “It’s okay, Mom, having sex is natural.”

“You must think I’m a slut,” Mom said.

“Mom, you had sex with your husband,” I clarified, reassuring her, flinching my cock with internet casino intent, “In truth, the mixture of prim and proper in public and submissive slut in the bedroom is every guy’s dream.”

“And where did you obtain that worldly view?” Mom asked, again looking at me… this time with a sultry look and voice.

“My plethora of sexual conquests,” I joked, again flinching my cock between her ass cheeks.

“How many is that?” she asked, not seeming to be fazed at all by the attention my cock was paying her.

“Ten fewer than ten,” I answered, finding a unique way to tell her I was a virgin.

“You’re a virgin?” she asked, almost as a gasp.

“Yeah, I don’t have the muscles and looks of my big brothers,” I answered, knowing that in high school, physical looks and athletic prowess always controlled the hierarchy.

Mom said, “Oh honey, you have something they don’t.”

“Yeah, but smarts don’t get the chicks,” I said, the conversation getting so real I was no longer focused on my cock between her ass cheeks but rather on my natural insecurity, especially in comparison to my jock brothers.

She shook her head in disagreement and said, “But chicks do go for smart guys with big dicks.”

I was shocked by Mom’s words, but I tried to be casual in my response even as I again let her know my cock was indeed not only big but also hard, “We rhymed.”

“I’m a poet and didn’t know it,” she joked.

“You’re everything,” I replied, knowing then and there I was in love with my mother in a much bigger way than just family.

“You’re my everything too, sweetheart,” she said, turning back around before adding, “now let Mom sunbathe.”

“Oh yeah,” I chuckled awkwardly, realizing the dream had come to an end. “You probably can’t get any sun with me leaning over you.”

She didn’t say anything as I got off her, my cock raging, and Mom’s bold words about my big cock swimming around in my mind. I stared at her ass a bit longer before I decided to go for a swim and dash some literal cold water on my raging hard-on.

An hour later, Mom fully back in her bikini, she said, glancing down at my crotch, “We’re going out for dinner tonight.”

“Where?” I asked.

“At the exclusive golf course,” she smiled, since it was the only restaurant in 50 miles.

“Well, I’ll wear my finest golf shirt,” I joked.

“Dress up as nice as you can, honey,” she said, going to our cabin, before turning around and adding, “and I will too.”

As she turned away and went into the cabin I stood there flabbergasted.

She’d definitely looked at my crotch.

She was taking me out on what almost seemed like a date.

She’d allowed me to poke her ass with my dick for endless minutes.

She’d let me see a lot more of her breast than the mother of an eighteen-year-old should.

She’d mentioned how big my dick is.

Which, by the way, is impressive. I don’t mean to brag, as I was a virgin and no girls at school had a clue about what I have in my pants, but I’m seven and seven-eighths inches in length (I measured… bummed I wasn’t eight inches). I’ve done some research and that is substantially above the average cock size of five point one (according to google). I also know from seeing them naked at different times that I’m bigger than any of my three brothers. I’ve always hoped once I met a girl in college where it was about more than looks and athletics (I sure hope it’ll be) and she saw my cock, I’d become the stud I dreamed about being.

I went into our cabin and to my room and changed. I had very limited options as I hadn’t brought many clothes other than t-shirts and shorts. I did have a golf shirt and khaki shorts, so that’s what I put on after I had a quick shower (although we were camping, we were doing it in a rather comfortable way… air conditioned cabin with a shower, bathroom, satellite television and full kitchen). Before I put my khaki dress shorts on, I grabbed my one pair of quality underwear (a pair of MyPakage (yes, that’s the correct spelling) underwear which is a Canadian company very similar to Saxx underwear… except more affordable… at least where I found a pair for eighteen bucks).

I didn’t expect the night to end with Mom seeing me in them, but I was hopeful, and sure wanted to showcase my cock as best I could if, by some miracle, I did end up showing her my underwear.

I walked out and Mom was still in her room. I flipped on the television and was watching Wheel of Fortune when Mom startled me by saying, “Home is where the heart is.”

“What?” I asked, as I turned around and my jaw hit the floor like an animated character. Mom was in a formfitting red dress and mocha nylons. I couldn’t even fathom why she’d brought such a dress and stockings on a camping trip with her youngest son.

“That’s the answer to the clue,” she said, as she put her right hand on her cocked hip… the dress was tight and showcased every curve of her body. Her tits were pulling my eyes to them like headlights (think animated character again, this time with eyes on stalks), as were her legs encased in glossy nylons. The trifecta of voyeuristic perfection would be when I could get behind her and take a look at her ass displayed in this amazing dress.

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