Auryn’s Girl Ch. 01



It is cold tonight, I think as I watch the wind whip at the tails of Auryn’s long, black leather coat as she stands on the poorly lit porch negotiating with the man standing in the doorway to the small ranch house. I wondered if his neighbors took notice of the Bentley parked outside of his house, and what they thought if they did notice. Auryn’s car seemed out of place in this lower-middle class neighborhood. Perhaps they would think we were lost.

My eyes follow the outline of her black clad body as the two figures converse and my mind wanders back to the night when we met. My fiancé had called off the wedding after admitting he had been having an affair with my college roommate. Hurt and confused I wandered into the local lesbian bar. I had never thought of being with another woman, in fact it had always sickened me. But, the idea of another man disgusted me and I found myself thinking about lesbianism and becoming more and more curious.

And so after circling the block a few times to get my courage up I finally parked in the bar’s parking lot. Ten minutes later, when my courage was up again, I shyly slunk into the bar. It was like every other bar I had ever been in except there was no guys to be seen anywhere. Without making eye contact with anyone I quietly found a table tucked away in a back corner to get my bearings. That was when I saw Auryn. She was clad in what looked like black leather from head to high heeled booted toe. She was an impressive woman with long, straight black hair that shimmered in even the low light and her eyes…they seemed to pierce my soul and lay bear my thoughts and most intimate desires.

I glanced away from her for what seemed like only a second. When I dared to look back up she was no longer by the bar, instead she was right in front of me holding a Killian’s Red beer and a cocktail glass. She offered me the glass and I took it, humbly and softly saying thank you. “You looked like an amaretto sour type of girl.” She said as she took a seat next to me, her eyes never ceasing to burrow into me as she moved. I knew right then that I was going home with her at the end of the night.


The opening of my car door snapped me back to the present. I looked up and it was Auryn. I seductively slid both feet out of her Bentley and slowly stood up as if I were stepping onto a red carpet, just as she had taught me. “His name is Wesley, Wesley Rhoads.” She whispered in my ear as I stood and smiled sweetly, as I noticed the yellow envelope in her hand. It looked like the ones in Miami Vice that various shady characters would use to pass money. As I walked towards the house I could hear her as she shut my car door, her heels clicking on the pavement as she circled the car to the driver’s side.

I strode towards Mr. Rhoads walking seductively like a lingerie model, my metal stiletto heels clicking on his sidewalk as I put one foot directly in front of the other as I swayed my hips from side to side. The bitter winter wind nipped at my black, thigh high stocking clad legs and teased my nipples to erection under my maroon cocktail dress. My fur wrap flapped about my slender waist as I made eye contact for the first time with the man who had rented my body for the night. I heard Auryn get in the car and start the engine and in seconds she was pulling away from the curb as my heels softly thumped on the soft, ancient wood of Mr. Rhoads’ porch.


I slowly awoke naked in Auryn’s arms, her own soft flesh pressing into my back as she spooned me. We had been dating for about two months and had officially become a couple. As I became more aware of my surroundings I could feel her hand on my crotch and two fingers buried in my pussy. She liked sleeping like that; she said it symbolized pride in ownership. I marveled at the change she had brought about in me; any guy try to objectify me like that and I’d get pissed…but when Auryn said it I felt treasured. I also thought about the men who had tried to convince me to shave, and how I refused. I wondered how I could resist them, but yet two days ago over breakfast she had Escort bayan simply said “I like shaved cunts” and I stopped eating and went into the shower and shaved my mound bald.

I felt her stir, and then her soft lips on my shoulder as she slowly awoke. “Morning, silly ass.” She said.

“Mmm,” I cooed in response, “good morning, Love.” I shivered as she softly kissed my neck.

“What’s for breakfast?”

“Your favorite.” I answered, referring to eggs and cantaloupe.

“You know, I’m actually in the mood for pancakes…” her voice trailed as she pulled her fingers out of my cunt and rolled over.

“Of course.” I said as I got out of her bed and slipped on a red silk robe and went into the kitchen.

Thirty minutes later she was sitting at the breakfast table eating her pancakes as I made my own. “If you’re going to move in here,” broaching for the first time the subject of us living together, “we need to talk about how you’ll pay the rent.”


I thought of that breakfast conversation and the envelope of cash Auryn was holding as I stepped into the porch lamp’s dim circle of light, letting Mr. Rhoads get a look at me in person. “So you’re Auryn’s girl?” He asked as I wondered how much he had paid her. “You’re much prettier in real life than the pic she e-mailed me.”

I smiled at him and blushed. “Thank you.” I said demurely.

