Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 10


Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 10Previous chapters have been in the i****t/taboo category.The next chapter will be the final one, but having set the scene for another party it needed one further chapter before the grand finale.I had several ideas for role-play but they would have borrowed too heavily from other stories I’ve written or intend to.In the end I decided that in any case a group of swingers into role play probably wouldn’t worry unduly about how realistic (or not) it was! So, strangely although the role-play scenario described lacks some credibility, it is probably quite realistic as the kind of thing that people might choose to act out. Thanks for your patience and kind comments/feedback so far. I will try to complete the final chapter before too long, but please be patient –I only have limited time available and each chapter takes quite a few hours from first draft to final edit and submission!_________________________The next few days I spent on a high. Aunt Anne and I didn’t have sex every night, but she did invite me to share her bed each night, and we had sex a couple of evenings and one morning. One evening we shared a shower, with the window and blind closed for safety, which was delightful. The shower gel made our hands and bodies slippery and sensual, and it was fun to wash and caress each other at the same time. Despite one or two slight hitches (it was my first time in the shower!) we managed to consummate our passion standing under the jetting water. Another morning she felt sorry for me in my horny state and before setting off for work she relieved me with her hand as I fondled her little breasts through her smart work blouse. She then quickly kissed me goodbye, washed her hands, and dashed off. The hurriedness of it all made it seem very tawdry and squishy.Each morning and evening we were careful to open and close the curtains and to switch on and off the lights of each bedroom at separate times to maintain the illusion of sleeping separately.As I did a few odd jobs around her new house and garden it was hard not to imagine her at her workplace. I felt the accustomed twinges of shame as I thought about our naughty secret and imagined her trying to sound non-committal at her desk as others asked how her nephew’s visit was going – and about whether she had had a nice weekend!My phone call home during that week was tricky. Talking to my dad on the phone in the knowledge that in a few hours’ time I would be sleeping beside his naked sister was especially shame-inducing, and I was in no mood for sex with Aunt Anne that night. But the following morning we indulged. It was fairly rushed because it was a weekday and Aunt Anne had to go to work. But the relative brevity of our sex – which by now was more like making love – was nevertheless intense.As I have mentioned before, my shame and guilt troubled me greatly, but at the same time they added to the heady excitement. Aunt Anne clearly felt the same way.And, as well as enjoying each other, we had the prospect of another party at Bill and Lucy’s that next Saturday.”You must have made quite an impression, James – we only usually meet once a month!” Aunt Anne chuckled. She had also received another text suggesting that she bring along her role-play suggestion cards.It was even more exciting than the previous time, of course. The previous weekend only Lucy had been aware of my desire for my aunt, and she had in fact helped to engineer its resolution, and had even pleasured herself to climax as she spectated. Aunt Anne assured me that Lucy would have adhered to the “rules” of their little swingers’ club, and would not have mentioned our secret even to her husband, Bill.This all meant that, although we didn’t talk about it, Aunt Anne and I would find ourselves in an even greater predicament this time. We would have to decide whether to strive to keep the secret of our mutual desire and of its fulfilment, whether to let them guess, or even – and the prospect both terrified and thrilled me – to come clean about the illicitness of our relationship and maybe even agree to partner each other.The more I thought about it the more difficult it became to decide for myself which I would rather do. And, as I say, I didn’t feel able to talk about it to Aunt Anne._________________________The big night arrived, and Aunt Anne took a little longer to get ready than the previous time, and arrived downstairs with an overnight case instead of just the previous week’s carrier bag. She must have seen my puzzled expression, as she grinned and said that as role-play was on the agenda she wanted to take some additional clothes. My stomach gave a churn of intrigued delight. She was wearing a blue and green floral print sundress with buttons at the front from top to bottom. She left the bottom two open, which gave modest glimpses of her long, well toned legs. Her dress looked very feminine and pretty, and although its fit was modest, the size and shape of her little breasts were evident. I gazed too at her strong looking legs below the knee-length hem, and to the way the slightly loose fit swung against them and flapped open just slightly and teasingly to her lower thigh. We both seemed to feel a little tense on the outward journey, and spoke little. Perhaps like me my aunt was considering the dilemma of the turn in our