Avoiding the Speeding Ticket!


Anna gave one quick look in the mirror to check that her outfit was OK. She was so late for the fancy dress party that she had to get a move on. The reflection looking back at her was very different from her normal 25 year old self. The theme of the party was St Trinian’s so Anna had decided to do the theme justice. To this end she was wearing a short tartan skirt, cut off white shirt and tie (a bit on the small side so that her full rounded breasts were easily visible through the filmy white fabric). Lace topped, fishnet holdup stockings and incredibly sexy soft leather red and black, lace up “boudoir” boots completed the look.

She had decided to go bra-less to enhance the effect of being a somewhat wayward student, and her large plump breasts were still firm enough to allow her to do so. Her long curly red hair was tied back in a couple of plaits and she now leaned forward closer to the mirror to draw a thicker black line of kohl around her bright green eyes and finished off the look with the brightest “sluttiest” lipstick she could find.

Looking at her transformation into naughty, rebellious 18 year old she had to admit that she was pleased with the effect and she was sure that she would attract a lot of attention at her friend’s party in Derby tonight, if, that is, she got there at all! Glancing at her watch again she swore as she realised for the second time just how late she was. Grabbing her small overnight bag and purse she dashed out of the front door, slamming it shut and jumped behind the wheel of the car.

Twenty minutes later after joining the busy dual carriageway the traffic finally cleared and she could put her foot down. Now she could finally make up some time. She turned the music up loud and her long painted red nails tapped along in time to the pulsating beat as she enjoyed the rush of adrenaline as she sped along. It was going to be a great party – a lot of her old school friends would be there and their partners so some new faces too…Happily thinking about the fun to come it took a while for her to notice the blue flashing light behind her.

“Oh shit!” she said, glancing at the speedo before slowing down. Hoping the police van might be happy with her reduced speed and go away she carried on driving until they turned the siren on. Sod it! They definitely wanted to stop her. She was on the moor and there was nowhere to pull over safely, so spotting a small farm track she pulled in there and drove a little way along it before stopping. She knew full well how fast she had been going and so was aware that she was in a whole heap of shit right now.

Apprehensively she watched in her rear view mirror as the door of the police van opened and a rather sexy dark haired officer approached. Perhaps, she thought, she might be able to charm her way out of this. Drawing near to the window he beckoned for her to wind it down and leant inside, his intense blue eyes widening as he took in the unexpected sight of her slutty sexy outfit. She watched as he attempted to stifle a smile as his eyes took in her pigtails, short revealing skirt, large breasts straining the buttons of her thin white blouse and bare expanse of thigh above her lace fishnet stocking tops.

“Well, Miss, what an interesting outfit you’re wearing!” he began trying not to smile, but then, remembering his job it was then back to business.

“Do you know how fast you were going by any chance?”

“Um no officer” she lied, biting her bright red lips with concern.

“Well, we were having to do 100 to keep up with you Miss. I think you had better come and join us in the vehicle while we complete formalities.” And he moved back to allow her to open the door, admiring the 6 inch black and red burlesque-style boots which stepped out onto the rutted and overgrown farm track. He followed as she swayed on the way to the vehicle, her short black and red tartan mini skirt caught by a gust of wind to reveal two beautifully rounded, and totally naked arse cheeks. He caught his breath as he thought of what he would like, in other circumstances, to do to that ripe peachy bottom, and felt his cock starting to rise. Pushing the feelings to one side he reminded himself that this was business however.

She reached the van and looking inside the open rear door was surprised to see an attractive blonde nurse in the back seat, wearing a tight white nurses uniform and (unusually Anna thought for a nurse) a pair of shiny black six inch stiletto shoes. Her large blue eyes took in her skimpy outfit with equal surprise and, Anna couldn’t help noticing an involuntary lick of her lips.

“Please take a seat” the dark-haired cop gestured to the middle seat and continued by way of explanation, “My wife and I are working together today, as she is the duty nurse and was accompanying me to a routine visit before we were forced to pull you over.”

