Aunt Char and the Secret Photos Pt. 02


Sam agreed to Aunt Char’s bargain to oversee the family trust after being confronted with compromising photos of himself. He also has a considerable horde of images of Aunt Char. Their sexual attraction to each other heats up in this part of the story.

All events take place between consenting adults who are over 18.


The banquet was two days off, a gala Saturday night affair. There were meetings with attorneys about the family trust. It was odd to be on the other side of the table in those discussions. Though he was competent, Sam was not a trust attorney, and was grateful to being led through the documents.

Aunt Char sat next to him, her leg against his. Occasionally, she leaned her head against his shoulder, when the conversation touched on Uncle Marv and his wishes. It made Sam feel protective of her, glad to able to comfort her.

She also played with him as he tried to listen to the attorneys. She slid her hand in his lap and left it there waiting for his cock to stiffen. It did. Sam was sure the attorneys thought she sat too close, but due to the emotional nature of trusts and wills, they probably chalked it up to a woman’s response to grief.

She may have been grieving, but she was seriously toying with him at the same time. In an exchange of papers, she let a few pages drop to the floor and bent down to pick them up. Sam leaned over as well and she smiled at him giving him a good look at her cleavage. She turned slightly putting her back to the room and pushed down on his thigh to assist her in rising. The others could not see her attempt to pull his fly down.

“You okay, ma’am?” one of the attorneys asked.

“Oh yes, perfectly. Just needing something firm to push against so I can stand.”

Then came the signing of documents transferring all the authority over to Sam. Aunt Char asked the attorneys if they could have the room alone as they signed. She was getting rather tender, she said. They excused themselves, “Yes, yes. Please take your time. We know how difficult these things can be. We can notarize them later.”

As soon as the door shut, Aunt Char was on him. She threw her arms around Sam and placed her open mouth on his. She was on fire, reaching for his cock, trying desperately to fish it from his trousers. She slid her hand down his pants feeling for him. Up to her elbow in his pants, she found and squeezed his balls tightly, his cock lying along the inside of her hand and wrist. It was both painful and pleasurable to have his balls squeezed so firmly.

“This is it, dear Sam. Do you promise to take care of this trust? Both the family Trust and my trust? To look out for my needs as well as the needs of the Trust?” She was frantic with passion and fear.

She had quite the grip on Sam’s manhood and, though he was ready to go through with the arrangement, there is no way he could have changed his mind without losing a testicle. So, with his balls in her hand, he promised to take care of the Trust and to take care of her. He knew that it would mean making love to a mature woman, something he would have to practice often. With her hand under his thigh, he pledged his word to her.

Aunt Char relaxed her grip on his tender balls and stroked his cock several times trying to amend for the discomfort she had caused. She lifted her head inviting Sam to kiss her and their tongues danced together.

She continued to stroke him awkwardly with her poker oyna hand deep in his pants. Sam felt the semen rising. His balls contracted readying for an ejaculation. “Uh, Aunt Char, I am going to cum if you don’t stop,” he managed to say pulling away from her kiss.

She withdrew her hand and Sam thought they could continue with the signing, after they had caught their breaths. But Aunt Char was intent on finishing the job she started. She pulled down Sam’s zipper roughly and fished out his rigid cock, scraping the head rather roughly on the zipper as she did. He did not have time to complain.

Bending down she covered his cock with her mouth. Sam could see her red lipstick smeared on it. Aunt Char continued to stroke him and to bob her head in time with her handiwork. Then Sam boiled over and came. He didn’t know how much cum he produced because he never got to see. Every volley he shot went into her mouth. Without a gag or cough, Aunt Char swallowed the entire offering.

When he had subsided, Aunt Char stood again and looked at him. She smiled and opened her mouth. “Kiss me, Sam.”

There was no cum to exchange but the taste of his ejaculate remained. Sam liked it, of course, as she knew he would. They were indeed in this together, pledged and promised.