relationship and how to handle it at the party. She invited me to rest my hand on her thigh as she drove, though, on the condition that I didn’t overdo it. So I placed my perspiring hand there, keeping it mainly still but from time to time stroking it and kneading it gently.A car pulled alongside at traffic lights and, knowing that they could not see, I inched my hand mid way up her thigh and slid my finger between two of her dress buttons. Her skin was warm and deliciously soft. Glancing at the oblivion of the adjacent driver I rubbed my finger against her skin. It felt deliciously naughty to be doing this secretly yet publicly – especially as the lady in question was my dad’s sister. Aunt Anne caught me glancing at the other car. She grinned, and parted her legs a little further, then took my hand and placed it right at the top of her thigh.”Give Auntie’s pussy a little rub then, James!” she murmured. “You know they can’t see or even guess!”I blushed with excitement, and unfastened the button nearest to my target. We masked what we were doing by not looking down, and by looking instead straight ahead or glancing around as we waited for the light to change. She gave a little gasp as my fingers touched her slit through her lacy panties.The traffic lights changed soon after. She pulled away, and I withdrew my hand. I nonchalantly raised my fingers to my nose, as if scratching it, but in reality it was to inhale her scent. I placed my hand on her thigh once more and contented myself with sporadic caresses and kneadings. I was hard, and we hadn’t even arrived at the party!We were welcomed by Bill, and stepped inside. I felt more nervous – but more excited, too – than on our previous visit. On that occasion the true nature of the party was sprung upon me after our arrival. Now I knew what to expect.Aunt Anne and I headed upstairs with our overnight things. We were to use the same bedrooms –separate of course – as we had the previous week. We then headed downstairs to join the others. Aunt Anne had in her hand a handful of small cards. I recognised them as the role-play scenarios. Half were pale blue; the others were pale green. My stomach gave a little churn of excitement and nerves.It was a warm evening and we all sat outside for a while. A few doors away a family was having a barbecue. Their c***dren laughed, talked loudly and argued. We sat chatting about trivia, but our purpose and enjoyment were far from innocent. We shamelessly ran our eyes over each other.Caroline was wearing a pink tee shirt that showed off an inch of deep cleavage in her pale skin. Her breasts seemed to fill her tee shirt, and I gazed as they rose and fell under the pink cotton. Over it, under her midriff, she wore a thick black belt that emphasised her waist and ripe bust. She was also wearing a fairly smart navy blue skirt with a modest slit in the back. It flared out a little to its hem. When she crossed her leg she made no attempt to pull her skirt hem forward. I could only see half way up her thighs, but her willingness to show them off to us all was very thrilling. Caroline was wearing a calf-length, loose fitting floral skirt, mainly yellow and brown. I would have preferred her in a shorter one, but she was wearing a canary yellow wrap-around top that tied in a bow over her belly. She was evidently not wearing a bra, and although her breasts were only a modest B-cup, they were slightly soft and pendulous, and quivered with each move she made. It may have been coincidental though, more likely, it was planned, but Lucy sat sideways-on to the sun. Coincidental or deliberate, the sun back-lit the shape of her bra-less breasts, shining through the loose cotton under them but leaving her orbs themselves in shadow so that their shape was illuminated. It was a spellbinding view, and once or twice I thought I could make out her nipple-ring through her top.I had to resist the urge to gaze on my Aunt Anne in her blue button-through sundress, and fought back the memory of my fingers poking between those very buttons on the journey down. Bill was wearing cotton drill trousers and a short sleeved tailored shirt. Jack wore a polo shirt and fawn chinos. I was wearing a white, large-check shirt and navy chinos.After half an hour or so we headed inside. My heart was thumping with anticipation. The vertical blinds of the lounge were open, presumably to avoid arousing undue neighbourly suspicion, and also presumably indicating that nothing much would be happening in the lounge for a while. There were a few cans of beer and a bottle of wine on the coffee table.Bill loaded a different softcore movie than the previous week’s on the DVD player, with the sound turned down. Again the two dice and small sheets of paper were on the coffee table to determine who would partner whom. Lucy kept beaming at me and running her gaze over me to the point of embarrassment, and her nervous mannerisms of licking her lip and of drawing her lower lip under her upper one caught my eye. I knew that they were simply habits of hers, but again to me they seemed very suggestive and erotic.After a few minutes I was invited to shake the dice. I’ve already explained how this worked, so won’t go into detail. Suffice to say that after some initial deliberation and a statement that Aunt Anne and I could not be together “of course” (at which point Lucy shot my aunt and I a fleeting but knowing look) the shaking of the