Back Dive Ch. 09


Ch. 09 – ‘Skip to the Good Part’ with Sarah and Sullivan

“I want to keep reading that sex education book of yours! That’s the best book I’ve ever heard of!” exclaimed Sullivan.

After some chuckling Sarah said, “Well…Okay.”

They grinned at each other until Sullivan remembered something that gave him a sinking feeling of dread. “Uh, Sarah…after our last time together I promised myself that I would avoid making you feel bad like that again.”

“Oh, that’s okay.”

“Well,” continued Sullivan, “I hope you think this is okay.” Sullivan opened the cabinet above the couch and pulled out a drugstore bag. He presented the contents to Sarah, a small purple box.

Sarah looked at it with confusion and Sullivan proceeded to explain, “I went to the pharmacy and bought contraceptive foam…just to make sure we could not have an accident.”

Sullivan studied Sarah closely as understanding crossed her face. He could not read her reaction. She just looked at the box without emotion.

Sarah stood up with the purple box in hand, and brightened. “I think it’s time for a bathroom break.”

Sullivan paced until she returned. He went ahead to the bathroom also. It occurred to him that he had just poured cold water on their hot evening.

When Sullivan got back to the room Sarah was still in her panties, laid out on the bed facing the ceiling and looking over the sex education book. She could have been alone in her own room she looked so relaxed and secure, and beautiful.

“I decided you have a good idea.” Sarah commented in a matter-of-fact manner. “If we’re going to keep practicing what this book teaches we’d better have a safety net. So I went ahead and applied the foam.”

Sullivan was relieved and blurted out impulsively, “I think you make the best girlfriend ever!”

Sarah slowly radiated a smile at Sullivan in response to that comment. “Do you think of me as your girlfriend?”

Sullivan beamed a wide smile back to her, “I sure do, if you would like me to.”

Sarah was obviously pleased and happy as she turned to look pensively at the ceiling, “Yeah, I think I’d like that.”

Sarah clearly expected them to continue their foreplay games. With a surge of confidence Sullivan approached the reclining and grinning Sarah. He knelt by the couch, touched her chin, and kissed her deeply as she placed her palm on his cheek. Sullivan kissed her neck just under her ear, and her collar bone, then the valley area directly between her breasts.

“Ooh!” Sarah giggled.

Sullivan pulled up her blouse enough to expose her smooth trembling belly. He kissed Sarah just above the navel causing her to coo her approval.

Sullivan straightened enough to admire her body and the way her panties pressed on her hip bones. Sullivan ran his hands along Sarah’s legs and kissed her inner thigh. Sarah remained still with only an occasional gasp as he caressed her.

Sullivan moved back up to Sarah’s panties and took a chance. He placed a light kiss on the flat part of her panty covered belly, just above the swell of her pubic mound.

“OOOH!” Sarah giggled and even shook her legs to relieve the erotic tension she was clearly feeling.

Sullivan couldn’t help but to focus directly on Sarah’s panty covered vagina just a few inches away. Her rapid breathing caused the area to pulsate. Her pussy lips looked swollen and helped to form a camel toe that he could not resist. Sullivan leaned in and gently kissed Sarah right on her tender pussy opening.

“YIKES!” Sarah doubled up around Sullivan’s head laughing and squealing. “You’re getting ahead of the book!”

Sullivan wasn’t thinking about the book and he wasn’t even thinking about teasing foreplay. He climbed up on the couch with Sarah and intertwined his bare legs with hers as they snuggled side by side and kissed passionately. Sullivan ran his hands down her back and slipped his fingers into the back of her panties to seize her bare ass cheeks. Sarah did not stop him. Instead she responded with desire by gently laying her hands on his butt, and they settled together in a hot embrace.

Sullivan could not get enough of feeling her warm smooth skin. He allowed his hands to wander all over Sarah and she seemed to enjoy it. He felt every contour of Sarah’s back under her blouse, eventually making a move to lift it completely over her head. Sarah willingly lifted up to help make herself totally nude except for her panties which were also getting a workout.

As she lost her blouse Sarah gently grasped Sullivan’s shirttail inviting him to also lose his shirt. He did not need to be told twice. Sullivan slipped out of his shirt and in a motion also stripped out of his Speedo. Sarah did not seem surprised that they were now totally naked except for her panties.

As if they read each other’s minds the young lovers were tantalizingly slow to resume their side-by-side embrace. They intuitively knew the feel of skin-on-skin would be more thrilling if done slowly. First they entangled legs and then arms. Sullivan and Sarah held their escort bursa breaths as their naked torsos touched.

“Aahhh!!” expelled from their hot lungs.

