B6 Chapter 22 Ebony Possessed


B6 Chapter 22 Ebony PossessedChapter 22: Ebony Possessed As Summer, Vantha and Rayleena strolled through the corridors of the Island in search of Rhiannon and the other Vectran girls, they passed by the infirmary on their way. Tami was still at the infirmary tending to Jordan, after Dee Dee had her moved there. They saw Jordan’s body on the bed, still red and flushed from her forced ordeal, thanks to Rhiannon, and barely recognized her from the girl they had seen at the contest the other day. Tami informed them of the situation with Rhiannon, Jordan and Barocca. Tami didn’t know all the details, and could only tell them that Rhiannon had been violently fucking Jordan, and that Dee Dee had somehow halted things. “She’ll probably be okay in a day or so,” Tami told them. “Dee Dee said Jordan was literally inflated by Rhiannon, so that she was obese for a little bit. Then she returned to her normal size and fucked Barocca like it was the end of the world, before she collapsed from exhaustion. Then they brought her here. Her body is slowly returning to normal.” Tami gave them directions to the set of quarters where they would find Rhiannon and Dee Dee, and they headed off down the hall. “Sounds like we weren’t the only ones who couldn’t get much sleep tonight,” said Rayleena. “Trust Rhiannon to fly off the handle and want to screw everything that moves,” replied Vantha. “Come on. Let’s see what old ‘Iron Dick’ has got herself into this time.” Vantha turned her head and looked at Summer’s puzzled face. “A pet name for our Commander.” The three girls arrived at the quarters where Dee Dee and Rhiannon were still trying to reason things out, after Jordan’s maniacal humping of Barocca had finally been stopped by Dee Dee’s emergency shut-off switch. “It’s about time you two showed up,” said Rhiannon. “Where the hell have you been?” “Well, we each finished up with our partners, and were still ready for more action,” said Vantha. “So we went out and soon found Summer here, for some more fun and games.” “I should’ve known that the two of you couldn’t be satisfied with just one partner,” mut-tered Rhiannon. “Look who’s talking,” retorted Rayleena. “We saw what you did to Jordan, when we stopped by the infirmary. And it appears you had a fling with Barocca too, from the looks of things here.” “I had a damned good reason for what I did!” exclaimed Rhiannon. She related how Barocca had d**gged her wine, and stolen the software a second time. “I finally found Calista and Dejah in the hallways. They took me back here where I found Jordan and Barocca going at it like two hellcats. “To make a long story short, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and I put Jordan through the ‘Eternal Hard-on’ scenario. Jordan got her revenge against Barocca, and she also learned a hard lesson at the same time.” There was awkward silence as Rhiannon glared at the members of her crew. Then there was another commotion at the door as Tiffany and Clyda arrived at the door to the quarters too. “What is this, a blasted convention center?” asked Rhiannon. “Dee Dee, we need to get over to your lab,” said Tiffany. “I think there’s something really wrong there.” “What are you talking about, Tiffany?” “Well we tried to get into the lab, but none of the access codes worked. When we looked closer, the doorlock mechanism was turned off. There weren’t even any readout lights on it.” “Somebody’s shut the place down tighter than a drum,” said Clyda. “That’s impossible,” muttered Dee Dee. “The only way to do something like that is to go into the main computer system, and shut the interlocks down manually, one by one. And the only person who’s got the clearance and the knowledge to do something like that…” “Is Ebony,” finished Tiffany. “Who, by the way, no one has seen since that run-in in your lab earlier tonight. All right, that’s another thing we’ve got to clear up today.” “I hate to interrupt things,” said Clyda. “But is it my imagination, or are people getting bigger around here, or am I shrinking?” “What are you talking about?” asked Rhiannon. “I’m sorry if our different size has been unsettling to you, but we’re getting ready to leave pretty soon anyway.” “It’s not that,” replied Clyda. “It’s Summer.” Up until now, Summer had been standing behind Vantha and Rayleena, and remaining quiet. “Come out here, and let me get a good look at you, love.” Summer stepped forward. With the exception of the Vectran girls, she was now