As she bent forward to step up into the vehicle he caught a glimpse of her pink outer pussy lips between succulent plump thighs as she pushed herself up onto the step. Hairless! He glanced across at his wife to gauge her reaction and saw that her big blue izmit escort bayan eyes were gazing lustily and appreciatively at the redhead’s large rounded breasts which were now pointed directly at her. He was a bit worried at her response since he had a job to do and he knew that she had a penchant for uniforms. A good thing for him that she hadn’t glimpsed what was under the skirt! He would have to get the paperwork over with quickly as he was sure she would want him to satisfy her cravings afterwards. He too now had a noticeable bulge in his trousers which was refusing to go away, so all in all it was a good thing the sexy redhead had chosen such a remote location to pull off in. There wasn’t a person, or house to be seen for miles around and the path was overgrown meaning that no-one had been down here for a long time, in addition a large overgrown Cornish hedge hid them fully from the road. He couldn’t wait to get the paperwork over with and give his wife the attention he could sense she needed.

Coughing in what he hoped was professional manner he covered his bulging trousers with a clipboard and began his usual caution. Turned towards him his sexy offender looked at him with almond shaped green eyes and was obviously distressed as a large tear rolled down her cheeks onto her plum bright red lips.

“No need to cry,” he knew how some people found being in the back of a police vehicle distressing and he endeavoured to put her at her ease.

“Here, Clara will give you a hug before we start” he said, glancing over at his wife and noticing her hastily removing her hand from her skirt. The naughty minx, unable to control herself! They were meant to be professional! He would have to put his naughty nurse across his lap later on and teach her a lesson! Giving her what he hoped was a warning glance for now, he carried on “and maybe you have a tissue in your bag for…?” he paused, looking at her enquiringly.

Realising that he was asking her name she stifled a sob and gulped “Anna Summers. Miss Anna Summers”.

“Anna will do for now, let’s leave the paperwork while you calm down,” he said gently. “Police officers are human too you know”

Seeing kindness in his eyes she felt Clara slide across next to her and put a comforting arm around her waist. Her other hand handed her a tissue, and Anna took it and dabbed her eyes, noticing as she did so the sweet unmistakable smell of another girl’s pussy juices on the slightly moist tissue.

“There now,” said Clara turning her around and giving her a large proper hug with both arms, “It’s OK, it’s just a speeding fine.” She rubbed her back gently, noticing with excitement that she was bra-less under the skimpy white shirt and unable to help running her fingers down until she reached the bare flesh of her lower back.

“But you don’t understand,” said Anna softly – this is my second fine in a few months and if I lose my license I will lose my job.”

Black mascara started to run down her cheeks and her soft ample breasts rose and fell against Clara as she sobbed. Taking the tissue and gently wiping her face and lips, Clara suddenly longed to kiss the sexy woman in her arms. She and Jake, as this was her husband’s name, had often discussed doing it with a woman and he knew that it was a long held, and as yet, unfulfilled fantasy of hers. Deepening the hug once more and feeling Anna relax in her arms she looked over pleadingly at her husband. This was the perfect opportunity but she didn’t know if he would ever be that unprofessional or not.

So she watched him closely now, trying to gauge his mood, as he took in this wonderful sight of his sexy blonde wife, in her starched white nurses outfit hugging this gorgeous, curvaceous redhead, kitted out in what appeared to be every man’s wildest fantasy. He imagined those shapely stocking-clad legs wrapped around his back, the 6inch stiletto heels digging into him as he pounded into her smooth soft, dripping pussy while his wife sat over her face rubbing her pussy against her mouth. He knew his wife well and could tell by her flushed face and excited eyes that she was seriously turned on and he didn’t want to disappoint her… yet…there was his duty of care…

Clara could sense the conflict within him so to buy some time she started talking, as she know once he started on the paperwork that would be it.

“I just love your outfit by the way. Where were you off to?”

“A party in Derby, a load of old school friends from my boarding school,” said Anna “We thought it would be fun if we all dressed up as St Trinians like we used to do in the old days.”

“Wow! Good idea, so you’ve done this before?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” Anna said, getting more relaxed now as she enjoyed he feel of Clara’s soothing hands on her back.

“In the college we did it all the time. You see it was an all girls college,” she continued dreamily having forgotten for a moment where she was, and feeling an instant connection with this lovely blonde nurse, “And if you’d ever been to one you’d know how sexual a load of girls can be…all locked up together with no men izmit eve gelen escort to help us explore our young womanly bodies.”

“Oh I know very well,” said Clara “I went to a convent, but we were allowed out to find the local boys so I never did get to do it with another girl. Always wondered though…” she trailed off and looked over at Jake who was now unable to hide the lust in his eyes at the discussion his wife was having with the woman he was meant to be fining!! He knew that he should stop this now but he was transfixed, watching Clara’s hands run over Anna’s curvaceous sexy body so erotically. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights he watched, as the inevitable seduction unfolded in front of him.