dice decreed two groups, one group of four pendik escort and a pair. Aunt Anne was to partner Jack for the first session and the rest of us – Bill, Lucy, Caroline and I – were to form a foursome.Aunt Anne shuffled the green role-play cards and held them out to Lucy. I guessed that the green cards were for groups and the blue for pairs.Lucy drew her lower lip under her top one as she studied the card’s instructions. Her pale eyes were big with excitement. She passed it to Caroline, who pulled a light-hearted grimace to indicate her sexy approval, and she in turn passed it to me, but put her finger over her mouth as a sign not to read it aloud.Aunt Anne and Jack were also looking together at the card they had drawn. I watched them as they headed out of the door and up the stairs. I felt almost like a cheated lover as I watched my aunt lead the way and saw Jack’s hungry gaze settle on her backside. At the same time I was nervous and excited at the prospect that awaited me. It was a bizarre cocktail of emotions.I felt another shudder at the awareness that I too had sated my desire with Aunt Anne, as Jack was about to do, and felt a surge of illicit pleasure at the secret known only to the two of us and to Lucy.I looked at the card that we had drawn again. I hoped it wouldn’t seem too corny, but was gratified that when Aunt Anne and I had used one, it had simply turned out to be simply a fun scenario, not a script to be adhered to rigidly. Tonight’s role-play was to prove not to be very realistic. But I didn’t care, and I dare say you wouldn’t have if you had been one of the participants. And, to be fair, it was only intended to add some initial spice to get things started.Anyway, Lucy walked across the room and stood before me. I watched her jiggling breasts and gazed at her thin lips and dilated, piercing blue eyes, then back to her breasts again, thinking of the nipple piercing with which I had played those few days earlier. She placed her hands on her hips, and rested the sole of her foot on the sofa. Her bare slender leg looked very enticing. I blushed to see her husband Bill looking at it – and he was also taking in my hungry gaze upon his wife’s leg. It clearly gave him a buzz.”Well, she said, beaming at me then looking round at her husband and at Caroline. “We might as well go into the dining room. Unless anyone feels the need to get changed?”I followed the cue of the others and shook my head. We were all dressed smart-casual anyway. Lucy led the way. Her husband Bill gestured for me to follow her, and he fell in behind the busty Caroline. I sensed that he enjoyed having his wife ogled.It wasn’t really necessary given that they were far more accustomed to this than I was, but the first thing I did upon entering the room was to check that the blinds were closed. Caroline, Bill and I sat down, and Lucy stepped into the kitchen. Bill produced a laptop. Carol sat in front of it; Bill sat on her left and I on her right.Once we were ensconced he called out to Lucy in the kitchen.”We shouldn’t be too long, love. We just need to get our heads round these figures and to finalise our report for tomorrow’s meeting.”Lucy stepped back to the open doorway and leaned against the frame. I found my eyes drawn to the neckline of her yellow blouse and to the half-evident form of her breasts under it. My gaze ran down to the tied bow over her midriff that alone kept them covered. One deft move of the hand, or two, and they would be bared. My manhood began to awaken.”Okay, love,” she replied to her husband. I’ll leave the three of you to it. I’ll load the dishwasher and make up the cafetiere.”As she turned her back I called out. “Thanks for the meal, Mrs… er… Lucy. It was lovely.”She beamed back at me and ran her tongue over her lips. Her piercing blue eyes seemed big. She was clearly pleased with my improvisation in the role play – she, the apparently dutiful wife hosting dinner for a male and female colleague of her husband’s prior to their talking business for a while afterwards while she apparently busied herself with her housewife thing.”You’re welcome, James,” she replied softly. After booting up the computer and loading some spreadsheet, Bill swivelled and rotated his neck slowly as if it was sore or stiff. Caroline put on a concerned expression and rose from her chair to stand behind him. She started to knead his shoulders with her hands. Bill swivelled and rotated his neck slowly in response, and although well restrained by her bra, Caroline’s ample breasts rippled subtly under her pink tee shirt. They rested briefly against the back of his head, and I stared at the way his head pressed into her and partly flattened the one nearest me. Despite the sound of footsteps and of mugs rattling on a tray that announced Lucy’s arrival, Caroline continued her massage. He smiled fondly at Lucy, who petted his shoulder.”I always say laptops are no good!” she said to Caroline and I. “They just encourage bad posture!””I know, I know,” Bill added. “It’s not just the posture, though. I’m a bit tense about tomorrow’s meeting. It will have to be handled really carefully if we’re to convince the directors about the merger. James is quite tense, too, aren’t you James? It’s his first presentation…”I nodded.”Caroline dear, why don’t you give James one of your massages – give his shoulder and neck a little workout and drive out some of that tension?” Lucy said softly.”Good