the tallest girl in the room. “Hi everybody,” she said with a timid giggle. “Notice anything different?” asked Clyda. “What’s going on around here…?” said Dee Dee. “How did you get like this, Summer?” “Well, Vantha and Rayleena sort of dropped in on me, and we had a night of sex. One thing led to another, and I guess that they sort of got carried away.” Rhiannon gaped at the taller, more powerful body of Summer, and winced. She massaged her brow and forehead with her fingers and muttered under her breath. “I simply cannot believe that you two fucking knuckleheads took it upon yourselves to ‘gift’ or transform an Earth girl. You both know damned well that’s against every statute of Federation law and protocol. Is this all that you did to her?” At this point, Summer herself was becoming embarrassed at all the attention focused upon her. “Not exactly…” she said hesitantly. She removed her skirt to show her bare crotch. Summer concentrated and focused her new mental powers, and suddenly, her new prick appeared between her legs. Everyone in the room stared in shock at what Summer had just done. “Been putting in a little overtime in your lab without telling us, Dee Dee?” asked Clyda. “Don’t look at me,” blurted Dee Dee. “Things have been so hectic around here, there hasn’t been time to do an operation on Summer.” “I think I can explain this, Dee Dee,” said Rhiannon. “Summer has been what we call ‘gifted’. That’s something that some of we Vectrans are capable of doing. Now by process of elimination, Calista, Dejah and Kristal don’t have the experience or ability to be able to do some-thing like this to a person. “I myself do. But I can account for my whereabouts all evening. That leaves just Vantha and Rayleena here. And they both admitted to being with Summer tonight.” Rhiannon brought her hands together, knowing everyone in the room could see the muscles in her arms, and cracked her knuckles. She glared at Vantha and Rayleena. “Now, if either of you want to stand a snowball’s chance in hell of ever seeing the bridge of the Delphi 4 again, and not the brig, you’ll tell me which one of you was too fucking big for her britches, and couldn’t resist ‘gifting’ this Earth girl, Summer.” Both Rayleena and Vantha blushed with 1xbet yeni giriş embarrassment, and lowered their gaze. At the same time they each pointed at the other, and said sheepishly, “She did.” Rhiannon shook her head, trying to control her temper. “I’m not a starship commander; I’m a fucking babysitter for a crew who can’t show more control than a teenager on her first date.” “I tried to tell you it wasn’t a good idea to do this to Summer,” complained Rayleena, “but would you listen to me?”“Don’t forget that you were inside her every bit as deep as me and helped too!” retorted Vantha.“All right! That’s enough out of you two fuckheads!” Rhiannon balled her hands into fists, as she glared at Vantha and Rayleena. “I ought to tie your damned pricks into a knot,” she muttered. “While they’re still hard!” “We’re sorry, Dee Dee,” said Vantha. “When we found Summer, and discovered that she wasn’t a shemale, we thought that turning her into one would be what she wanted.” “How do you feel about all of this, Summer?” asked Dee Dee. “I know that when you came to the Island, you weren’t completely sure if this was what you wanted or not. Now that you’re actually one of us, so to speak, how do you feel?” “Well, I did have a lot of fun with Vantha and Rayleena tonight,” replied Summer. “The way that they did it to me was kind of rough, but I made it through it okay. And while I do want to spend some time doing it with other girls here on the Island, I do want to go back home to Skye and show her this. It’ll really open the door for some wild videos that we can produce.” “Okay. It looks as though there may be a silver lining to this after all,” said Rhiannon. “Summer’s got what she wanted in the long run, although by a different means. It looks like Vantha and Rayleena have taught her a few basic mind control techniques for her cock, so Summer should be able to function normally from now on.” “We’ll work with her to give her a few more pointers and tips on her cock,” said Dee Dee. “As well as plenty of ‘real-life’ experiences with lots of partners here, before she goes back to the mainland.” “All right then,” said Rhiannon. “If there are no more objections, we’ll gather up our things and be on our way. I don’t mean to be rude or seem ungrateful, but we really need to get our ship back on course, and back where it’s supposed to be.”