Backpack Vacation Set-Up


Life is a bitch. Just ask anyone and they will confirm it. No matter what you do, sooner or later life will jump up and smack you in the face and remind you that you are a relatively insignificant speck on the face of the earth, barely worthy of breathing air. And if you need any further confirmation, just ask my ex wife, she will be more than happy to confirm that little fact about men in general and me in specific.

I guess these things happen, divorce I mean. The really shitty part is that no matter how much we fought, I really did still love her, which is probably why after three years I still haven’t started dating. Oh, don’t get me wrong I have gone out to a bar a few times, but I just never quite got to where I felt like I could pick someone up without a guilty conscience. My friends have told me to move on, my lawyer told me to move on, even my family told me to move on. At forty-five, doing so is a lot harder than being told to do so.

I really hadn’t had a vacation since the divorce, turning myself into a workaholic, but Mark, my best friend, finally talked me into getting away with him and his wife for a backpack trip into the mountains. I hadn’t been backpacking since I was a kid, and I remembered the how much fun it was. I’m certainly not in as good of shape as I was back then, but he assured me that I would do fine, and that I would certainly not be a third wheel. His wife, Tina, a real live blond bombshell, had another friend going along and I would make a fine addition to their small group for the trip.

As the time approached, the trip seemed to be all Mark could talk about. The beautiful pristine wilderness, vast expanses of mountain scenery, fresh air… as he put it, all the best things in life could be found on a mountain top. I am quite sure he is ignoring the effort required to get there in the first place. But then I guess I’m a bit more cynical than he is at this point in my life, having a bit more than a dozen years on him.

He took me on a shopping trip to Bass Pro to get a new pack and certain other gear I would need, like hiking boots, smartwool socks, zip-off pants, and other assorted but equally important items. To my surprise a tent was not on the shopping list. Apparently my hiking partner was an experienced backpacker and would have a tent I could share. No point in carrying anything I didn’t have to, or so he said. He also told me to go shopping and find the lightest weight underwear I could, preferably not cotton. I would only use 2 pair on the trip, one to wear and one to carry. Every ounce counted because by the end of the day an ounce felt like a pound.

I arrived at Mark’s house on the appointed morning. I was dressed for a car ride, rather than hiking, wearing a pair of exercise shorts and t-shirt and not at all looking forward to the twelve hour ride to the trailhead in Colorado.

“Hey Mike!” Mark called as he came out of the house with a load of gear to pack into the back of his suburban. “I see you made it! You got all your gear?”

“Yep! All set I hope!” I called back as I dug my pack and a duffel of assorted travel items out of the back of my truck, trying hard to sound positive and upbeat. I had my doubts about this trip and had really considered begging off at the last minute, but decided that I spent all the money, so I might as well go.

“Good! You’re going to have a great time!” He said as he walked over and took my pack from me with a grunt. “Damn, what do you have in here?”

“Just what you told me to pack, plus a few odds and ends.”

“You may want to drop those odds and ends, or you’re going to be crying by the time you get to the top of the first mountain pass. It’s only 3500 feet up.”

Now I was really starting to regret not begging off. “Ok. I guess I better go through it.” I mumbled, taking the pack back.

“Hey Mike! Good to see you!” Tina said as she came out of the house with an arm load of gear. Now I called Tina a bombshell before, but in some ways that really doesn’t do her justice. She is about five seven and all of a hundred thirty pounds soaking wet, and a good chunk of that had to be in her size D tits, which in the sports bra and pink tank top looked even bigger. She had on a pair of pink biker shorts that clung to her body like a second skin, outlining the muscles of her long legs like the frame around a Van Gogh, and the tight material gave me a pretty good clue to the shape of her pussy. Her medium length blond hair bounced, as did her magnificent tits, as she hopped down the stairs on the front walk. If she wasn’t married to my best friend I would probably try to have sex with her right then and there.

“Hey Tina. Looking good as usual!”

“Oh… That’s sweet. Thanks! I can always count on a compliment from you. Good thing my husband isn’t the jealous type!” she said with a smile. “What’s the long face for?”

“Gotta go back through my pack. You’re not jealous type husband said I packed a bit heavy.” I replied as I set the pack down and crouched poker oyna down to dig through it and toss the items I didn’t need back into my truck.