He held the screen door open for me as he moved to one side of the door way. “Please come inside.” He said and I slowly slid by him, letting my breasts brush against his chest. The front door opened into the living room and I politely waited by the doorway as he shut the door and then led me to the center of the room. He plopped down in the center of the couch as he left me standing. “I hope you don’t mind, I just want to admire what I paid for. Please, take off the wrap.” He said as he motioned to a chair for me to toss the wrap.

I slid the wrap from my shoulders and tossed it. I could feel his eyes scanning my body. What was not to like? At 22 I still had perfect skin with no fine lines or wrinkles, shoulder length, brunette hair and green eyes framed by designer glasses. I stood 5’6″ without heels (5’9″ in the ones I was wearing) with a slender, curvy figure. The maroon evening gown clung tight to my body, but did not do justice to my perfectly toned stomach (Auryn made me do 50 sit-ups three times a day as well as aerobics five times a week). My erect nipples, visible through the tight fabric, perfectly punctuated my 36C breasts. My dancer’s legs shimmered in expensive silk thigh highs as the 3″ black leather, metal stiletto heels stretched out my calve muscles in the way that drove leg men crazy. He made the “turn-around” motion with his hand and I obediently twirled for him, letting him inspect my heart shaped ass.

I turned around and smiled at him. “Do you like?” I asked.

He grinned and lifted himself from the couch. For the first time that night my mind was in the present and while I had looked at him as I entered his home, I had not really studied him. He was in his mid-forties, balding with a beer belly that was not so concealed by his tight, white t-shirt. He was wearing loose fitting Dockers slacks. What little hair he had was black and peppered with grey as well as having been slicked with grease and combed to hide his thinning and receding hairline. From what I could tell from what I had seen of his house, it was a decent bachelor’s pad that he kept fairly clean.

As I took in my surroundings I felt him as he drew near to me, his breath on my neck seconds before I felt his lips softly kiss it. “Do you know why I had you come in a cocktail dress?” He whispered as I felt his hands on my waist, one moving around to my back, exposed by the plunging halter back of the cocktail dress. I did not answer; Auryn had told me speaking would not be necessary. “All my life I’ve lusted for a woman who looks like you and could carry herself with poise and dignity.” His other hand softly slid up my other side and moved to my front as he reached my chest, cradling my Escort right breast.

His wet lips kissing my earlobe, and then licking it. “I just wanted love and tenderness…a woman I could be proud of. BUT, not many are interested in a short factory floor manager who makes $40K a year.” He tugged at the top of my dress until my breast popped out and he started to softly squeeze it as he rubbed my ass with his other hand. “So I settle for a fatty, only to have her leave me once I’m promoted and transferred from the night shift. I guess having me home at night made it tough for her hog lover to come over and fuck her.” As he spoke I could feel his hurt and anger, his hands squeezing my tits harder, pinching my nipple ever harder. Auryn had told me that I was going to be more than a prostitute; I was going to be a consort, a person to listen and provide comfort. Whatever said comfort may entail or require.

With a soft bite at my neck he pulled away, releasing me from his embrace and sat back down on the couch. I stood there, my one breast exposed and my dress crumpled and disheveled below the waste from his ass-grabbing. “So, tonight I’m going to use you.” He said with a smile. “First things first, get me a beer bitch. And don’t think of tucking that perky titty back into that fine dress of yours.”

And so I slowly walked into his kitchen and opened his fridge. It was mostly bare except for a few staples such as milk and condiments such as ketchup and mustard. But what he had the most of was Busch Lite beer. I pulled a can from a twelve pack and opened it as I walked back to him. “On your knees, slut.” He said as he took the beer and spread his legs wide. He had taken off his pants, revealing a surprisingly long and thick cock. I dropped to my knees and took it in my soft, small hands and slowly started jerking it. He laughed. “Think you’re just getting away with a hand job?” He grinned, taking a sip with one hand and placing his other on the back of my head. “I’m gonna cum in that pretty little mouth, girl.”

He pushed me face into his crotch as I opened my mouth and guided his member into my warm, moist mouth. I stuck out my tongue and flicked his head with it as he drew me closer. I felt it twitch in my hands as it felt its first lick in what I was sure was quite some time. “Now you see whore, I rented you for the entire night. I’m sure you think you’re worth a lot, but your girlie friend was quite reasonable about the price. We settled for far below what you think you’re worth.”