“And your boots are amazing,” Clara continued watching as her husband looked down at Anna’s legs encased in the most amazing pair of black and red leather boots she had ever seen. Laced with red ribbon up to the knees, and with extra laces at the back, the soft black and red fabric accentuated her shapely calves and narrow ankles and drew your eye up to the lacy stocking tops above and expanse of naked thigh. Clara knew that her husband had a penchant too for sexy shoes and these cum-inducing boots were like a red flag to a bull.

Incredibly turned on and deciding to take matters into her own hands, Clara deepened the hug and increased the stroking before whispering into Anna’s ear so that only she could hear…

“If I can persuade my husband to let you off the fine, would you play with me?”

She felt Anna’s breath stop for a moment and waited nervously. “Fuck, what had she just done!” Jake would be so mad with her if this went wrong. “Only if you want to,” she added “He is a total professional and this can stop now if you just want to be on your way.”

Again there was a pause, until slowly, by way of answer Anna raised her head from where it had been resting on Clara’s shoulder and kissed her on the lips. Softly at first but then pushing her tongue into Clara’s mouth, probing and exploring her…Clara moaned as her tongue touched Anna’s and they sucked on each other hungrily for several long minutes, hands caressing each other’s backs. Jake watched their caress as his cock grew stiffer by the minute, as their soft red lips explored each other.

Eventually Jake coughed, “Well don’t mind me ladies!” he laughed. Two flushed pretty faces turned to look at him expectantly.

“I’m sure I can persuade him now,” Clara said to her new found friend.

“Come on Jake, don’t be a spoilsport. We’re all adults here…please!” she added batting her eyelashes at him cheekily.

“Well in view of both of your obvious excitement,” he said, looking pointedly down at Anna’s damp inner thighs and the shiny smears on the van’s seat, “I expect I can overlook the offence if Miss Anna here promises not to do it again.”

He removed the clipboard from his lap to reveal the biggest bulge Anna had ever seen. Eyes popping out of her head as she imagined the magnificent cock that must be within Anna nodded vigorously “Oh yes, I promise!”

“Then, if you are able to satisfy my naughty wife and give her the orgasm she so desperately craves, I will let you off with a caution…and perhaps a spanking,” he added.

“Now show the nurse what you’ve got hidden under that slutty little outfit of yours missy!” he ordered as he reclined the seat back behind her” I believe she needs to do a full examination.”

Obediently Anna lay back against the angled seat and pulled up the hem of her mini-skirt to show Clara her smooth, shaven pussy.

“Oh my…” breathed Clara as she reached out to stroke the soft plump mound. Anna sighed and parted her legs as Clara’s fingers reached deeper inside to feel the moist outer pussy lips. Gently her fingers explored as Anna watched them both gazing at her naked quim. It was incredibly arousing being watched so intimately by this hot married uniformed couple. Her nipples hardened in response, clearly visible under the thin school blouse. Clara’s fingers parted her outer lips to slip into the juicy wetness within.

“Oh yes, that feels good, rub my pussy just like that” she sighed in delight as nurse Clara began to massage and stimulate her clit…

She watched as Clara moved to kneel down in front of her, like a nurse examining her patient. This thought turned Anna on even more, and as Clara’s fingers probed and rubbed her – learning about exciting another girl’s pussy for the first time – she couldn’t help herself and had a spontaneous mini-orgasm with Clara’s face just inches away – her body convulsing suddenly as cunt juice spurted out across the seat. Unable to control herself at the addictive musty sweet smell, Jake watched in awe as his wife pushed her face up against Anna’s sopping wet pussy and began to lap up the juices greedily. He knew that she always loved tasting her own juices whenever they fucked, but she obviously enjoyed tasting another woman too.

As this incredibly sexual scene played out in front of him, Jake unzipped his trousers and pulled out his throbbing izmit otele gelen escort cock and began to run a hand up and down the aching shaft. Turning to look at him, Anna eyed it hungrily. Long, and thick and smooth, she thought it was magnificent and the thought of it filling her insides gave Clara another mouthful of juices. Whilst still rubbing himself with one hand he ripped open her shirt with the other allowing her large plump breasts for fall out. He reached for a nipple and began to pinch and rotate it so that the pain and pleasure were intense. Anna started to pant with the total enjoyment she was experiencing right now. She raised and spread her legs so that her long red and black leather boots rested against he back of the seat in front. Above her black lace stocking tops, her pussy wide open so that Clara could deepen her licks.