idea, Lucy”, Caroline replied. I watched the delicious little surge of her ripe breasts as she stepped away from Bill to stand behind me and felt her hands on my collarbone and she began to work her fingers on me, then inched to my shoulders and the base of my neck. It felt relaxing yet stimulating. She laughed softly.”Keep your head nice and straight, and don’t slouch!” she teased. Then it happened, as I had been expecting, but it still thrilled me all the same. Her breasts rested against the back of my head. And, as she gently massaged me, they pressed and brushed against me. I saw Lucy doing the same to her husband, Bill. The difference was that although her breasts were smaller, she was not wearing a bra under her top, and her orbs moved and moulded more freely and enticingly. She crooned softly to him.”Is that better, love?””A bit,” he replied, but he had a twinkle in his eye as he smiled at me.”How about you James?” Caroline asked.”The same. I feel a bit better thanks,” I replied. Like Bill I began to move my head from side to side a little, seemingly innocently but in truth to avail myself – though in apparent innocence – of the feel of Caroline’s adequate breasts. I saw Lucy’s hand slide down over Bill’s chest and down over his check shirt to caress his slightly podgy belly. “I think… I think I know what’s causing the problem, love,” she confided. She stepped to one side and ran her hands over his crutch.”Uh-huh… yes, there’s more than one tension that needs some relief, I fear!” she said. “How about James, Caroline?” she asked. I thrilled to see Caroline too step to one side and slide her hand down and brush my rising erection through my trousers.”Yes, Lucy. Yes, he’s very stiff and tense – and in need of some relief…”Summoning my will power I pushed her hand away. I was supposedly the shy young man who was taken aback by the turn that events were taking.”Don’t, Caroline! What… what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked, even though the answer was very obvious. I quite liked the idea of playing my role as a stimulating starter to having sex.”Sorry,” she replied. “I thought… it’s one of the tasks Bill asks me to do. At work and so on. It… it was part of the job description when I applied to be his P.A. – but I was more than happy with the terms. I thought perhaps if you were feeling tense or… DISTRACTED… and needed some relief to help you concentrate on tomorrow’s agenda… I… I’m sorry if I embarrassed you…”I know it doesn’t exactly sound very convincing role-play, and it wasn’t. But in its own way it was fun, and novel. I watched in feigned embarrassment and indecision as she raised her hands to my shoulders again and began to roll her fingers over them. I saw Lucy slide her hand inside Bill’s trousers, and his trousers tented and ballooned, making it quite clear what she was up to. I heard footsteps above and realised that Aunt Anne and Jack, Caroline’s partner were in the back bedroom that was right over the dining room where I was now ensconced with Bill, his wife Lucy, and Caroline. But even thoughts of my aunt were banished from my mind for now as I saw Caroline’s hand mimic Lucy’s, seeking my zip and pushing her hand inside.”Oooh, you’re REALLY hard!” Caroline said softly. No way will you be able to think about tomorrow’s meeting until I sort this out…”I groaned as I felt her hand squeezing my balls and my hard length through my boxers.I pushed her hand away but she just giggled and squirmed it back in again.”Please…” I said in fake protest. “I… each to their own, but I think you have misjudged me… In fact…” I stood up, as if to leave the room. Lucy raised her eyebrows. Then she smiled as she realised that I was indeed faking.”I… this is too kinky for meeee… oh shit… oh no, please, NO…”Lucy was now facing me and tugging open the ties of her yellow top. It glided open. I stared at her naked B-cup breasts, modest and firm still for her age, and at the gold ring that pierced her nipple.”Oh YES!” James, she hissed, and licked her lip. “I think you mean ‘Oh shit, yessss!'” She pushed past Carol and stood, glaring with her hands on her hips. She put on a mock scolding tone.”You know, you really shouldn’t be so bloody ungrateful, James! My husband gives you a good job and fast-tracks your promotion. He invites you round to our home for a dinner party where I spend hours preparing a fucking meal. You even eye me up half the time you’re here – yes, even under my husband’s nose, and give yourself a hard-on so you can concentrate on tomorrow’s key meeting – on which a lot is at stake, NOT LEAST for my husband, may I remind you! And to cap it all when Caroline and I offer to help with your problem – your BIG, HARD, THROBBING problem – you insult our hospitality!””It… it’s not that, Mrs… Lucy… it’s just… oh hell, no, please!”Lucy’s eyes were big with excitement, though I guess mine were, too. Bill also was watching keenly as his wife took my hands in hers. “Oh hell, yesss!” Lucy hissed. One of my hands she pressed against her own naked, flaccid breast. Caroline was standing close now, and Lucy pushed my other hand inside Caroline’s tee shirt, up over the soft warm skin of her midriff and up, up, until it met the soft fabric of her bra. Lucy squeezed my hand against the big orb. Caroline’s bra held it quite firmly but escort pendik nevertheless it gave way a little to my touch. I think I gasped.”Now sit down!” Lucy