Sarah’s nude tits bounced gently over Sullivan’s muscular shuddering chest. He placed his hands inside Sarah’s panties again to grasp her naked ass-cheeks, and then pulled hard to complete their almost naked embrace.

Sarah was breathing hard and rapidly. She pulled on Sullivan indicating he should get on top of her. Sullivan’s blood pounded violently in his ears and in his vibrating cock as he rolled into position above her. She was wearing her panties but he was looking forward to stretching them as much as he could.

Sarah raised her knees in order to caress Sullivan’s hips with the inside of her thighs and calves. Sullivan laid his erect and bare penis on her stomach, and then slid lower with intense anticipation. Sarah took in a deep long breath as she felt the head of his penis approaching the entrance to her panty covered pussy opening.

“SShhhh!” was the sound from their sharp intake of breaths. Sarah spread her knees wider as Sullivan’s cockhead fell directly onto the soft wet spot that was poorly protected by her thin panties.

“UUnngghh!” they both grunted as Sullivan’s hips flexed and the head of his cock pushed on her tender opening.

Sullivan was busily grasping Sarah’s gyrating ass-cheeks, with his hands pinned between her and the couch. Her panties were forgotten as they stretched to their elastic limits. Sullivan began to thrust with enthusiasm against the panty barrier to Sarah’s hot pussy, and Sarah eagerly pushed back against him. They seemed to take turns with their lovemaking moans.

“AAhhh!… AAhhh!… AAhhh!…” said Sarah.

“UUngh!… UUngh!… UUngh!…” said Sullivan.

The full weight of Sullivan chest road on Sarah’s bouncing upper body. She did not seem to be shy or hesitant, and Sullivan certainly was not. If anything, both of them increased their passion, tempo, and volume.

“AAHHH!… AAHHH!… AAHHH!…” said Sarah.

“UUNGH!… UUNGH!… UUNGH!…” said Sullivan.

Almost to the point of being out of breath, Sullivan began to hope Sarah’s panties would move to one side. Possibly due to Sullivan stretching their position on Sarah’s ass, they magically began to move. Sullivan’s dick immediately sensed the spot where more skin was exposed.

Sarah did not slow down and neither did Sullivan. They knew the panties were travelling and Sarah even cocked her hips to one side so that his dick could have better access to her throbbing cunt.

Suddenly the panties slipped all the way to the side and the head of Sullivan’s dick firmly seated itself in her pulsing opening.

“AAHHH!!!” they both croaked, and froze in position.

In the lust-filled fog of Sullivan’s mind he was aware that Sarah was breathing heavily and also that her legs were spread wide. Slowly Sullivan pushed.

“AAAGGNNHHH!!!” Sarah almost yelled as the head of Sullivan’s aching dick popped into Sarah’s grasping hot pussy.

Sarah squirmed on her back with her knees up on either side of Sullivan’s hips. Sullivan moved his hips around without going deeper.

“OOHH..SHHITT!!” Sarah yelled as Sullivan worked the head of his cock around in her opening. Still, Sarah’s legs were relaxed in the open position as she continued to writhe around beneath him.

Sullivan pulled back allowing the head of his dick to pop back just outside her pussy. His dick maintained pressure on her opening and his hands squeezed her moist ass. He pressed with his cock.

“AAHHHH!!!” Sarah groaned. Sullivan’s cockhead popped into her again, and travelled an inch further. Sarah’s thighs closed against Sullivan’s sides, she squirmed, and then slowly her thighs opened again.

Sullivan withdrew to just outside her pussy again. He slowly pushed.

“UUNNGGHH!!!” Sullivan was the one grunting this time. Electric nerve-endings over the length of his dick caused explosive sensations in his brain. He was able to sink his cock into Sarah a couple of inches.

“Oh Sullivan, I don’t know about this.” Sarah squeezed his sides with her thighs and tensed her body, signaling that she was having second thoughts about doing this.

Sullivan was quick to reply, “It’s okay Sarah, it’s okay…” Sullivan knew he had to withdraw, however his body was resistant to exiting the hot wet channel. Sarah and Sullivan remained locked together until Sullivan could relax and actually pull back.

“Oooo!” Sarah winced in disappointment as the head of Sullivan’s dick popped back out of her pussy.

Sullivan moved smoothly and with purpose. They were way too energized to actually stop. Without hesitation he placed his hand down the front of Sarah’s stretched and twisted panties while he settled down beside her again.

“Oh!” Sarah said without objection, apparently grateful for the change in position. Sullivan’s mouth latched onto Sarah’s nearest nipple as his fingers busily found her clitoris. Sarah arched her back toward bursa merkez eskort him and faintly twitched her hips in concert with his hand.

