Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 5th Chapter


Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 5th ChapterDISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are fictional and over the age of 18. SUBJECT: A young masturbation addict is sent to a dominating older female who has a special interest in his secretion. (tags: milf, masturbation, soft femdom, handjob, big tits, older female vs younger male, dirty talk, cum denial, prostate stimulation, milking, bbc, tease)Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 5th ChapterAunt Michelle was soaping up our bodies. Flavius and I were standing in the bathtub with our hands against the wall. The shower was mandatory before bedtime:- I know how young boys wash, you just sprinkle a little water, and assume you’re germ-free, she told us before, while undressing us for shower-time. That’s why Michelle will take care of you each and every evening, making sure every inch of your body is thoroughly washed.My aunt was now resting her knee above the bath tub, and was vigorously washing both our bodies. I couldn’t help sneaking a peek at Flavius’s ebony body shimmering under the shower, and his muscles twitched visible under the hot water. There is no point in adding that Flavius and I had our cockers erect and stretched to their fullest, raising like masts above our painfully stiff nuggets. Auntie’s hands frantically rubbed the tight tense buttocks of the mulatto as the boy kept his head down, letting his shampoo drain out of his hair.Suddenly I heard the woman order briefly:- Turn around.We both turned around at the same time, making the tips of our erect rods almost collide in a brief tete-a-tete.Michelle was dressed in a large white sports t-shirt that was now soaking wet and transparent, clinging to her skin, letting anyone see the pair of giant breasts with brass colored nipples that stretched almost as wide as a baby’s palm. This didn’t seem to bother the 40 year old woman one bit. She just looked at both of us and continued:- I’ll have to wash your intimate areas now. I see you are both very aroused, as is normal for your age. I have to take make sure your peepees are thoroughly washed, so don’t get any ideas. Try to think about something else, look at the ceiling, anything that does not produce a sexual discharge.- Yes, ma’am, Flavius said, his eyes on the ceiling and his hands limb along his black body. However, for the briefest of seconds, his dick DID seem to twitch a little, albeit unwillingly.My aunt then looked tuzla escort directly into my eyes and puckered her full lips.- You can hold it, can you sweetie? Usually after the first night I have a boy at hand… I have to spend the rest of the evening washing clumps of semen away from my hair- Yes, Aunt Michelle … I muttered and left her smooth hand grab my testies. I suddenly felt my feet going numb and all the blood rushed up to the tip of my pulp stick. My aunt’s hand moved vigorously but full of tenderness in the same time. She was twisting and turning her wrist up and down and about the cock head, either grabbing it like a sword or gently holding it between her fingers tips like a swollen rose bud.Her gorgeous breasts moved in tandem with her expert hand, bouncing off of each other under the wet fabric. She rubbed my dick like nobody else has done before, and I felt thrown into the 7th heaven. Every time I thought I was going to bust my wad and involuntarily release myself all over her hand and in the water around my legs, I felt her stopping and sliding up my abdomen, touching me in other exciting points, but not enough to break my damn and spray her with my boiling seed.- This. This is the place you need to make sure you don’t gather any cheese. This is where the cheese forms and we don’t want that” she whispered, brushing my cock helmet with her finger right beneath the ridge, all across the canal. She would slowly draw a line with her long nails across my now protuberant veins that have encased my penis in a blue pulsating network.The cheese she was referring to was of course “baby-talk” for smegma and I was old enough to use the word, but her old nurse background made her use this kind of talk even around us. She called cocks weeners, peepees, willies, meaties, no matter how bulging a member she was handling. For “cum” she either used the medical term “sperm” or “semen” or went for the lovingly “cummy”, when she tried to be nice. She would never call an “ass hole” by it brutal name (even though, I was about to find out she would do much more brutal things to them), instead calling it “bum hole” or “booboo”. This was condescending and annoying. But it was also hella’ arousing. Like I can just lay back and let this older woman do whatever she wants below my waist and just enjoy the feelings.I lowered my gaze and I saw that Flavius was also ecstatic. This MILFY, tuzla escort bayan as Teo would