At the Biker Bar Ch. 01


Hopefully this will be a multiple chapter story but we will see how it flows. All characters are fictional and over eighteen.


I grow excited at the thought of being touched by strangers. Nameless strangers, only interested in the pleasure I could give them, or that they could take from me. These thoughts had fuelled my fantasies for many years, growing all the time. If I ever struggled to reach orgasm I could guarantee the idea of some random stranger using me as a cum receptacle, would make me see stars.

After a long spell of no sex, I decided to make my fantasy a reality. I wrote an advert and put it online. A neck down photo of myself naked and a brief explanation. I wanted health certificates, I would be completely at the person or persons disposal. It was probably a bad idea, but I had some itches that badly needed scratching.

After a few days the replies started filtering through to my inbox. Over half I deleted straight away. A few intrigued me, but not enough to make me want to reply. Then I got the one that made my nipples stiff and my knickers instantly wet as I read it.

It announced they were holding a birthday party at a local biker bar. The birthday boy was expecting a stripper, but after they saw my advert they decided they could better for free. The idea appealed to me, a lot. I had a thing for big hairy tattooed men and if you throw in loud music and loud bikes I was a very happy bunny. I wrote a quick reply asking for more details and waited.

Apparently the party was a Saturday night, they wanted me to head over there early, go over the health certificates and finer points at the bar with a few drinks, then be waiting in the back for the real fun to start. I eagerly agreed, I had three days to get ready. I was so turned on I nearly reached for the vibrator and started masturbating there and then, I was soaking wet. I decided three days of waiting would only add to the fun.

Over the course of the next three days, I kept myself busy preparing. I had my pussy waxed completely bare, then hit the shops. I bought some new underwear, boots and a very cute little black dress from the sales rack. Skin tight, barely covering my backside with laces zig zagging up either side leaving a strip of skin bare. It was perfectly slutty.

At last the big day arrived, after a long hot bath I slowly rubbed body lotion into my skin, I stood looking in the mirror. I rolled black hold ups up my long legs to the tops of my pale thighs. I put on the new black half cup satin bra, it pushed my c cups breasts up, still showing my pink pierced nipples, already erect with excitement like little hazelnuts. I admired the flat toned stomach covered in tattoos, my cleavage arms backs and legs also had their fair share of ink.

I debated on whether to add the new panties or not, but I figured I wasn’t planning on wearing them long enough to matter. I rolled the dress down like a second skin, it flattered my figure and my tits were almost falling out, it fitted around the curve of my toned arse perfectly. The knee high boots were next, tight fitting black leather covering my calves, and four inch heels made my legs go on for miles. A quick squirt of perfume, eyeliner and I was good to go.

I sat in the back of the cab, trying to ignore the driver readjusting himself as he stared in the rear view mirror. He was an elderly indian guy, his eyes kept straying to my thighs. I knew he could see the tops of my stockings. The scrutiny was make starting to make me even more aroused, the butterflies in my stomach going mad. He turned into the parking lot of the bar I decided to give him an extra thrill. I opened my legs and watched his eyes bulge as he took in the sight of my bare open pussy, I was sure he could see and smell the arousal starting to become evident on my pussy lips.

He peeled out of the lot as soon as I got out, not even waiting for his fare. I was sure he was headed to the nearest quiet lay-by to relieve himself, if he didn’t already have his cock out as he drove. The thought made me shiver with anticipation as I took a deep breath and entered the bar. Onwin

It was a dive, a juke box blaring out classic Metallica, sticky floor, dirty tables and the whole place absolutely stank of stale beer, sweat and cigarette smoke. The layer of smoke hovering near the ceiling and the overflowing ashtrays told me this place didn’t care too much about the smoking ban. In short it was my kind of bar. It reminded me of my twenties, back in the good old days.

A big man sat at the bar, he was about six foot three, wearing his club colours. Tattoos flowed up his big muscular arms. His hair was brown, shot through with grey, long and curly blending perfectly with a full long beard. He had sparkling, smiling, kind blue eyes. My stomach twisted at the sight of this big bear of a man. I could feel the moisture starting to pool at the tops of my thighs, overflowing from my aroused pussy.

He took my hand and engulfed it in his massive paw like hand, shook it and introduced himself as Jack. He explained he was going to be acting as security, he would keep an eye on the boys and make sure they didn’t get pesky as he put it with a wink. I looked over the paperwork which all seemed fine, while I enjoyed a few rum and cokes. Although I was up for it, my nerves were jangling mixing in with anticipation and I was in serious need of some dutch courage.