“And as for you two,” Rhiannon pointed to Vantha and Rayleena, “I’ll deal with you per-sonally, once we’re back on board the ship.” “Just what are you going to do to them, Rhiannon?” asked Dee Dee. “Oh, I’m going hit these two little perverts where it’ll really hurt them the most,” said Rhiannon. “Vantha and Rayleena, I’m giving you a choice. Your first option is to go a month without sex of any sort; not even jerking off.” Shock and despair registered on Vantha and Rayleena’s faces. “I rather thought that would get your attention,” said Rhiannon. “Your other choice is that each of you has to completely satisfy me, one on one, for a week.” “I don’t mean to be rude, but that doesn’t sound like punishment to me,” said Tiffany. “That’s because you’ve only been with me, when we jerked off at the banquet table, Tiffany. When we Vectran girls decide to really cut loose, we can literally fuck the living daylights out of someone. Just ask Barocca there, when she wakes up. Even though I was heavily d**gged, I still almost gave her more than she could handle earlier tonight. “Believe me, when I get done with these two, they’ll be performing all of their duties on the bridge standing up for quite some time.” “Look Tiffany,” continued Rhiannon. “I know that I can seem to come off as an over-bearing, muscle-bound bitch at times. It’s the way that I am after a career in the military. But my crew and I have been together for a long time, and I care for them as deeply as you care for any of the girls on your Island. We just show it in different ways at times. These two have a discipline problem, and I’ll handle it in my own way, back on the starship.” “I know just what you mean,” said Tiffany. “We put Jordan through all sorts of ordeals before we finally made her one of the girls here. But it was because we really cared about her, and we wanted to make her earn it.” “I really appreciate all the hospitality that you and your girls have shown us Tiffany; before, during and after the banquet. With the exception of Barocca here, everyone has treated us extremely well.” “I’m glad that we can still be friends after all this, Rhiannon,” said Tiffany. “Like you said earlier, perhaps there’s a way that we can get together sometime in the future.” “Only time will tell, Tiffany. But we’ll keep all our options open.” As the procession of girls filed out of the room and down the hallway, one of Barocca’s friends and cohorts, Persia, came running up to them in the hall. “Dee Dee! Tiffany! Come quick! It’s like something out of a nightmare!” “Why should we believe you, Persia?” asked Tiffany. “You’d say or do anything to try and save Barocca’s skin.” “It’s not about Barocca. It’s Jeanne I’m worried about, damn it! Ebony’s gone berserk!” “What the hell are you talking about?” cried Tiffany. From the other end of the hallway, Tami cried out. “Tiffany, you’ve got to see this. Ebony has Jeanne prisoner in your lab. Somehow she’s got all of the cameras hooked up to broadcast what she’s doing in there.” Far away from Earth, separated by time and space, the Enchantress gazed at the scene before her, on the island in the sea, on the world called ‘Midgard’. The mystic vapors, which were hers to command, showed her every moment of Ebony’s incredible transformation. After an hour had passed, the machines in Dee Dee’s labs shut themselves off, and released the latch that covered the area where Ebony had been lying. At first Ebony was awkward and somewhat uncoordinated as she sought to regain her balance. Ebony’s body was wracked with convulsions as the incredible forces and power that it had been subjected to in Dee Dee’s machine now took effect. Ebony reeled from the strange sensations, and turned her back to Jeanne. Ebony arched her back as her skeleton grew, and her body enlarged before Jeanne’s eyes. In seconds, Ebony was well over eight feet tall. Even though her body had only grown proportionally, her strength was now considerably greater than it had been before. Now Ebony hunched slightly, her legs splaying wide, as she turned around, facing Jeanne again. The Enchantress grew even more aroused as she watched the transformation of Ebony, after she had emerged from the strange machine in the laboratory. Never had the Enchantress seen a creature so starkly powerful, and so overflowing with sexual 1xbet güvenilir mi energy as Ebony was now. Her spell to allow the machines to enhance and transform Ebony had