have called her at school, was kneeling in front of us and rubbing our Peters vigorously up and down at constant speed. It was the dream of any teenager and also a nightmare, because none of us was allowed to do what he wanted more, to sprinkle this dominating she-master with the warm flow of spunk that had accumulated between our legs. At least Flavius was panting like a dog in heat and his dick was so erect it was nearly glued to his chest. The older woman’s palm slid up and descended on the underside of his helmet head, drawing out a threatening river of precum that dug damp ditches in the soapy water, like honey through Greek yogurt. And Flavius probably would have lost it right then and there, if Michelle hadn’t stopped suddenly to ask us to turn our backs to her.The mulatto youngster turned around and bent over, exposing his bare ass right in my aunt’s face. At first, this seemed strange and rude – essentially “mooning” the older lady in a way that she could see all the way down his but hole. But I was even more surprised to feel my aunt’s hand clamp down on the base of my back and expertly bend be me over in the same position as my colleague in suffering.- Bend over, boys, she said gently, knowing we need to be relaxed for what it was about to follow.I heard a cream tube opening up and closing behind me (behind the bottom!) and my aunt’s hands clamping together, probably rubbing the solution around her fingers.I then felt two cold but very pleasurable fingers caressing my taint, right above my plumb hangers, going up and down, ignoring my erect penis altogether. Instead they were getting closer to my innermost hole. From Flavius’s reactions, who was staring blindly ahead and breathing slowly through his mouth, I think he was enjoying the same treatment. My aunt’s clever hands began to draw circles around my puckered hole and eased my sphincter with each move. I was a little bit scared of what was happening, especially since I read in adolescent magazines that to become gay it’s enough to get something up your ass at any point (for example, if the doctor gave you an enema, you were in immediate danger of becoming gay.) To my shame, I felt like a puppy when I felt the woman’s finger sliding smoothly up my anus and slowly climbing in. The walls of my rectum tightened escort tuzla around it in what was a strange and pleasant sensation at the same time – Sssssssh, that’s it, baby, just relax, I heard my Auntie whispering, and her voice really made me relax my muscles more, only to allow her finger to invade me more. She rotated her digit very carefuly, massaging the inner walls of my young anus in a way I never felt before. – We need to be clean. There’s no shame in taking a little pleasure while getting clean, she whispered. Look … look at Flavius, he’s enjoying this so, so much. I turned back to my colleague of suffering, whose ass I was connected t through my Aunt’s other invasive hand.You could tell he was accustomed to this procedure, because he had two fingers stuck inside his bottom, that ventured effortlessly both in and out, massaging him so intensely that his mule dick dangled like crazy under him, just begging to be milked. My ass muscle suddenly started convulsing and I felt a sensation that I never felt before in my entire life… as if someone had exposed my deepest level of being and was now fidgeting my pleasure center directly, without any intermediate stimulations. As if Michelle had reached my very soul … and the path it seems, was somewhere I never would have thought. I suddenly hardened more and looked at the dick beneath me that seemed to completely lose control. – If you feel like you’re going to spurt, tell me to stop! my aunt said.It was too late. My muscles clenched around the anus, which only overstimulated the surrounding nerves. Electric shocks crossed my entire body and my feet went so numb, that I think if I hadn’t had my anus still nailed to my aunt’s hook finger, I probably would have fallen in the water tub.My penis started spewing long cum jets, longer than I ever experienced, and the moment they hit the water they started “swimming” through it like white silk serpents. So thick was the sperm that it barely desintegrated in the water, continuing to float and even stick to my feet or Flavius. He didn’t even seem to care. It was business as usual for my new hung friend- Nooooo, my baby, whooooa, look what you did …. oh, poor you, I told you to let me know, my aunt wined behind me, but she continued to move her finger, milking me with for the last flew splashes I may have had. I finally fell to my knees with my face glued to the wall tiles. Aunt Michelle slowly pulled her fingers out of Flavius’ puckered brown hole and wiped them off with a towel. I stared at her, and she looked back at me. She was disappointed with me.- TO BE CONTINUED – ( o Y o )

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