Just before seven I was led into a dingy back room to wait on my own. My mind was racing and I was convinced that if things didn’t get started soon I was going to either bolt out of the door or explode from excitement and frustration. The noise was building out the front, a crescendo of shouting hollering and loud music.

I was leaning up against a pool table trying to calm my racing pulse when the door slammed open. The room was suddenly full of a seething mass of leather, tattoos, denim and testosterone. My knees went weak as I took in the spectacle before me.

A guy who looked about thirty with scruffy short blonde hair and a short beard came forward first. His hand grabbed my hips as he kissed me hard, his eager tongue filling my mouth. Before he pulled away, lifted the hem of my dress, pulling it up and over my head. Leaving me standing next to a pool table wearing only my bra, hold ups and boots. Being so exposed in a room full of men thrilled me.

His tattooed hands were everywhere at once, stroking me squeezing and pinching me. By this point my legs were weak and shaking, my mind was reeling. My pussy was positively soaked, I was that wet I was dribbling down my thighs.

He slid one hand between my thighs, feeling how wet I was. My juices started running down his fingers. Two fingers pushed inside me, he started fucking me hard with them, making my knees buckle. He kissed me again fiercely before drawing back. His free hand swung out and slapped one of my breasts hard, it jiggled, a hot red imprint of his large hand completely covering one breast. Before I realised it I was shaking as my body exploded into my first orgasm of the night.

A loud cheer roared through the room. I’d completely forgotten the other bikers filling the room. I looked around, they were watching me intently, some already stroking and rubbing the hard bulges inside their jeans and leather trousers. The thought of so many people watching me cum was driving me crazy with lust.

The fingers inside me stopped and slipped out. He undone his jeans, pulling out an already erect cock. It wasn’t that long, but by god, it was thick, and very hard. His eyes met mine as he lifted me onto the pool table, he pushed my legs apart and pushed my back down on the felt. His hand closed around my throat.

He slammed into me, filling and stretching me completely, it had been so long since i’d last had sex i’d forgotten just how good it felt. I cried out in pleasure as my back ground into the table. I was so tight and wet, my cunt gripping him hard as he fucked me. His thick cock stroking my g spot and hitting my cervix with every thrust, he fucked me relentlessly hard.

My body started to shake as he sped up, bringing me closer to orgasm with every Onwin giriş thrust of his hips. His hand clenched around my throat, making it harder to breathe. I knew my face was turning purple. My head swan and as I saw stars he started rapidly slapping my tits again.

I could hear the men in the crowd cheering him on, getting restless. I started to spasm around his hard cock. He released my throat and the rush of air sent me into orbit. I was screaming hoarsely and my body shook beneath him. I was vaguely aware of him trembling and filling me with load after load of hot spunk, he came with an obscene roar of triumph.

The second he pulled out of me, before I could begin to recover, I felt two sets of lips around my hard nipples. Sucking and licking, I shivered as I felt them. My nipples were painfully stiff, it felt amazing. A hand moved between my legs, rubbing my clit as two fingers slipped inside me, well lubricated by the cum leaking out. I writhed with pleasure enjoying the attention of the three man.

As my mouth opened my cry of pleasure was stifled. A semi hard cock, tasting of cum and my own juices was stuffed in between my lips. I licked as well as I could but soon gave up and tried to just focus on breathing as he started to fuck my face. Clearly it was the birthday boy, trying to work himself back to full hardness.

The two men working my nipples each took hold of one my shaking legs, spreading them wide, lifting my hips higher. I jumped as I felt a tongue swirling around my tight arsehole. It wound around pushing harder, slowly sliding inside. Juices started to flow again from my cunt as my arousal grew. Soon he moved to my clit sucking hard.

I started to grunt and squirm as I felt a finger sliding inside my arse. Twisting and stretching me, as I slid in and out. As my muscles relaxed a second finger entered me, my tight hole gripped the fingers as they moved, increasing in speed they started to fuck my arse rapidly. My hips moved in time with his movements. It had been years since i’d had any anal play, I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed it.

The cock in my mouth stopped moving, I took the opportunity to just lick and suck it. Slowly licking up and down the length of it, enjoying the taste and texture of the veins running across the surface.

The fingers in my arse withdrew, after a brief respite I felt something rubbing up against me. It was rubbing against the length of my slit, being coated in juices. When it was completely covered the wet tip started to push into my tight arsehole with a grunt. It felt huge, so wide it hurt. I forced my tight ring to relax as I breathed around the hard cock in my mouth.

I was whimpering around it by the time the tip was inside me properly. He forced the rest inside me slowly, allowing my very tight hole time to adjust to his girth. I felt his balls hitting my arse cheeks as he bottomed out. His thumb started to tease my clit. sensations spread through me, making me writhe and moan.

