B7 Chapter 5 Jordan Sucks Summer


B7 Chapter 5 Jordan Sucks SummerChapter 5: Jordan Sucks Summer Kneeling on the bed, Jordan reached out and stroked Summer’s tummy; rubbing her head and hands against her impressive shaft lying down between her legs. “What are you waiting for, silly?” teased Summer. Now Jordan was facing the impressive member. Summer’s limp cock hung from her crotch, and went halfway down her thigh to her knee. Jordan slowly moved her hands to cup the lower half of its soft, warm and heavy expanse. With her fingertips, she gradually ran her hand up the length of Summer’s shaft, pausing to wrap her palms around the massive testicles that hung an arm’s reach away. Jordan marveled at the size and weight of Summer’s tool; while at the same time being briefly jealous at how Summer could sometimes walk around without having to accommodate it, thanks to the Vectrans. Each of her balls was almost as big as her fist and hung down from where they attached to the base of her penis. Squeezing lightly, Jordan hefted one of the massive orbs and stroked its bulbous surface. Above her, she could feel a shudder run through Summer. Smiling to himself, Jordan stroked back along the sheath towards the tip. Licking it briefly, Jordan cocked her head and slowly slid her hands along Summer’s shaft, stroking it, and bringing it to life. A low gasp came from Summer as her feet stirred and shuffled at the sexual touch. Jordan was amazed at how quickly Summer was responding. The broad, smooth surface of Summer’s cock slowly grew rapidly under her ministrations. It was going to be huge. Even flaccid, Jordan could barely encircle the shaft with one of her hands, but she was absolutely amazed at the length that slowly emerged from between Summer’s legs. Jordan pulled away slowly, still stroking her over-sized partner. Inch after inch, Summer’s cock straightened and grew. Jordan’s eyes got wider and wider as she moved back from Summer’s crotch, still rubbing and holding the tip of her penis. While not yet completely erect, Summer’s cock stuck out over two feet in front of her crotch, gently throbbing in Jordan’s palms. Jordan looked up at Summer for her response. Summer was panting slightly, but was already incredibly aroused. She smiled broadly, and Jordan turned her full attention back to the beautifully huge cock in front of her. The head of Summer’s cock was several inches wide and its urethra just over an inch wide. Jordan gradually pushed her tongue into Summer’s cock hole and began to stroke the tip of it provocatively. Summer moaned and began to push forward, responding to the erotic stimulus. Jordan paused her licking but kept her hands stroking the smooth, warm surface of Summer’s cock. Jordan watched, enraptured as Summer began to grow stiff. Pressing forward, Jordan spread her lips around Summer’s thickening cockhead and began to suck. Gently, she drew deep breaths; her suction making Summer moan and shudder. Bringing her left hand forward, Jordan rubbed the tip gently; virtually tickling it and teasing her lover’s massive cock with tiny, tentative belugabahis giriş brushes. Jordan’s mouth barely fit over the first third of Summer’s cock-tip, and it was still growing harder and thicker. Summer groaned deeply and began to grind her feet into the floor. Jordan’s breath sent shivers of pleasure up her shaft as she longed to plunge her whole, hardening cock deep within her smaller lover. Now, Summer reacted on instinct, reaching down and holding Jordan’s head as she began to shove her rod down her throat. Jordan, helpless in Summer’s grip, struggled in vain as she felt her cheeks stretch and her jaw distend in an attempt to accommodate Summer’s gargantuan cock. “You can do this Jordan,” Summer coaxed her from above. “Remember what Dee Dee’s done for all of us. Just take your time with me.” Sweat beaded down Jordan’s brow in a blend of fear and exhilaration as she felt her jaw almost pop out of its socket, while Summer continued to force her face around her cock which was now as thick as Jordan’s arm. A faint tingle grew in Jordan’s abdomen and began to fill her entire body with an odd, warm sensation. With shock and relief, Jordan realized that her face was starting to stretch and distend to accommodate Summer’s massive meat. Summer watched in amazement as she saw Jordan’s nose and upper lip push upward away from her chin to make room for her monstrous cock. Her jaw opened wider and wider to admit Summer’s freakishly large organ. Slowly, Summer pushed well over a foot of her cockmeat into Jordan’s maw. Jordan reached out, her hands pushing against the smooth muscles of Summer’s abdomen before her; both girls straining in the throes of erotic lust. Now Summer gently pulled out of Jordan, her face snapping back to its former shape and size. Jordan’s jaw throbbed along with the muscles of her mouth and tongue; the incredible taste of Summer’s cockflesh still lingered in her mouth. Summer was looking down at her, lust clearly etched on her face. Carefully, Jordan began to lick the underside of Summer’s cock, rubbing its expansive surface with her hands and spreading her saliva over the newly throbbing flesh. Each thrust of her tongue over the surface of Summer’s erection sent shivers through Summer; each shiver filling Jordan with a feeling of elation and arousal. Jordan could feel her own cock hardening in her panties, straining against the confines of its cloth prison. Summer began to gasp and moan, her legs pumping rhythmically forward, pushing her spongy, bloated tip against Jordan’s eager face. Jordan smiled and began rubbing the huge cock against the top of her head. Delirious at the massive organ, Jordan began to roll her face up and down along the length of the shaft. Ahead of her, she watched as Summer’s balls bobbed and swayed, each one slightly swelling at the attention the rest of her cock was getting. “Oh….!” Summer tried to speak, gasping for air. “Oh, Jordan, rub me more! Lick me!” Summer shuddered and trembled as she held back from thrusting too hard into belugabahis güvenilirmi Jordan’s face. Her whole body quivered and bucked as she wrung her fists into knots and clenched