ordered, though with a half-smile. I sat down and gazed, spellbound, as she hiked up her loose-fitting floral skirt and sat astride my lap facing me. Although lightly built (a UK dress size 12), her weight pressing on my thighs felt delicious. She pulled my head to her breasts and told me to kiss them and suck them.I’ve never been a great one for domination but it was fun to pretend to resist her advances and to be overruled. Despite the coursing of my testosterone, I managed to protest feebly that it wasn’t right and that she mustn’t make me. My protest egged her on – and her eagerness in turn fuelled me, too. She leaned back but thrust her breasts in my face. Her face was a grimace of austerity and desire, and even though I knew it was a mere act, it was very arousing.Bill was still watching with eager interest as, still feigning reticence, I began to kiss his wife’s breasts, then Caroline returned to his side. But Caroline half-turned to me and gazed into my face as she unbuckled the belt around her waist, then pulled up her tee shirt and pulled it off her head. I remember groaning as I watched.Her bra was made of white fabric with pink hearts dotted on it. Its style was otherwise plain, one of those bras designed to be hard to see under a tee shirt. It enclosed most of each breast, but her cleft was deep and alluring On each side of it her skin was slightly dry and little spidery lines ran out from it. I found this more enthralling than off-putting; it underlined her maturity and somehow made her behaviour seem more wanton. I saw Bill’s hand rise to her back and watched, entranced, as her bra straps slackened, the two heart-patterned cups opened out, and her big, mature breasts flop out and down as he swept her bra off her arms.Her breasts sagged a little, but they were natural, and to me their slight loss of shape spoke less of excess age than of experience, of who-knows how many times of being kissed, caressed and sucked. Lucy reached a hand across and rocked one of Caroline’s breasts up and down.”Look at that! Look at its size, its shape – then look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want us to relieve your stress and your tension!” Lucy hissed, though her eyes were bright.And, of course, I could do the first, but not the second. It was very arousing and very wanton to see Lucy’s ring-adorned hand playing with her friend’s ripe, juicy orb, and to do so under her husband’s watchful eye. I recalled how the previous week I had partnered Caroline and her own partner, Jack, while Aunt Anne had joined Bill and Lucy. With a shudder of revulsion yet lustful curiosity I briefly envisaged Lucy’s ringed hand playing with my aunt’s little breasts – and my aunt’s hands playing with Lucy’s slightly larger ones and with her nipple piercing.”Bring that nice big juicy tit over to him and let him have a little nibble while I play with his cock!” Lucy encouraged her friend. She was rocking back and forth on my thighs but sat upright as Caroline approached.Caroline stepped to the other side of Bill’s chair with her back to his side and facing me. Her perfume was light but sweet. She cupped her D-cup breasts in her hands, compressing them a little. Their generous size made them overhang her hands. Although I forced myself to pull my face back a little in my continued pretended reluctance, she swung gently from side to side against me, lightly slapping my cheeks with her lovely, hand-held orbs.I protested “No, please don’t!” which made her smile; she was clearly enjoying the role of seductress as much as I was savouring being seduced. Lucy, who was still sitting astride my lap, giggled.”Don’t listen to him, Caroline! We all know how tense he is – especially how tense his balls and his cock are – and how badly he wants relief!” she said aloofly.”SHHHH! There you go, James, there you go!” Caroline said as if to reassure me. “Don’t be shy – I know you’ve been wanting to do this for ages. I’ve seen you looking secretly across the office at these big juicy boobies! I’ve seen you looking down my blouse when I’ve bent down, trying to get a good eyeful! So enjoy them. You know you’ve been dying to for ages. Give them a good kiss and a good hard suck! Besides, we have to discuss tomorrow’s meeting to discuss in a little while. We have to build your tension and then release it so you have a clear mind…””Oh Caroline, Lucy, please don’t make me…” I whined. She giggled.”Oh yes, I think so, James, I think so. We’re teasing you up and then when your tension gets too great it will ALLLLL come shooting out and you will feel nice and relaxed and able to concentrate on tomorrow’s meeting….” Caroline purred.Lucy was caressing Caroline’s breast with her hand. I watched her wedding-ring-adorned finger moving around her friend’s nipple. So did Bill.Despite my (unconvincing) protests I nuzzled Caroline’s delicious orbs, savouring their squashy warmth, pressing my face into their softness, and playing with her nipple with my tongue and my lips. She still stood close to Bill but with her back towards him. I could see his hand moving and guessed that he was playing with her bum either through or inside the slit in her navy blue skirt. I thought of her pussy, shaved except for that small crest of blond, untrimmed hair above it. I tugged on her nipple with my lips, thrilling in the way the surrounding flesh stretched away from her. Then Caroline withdrew and sank to her