“Aaahhh!” she groaned with eyes closed and head tilted up. Sarah’s arm waived in the air and settled on Sullivan’s hip. Her hand fell easily on Sullivan’s raging cock and she gently stroked him with her fingertips.

“UUNGH!” he grunted.

Sullivan became aware of how restricting Sarah’s panties were to his movements. He pulled down on them and Sarah raised her hips to help him, without ever losing contact with his dick. He pitched this last piece of their garments to the floor and returned his hand to Sarah’s eager pussy.

“AAHHH!” she purred and bucked as Sullivan inserted a finger into her tight slick channel. Sullivan kissed Sarah passionately while moving his finger alternately along her clitoris and into her channel up to his knuckles.

Sarah slowly built up enthusiasm for this stroking of her genitals. Her hips went from a feeble shudder to unreserved bucking up and down. At times she would bridge up with only her shoulder blades and heels touching the couch, and hold that position. Sullivan knew to accelerate his finger action when she bridged up like that.

Finally Sarah let go of his dick and gave him a little direction. She gently but somewhat frantically moved his hand so that she could have access to her clitoris, saying, “Let me do this part.”

Sullivan understood. She stroked her clitoris at blinding speed as he inserted his finger in her vagina. Sarah’s expression almost communicated pain but it simply indicated intense concentration in her build up to an orgasm. She gritted her teeth and slammed her hips down every few seconds.

As Sarah built to a crescendo, Sullivan inserted a second finger. Sarah went crazy.

“AAHHHHHH!!!” she grimaced and bucked up and down with the throes of her climax. Sullivan could barely keep up with her as he plunged his fingers back and forth.

Suddenly Sarah pulled Sullivan on top of her. She kissed him passionately as she positioned him on top of her. Sarah was clearly still having an orgasm but apparently also wanted the feel of his dick again.

Every fiber in Sullivan’s body was intent on placing the head of his dick at Sarah’s pussy opening. But she was not exactly holding still and his cock bounced aimlessly against her. Sarah’s chin lifted up as her hips moved all over the place in anticipation. Of course Sarah and Sullivan managed to work together and make his probes land closer and closer to the target. They were both frantically hunching in the air above the couch.

“UNGHHH!” they both grunted when the head of his dick lodged at her hot opening. Their two bodies formed a trembling arch above the couch surface. Sarah was almost delirious as she called out in frustration while still jerking her hips toward him.

“Uh?… Uh?… Uh?…” she said, and Sullivan got the hint. He carefully pressed against her. The head of his dick easily slid past that first resistance and into her intensely warm pussy.

“AAHhhh!!” called out Sarah in relief. She slowly relaxed her body to lie on the couch with her thighs caressing Sullivan’s sides. He carefully rode down with her never allowing his dick to lose its place. Her eyes were closed and she took a deep breath, “THAT’S what I’ve been needing!”

Sarah squirmed under Sullivan and used her thighs to alternately squeeze him then open for him. She hooked her hands under his armpits to grip his shoulders and pull. Sullivan moved with her to gently grind his cockhead just inside the entrance of her vagina.

“If we keep this going I might have another orgasm!” groaned Sarah. Her face was flushed and her eyes were closed.

Sullivan did a quick assessment and decided he probably could keep doing this “just-the-tip” sex indefinitely. It was exciting but since it was only the head of his cock he could manage to control himself.

“Okay, I think I can do that,” he said. Sullivan was propped above her so that their bodies touched without his having to rest his full weight on her. They were able to rub the full length of their bodies together for maximum skin friction while also teasingly grating their genitals together.

Sullivan moved his hips in circles causing his cockhead to work a similar pattern at the entrance to Sarah’s vagina. She carefully mirrored his hip movements at first. But before long Sarah was enthusiastically gyrating on the couch, gasping and heaving with Sullivan’s dick poised just inside her pussy.

“Oohh!…Oohh!” she exclaimed with her chin up and her lips a deep purple color. She kept pressing upward against Sullivan as if to get more penetration, but Sullivan carefully stayed just barely at her pussy. “Go just a little deeper,” she finally said.

Sullivan tried to be patient. He cautiously tensed his frame as Sarah’s eager body strained toward him.

“AAHHHH!! THAT’S JUST RIGHT!!” Sarah croaked as her hot pussy stretched to take an inch of Sullivan’s girth.

“UNGHH!!” bursa sınırsız escort grunted Sullivan at the almost unbearable impulse to clinch his buttocks and fully enter her. Sarah’s pussy was warm and moist, and the sensations were heightened by her erotic movements.