“Oh. Well I’d believe him on that one.” She said with a grin. “He knows all about taking too much weight.”

“Done it once or twice?” I asked her as I started unzipping compartments.

“Oh yeah!” she said with a giggle. “In more ways than one!”

I looked up at her quizzically, but all she did was look off into space for a moment, obviously remembering some event of her past.

“So how’s Mike?” I heard a female voice say from behind me.

I swiveled on the balls of my feet to look behind me, and was stunned. Yep stunned was the best word I could use to describe the sight I saw. I hadn’t seen Carol, Tina’s sister, in quite a few years, and back then she was, for lack of a better term, a hefty smurf. The face was obviously Carol, buy the body was anything but! She stood behind me looking very much like Tina, thin muscular legs, slender build and a pair of probably C size tits that were barely contained in the short, halter top style summer dress she was wearing. If she weighed more than a hundred twenty pounds it would have to be dripping wet. She had long blond hair, much longer than Tina, hanging down over one shoulder, and absolutely gorgeous. It took me several long moments before I was able to close my mouth and not look like a dufus.

“You can put your eyes back in their sockets any time you want!” Tina said with a laugh, giving me a soft slug in the shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” I stammered as I stood up and held a hand out to her.

“Good to see you again. It’s been a lot of years.” Carol said almost shyly.

“Um, yeah, it has.” I stammered as she shook my hand gently. I had to admit it was pretty stupid to shake her hand, but my mind hadn’t quite started to function properly yet.

“So you want a hand?” She asked as she let go of my hand.

“Um sure.” I replied about as smoothly as sandpaper.

“I’ll let you two work on this. I’ve got plenty of other things to do.” Tina said as she got up. “Oh by the way… Carol is going to be your hiking partner, hope you don’t mind!” She said over her shoulder as she headed toward the house.

My hiking partner? I looked at Carol, very attracted, and at the same time couldn’t help but realize I had been set up. “Sure, that’s fine!” I called back as Carol squatted down started pulling stuff out of my pack. We had my pack almost completely empty before it completely sunk in… Carol was my hiking partner. Which meant that since Mark said I didn’t need a tent, I could share one with my hiking partner… Oh yes, I had been set up, quite thoroughly.

“So let’s see. Gotta have this stuff.” She said as she put my small camp stove and fuel off to one side. “And gotta eat.” She continued as she moved the packets of freeze dried food to that same pile.

We worked our way through my pack, keeping those things I needed and adding quite a few things to the pile that I really didn’t need. Finally it was down to my clothes. She picked up my pants and unrolled them, my pairs of spare socks and underwear falling out of the roll onto the ground. She picked up a pair of tiny blue synthetic men’s bikini underwear and held them up between us.

“Hmmm… can’t wait to see you in these little jewels!” she said with a sly grin.

I practically snatched them away from her before wadding them up and rolling them into a shirt. “He said small synthetic ones. It was all I could get.” I mumbled in embarrassment.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, those are perfect for the trip. I’m just kind of looking forward to seeing you wear them.”

“Should be good for a laugh I suppose.” I said with a frown as I rolled my socks back into my spare pants.

“Actually, I don’t think it will be funny at all. I think you’ll probably look pretty good in them.” She said quietly, running a finger down my arm. “I mean mine are pretty skimpy too.” She finished, pulling the hem of her short skirt up far enough to give me a peak at her tiny white lacy bikini underwear.

I’m not sure if it was the move that shocked me or the fact that I could clearly see the complete lack of pussy hair, or the fact that my dick suddenly decided to be a self erecting tent pole. Whatever the reason, I was shocked and did little more than stare at her lace covered pussy until she slid the hem back down, breaking my stare and the momentary spell.

“Well…um… Aren’t women supposed to wear that kind of underwear?” I asked weakly.

“Sure, but men can too. Specially if they look good in them, and I have a hunch that you will!” She said as she started packing the pile of keeper stuff back into my pack.

It only took a few minutes to get all the stuff I was taking back in, our hands touching a few times, each time feeling like electric sparks. Probably just static from the pack material, I told myself.