knees in front of Bill.He stood up. Caroline unzipped his trousers and tugged them down, followed by his boxers. I was too embarrassed to look much at his erection but I saw her kiss it and lick it. Then she took it in her mouth and began to suck it slowly. Bill groaned and sank back onto the dining chair. She expertly unfastened the buttons of his check shirt and swept her hands over his tubby belly.Lucy, meanwhile, leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. I was struggling to pretend reluctance any longer, but tried; there was no denying that it was enjoyable to play at being seduced, and she and the others clearly relished their roles. Lucy took my hands and clamped them over her breasts. She kissed me harder, playing her tongue along my lip and, as soon as I parted it a fraction, she was seeking entrance, flickering her tongue over my lips and teeth. She found my tongue and pushed and probed against it. Bill was watching very eagerly as his wife and I snogged like eager lovers – or something similar.Lucy pulled away.”There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she said soothingly. “Now suck those tits. Hard. Greedily… NOW!”I sucked each orb in turn into my mouth and played with her nipple and with her piercing. As I sucked harder the lewd sound seemed embarrassingly loud, but Lucy nodded approvingly. So did her husband, Bill. She was now thrusting her crotch against my trouser-clad crutch, pressing down on it and rubbing against it in little circles.”Hmmm, you’re very hard, and very eager. I can feel your big hard cock pressing against me. We’ll soon have that ‘TENSION’ spurting out – every drop of it – but not yet, not yet…”There was no mistaking her double-entendre. She leaned forward and kissed me. Her lips and her tongue began to work unceremoniously again. I glanced at Bill, who tore his gaze away from Caroline’s head as it slid back and forth to suck his erection. His face was slightly twisted with excitement.I noticed Caroline and Lucy exchange glances and before I realised what was happening, Lucy was sliding off my lap. Then she and Caroline exchanged positions, except that Lucy hiked her skirt up to her waist as she stood astride her husband’s thighs. She was not wearing any panties, and I gazed at her pussy, surrounded by her luxuriant brown hair. It seemed very lewd for her to have been like this, though unguessed, since Aunt Anne and I arrived, to have sat bare-crotched under her skirt as we all exchanged small talk in the garden within sight and earshot of her neighbours, all the time anticipating and preparing for this moment!Aunt Anne… again I found my thought briefly straying and wondering just what she and Caroline’s partner were doing in the room above this one. I wondered too what acts she had undertaken the previous week when she had partnered Bill and Lucy together.Caroline knelt before me and beamed up at me. She was attractive in a woman-next-door way and had a kindly face. A clip at the back of her head held her hair up. Her face almost had an innocence about it; an innocence betrayed by her being knelt, topless, before me, with her squashy, ample breasts swaying as she got into position.Her apparent innocence was shattered too by her explicit, though softly spoken words and by her gesturing at my groin.”I think you should get it out and let your randy, mature colleague lick and suck it, James,” she murmured. “I bet when you get home from work you close your eyes and try to imagine me doing it don’t you, hmmmm? Well don’t close your eyes now – your obliging colleague wants to see you watching your big hard prick slide in and out of her naughty mouth…”I stood up, trying to avoid looking at Bill as I unfastened my trousers and shoved them, and my boxers, down to my knees before sitting down again, feeling very self conscious about being exposed in front of another bloke. I watched as Caroline leaned forward over my hardness. She poked her tongue out as far as she could and dragged it slowly up and down my length. I felt it give a salute of approval but I also shuddered with revulsion at the consciousness that just moments earlier her tongue had been pleasuring Bill’s manhood. She gazed up into my face as she did so. Then she raised her head and pursed her lips. To my shock I saw a bead of saliva drip down onto my bare tip. It was like a scene straight from a porn movie. Yet it was being enacted upon me in the dining room of one of my aunt’s friends by another friend of hers – while my aunt herself was having sex upstairs! I groaned, transfixed by the sight of her serene, slightly lined face as she wanked me. Her expression was at complete odds with her actions.Caroline looked up into my face saucily and started to shaft me more firmly, but slowly. My length and her fingers glistened with her nasty saliva, and as I watched, a dribble of pre-cum seeped down and onto her lithe, shafting fingers. Her large, rather saggy breasts slapped rudely against my legs. The sound and sensation sent a shiver of delight through me. My pulse raced as Caroline parted her mouth and, still staring into my eyes, engulfed my erection. She began to suck it noisily and played with my balls with her fingers as she did so. The noise attracted Bill’s pendik escort bayan and Lucy’s attention.I groaned, transfixed by the sight of Caroline’s serene, slightly lined face as she wanked and sucked me at the same time; the