Aunt Sal


The following story takes place just after I finished my sophomore year at college.

My parents were going to Europe to attend an international conference, where my father was presenting a paper on microbiology. After the conference, they were going to spend a month travelling and visiting friends.

They had arranged for me to stay with my Aunt Sal while they were gone. I think they were worried that I’d destroy the house with wild parties, but I didn’t mind because Sal is cool. She’s my mother’s younger sister, mid thirties and a detective on the local police force.

Sal’s place is not air conditioned and it was a hot summer. One evening I was watching television, wearing only my boxers because of the heat. Sal was on duty and I was alone. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is Sal poking me in the shoulder.

According to Sal, I must have been having a fantastic dream because I had a massive erection sticking out the fly of my shorts. Apparently, she watched me for a few minutes and then poked me until I started to come awake.

“Follow me,” she said over her shoulder as she walked away.

“Whaaa?” I was still groggy.

“Get up and follow me!” in a more serious tone of poker oyna voice.

I got off the couch and noticed my cock hanging out, proud and strong. Following Sal, I noticed my hard on was quickly becoming a soft on. I don’t know why, but I didn’t tuck it back in.

As we approached Sal’s bedroom, I became aware that she was unbuttoning her blouse. As I reached the door, she took it off and dropped it on a chair. I stopped at the door; my cock was starting to harden again.

“Stand over here,” she ordered, pointing to a spot near the bed.

I followed instructions and moved by the bed. She was removing her slacks. My cock was almost fully erect.

She turned to face me. I haven’t described Sal as yet. She is 5′ 9″ tall, approximately 135 lbs and has flaming red hair that comes to her shoulders, which was usually worn in a pony tail. She’s in excellent physical condition with wide shoulders and not an ounce of fat on her. Her breasts are large, probably 36D, and were encased in a beautiful red lace bra that could barely contain them. She has slim hips, and was wearing French bikini panties to match the bra.

As she reached behind her to take off the bra, she looked at me and said, “Drop the shorts.”

My canlı poker oyna eyes never left her and I automatically obeyed, dropping my boxers without comment. Her breasts came free and were wonderful. Full and heavy, with areolas approximately two inches in diameter; they were only slightly darker than her skin. Her nipples were erect and about ½ in long. She slid her panties off to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy that confirmed she was a natural red head.

My cock was now fully erect.

Without saying a word, she walked over to me, dropped to her knees, took my cock in one hand and wrapped her mouth around it. She sucked it in while moving her tongue all over the head. She’d take almost all of it at once, then switch to sucking my balls into her mouth. The feelings were indescribable and as I came close to cumming, she’d squeeze my cock until I slowed down. Eventually she stuck a finger up my ass and I came in torrents. She tried to swallow it but there was just too much and it leaked out around my cock. When I had finished, she came up and kissed me. Her tongue, with some of my cum still on it, came into my mouth lashing my tongue and sending electric jolts through me.

She dragged me to the bed, and we dropped internet casino on it.

“My turn,” she said as she pushed my head down. I couldn’t wait to taste that pussy. I spread her legs and lowered my head. Juices were dripping from her cunt. I leaned down and licked up that flavorful moisture. I went from her ass up to her clit, although I didn’t touch it yet. As I licked, I put one, then two fingers into her. Finally I closed in on her clit. When my tongue connected, she started to shake. I sucked that clit and pistonned my fingers into her. With a loud moan, she came. Her body went rigid and juices flowed out. I drank a lot, but my face was covered.

I crawled up and lying beside her, kissed her gently, caressing her until she came down from her high.

“Ready for the real thing?” I asked and she nodded in assent.

I turned her over and got her into position. Moving behind her, I aimed my cock at her pussy hole and with one push was all the way into her. Her cunt wrapped around my cock and held it tightly. She started to contract her muscles and the feeling was incredible. I moved in and out slowly, pulling my cock almost all the way out before sinking into her once more.

Sal was starting to groan and my balls were tightening as I increased the pace. With mutual cries we came, my sperm filling her and leaking out around my cock mixed with her juices.

As we lay there, we thanked my parents for insisting I stay with Sal.

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