Ava’s Fantasy


I couldn’t decide when the game of truth or dare had become so iniquitous. It had started out innocently enough. Lick the toilet seat, who’s the celeb you would do? That kind of thing.

Maybe it was the fact that Jas’ mom had left us unattended for the evening to go line dancing at the hall; we were technically adults after all, we could be entrusted with some responsibility. But I suspected it was when Jas’ older brother, who was home from college decided to crash the room and insisted on playing. His dares had been along lines far less innocent, like drinking shots or removing articles of clothing.

Jas was—not so subtly—trying to get him to leave, but the other two girls were falling all over him and acting like…well they didn’t normally act like that or they wouldn’t have been friends of mine.

The truth was, I couldn’t really blame them. I had had a secret crush on Kane since the second year of high school, I met him the first time I stayed over with Jas and he was home for the weekend.

The guy was seriously hot, and funny as hell. I tried not to let my blush show as my mind pulled up the memory of that first meal together when he had made me snort milk out my nose, and embarrassingly all over my plate of food at the family table.

I sighed to my self, I don’t even know why I came back after that, I would never live it down.

“Hello?” Kathrine’s voice broke into my mind and I think I blinked stupidly. Kane was watching me, a knowing look in his eyes. He fingered the tip of his nose as though he had read my mind and knew what I had been thinking. I couldn’t stop my cheeks from reddening furiously. Damn him.

“What?” I replied.

“Your turn space head. Truth or dare?”

“Er…” better play it on the safe side, I really didn’t need more embarrassment. “Truth.”

The other girls in the room groaned in disappointment, someone called me a chicken. I shrugged. That I could live with. Another milk incident I could not.

“What is your biggest turn on in a man?”

Oh boy, I should have picked dare. I struggled to keep my eyes from Kane, but I could feel him staring at me, his gaze boring holes through my skin. Heat flushed to my cheeks again.

“Uh…dark hair?”

“Not good enough. You pick truth you have to go details. Man up girl,” Jas stabbed. Just because she was mad at her brother didn’t mean she had to take it out on me.

“Blue eyes….and a good smile?”

Even Carry rolled her eyes.

“That could be half the guys at Farthworth college,” Kane snorted. “Your truth needs to be specific, if it’s your biggest turn on only one guy should fit the bill.”

He said it casually, like it didn’t matter and leaned back on his elbows, showing of a set of very nice pecks. I cleared my throat and pulled my eyes away. But I couldn’t answer. Not truthfully anyway. It was too mortifying. How could one admit that their biggest turn on involved the man sitting across from them, their best friends brother?

Instead I tried to think of the lie that would leave my pride hurting for the least amount of time…

“Jas!” Jas’ mother’s voice sounded from the entryway above.

“Oh, shit!” Kathrine quickly pulled her tank top on over her bikini top. Jas and Carry pushed the shot glasses and bottle of rum beneath the bed.


The door opened a crack and Jas’ mom peeked her head inside.

“What’s up mom?”

“Hi girls, Kane are you bothering them? Never mind it doesn’t matter, I just got called for an emergency shift at the hospital, I’m sorry but you girls will have to go home.”

The room filled with general discontented sighing but the three of us who did not belong picked up our overnight bags.

“I can take Carry and Kathrine into town when I go to work, Kane can you drive Ava home?”

“Sure mom,” he said, there was nothing in his voice to show he was either pleased or displeased with being relegated to chauffeur. I wished there was, because my heart had just skipped several beats.

I shouldered my bag and tried not to look as Kane rose from his prone position, he lead the way through the door, up the stairs and into the night. I followed quietly, partly because that last truth had snatched my equilibrium and partly because the man’s backside was entirely distracting.

He opened the passenger door to his sporty little Camaro and waited for me to slide in.

“Pretending to be a gentleman?” I teased. He snorted poker oyna and closed the door in my face, working his way around to the other side.

The car started as soon as the key turned and he pulled out of the drive almost immediately afterward, hardly allowing any time for the adjustment between being at a full stop and being at highway speed.

I lived a ways off into the country, a fifteen minute drive at least. That should have excited me, considering I had been thinking of moments like these for three years, but instead I was finding it highly uncomfortable. Normally Kane treated me like Jas, a younger sister, but talking about my turn ons had changed that feel, and now there was a strange tension in the car. I mourned that a bit, was he trying to avoid me coming on to him, gently letting me know he’s not interested?

I wished he would just say, I figure it would be better that way, or at least less awkward. I was a big girl, nineteen last week. Surely I could handle a little rejection.

I was busy watching how his big hands maneuvered the shift stick, there was something mesmerizing about his fingers, though I couldn’t quite pin it down, and it took me several seconds to realize we had pulled down a dark road that was not my driveway.

Kane guided us off of the road and a ways up a small turn off, then he rolled to a stop and cut the engine.

Sudden nerves stole my brain. Somewhere I knew he must be thinking along the same lines I had been thinking, or at least wanting to make out. But I couldn’t reconcile the idea—which had only ever been in my head until now, and then in the most private places I could find—with the reality that seemed to be taking place.