As he started to withdraw I felt the muscles in my pussy and arse start to quiver and twitch, I was already on the edge of another orgasm. He forced his cock back inside me, moving easier now, his pre cum acting as a lube. He hammered into my arse, pounding furiously, moving hard and fast.

I lost control and thought I would piss myself as my body shook. A scream escaped my throat and floods of juices gushed out of my pussy in a jet. Nobody had ever made me squirt before, as the two men working me saw this they bit down on me hard. The feeling kept going, I couldn’t stop convulsing and spasming around the cock in my arse. He thrust hard one last time, burying himself deep inside me and felt him filling my bowels with spunk.

After he pulled out I looked around me, I saw a whole crowd surrounding the pool table. Their naked hard cocks out, gripped by pumping hands as they furiously pleasured themselves, hands practically a blur. It was an amazingly erotic sight. Someone lay on the table next to me. Strong hands lifted me, my muscles too exhausted and limp to be any use.

They flipped me over and I found myself straddling a large guy, with long dark hair and brown intense eyes. His impossibly long cock slipped inside my very wet pussy as I slid down. I groaned and kissed him sloppily, our tongues entwined. He slowly started to thrust upwards into me. Hitting my g spot as he thrust.

I felt someone behind me spreading my arse cheeks wide. I glanced over my shoulder, it was the blonde guy who had first fucked me. He winked at me with a lazy smile as he spat on my arsehole. His finger pushed into me, finding me already stretched and gaping slightly. The dark haired one in my pussy wrapped his strong arms around me, pulling me tight to his hairy body.

His firm grip held me still, the blonde behind me slowly pushed into my arse. I felt like I was being split in two. I had always wanted to try a double penetration but now I wasn’t sure I could take it. I was fully stuffed in both holes, they held me still while I moaned trying to get used to the intensity of the feeling.

They started to move slowly, one sliding in as the other slid out. Their cocks barely separated by a thin layer of tissue. I felt so tight around them, they were both moaning and panting as they thrust. It was the most incredible feeling, I felt so full. I was soon spasming around them both, my insides trying to milk them. They increased their pace and soon they were both slamming into me as I came hard over their cocks. I was screaming until my throat was raw.

I felt them both swell inside me and start to shoot their loads. I was so full of cum it was being pushed out of me, oozing around their softening cocks. I collapsed onto the chest underneath me. I felt large drop of hot wetness splattering onto my shoulder, I looked up, just in time to be hit across the face with another spurt of cum.

All the men were standing close to me, cocks being pumped furiously. Suddenly one then another started to cum. Before I knew it large drops were coming at me from every angle. I was lifted to my knees and they all tried to aim for my face and chest. It was running down my face, in my eyes and my open mouth. I licked as much of it off my lips as I could. It flowed down my chest, the red hand prints from earlier and the tattoos barely visible under the slimy layer coating me. I rubbed it into my chest, teasing my aching nipples.

As the spunky shower slowed down I collapsed again, my body too tired and shaky too support me. I curled in a foetal position on the pool table shivering with an exhausted smile on my face.

“Leave it boys, she’s done for the night.” I recognised the voice of Jack the big guy i’d met at the start of the evening. He pushed through the crowd with a big leather coat. He wrapped it round me with, engulfing me with the smell of old leather, engine oil and faint traces of his cologne and sweat. He lifted me easily in his strong arms, off the pool table and carried me from the room.

I felt warm, safe and sleepy albeit bruised, chafed and sore, he ascended a flight of stairs to a small flat above the bar. He placed me gently on a sofa and disappeared from the room. He returned with a bowl of warm soapy water and a clean looking wash cloth. He took the jacket I was snuggling into off me and started to tenderly wash me with the cloth. As he washed me, removing the mess from my face and chest, his smiling blue eyes were drinking in the curves of my body. I looked at him with lazy tired eyes I couldn’t help but still find him very attractive. I noticed the large bulge in the front of his jeans. I realised he wasn’t one of the ones covering me in cum.

He started to peel my sodden underwear and boots off, leaving me naked on the sofa. He laid soft gentle kisses on my forehead as he took the cloth and started to clean between my sore thighs. Washing away the cum leaking from my bruised pussy and battered arse. I was still aching from the abuse i’d taken, yet I still couldn’t help but feel turned on by his gentle ministrations. I ground and pushed myself into his hand. He took my chin in his other hand and carefully kissed my waiting mouth, I moaned as he softly licked my lips open to delve inside.

“Maybe tomorrow princess, you’ve had more than enough for one night.” With that he lifted me and carried me to his bedroom.

To be continued…

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