intense interest of Lucy and her husband Bill fired my arousal further.Lucy was now standing facing him. She was still wearing her top, though it hung open, and she was holding her skirt up as he played with her hairy pussy. It somehow seemed ruder than if she had been naked. She then turned a little and looked across at Caroline and I, giving us a view of the raw pinkness of her slit amidst her verdant pubes, and of Bill rubbing her clit while she pumped his erection. The whole thing was at one and the same time surreal, almost unbearably shocking and shamefully embarrassing, yet lewdly arousing, too. Lucy’s fine hairs twined around her husband’s fingers. With his other hand he kneaded her bum, and I watched it flatten and return to its normal shape again. She held her blouse to one side as Bill licked her nipple and bit on the gold piercing. He was watching me out of the corner of his eye, clearly relishing being seen taking his pleasure with his wife and watching me take mine with their friend. I looked away from his face back to the movements of his hands, then fleetingly looked at hers as she played with his manhood. I thought of the previous week when her cuckolding hand had been pumping my erection as it was now pumping his.I gazed down at Caroline as she pushed the tip of her tongue into my slit and licked my oozing pre-cum off my throbbing tip. Then she stood up and straddled my knees as I remained seated on the dining chair. She stooped to kiss me and I was slightly repulsed yet also aroused to taste my own juice mixed with her saliva. I fondled her bum through her skirt and, encouraged by her grunts of approval, slid my hand inside the slit of her skirt to stroke the backs of her thighs and her fleshy bum cheeks.She straightened up and I pressed my head into her lightly perspiring cleavage, kneading and rolling each orb that nestled against my face. My fingers found her nipples and gently pinched them and shook her ripe breasts by them. I withdrew my face and gazed, transfixed, at the surging, swaying flesh. She whimpered with delight. Bill and Caroline were sighing and grunting their pleasure, too. The sounds all seemed to blend together into one subtle but erotic backdrop of sound.Caroline turned her back to me, and leaned over the smart oak dining table and parted her legs, causing the slit in the back of her navy blue skirt to slide open. Its colour contrasted gorgeously with the paleness of her smooth-looking skin. She ran her hands over her thrust-back bum, then, pressing her skirt against herself for friction, slid it up. Her legs, though a little less shapely than Aunt Anne’s, were fleshy rather than skinny.Her panties matched her bra, white cotton with small pink hearts dotted on them. They were neither tiny nor big, and showed a nice amount of bum flesh.”Lean forward and pull my knickers down, James…” Caroline crooned over her shoulder. “Kiss my bum and stroke my pussy at the same time. She’s wet already but when she’s REALLY wet, stick two fingers up and get me REALLY fucking excited!”I leaned forward and dragged her panties down. They were soft and warm. I left them strung between her parted knees; I didn’t want to delay any further, and in any case she looked ruder that way. I planted kisses on her pale, fleshy bum cheeks, caressing them at the same time, thrilling in the warm softness of her skin and the yielding of her flesh. Then, as she had ordered, I slid my hand up the front of her skirt.I groaned as I felt the small but long tuft of Caroline’s silky hair above her hood, and ran my fingers through it. Still kissing her bum cheeks and staring at them I stroked her hood and her nub, thrilled to find that they were indeed already slightly sticky. I caressed her pouting lips and her hood. Then as I felt her moistness increase I gently eased two fingers into her and gently rocked them in and out. She was slick, warm and quite tight. Caroline whimpered and gyrated her hips slowly, and made gentle thrusting movements against my probing fingers.”Look at that! Look at that!” I heard Lucy gasp to Bill. She stepped between me and him, and whispered in my ear.”Give me your fingers and let me have a little taste!” she wheezed.I blushed at her sordid request but complied, withdrawing my fingers from her friend’s hole. I stared as Lucy leaned forward, her breasts hanging down deliciously. I watched her open her mouth and poke out her tongue to lick her friend’s inner juice from my fingers.”Again, James…” she whispered.A few creaks and groans came from the bed upstairs where my aunt and Caroline’s partner, Jack were taking their pleasure. I shuddered at the reminder and with curiosity as to exactly what they were doing.I continued to feed Caroline’s juices to Lucy for a few minutes. Lucy’s hand encircled my erection and rocked slowly up and down, her wedding ring pressing against it as she pleasured me. Bill stood up and, still clad in his open shirt, bent down to remove his trousers and boxers from around his ankles. Then, to my shock, he lined himself up behind Lucy and, holding up her skirt, entered her.Lucy braced one hand on the table and the other on the seat of my chair as she continued to feast on Caroline’s juice from my fingers as her husband thrust into her with a slow but steady slapping noise. The rhythmic little forward jerks of her body were very erotic, and caused her breasts to flick against my thighs. Caroline