A knock on the door interrupted us. “Doing okay in there? “

“Yes, thank you.” I said. “Just a moment longer, please.”

Sam held Aunt Char in his arms and kissed the top of her head. “Let’s get these papers signed and finish up here, shall we?” She nodded and buried her face in his chest again.

She pulled back and her ice blue eyes glistened with tears. Sam’s shirt was wet where she pressed herself into him. It would be convincing evidence that the alone time was needed to process her grief.

Sam zipped up and she pulled out her mirror and lipstick. They sat down and began writing. Many pages, many signatures. When done, Sam walked over and opened the door. The attorneys came in again and were appropriately circumspect given Aunt Char’s emotional condition. “You both look drained.”

“Yes, drained.” Aunt Char said. “Isn’t that how you’d describe it Sam?” He nodded seriously. “MmHmm.”

In the car on the way home, Aunt Char was giddy. She was proud of herself for giving Sam a blowjob at the attorney’s office, happy that he was at last installed as her protector and the president of the trust. She could not keep her hands off him. Sam did not mind, but it was quite awkward with her jerking his cock as they stopped at lights, waited at crosswalks, or when she waved to friends.

They made it home without him spilling his seed again and they nearly tore each other’s clothes off as soon as they entered the house. Aunt Char was wet and hot. No fingering her to arouse her passions, she wanted his cock driving into her immediately. They dropped to the floor. On her back, she spread her legs and opened her arms inviting Sam to lie on top of her.

He obliged and pushed the head of his cock into her and waited. She rocked her hips wanting him to push in all the way. With his weight supported on stiffened arms, Sam looked down at her. Her breasts had rolled to her sides; her nipples were firm and proud. A flush of red covered her throat and chest. She was randy and ready.

Watching her as he thrust in and out, he saw his Aunt Char dissolve in delight, smiling, crying out, pressing her lips together “Mmmmmmmmm.” He canlı poker oyna let her orgasm build at her pace. He did not distract her by sucking on those wonderful breasts. Did not kiss her. He merely pumped his cock slowly in and out of her wet cunt. On the outward pull, her vaginal muscles tried to capture and pull his cock back. So, he glided in again.

He let her focus solely on the pleasure of having a cock in her wanting pussy. It had been too long and she needed to feel every minute of pleasure from it.

She arched her back and breathed in halfway and held it. Her jaw clamped and her muscles tensed. She dug her nails into Sam’s arms. Then she moaned as a strong orgasm washed over her. Several waves of pleasure wracked her body. He had stopped pumping as soon as she started to cum. She was too overwhelmed with her orgasm to notice.

When at last she was able to breathe again, she looked at Sam. “Whew! I needed that. Thank you.”

Then, she asked, “Did you cum?” Sam shook his head. “Oh, you must! You simply must!”

So, he began rocking again pushing in and pulling out. He drove deeply into her and withdrew nearly the entire length out again. When he was ready to cum, he timed his first bolt just as he pulled out of her. His cock pointed upward and a drop of semen flew in the air, landing on her chin. The next two landed on her breasts. The final three ejaculations made a trail from her breasts to her navel. And the last remnants dripped onto her pussy hair.

He breathed raggedly, recovering from the intense orgasm and looked at her smiling face. She looked peaceful and content.

“You’ve made quite a mess! Perhaps, you will be good enough to clean it up, young man.” A lovely smile crossed emphasized her invitation.

So, Sam leaned in and carefully licked the cooling semen from her very warm body. He slurped and sucked and swirled it with his tongue. When he finally went to address her pussy, he could not help but lick at her swollen clitoris and to suck gently on her lips.

“No, no, dear Sam, I am too tender there.” And she tried to clamp her legs shut. Sam relented and stretched along her side, letting her rest her head on his shoulder, as new lovers do. Eventually they got up and fetched dinner and watched some TV before bed as familiar lovers do.