Sarah started to get animated. Sullivan just tried to keep up with her. As she rotated and moved back and forth, Sullivan mirrored her movements. His cock was still only an inch inside her pussy, but they were making the most of it.

“Oh Yeah!…Oh Yeah!…” she kept saying. Her hips shook with intense movements and Sullivan simply vibrated his cockhead in and out using the one inch length available to him. Apparently that was the right thing to do.

“OHHH..YEAHHHH!!” Sarah yelled signaling her orgasm, “OHHH..YEAHHHH!!”

Sarah’s hips bounced powerfully up, down, left, and right. It was difficult for Sullivan to maintain his place in her pussy. In fact it was difficult to even stay in her pussy. Sarah pulled him toward her with her hands and thighs.

Sullivan was on his knees and elbows with his chest rubbing on Sarah’s vibrant tits. But his foggy mind was totally consumed with the feel of his aching dick just inside Sarah’s gyrating pussy. He had to get further in there.

“AAHHH!!” Sarah groaned as Sullivan pulled back then went in deeper. Her thighs remained open and Sullivan retreated, in order to go back for more. She gripped him with her thighs and then opened them when he descended toward her.

“OOHHHH!!” Sarah squealed grimacing in passion and turning her face with closed eyes. She was still trembling in the throes of her orgasm. Sarah gripped his shoulders hard for a firm upper body hug. Sullivan was about half way in, but his dick met resistance. He instinctively pushed steady against Sarah’s virgin channel.

Sarah closed her legs on Sullivan as if considering stopping. He rotated his hips without pressing. Sarah slowly opened her legs and gyrated her hips to help him get deeper.

“AAAHHH!!” they both exclaimed as his dick made a small amount of progress while her damp pussy stretched and got used to his bulk. Sullivan was in far enough that he could start working in and out more effectively.

“AH!!… AH!!… AH!!…” Sarah exclaimed with each of his thrusts. She continued to work her thighs against his hips, always opening up as he entered further and further.

“UNGHH!!” they both grunted finally as their pubic bones collided. They looked into each other’s eyes for an instant, before continuing. Sullivan slowly withdrew almost completely, then just as slowly went back in all the way until their pubic bones mashed together. Even then he ground his hips trying to get even deeper.

“AAHHH!!” Sarah moaned totally lost in passion. They began to thrust against each other, but Sullivan would not last much longer.

“UNGHH!!… UNGHH!!… UNGHH!!…” he grunted with each thrust, blind to the rest of the world. He could feel his balls churning and getting ready to launch their load.

“AAHH!!… AAHH!!… AAHH!!…” exclaimed Sarah, pulling him into her more and more forcefully with her legs on his sides, and hands hooked under his arms.

“Ohh!…My!…GAWDDD!!!” Sullivan croaked. His back muscles seized up from his neck to his heels as he buried his cock into Sarah’s pussy. Sullivan’s genitals released the warm fluid with force into Sarah’s grasping channel. Sarah hugged him tight and pulled on him with her thighs.

“UNGHHhhh!!” Sullivan groaned as his back muscles continued to clinch and force him into Sarah, even as his orgasm was subsiding. He could feel Sarah’s pussy pulsing around his dick.

As Sullivan’s mind cleared he became more considerate of Sarah. “I must be heavy on you,” he said. His soft dick was still inside her warm channel and he made a weak move to roll off of her.

“No,” she whispered hoarsely, “you feel good right where you are.”

Sullivan relaxed and allowed his total weight to sink onto Sarah’s hot body. She continued to hug him with her arms even after relaxing her legs.

Their breathing slowed to normal but Sullivan remained comfortably on top of her with his soft dick still in her wet channel. He turned his head away so that he wouldn’t be blowing air into her face. Sullivan relaxed so completely that he even lost consciousness for a few seconds. Sarah had her eyes open and was still hugging Sullivan’s torso.

He seemed to be in a deep sleep. Knowing that Sullivan would not hear her, Sarah silently whispered, “I…love…you”.

But he did hear it. Sullivan slowly turned his head and placed his lips against Sarah’s ear. He spoke just above a whisper, “I love you, Sarah.”

Back Dive at the Pool

“Now Sarah, don’t hurt yourself trying to do this. There’s nothing wrong with getting a ‘B’ in this course.”

Sarah was climbing up the ladder onto the low board. She was determined to do this back dive in order to get an ‘A’. She smiled reassuringly at the coach, but he was obviously still concerned for her.

“Come on Sarah! You can do it!” called out Sarah’s friend Janet from the poolside. Several others in the class chimed in with encouragement also. But there was tension in the air because everyone remembered that Sarah could not even come close to doing a back dive the last time they saw her try.

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