“Tongue her harder Nurse Clara, inspect your patient with your tongue, as deep as it will go,” Jake urged his wife on. “Enjoy the sweet schoolgirl cum, lap it up…make sure the inspection is thorough.”

Clara looked up from between Anna’s sopping wet thighs to watch as her husband fastened his mouth over Anna’s large succulent breast. She thrust her tongue harder and harder inside her “patient” licking and feeling all over, “examining” her as she had been commanded to do until Anna screamed “Fuck yes!”, and she again felt a spurt of hot warm juice shoot into her face soaking her hair and running down her chest.

Moving up onto the seat she joined her husband by taking Anna’s other nipple into her mouth. She nipped and suckled, loving the feeling of a female breast in her mouth – soft and plump and yielding. She and Jake looked at each other as they pleasured this sexy redheaded woman together. Clara reached across and moved his hand to Anna’s sopping cunt and together, husband and wife, they worked as a team – rubbing, slapping and thrusting their fingers into her so that Anna lost track of whose was whose while the suckling on both breasts at the same time was one of the most intense experiences she had ever had. As both hands rubbed and thrust into her harder and harder she felt another bigger orgasm building inside her and she cried out in pleasure, “Fuck yes!”, as she convulsed and creamy cunt juice squirted out of her over their hands and onto the floor of the van.

“Mmmm, a squirter,” groaned Jake as he sat back, licking copious amounts of pussy juice off his hand, “Very tasty! Now, I think my wife is also in need of some attention Miss A.” They both turned to watch Clara who was now lying back on the relined seat, masturbating herself vigorously. Her shiny black stiletto heels were wide apart and her white uniform was open to reveal her large breasts and firm pointed nipples. Her white skirt was pushed up to her waist to reveal white frilly stocking tops and a skimpy white lace g-string which was now pushed aside as her long pink manicured nails rubbed the shiny pink folds within. She gazed lustfully at her new friend as she did so. Rubbing his hand up and down his engorged cock, Jake watched as Anna moved over to kiss his wife passionately her hand joining Clara’s, so that as she rubbed herself, her friend frigged her fingers in and out of her pussy.

Breaking the kiss, Anna bent down to suck and nip on a hardened nipple, whilst continuing to ram her fingers harder and harder, in and out of Clara’s sopping wet cunt.

“Oh yes, harder…fuck me harder” urged Clara, her head now thrown back, blonde hair messed up as she writhed around in pleasure, eyes shut as she revelled in the erotic experience of the sexy redhead finger-fucking her while her husband watched.

At her bidding Anna pushed all her fingers together and thrust all of them hard into Clara, who screamed out in ecstasy as both the pleasure and pain increased..

Jake watched, mesmerized, as his wife enjoyed herself being pleasured by another woman. He knew she was near to cumming as she began to shout “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..” her eyes rolled back in her head., and he was too at the sight of the sexy redhead in her slutty student fancy dress outfit, and nurse shagging each other senseless!

Moving over to the girls he knelt between Clara’s legs watching as Anna’s cum-soaked hands thrust in and out of his wife’s glistening pink juicy cunt. Grabbing her hand he put it to his lips and sucked on the juices. Anna stopped sucking on the nipple as she saw his enormous rock hard cock poised and ready between his wife’s soft pink thighs, above her white lacy stocking tops. Knowing that he was ready for a piece of the action Anna moved up until her shapely black, stocking-clad legs straddled the blonde nurse’s head.

Clara licked her lips in anticipation as the moist smooth pussy came towards her and her tongue darted out to lick the juices running down her thighs before Anna groaned and pushed her cunt up hard against her mouth, rubbing her aching clit against Clara’s face. She felt her grunt and her face was pushed hard against her clit as her horny husband suddenly thrust into her tight juicy cunny. Again and again he rammed into her and each time Anna felt more pressure on her clit as Clara’s face was pushed against her. It was amazingly erotic! All three of them grunted and groaned as they moved together – cock pounding into slopping wet pussy as the other pussy felt each thrust whilst being licked and sucked.

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