worked even better than she had dared to hope. For too long, she had observed the mortal women on this planet as they pleasured themselves in their shemale forms. Seeing the girl called Ebony in her present state was too much for the Enchantress. She had to have the experience of feeling a cock between her legs, and using it on another being. All the women crowded into a conference room. “This started just a few minutes ago,” said Tami. “All of a sudden, she suddenly appeared on all of the closed-circuit camera channels at once. Ebony has Jeanne strapped to one of the tables in your lab, and appears to be holding her captive. But that’s not the worst of it. Ebony’s done something terrible to herself with the machines in Dee Dee’s lab.” The girls in the conference room saw roughly half of Ebony’s metamorphosis. Although they did not see her awaken from the machine, they saw full well the monstrous results, and her murderous intentions as Ebony turned toward Jeanne. Jeanne saw the inhuman growth between Ebony’s legs and gasped in terror, flinging her arms out against the straps in a futile gesture. The shaft was huge, and stretched to incredible proportions. Even limp, it extended past Ebony’s knee, and was thicker than Jeanne’s arm. The foreskin in front gaped wide, revealing the still sunken head of Ebony’s huge shaft, the swollen bulb distending the skin almost like a brown softball trying to burst through. And it was getting larger. Ebony’s face had now become a fearful snarling mask, her lips drawn back exposing her teeth in high contrast. Ebony literally began to swell with maddened rage, as she forced herself to retain her control from slipping away completely. Ebony’s desire to use her new member on Jeanne was mingling with the rage she felt now. Her heart beat stronger and faster, as her emotions boiled inside of her. The Enchantress was overwhelmed by the raw sexual power and lust that was racing through Ebony’s body. She could sense Ebony’s near lethal hatred for Jeanne, but cared nothing for the affairs of the mortal girls. The Enchantress fed off of the raw emotions that were seething within Ebony.”You’ve earned this, bitch!” moaned Ebony. Ebony’s voice was now deeper, and more guttural. First I’ll let you see just what’s in store for you. Then you’re gonna feel my wrath!” Ebony’s moan scaled into a guttural growl, as she felt her body glow with the awesome power flowing through it. She now felt the energies being directed between her legs, feeling her cock begin grow in power, to dizzying heights of power. Ebony smiled wickedly, enjoying the fear and terror in Jeanne’s face, as she watched her body transform. “Oh my god!” cried Tiffany. “What’s happened to her?” “Her head’s almost hitting the ceiling…” Dee Dee gasped in shock. “Look at her eyes!” exclaimed Rhiannon. “They’re red!” “And her voice sounds like something out of a cheap monster movie,” added Clyda. “How the hell did Ebony get like this Dee Dee?” asked Tiffany. “I have no idea,” answered Dee Dee. “There’s nothing on any of the machines in my lab that’s capable of doing anything like this. Except…” “Dee Dee, don’t tell me that you left that software program of ours that I installed still on your computers,” said Calista. “I told you that it was dangerous and untested!” “There wasn’t any fucking time!” Dee Dee exclaimed. “No sooner had you left, than Barocca and Jeanne attacked me and Ebony in the lab. When Ebony brought me to the infirm-ary, I had no idea where she’d go, or what she’d do next.” “Calista, what the fuck do you mean that you installed our technology on Dee Dee’s equipment?” exclaimed Rhiannon. “Barocca took me by surprise in Dee Dee’s lab, commander. I’m ashamed to say it, but she got the drop on me with my own weapon. She forced me to install a program on Dee Dee’s equipment. When Ebony and Dee Dee arrived a little later, we turned the tables on them, and I thought everything was under control. Then I left to look for you.” “Whatever Ebony’s done to herself, she had to have the use of our technology to be able to transform her body like that,” admitted Rhiannon. “Look, there’s enough blame to go around for both sides, damn it!” exclaimed Tiffany. “We’ve got to find a way into that lab, and stop Ebony before she gets her hands on Jeanne, and does something we’ll all regret.” “Like it or not, Tiffany’s right everyone,” said Rhiannon. “We’ve got to find a way to stop Ebony, and then remove the technology so that no one else can ever