“Well, I better go help Tina!” She said with a canlı poker oyna bright smile as she stood up.

“Um. Ok.” I said stupidly as I got up and moved to open the truck door so I could put my leave behind stuff back in. I watched her bound away, admiring her ass as she did. I was still standing there watching her disappear into the house when Mark came over.

“Looks pretty good now, doesn’t she?” He said with a grin.

“I’ll say. Not much like she used to.” I said before looking over at him. “By the way, slick set up. Didn’t know you were going to set me up with your sister-in-law.”

“Don’t look at me!” He said holding his hands up in front of himself. “It was her idea all the way.”

“She wanted me to come along?”

“Yep. Told Tina that she wanted to spend some time with you for a long time. I guess now that you’re single again it’s the right time!”

“So when did she loose all the weight?” I asked. “I mean last time I saw her she was twice as big as she is now.”

“Oh, I’d say pretty much the last two years. She just suddenly told Tina that she needed to lose some weight and they started working out together. I had to put more exercise stuff in the basement for them, but they work out about an hour a day together. And then of course there is the tanning and hair salon and stuff. Most of that was the last few months. Yeah, I’d say she did a pretty good makeover on herself, pretty much for you I think!”

“Damn.” Was all I could say. “I suppose it was her idea to share a tent?”

“Yep. Told my wife it was the perfect way to get to know you.”

“I bet.” I said as I shook my head slowly.

“Well, let’s get this gear loaded.” He said bending over and picking up my now much lighter pack.

It didn’t take a lot longer to get things loaded and pile into the suburban to head for the trail head. Tina and Mark obviously got the front seat, and Carol and I had the back seat to ourselves. The drive was going to be long, but Mark was pretty sure we would get to the trailhead by dark, allowing us to camp there for the night before starting the climb the next morning. It also left a lot of time for the four of us to talk. We talked about a variety of current events as we rolled down the highway, eventually deciding to stop at a McDonalds for some lunch.

“So what are you going to eat?” Carol asked me as she slid up next to me in line and slipped her arm into mine. I had made a point of not getting overly friendly in the truck, even though after half an hour or so she had one foot sticking over on my side of the truck, gently rubbing it against mine while we talked. That was a pretty subtle thing, but this was quite blatant.

“I’m not sure yet.” I replied as I surveyed the board.

“I can think of one or two things if you need a suggestion!” She whispered in my ear before giving my arm a squeeze.

That was clearly an open invitation. If there was any doubt in my mind about what she was hoping for on this trip, it was gone now. She had arranged to share a tent with me, she had worked herself into shape and she had just made an overt suggestion of sex. The only thing I didn’t know was why? As far as I knew I had never given her any indications that I was interested, but then I was still married the last time I saw her. And don’t get me wrong, I certainly was interested… just a bit surprised at the directness. “I think for now I should stick with a couple cheeseburgers and fries.” I said.

“Hmmm sounds like a good choice. I think I’ll join you.” She said with a smile, not at all phased that I didn’t bite on her suggestion.

We got our food and she made a point to sit in the booth next to me, her bare leg pressing against mine. Tina sat across from me and smiled at me, knowing full well that Carol was being more than friendly.

“You know Mike, Carol has been asking about you for years, pretty much since she met you at our wedding.” Tina said between bites.

“Really” I asked, honestly surprised.

“Yep, she seemed to really be taken with you. You made some kind of impression on her. She was sad to hear you were married, but she always asked what you were up to… Didn’t you sis?”

“Well, I have to admit, I was a bit attracted. I mean he looked so good in that tux and all.” Carol said to her sister as if I wasn’t there. Her hand however slipped into my lap and began stroking my bare thigh, just to make sure that I knew she knew I was there.

I finished my food fairly quickly, but was trapped in the back of the booth, so all I could do was sit there and listen to the girls talk about me while she stroked my leg. At one point I reached down and placed my hand over hers to stop her motions, but instead of stopping her, she slipped her hand from underneath mine to on top, and then pulled my hand into her lap, making sure that it pushed her skirt up her leg until my hand was pressing against her lacy panties. Only then did she slip her hand from mine and return it to my lap, slipping internet casino her fingers up under the loose material of the leg until her fingers were grazing my underwear clad balls. It didn’t take my dick long to respond to the dual stimulus of my hand between her legs and her hand under my shorts. Her fingers soon found my now hardening shaft, stroking the base of it as well. I really couldn’t help myself and I was soon stroking her quickly dampening crotch through her panties.