“Uh, what are you doing?”

“I wasn’t finished our game.”

“Our game?” He didn’t mean…

“Truth or dare. We were interrupted, so tell me, what turns you on.”

Oh God. Was he really asking what I thought he was asking? What was he asking?

“I pretty much said everything,” I lied.

“You know the rules, if your answer isn’t good enough you have to do a dare.”

“Fine,” I snapped. Who was he to judge what turned girls on? It wasn’t like he was king expert over there in the drivers seat.

“Kiss me.”

“What?!” I definitely misheard that.

“That’s your dare. Kiss me, like you mean it. No cheating or you’ll have to do another.”

Something dropped on my feet. I think it was my stomach. The guy I had been fantasizing about for longer than was probably healthy just asked me..no, told me, to kiss him.

Ok, I was not going to back down from this. I unbuckled my seat-belt and rose up on my knees uncertainly. I wasn’t chicken. Plus this was probably the only chance I would get with him, I wasn’t going to just throw my luck away.

But I didn’t know where to start. Kane sat there, leaned back against his seat watching me with a satisfied expression. I leaned forward toward him, until our lips were close to meeting…

There was a breath of time, right before our lips met, where everything seemed to still. My heart pounded in my chest, and we sat, breathing the same air. Then his lips rose to meet mine, crushing. Somehow his hands found their way behind my neck and I was clutched to him like a precious treasure lost and then found again. The groan—I couldn’t tell whose—sounded more like a whimper and I lost any intelligent thought.

Eventually I pulled away, not because I wanted to, never that, the man had wicked lips. But I did need to breathe.

Gasping I pulled myself back across the car and righted my clothes, blinking stupidly. In the background the car started. I couldn’t decide what that meant. Was I a terrible kisser? Honestly the few shots I’d had might have been blurring coherent thought a little.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”


“Do you have any idea how sexy you are Ava?”

I was confused. He was busy guiding the Camaro back in the direction of my house, the experience clearly over, seemingly unaffected. And yet he called me sexy.

A little thrill shot through me at that. I wanted him to find me sexy.

By the time he pulled into the tree-lined drive I was a confused mess. I should have been elated, seriously it was like finding out I won the lottery, or magically gained my degree, or something. But the only thing I could dwell upon was that it hadn’t been nearly enough, not for me.

“What is canlı poker oyna it Ava? You look like I ran over your cat.”

I jumped, good God I’d been sitting there moping about him…in front of him.

“Ah…nothing, just tired,” I lied.

“You lie,” he leaned forward his hand raised toward my face until his thumb traced my bottom lip. “I will not leave you here looking like that after I kissed you,” his voice lowered to a husky whisper. My gaze flew to his and suddenly we were staring into each others eyes like some corny movie scene. “What would that do for my ego?” he smirked.

I smiled despite myself. Smartass.

“Come on Ava, level with me. Are you interested or not?”

I saw something then that I had never glimpsed before, a hint of vulnerability behind the cocky smartass attitude I had come to adore. Charmingly I promptly choked on the air I was inhaling.

Bemused Kane thumped me heftily on the back until I stopped coughing.

“You’re asking if I’m interested?” I managed at last.

“Well, I thought things went well, but your face before the whole choking thing said otherwise.”

“Only because I thought I did something wrong. You stopped kissing me.”

The silence got to me and I was forced to meet his eyes. Unfortunately he was staring at me like I’d grown something nasty and particularly hairy on my face.

“You stopped kissing me,” for some reason frustration rang in his tone.

“Well, yes…technically, but then you drove me home—”

“I was trying to be a gentleman, I don’t want to push this too fast.”

Oh. Well, I suppose that made sense. My mind had cleared considerably, and with his words excitement hummed through me. Excitement and a deeper, electric warmth that seemed to vibrate through my core, affecting me in the most intimate of places. I wanted him, and his admission that he felt the same was wreaking havoc on my senses.

“You can’t push it to fast Kane,” I whispered, watching with fascination the change that came over his features. His face hardened and his nostrils flared, just a little, and I swear he was clenching his teeth.

Without a word he turned off the ignition and slid from the driver’s seat. There wasn’t enough room for both of us on my side of the car, but he was on top of me anyway, bearing down. Then his fingers found the seat latch and we sprang backward, nearly flat, his body on top of mine.

“Still not too fast?” he whispered. I stared at his mouth, so close to mine.

His lips attacked mine, gliding slowly at first, back and forth and then crushing, demanding. One hand cupped the back of my neck lifting slightly and he straddled me, while the other traced tiny circles along my sides. Heat welled between my legs, I arched upward at him aching for more…something.

Intense awareness of his fingers, slowly working their way to the hem of my shirt, and then inside and back up stoking the heat along my stomach. He traced the outline of my ribs and then slipped beneath by bra and cupped my breast firmly. There he stilled, and let out a shaky breath.