looked over her shoulder – I was still fondling her lovely bum – and she grinned at the obscene spectacle.I didn’t think I would be capable of much blushing by now, but I was wrong. My face reddened as Lucy lowered her head and took my erection into her mouth, lashing my throbbing tip with her tongue and sliding her head up and down, taking about half of me into her warm soft mouth as her husband drove slowly but firmly into her. I was glad I had taken some viagra earlier. I had never had any problems with my prowess, but wasn’t sure whether embarrassment in the presence of others might cause such a difficulty. Right now, despite my shock and embarrassment I remained hard. Lucy’s teeth lightly grazed my skin, then she withdrew from me and pulled away from Bill, too.”I think YOU should fuck me now, James…” she whispered seductively, though I was well past pretending to need encouraging.She stood up, and so did Caroline. Swiftly Caroline unfastened her own skirt and kicked it off, and pulled down her panties, too. She removed the clip from her hair, pointing out that she didn’t want to scratch the table, and clambered onto her back on the solid dining table.Bill stood by Caroline’s head. She turned her face to him and began to suck him loudly and noisily. Her big breasts surged delightfully with the movements of her head, and Bill groped them, slightly roughly, with one hand. With his other hand he gently rubbed her pouting pussy lips and her clit. Lucy walked to the sideboard and from a drawer she took out a condom and opened its foil wrapper. She then stepped to the other side of the table and leaned over it, bracing her hands against it, facing Caroline’s side. I eased on the condom – I was more than content to do so. Then I yanked up Lucy’s floral skirt and guided myself into her enveloping, clasping warmth. I cupped her slightly flaccid breast, and squeezed and kneaded it, and tugged on her nipple ring.Bill was glancing rapidly from his wife’s face to Caroline’s face and body. He withdrew his erection from Caroline’s mouth and I heard a soft rhythmic flapping sound. With combined revulsion and arousal I realised that he was jacking off, with his erection held near Caroline’s breast. She closed her eyes and I saw her fingers snake down to her pussy. She started to caress herself, stroking her lips then rubbing her clit. The lewd sight and soft sound of her fingers on her turgid flesh thrilled me immensely.The sound of me thrusting into his wife seemed to drive Bill, and although I did not look, the rude sounds made it clear that he was now shafting himself harder and faster. I gazed at Caroline’s self-pleasuring hands and at the surging of her breasts, assisted by Bill’s other hand. I blushed as I heard his breathing increasing in tempo, then he was gasping. As I glanced, while still thrusting into his wife, I saw the inevitable strings of thick creamy come spurt obscenely across Caroline’s breast. One nipple was coated almost entirely and blobs and streaks adorned her orbs. Their swaying made it dribble down her.My own pace was quickening and was hastened further by Lucy. She leaned forward and scooped her husband’s seed off her friend’s breasts with her fingers and licked them clean, repeating the process several times until the only trace left were several slight moist trails on her skin. Bill continued to drag his tip over Caroline, seeking to give her every last drop and trace of his nasty goo. I pounded deeper and harder into his wife as she did so, and, and squeezed her breasts harder. She came at the same time as me, thrusting back against me and looking lewdly and fixedly at Bill as she bucked and jerked in her ecstasy. Caroline was still pleasuring herself, but, when Lucy had finished cleaning her with her fingers, she leaned further forward and dragged her tongue over Caroline’s breast, licking it clean. Soon I saw Caroline’s legs go rigid, then she began to writhe gently before the other three of us. As Caroline climaxed, Lucy leaned further forward and, drawing Caroline’s nipple and part of her big squashy orb into her mouth, sucked it greedily and noisily. Another groan from the bed above us reminded me of Aunt Anne and Jack, and I wondered whether she and Lucy or she and Caroline ever sucked each other’s breasts. It was a sight I would love to see.We all chuckled nervously and puffed out several “Wow”s or “whew”s then began to get ourselves sorted out. We stopped in our tracks a few moments later.From the room above our heads came a regular, rhythmical sound of creaking bed springs. The sound increased in pace and became almost frantic, then ceased, apart from a few groans from the bed as Aunt Anne and Jack’s ecstasy lapsed. Although they must have known in advance when choosing the back bedroom, that the creaking bedsprings would be audible to us, our embarrassment was nevertheless real. None of us quite knew what to say and, slightly abashed, we got dressed.It was Lucy who broke the ice.”Well, it appears that my other dinner guests must have been under stress but gave found the same way to relieve it that we found. I’m going to retire to the lounge now – I’ll leave the three of you to resume your chat about tomorrow’s meeting!”We all laughed. Lucy headed for the lounge and we followed her to await the arrival of Aunt Anne and Jack – and to see what else lay in store.

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