use it again. Lead the way to your lab, Dee Dee!” cried Rhiannon. The results of her spell, which had allowed Ebony to transform herself, were like nothing the Enchantress had ever seen before, in her countless years of existence. Now the head of Ebony’s cock popped out of the loose foreskin, and the rest slithered out with a wet, rushing sound until the incredible dangled between her legs, the head twitching with the power coursing within her body. Then the slow erection started, the base expanding in width with a power that almost frightened Ebony. She had never felt a frenzy like this before, and was stunned for moment in awe of its power. Her enormous rod slowly expanded from the root, lengthening as the width grew. Ebony gave in to the overwhelming feelings now burning within her. Ebony’s balls had doubled in size, at the very least, wobbling with every slight movement. The Enchantress was awestruck by the incredible transformation that had taken place upon Ebony. Even in all her years as an immortal, the goddess had never seen anything remotely like this as she watched Ebony’s member grow to gargantuan proportions.Ebony’s cock itself throbbed, the head pulsing with need and want. It was rock hard now, the original girth dispersed along the entire length of the burning pole thrusting up and out from beneath her belly. Jeanne stared with increasing terror at the thing that was growing before her horrified eyes. The fucking thing was as thick as her arm at the tip, with the head being larger than both of her fists. Ebony’s great cock jerked, then grew into hugeness, and then it was gigantic. Still it grew, until it was a titanic mass of dark brown flesh, waving in slow, rhythmic bounces, aimed at Jeanne. The veins along its length stood out in sharp relief from the ruddy hardness of the shaft, the head congested and bloated, pulsing slowly. It massed almost as much as Jeanne’s torso, and Ebony stood with hands on her hips, smiling at the now terrified Jeanne. “This feels so fucking great! 1xbet giriş It feels so… powerful!” Ebony exclaimed. She briefly pump-ed her heavy cock in her fist and licked her lips slowly. Ebony was now raging with sexual lust and rampant carnal desires. The great mass of Ebony’s cock was now vibrating. The head pulsed in ever more energetic pumps, and ripples, then waves, ran along the titanic shaft. Small gushes of cum spouted from the tip, promising a flood to follow. Ebony reached out one of her now huge hands, and quickly clamped the head of her cock with it. She instantly felt the rising pressure subside within her mountainous shaft. “Do you see this slut?” Ebony howled at Jeanne, in her distorted voice. “This is only a fraction of what’s in store for you!” Ebony stepped briefly back from Jeanne to admire her newly transformed body, and to stroke herself in wanton lust. Ebony’s body was now over eight feet tall. Her cock was now over four feet in length, and even Ebony’s large hands couldn’t span the massive shaft. Her testicles had swollen, growing until the twin spheres were almost a foot in diameter. Ebony’s hips started bucking in wild, hunching thrusts, and the mass before her swelled yet again, trembling, the head flaring into hugeness. The party of Vectran and human girls arrived at the door to Dee Dee’s lab moments later. “All right, everybody out of the way!” cried Rhiannon. “I’ll have us in there in no time.” “Rhiannon wait…” cried Dee Dee. But it was too late. Rhiannon rushed by Dee Dee like a freight train, aiming her shoulder at the door, like a football tackle. There was a loud crash of impact, and Rhiannon staggered back, rubbing her shoulder. The door showed little, if any signs of the tremendous force of Rhiannon’s effort. “Holy shit, what’s this thing made of?” she blurted out. “I tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t stop,” said Dee Dee. “Since this is the most important room on the Island, the door is made of even stronger steel than the perimeter doors, and it’s reinforced with multiple deadbolt locks.” “Now she tells me,” groaned Rhiannon. “It’s obvious that we’re going to need a wrecking ball, or a demolition crew to get in here,” said Tiffany. “Anyone have any ideas?” “Calista, Dejah, Kristal, listen up,” said Rhiannon. “Get your butts back to your quarters or wherever your gear is stored. Get back here with your laser pistols as fast as you can. It looks like we’ve got no choice but to cut our way in.” The three Vectran girls took off running