“If you want to stop you need to say now Ava, I’ve waited a very long time for this, if we go much farther I might not be able to stop.”

He’d been waiting for this? Had he spent the same times fantasizing about me that I had him? And yet, even still, he was giving me a chance to back out.

I didn’t think I could, even if I wanted to. My intimate places burned with need, my nipples hardened beneath his still hand. I didn’t speak, but I bucked a little, a signal to continue.

He growled—actually growled—and then his hand was kneading and pulling on my nipple alternately, sending little waves of pleasure lower. I moaned with the intensity of it all and tossed my head to the side restlessly.

Kane took immediate advantage kissing and leaving small sharp bites along my jaw. He leaned forward as he did so and I could feel, for the first time, the pressure of his erection against my stomach. It stole my focus and everything faded into the background, there it was, proof that this man, my fantasy, desired me.

Hesitantly, and with trembling fingers I reached forward. His muscles contracted when I gently brushed his stomach, and his movement at my neck and breast stilled as he waited.

Slowly, lost in the rhythm I worked my fingers downward, lower and lower until I reached the hem of his casual jeans.

The button stumped me internet casino for a moment or two, I tried not to feel embarrassment about it. This was the first time I undressed someone else, I couldn’t be expected to get it perfectly.

Then his pants were open freeing his erection which shot proudly up against his stomach. Slipping fingers beneath the band of his boxers I explored what was beneath.

Kane hissed and then groaned in my ear before insensibly kissing and nibbling on the lobe. His hand moved once more as well and my chest ached with the pleasure.

I wrapped my hand around his length, instinctively toying up and down. It was softer than I imagined, like satin, but yet firm, and large.

Kane shifted so that he was no longer straddling me, but instead sort of propped to the side on one knee and his elbow. He fiddled with something, a condom I realized, he was struggling to get it on in his awkward position. My hand fell away uncertainly but he snatched it back and replaced it on himself. Somehow he had managed the task, I noted, a little disappointed at the loss of the velvety feel.

“Touch me,” he commanded.

So I did, but it was my turn to lose focus. The hand that had been massaging my breast lowered to my hips, and then beneath the hem of my yoga pants.

The feeling of his fingers there was enough to still everything, even my breathing. I could feel the damp heat growing even as he worked his way through my curls and lower.

Then his fingers were inside, pumping in and out. The pleasure shocked me, I had never felt anything so intense. I’m pretty sure I groaned and whimpered, and I know I raised my hips, somehow needing more.

He withdrew though, despite my protest.

“Take off your pants Ava, I need to fuck you.”

Holy Crap. I don’t think anything could have been hotter than that. Struggling in the small space I managed to get my pants and lace panties off, leaving them and my sandals on the floor.

He shifted me, guiding with his hands until he sat beneath me in the seat, his pants lowered to his thighs, his manhood straight and hard, almost painful looking. I brushed my fingers along it again, in wonder, causing it to twitch impatiently.

Kane bit his lip and thrust his hips upward at the contact. He placed a big hand on either of my hips, the same hands I’d been admiring earlier that night, and pulled me forward until my center heat was above his cock.

This was it, my first time. I wanted this more than I had wanted anything before. I shifted, spreading my thighs until I could feel his tip, probing.

“Please don’t stop,” Kane whispered, his head thrown back and his jaw tensed. He looked so gorgeous, so intensely passionate.

Slowly I lowered myself further, but it wasn’t fast enough for him, he thrust upwards. I gasped a little, mostly from the shock of it, but a little from the pain.

Kane’s eyes flew open concern in their depths.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked. I shook my head, unable to speak with him half inside me. “…Ava,” he asked after a moment, “are you a virgin?”

I bit my lip and nodded, the pain was gone now, replaced by a most delicious feeling of fullness, but I needed more, there was something more. I raised up a little and then lowered myself farther, determined to take him all.

“I’m such an idiot,” he groaned beneath me. For a moment I was scared that he would be done. My body had loosened and I was nearly there. Waves of pleasure pulsed through me like an electric current, growing stronger each time I rose and fell again. If he stopped now I was going to kill him.

Fortunately he seemed to lose coherent thought, he muttered something unintelligible and then thrust upward, slowly, meeting my movements when I lowered. The waves built when he did it and I moved faster, stoking them into a fury.

His hands found my face, and for a brief moment we met eyes again. There was nothing corny about it this time. He looked wild, and slightly out of control.

The desperate need on his face was enough to set of the cascade. I nearly screamed with the intensity of it. Powerful, pleasurable contractions filled me, beginning at my core and working their way up my back and through my whole body. Things went blank for a moment, except a deep groaning and the knowledge that Kane was experiencing the same pleasure I had.

Long silent moments passed with us joined, me still atop him but collapsed weakly on his chest. Slowly he began to stroke my back and I trickled back to awareness.

“There is something important you need to know Ava,” Kane whispered at last.

“Oh? What is that?”

“You are mine now, and I’m never letting you go.”

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