her eyes amidst her throes of ecstasy. Jordan rubbed her cheek along the huge cocktip and kept licking the fist-sized surface. Reaching forward, she wrapped her arms wholly around the closest portion of Summer’s shaft and began to pump wildly. “More! Jordan, I need more of my cock in you!” Summer’s thrusts grew more earnest, but Jordan could sense that Summer was still reluctant to take advantage using her more powerful form. Instead of trying to engulf Summer’s massive cock with her mouth, Jordan merely redoubled her efforts with her arms and tongue. A rumble rushed through the enormous cock as Summer arched her back in a fit of pleasure. Caught off-guard, Jordan lost her grip momentarily as she watched the monster swell and become even stiffer than before. Suddenly a rush of warm liquid shot forth like a geyser and splashed onto Jordan’s hair, face and shoulders. Jordan gasped and tried to force her mouth around the huge cock-slit in front of her. Several more splurts of the delicious, warm liquid rushed down Jordan’s throat. “Jordan, I think I’m gonna cum soon!” Jordan looked up at Summer in surprise. “You mean you haven’t cum already?” she thought. A warm shudder ran through Jordan as she realized that the huge, sticky rush had only been a few jets of Summer’s precum. With her hands, Jordan slowly smeared Summer’s precum over her huge cock as a lubricant and quadrupled her pumping with her arms. Summer’s humping grew more intense and violent as her muscles spasmed and shot another load of precum over Jordan’s eager face. Gulping as quickly as she could, Jordan gobbled as much of the hot, thick cum as she could. Summer kept humping, and Jordan could feel her start to lose control. Her own cock bucking and pleading for release in her panties, Jordan pushed her whole body up and down, along the monster shaft’s length, using the two shots of precum as a form of lubrication. Again and again, she pushed himself and her arms along Summer’s erection; pausing only to suck more precum from the swollen cock-tip! Summer’s balls had grown even larger; Jordan knew it was common among the girls on the Island, but they almost seemed to have swollen to twice their normal size, swaying and dangling heavily between Summer’s legs. On her next slide down Summer’s cock, Jordan paused to squeeze each of the balls in the crooks of her arms. Summer shuddered and shouted with delight. “Yes! Oh! Yes!” Another huge shudder wracked Summer’s muscles as she began to buck uncontrollably. Feeling the tensing in her balls, Jordan quickly slid back up to Summer’s cock-tip and began licking and rubbing as fast as she could. Summoning all of her concentration, Jordan opened her mouth as wide as she could, and tried to engulf as much of Summer’s cockhead as she could. Summer pushed and shoved her cock forward uncontrollably, her pressure belugabahis yeni giriş making a tight seal of Jordan’s lips around her cock-slit. Another huge wash of precum gushed into Jordan’s mouth, causing her cheeks to swell impossibly and her neck to distend at the pressure. Jordan closed her eyes in ecstasy and washed her tongue about in its sweet, warm bath. Summer’s flavor was intense! And then Summer came. Like the floodgates of a dam, Summer’s semen jetted from her gargantuan cock with a sudden rush. Thick, sweet cum swelled Jordan’s cheeks and neck, stretching them as huge drops spurted out of her mouth onto the floor below. Eyes wide, Jordan felt every push and every spurt of Summer’s massive cock. More and more jism filled her, and Jordan’s eyes shot open as she felt her stomach begin to expand and swell. Summer clenched her eyes and bellowed as she rocked and bucked, spraying her spunk into Jordan’s mouth. Summer continued releasing hot, jetting spurts of thick, sweet cum. Her stomach muscles flexed with each push and every shot. Her face screwed itself tight as she moaned and pumped harder and harder, feeling Jordan’s mouth stretch further and further around her throbbing cock-tip. Jordan stared at Summer’s body, as she pushed harder against her. Her mouth seemed to form a seal as Summer pushed her cock deeper in, and her face began to distort. She moaned as she felt her muscles distend and stretch like thick, hard rubber to accommodate more of the freakishly large organ. Jordan’s heart fluttered as sensed Summer’s cock forcing its way through the back of her mouth, and actually starting to protrude down her throat into her gullet. She reveled in the hot cum splashing into her with geyser-like force. Repeatedly, she stroked the throbbing length of Summer’s shaft and moaned as she finished her climax in a series of short, heavy bursts of cum that further pushed the flared tip even deeper into Jordan’s stretched throat. Weary, Jordan pulled her mouth from the surroundings of Summer’s hot shaft with a slight popping noise. Her face, feeling like rubber, quickly returned to its normal configuration. The huge, flared, cock bobbed before her like a log between Summer’s legs, dripping with its hot spunk. Summer herself looked down at Jordan with a smile. Standing, Jordan felt an odd pressure at her waist. Looking down, she paused, stunned. Her belly stuck out like a pregnant woman’s! She looked as if she had swallowed several large rocks or at least gallons of Summer’s fluids. Tenuously, she patted her filled and bloated stomach. Small waves washed over its fleshy surface as she looked at Summer with shock. Summer smiled down at her lover and leaned in for a hug. “Aw, geez, not again!” moaned Jordan. “This is the second time tonight that this has happened to me.” “Don’t fly off the handle so soon,” advised Summer. “If you returned to normal after being pumped up once before, it’ll probably happen again. Besides, if I’m any judge, I’d have to say that you enjoyed yourself just now.” Summer pointed down to Jordan’s crotch. Her balls were bulging out the sides of her panties, and her rampaging hard-on was threatening to rip the flimsy fabric to shreds. “I never said I didn’t like you or your prick, Summer. I’m just tired of looking like I’m pregnant, even if it is only temporary.”

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