down the corridor. “Do you think those can do the job, Rhiannon?” asked Tiffany. “Given time, yes,” replied Rhiannon. “But they’re mainly meant for use in hand to hand combat, or security measures. They can be set for higher levels, but then they burn up their charge that much quicker. With this kind of steel, and three girls cutting at the various dead-bolts, I’d say it’ll still take at least a half an hour before we can get in there.” Grim realization set in on all the girls that there was nothing that they could do for Jeanne for the moment. Jeanne would be at the mercy of the monster Ebony had become for some time. Dimly, Ebony could hear the sound of Rhiannon’s impact outside the lab. But the reinforced door and walls muffled out almost all of the sounds, and Ebony was in little mood to care anyway. Jeanne heard Ebony’s growl of pleasure and lust, and then Ebony was hissing into her ear. “You fucking bitch! I own you now! You’re nothing more than a set of holes for me to fuck, and I damn well intend to use them tonight. You are gonna feel pain like you’ve never felt before in your life, bitch, and I intend to deliver it. I’m going to fuck you, and fuck you, until you beg for me to stop!” Ebony’s voice was even deeper, and almost impossible to recognize. “I’m going to fuck you with so much cockmeat that you’ll think you’ve been ripped apart and torn inside out. I’m going to pump so much cum into you, your fucking tits will pop! I’m going to use you, you fucking whore, until I use you up. And just when you think you can’t stand anymore, I’m going to fuck you again! “I’m going to ream every hole you own, and then do it again even harder. Then I’m going to pull out all the stops, and fuck you one last time, until you’ll feel like my cock is splitting you apart at the fucking seams! Your ass is mine, bitch! Mine!” Ebony reached down and manually cranked the mechanism on the table so that it was now horizontal, with Jeanne lying on it at a ninety-degree angle to the floor. Then she quickly adjusted another control so that her body was now raised up to a level that was even with her massive cock. Next, Ebony actually wripped off the two metal restraints that were holding Jeanne’s legs on the table. Although they were not the thicker, tempered steel used in the walls and doors, the display of Ebony’s new, brutal strength was terrifying to Jeanne. Now Ebony gripped each of Jeanne’s legs by her ankles. Her massive hands almost made Jeanne’s feet disappear from view. Just like a turkey at Thanksgiving, Ebony pried Jeanne’s legs apart with her arms, until her legs were split wide open. And then Jeanne felt something hot force her legs even further apart. At first, Jeanne’s sense told her that it had to be a torpedo, a large milk can or cylinder, or something far too impossibly huge to even conceivably fit inside her. But one look at Ebony with her cock which was now over four foot long, with the tremendous head wedged against her cunt lips, told her just how wrong she was, and how drastic the situation was.Ebony’s cockhead was so large, that she had to pry Jeanne’s legs open to fit the massive shaft at the entrance to her pussy. Ebony was now almost out of control. When the tip of her cock touched flesh, the urge to fuck up into Jeanne almost overwhelmed her. Ebony groaned, then screamed as she fought to control her bucking hips, her cock swelling even harder in anticipation. “Jeanne, you’ve mouthed off one too many times to me bitch, and now you’re gonna fucking pay!” Far away from Earth, the Enchantress gazed at the scene before her, on the island in the sea, on the world called ‘Midgard’. The results of her spell, which had allowed Ebony to transform herself, were absolutely breathtaking. The Enchantress settled into her deeply cushioned chair, and slowly reached her hands and fingers down between her legs, and she found herself u*********sly reaching for the cock and balls that she knew were on the earth girl, but did not exist on her form. The goddess was so engrossed in the results of the transformation, she momentarily assumed her immortal form had taken on the aspects of the earth girl, as she prepared to pleasure herself, as she watched the events unfold before her. The Enchantress cared nothing for what might happen to Ebony, Jeanne, or any of the other girls on the island, as a result of her spells. After all, they were mere mortals, and she was a goddess.

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