“That’s nice.” She whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

Tina looked up at hearing it and gently stroked the front of my leg with her toes. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but I presumed it meant that whatever I was doing was ok with her.

We sat and continued our gentle stroking for some minutes, while Mark finished eating. Finally done he stood up.

“Ready to hit the road again?” he asked us.

“In a minute. I need to go use the ladies room!” Carol said, giving my hard shaft a squeeze before withdrawing her hand.

“Me too!” Tina chimed in as she slid from the seat.

The girls disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Mark and myself to clear off the table.

“Looks like someone got a bit worked up there. Must have been a good lunch.” He joked.

“Carol seems to be a bit interested in me. Couldn’t keep her hand out of my lap most of lunch.” I said as we walked toward the trash container and dumped the trays.

“I got that idea.” He said with a grin. “Enjoy it. As far as I know you are the only guy she has set her sights on as long as I’ve known her.”

“Great!” I said with a frown as we walked out to the truck.

“You don’t like her?”

“I didn’t say that. I mean she’s good looking, and to be honest , yeah, I’m attracted to her, body wise at least, but hell, I’m more than ten years older than she is.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. If she doesn’t mind, you shouldn’t.”

“Well, I kind of do worry about that.”

“Ah.. just go with the flow. Enjoy the time and if you get some, great. If you two don’t work out, then you haven’t lost anything either.”

“You sure are cavalier about someone getting it on with your sister-in-law.”

Mark laughed. “Hell. All I’ve heard about for the last week is how hot you are and how much she hopes that you’ll like how she looks. It’s worth it just to get this out in the open so she will stop talking about it constantly. But don’t you dare tell her I told you. My wife would skin me alive!”

“Ok. I’ll keep it to myself.” I replied, still not sure what I was going to do with or about Carol. Part of me said, what the hell, it would be fun. She’s hot, she’s horny… What’s not to enjoy. I guess the other side says that she’s way to young for me and what would my kids say.

I really didn’t have much more time to think about it, since the girls were on their way out, laughing and joking as they came. I opened the door and Carol slid into the back seat of the truck, sliding across the seat so that she was behind Mark. I shrugged and climbed in, not really sure why the change in seats.

We were about an hour down the road when Carol decided she was sleepy, and twisted herself around with her back to the door and her legs sticking out toward me. She wiggled until she was comfortable and then lifted her legs up on the seat and stretched them out until she had them resting on my lap. She blew me a little kiss and then closed her eyes, trying to get comfortable. I let my hands rest on her bare legs and feet as I stared out of the window of the truck.

I wasn’t really sure how to feel about her, but I was certainly attracted. As the scenery passed by I had plenty of time to mull it all over in my mind. I felt her feet move, and looked over at her. Clearly asleep, she had pulled her legs up on the seat in front of her, one leg leaning against the back of the seat and the other against the back of the driver’s seat. Her skirt slipped up her legs and lay in a pile in her lap, and to my complete shock, her completely naked pussy was now fully exposed to me. I really couldn’t help but stare at her pouting exposed lips, and the reaction that my dick had was not to be unexpected. As we continued down the road I found myself watching her pussy more than I was watching the scenery out the window.

My dick felt like a steel rod in my shorts, and I had to continually adjust it as I sat and looked at her pussy, thinking about touching it. Finally unable to control myself any longer, I reached across and gently stroked her exposed lips. My touch wasn’t hard, it just barely grazed them. My second stroke pressed hard enough for her lips to spread apart, and slip between slightly, drawing back some of her juices. I sniffed my finger slightly, trying not to be obvious, before letting my tongue taste her. If I had any doubts about having sex with her, they were evaporating at that point. I reached across and stroked her wet lips again, and again, stroking between her lips and each time, finding more and more juice. I knew that Mark couldn’t see her from where he was, but Tina could have easily seen if she were awake. Fortunately from where her head was leaning, I was pretty sure she was asleep as well.

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