I did not resist as he continued his diatribe as he pushed my head onto his shaft. I danced my tongue along the underside of his prick as my lips sealed around it and he pushed it deeper into my mouth. I had always made my fiancé wash before sucking him, but this guy had not and his cock tasted like an armpit. “And I’ve got you all night long and I’m planning on cumming in each of your holes…at least once. Ever hear of bareback?” As I started sucking his dick he slowly loosened his grip on my head and I could hear his slurping sips of his beer. “Well, you see girlie, bareback is where I fuck you, and cum wherever I want…without a pesky condom.” I tried my best not to wince at the thought of his cum in any part of me. At least I didn’t have to worry about disease; Auryn knew a Doctor who ran STD checks for her and told me this guy was clean. He groaned as he totally released his grip on my head as I freely sucked him off, teasing his ball sack with my manicured nails. “Oh, girlie, I hope for your sake that she didn’t lie about making you take birth control. Not that I care…”

His cock had lost the sweaty taste and I continued sucking, teasing and stroking. He started thrusting into my mouth; going deeper with each thrust his cock filled my mouth. I pulled off for a moment, my tongue flicking at his head and then down the bottom of his shaft and then back up. Moaning I take the cock back into my mouth and within moments his balls are drawing together and his shaft twitching as I can taste the first drops of precum just before he exploded in my mouth. He pushed Bayan escort my head off of him and he looked me in the eyes. “Open up cum slut.” I opened my mouth wide and displayed my cum drenched mouth. “Now swallow.”


I was so nervous as I surveyed the unknown bedroom as my clothes were stripped from my body revealing my naked body. I shivered, not sure if it was because of the chill in the bedroom air or being naked in front of someone for the first time. I felt Auryn’s silky touch as she caressed my bare skin, teasing my erect nipples. Enraptured, I sighed and leaned my head against her and closed my eyes. When I next opened them I was in yet another unfamiliar bedroom with another stranger gazing upon my nude form for the first time. His hands were not as slender, soft or gentle as he squeezed my naked tits. I could feel his beer belly and prick rubbing against my back as he pushed me towards his bed. I had been stripped of my dress and felt his meat-hook hand on my naked mound as he explored the folds of my pussy.

It had been a few hours after he had filled my mouth with his seed, and I could still taste it. He had not offered me a drink, nor had I asked for one.

I felt awkward in my heels (he had left my thigh highs and shoes on) as he pushed me to the bed. I stumbled onto my back and he was on top of me with surprising swiftness, his dick pressing against my labia. “I’m gonna like this.” He said as he leaned over me, licking my face as he violently rammed his cock into my cunt. His belly was pushing down on me as he fucked me, making it impossible for me to pleasure myself. He continued licking my face and nibbling at my ear as he thrust in and out of me, his cock stretching my pussy. The sound of his balls slapping against my taint, surprisingly, could be heard over his already exhausted pants. I found myself wondering which he had gone without longer; sex or exercise.

I watched as beads of sweat formed on his forehead and slid down his face to the tip of his nose before dripping onto my face. His hips thrusting, driving into me as his belly and balls slapped against me. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt his body go stiff as his cock swelled and twitched deep inside me. With a grunt he filled my womb with his seed and plopped onto the bed beside me with a self-satisfied sigh. His breathing was heavy from the exertion. I was breathless as well, but from being virtually suffocated by his bulk. “Did you cum baby?” He asked.

“No.” I said.

“Oh well.” He rolled over and was soon fast asleep. I thought of getting up to douche but I was exhausted as well so I slid my shoes off and spooned him as his cum oozed out of my cunt.


The next morning I awoke as he was sliding his cock, thankfully lubed, between my ass cheeks. I started rubbing my clit as he penetrated my tight brown eye. Rested, he was surprisingly rhythmic as he started thrusting in and out of my ass. I rubbed my clit harder as he pummeled my ass with his prick, his balls slapping against my labia. I groaned in pleasure as he fucked my ass, stretching it and filling it with his cock. At first it hurt, but the pain soon passed and as my clit swelled it began feeling pretty good. “Oh God, it hurts sooo good…” I moaned as he fucked my ass. I felt myself start to twitch as my body began feeling electric, my abdomen started to twitch as my pussy moistened. Soon I was cumming and cumming hard. As I relaxed I felt him as he let himself cum, filling my ass with his seed.

He pulled out quickly and laughed as I made a mad dash towards his bathroom as I fought to keep from loosing control of my bowels.

A short time later I was dressed and back in Auryn’s passenger seat. I waved good-bye to Wesley as I shut the door. She put the car into gear and pulled away from the curb pointing the car back to her place. I felt her hand on my knee and I looked at her and smiled. “Hey, Love. I missed you.” I said.

She removed her hand from my knee and caressed my cheek. “I missed you too.” Her hand dropped to my upper thigh, where the black lace top of my thigh highs (now running in several places) gave way to my milky soft thigh. “Did you clean my pussy?”

“You told me to, didn’t you?” I said as I spread my legs for her. I saw her smile as she slid two fingers into the pussy that I kept for her between my legs.

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