The next day was the gala. Sam’s idiot cousins would not attend, as Aunt Char had predicted. They both called her and wished her well. She told them about Sam’s agreement to lead the Trust and neither Russ nor Audrey raised an objection. Likely, they were glad to have that settled and relieved they would not have to look after their mother.

In the hours before the event, as she tried on dresses, she took selfies and sent them to Sam, asking if this outfit or that looked best. She at last decided on a black dress, padded shoulders, deeply scooped neckline, a hem that fell to just below her knees. It was provocative without being inappropriate. The men would enjoy the cleavage she revealed and the way the dress clung to her ass. The women would merely hiss.

She came into Sam’s room through the shared bathroom, looking lovely. She had diamonds in her ears and around her neck. They set off her ice blue eyes. She was carrying something in her hands. In one was her small digital camera. In the other was a jewelry box.

“This is for you. I hope you like it. We can get it resized if it does not fit.” She said anxiously. internet casino

He took the velveteen box and opened it to find a large gold ring in it. As soon as he saw it, he knew it would not fit any of his fingers. “We may just have to do that, Aunt Char. It’s way too big.”

“Are you sure, dear?” And then it dawned on him. Her smile and downward glance told him what was on her mind.

Sam unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. It was limp so he began to tug on it trying to coax an erection. Aunt Char took photos as he did. “Hardly fair, is it?” he protested, “I am trying to make this work and you are distracting me.”

With that, she placed the camera on the table and pulled the top of her dress down, exposing both her breasts. Crossing one arm under them, she looked directly at me. “Does this help?”

It did. She was stunning to look at. Her hair perfect. Her makeup perfect. Her nails perfect. Her jewelry perfect. But what started him erecting was the sight of her lovely, sagging Sam breasts. The large pink areolas and the firm, beautiful nipples that he had lusted over for years. They would now be his to look at, to kiss, to play with, and to ejaculate onto. When his cock was nicely firm, he slipped the gold ring over the head fitting it snugly just behind the crown.

“No, I guess we don’t have to take it back to the jeweler after all,” Sam replied.

Sam leaned over and grabbed the camera and pointed it toward Aunt Char and snapped her photo. She was smiling mischievously, breasts dangling out of her formal dress, arms crossed in front. She looked directly at the camera unashamed, proud to show herself to him. It would become his favorite image of her.

She also took photos wanting to record the way his cock looked, adorned as it was with a gold cock ring. She turned the camera toward him. Sam liked the image, thinking, “It does look impressive.” Even if he had to admit that he was turned on by the sight of his own cock.

They went to the gala and celebrated Uncle Marvin and his generosity. Many people came up to chat with Aunt Char and to congratulate Sam on accepting the trust presidency. She got more of the attention, as she deserved. Sam got the money-grubbing fundraisers trying to tell him about their visions and their needs for grants.

The dinner was the usual banquet fare. It was the speech that was the most memorable. Aunt Char did a brave job recalling Uncle Marvin. She choked up once or twice, but soldiered on. “I am so wet…” Awkward pause. Then she went on “…with tears.” Sam thought he heard the entire audience exhale.

Then another, “Sam’s firmness is a joy and a comfort. He is the perfect fit.” Again, the audience held its collective breath. “The trust will do well under his guidance and discharge my dear husband’s wishes perfectly.”

And at last she said, “Would you please raise your glasses to the two men who have made me so wet.” Glasses clinked and people looked strangely at one another. Did they hear her right? “No, couldn’t be.” “Look, she’s crying. She meant wet with tears.” Their neighbors were in a forgiving mood that night, and assumed it was one of her quirks, so sweet but seeming to speak in double entendres.

As they were driving home that night, Aunt Char turned to Sam and asked what he thought of the speech. He chuckled and said, “It was entertaining and heartfelt.”

“What do you mean. It was all very true!”

She took Sam’s hand from the steering wheel and placed it on her thigh. She pulled her dress up and spread her legs. Then she pulled his hand to the place where her legs met. Indeed, she was very wet.

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