Backstage with britney spears: nothing can happen


Backstage with britney spears: nothing can happen”So tonight at the metro arena, britney spears will be playing her one night only show so we can announce the winner of the competition to win backstage hour meet and greet with britney herself. And the winner is *drum rolls*Yes as you can expect, I won the competition, I have always had a crush on britney spears, girlfriend seemed eh about me going alone but at the end of the day it’s just a concert and knows I genuinely listen to her music, she doesnt know I won the competition but I wasnt sure whether to tell her or not so I just went without her knowing I’m going back stage. Driving to the metro arena was a trek. Nothing but traffic for the last 3 mile. I eventually arrived, I was sat at the side of the stage high up with a huge cup of coke. The lights went out and the screams began. There she was in her gear, her golden skin, blonde hair, and black outfit covering her tits and pussy. I had the most biggest erection ever. Time went by and I got to the backstage area. It was time to finally meet britney, I showed the bouncers my pass and allowed me in and escorted me to the one and only.There she was, still sweaty from the show wearing the same outfit and my Jean’s felt uncomfortable as hell because of my dick getting harder and harder. Britney looked me in the eyes “hiya” she said in a pleasantly interested way. “Hiya brit wow” I was feeling really nervous. I was so excited for having an hour with her. “You okay honey?” She asked me. “Ohh yes britney” I replied back with. I shook hands with her and was walking with her and her crew to the lounge, obviously before me and britney had an hour together I had to do a security search so no harm comes to britney or anything else which was understandable. I was clean and now me and britney had alone time in the lounge with our own bar.”Soooo hun, what might your name be?” She asked. “Oh sorry callum” I answered. “Oooh I like that name” she responded. “Ooh thanks hehe” I was flattered, not sure if she was putting it on or not “in fact, it is quite a hot name” she said. I was shocked but i think it was her being her tbh. “Nah it’s nothing brit” I said. She poured wine for me and her. “Sooo bakırköy escort you here on your own?” She asked me. “Yeah yeah, girlfriend is at home she had business to attend to and clean everywhere.” I felt like after telling her that britney wouldnt hit on me if she was going to be a slut or anything but I was kinda wrong. “ have a girlfriend?” She asked in a concerned way. “Yeah?” I responded with. “How is she with you coming to see me on your own?” She asked. “Err fine why?” I asked. “Ohhh nothing hun, just thinking about something” i was really starting to be concerned what she is thinking. “Thinking of what?” I asked.”Well you come to a britney spears show on your own and have an hour her and your gf isnt here, it could lead to things couldn’t it callum?” I was lost for words “brit what are you talking about?” Brit responds “I think you know what I’m talking about”. Britney sits on my lap coiling her legs and arms around me like a sloth hugging a tree. “Britney what the…” before I could finish . “Leaving britney with a man on his own whether hes taken or single and not expecting britney to claim him? Use your common sense callum” her face slowly hovers to mine and begins kissing me. Her lips massaging my lips and her tongue licking the inside and outside of my mouth and her legs squeezing round me. “Ooohhh brit.” “Shhhhhh relax, cheat with me.” She said. “……ok”Her hands began rubbing all over me, I could feel my dick expanding and had a feeling it is gonna be at its longest ever and not an exaggeration. Britney uncoiled round me and stripped off naked and making my dick grow a few inches in seconds, I melted my clothes off with sweat of shame and pleasure. Britney crawled to me, seeing her ass behind her head was doing another good job turning me on. “Ahhhhh” I gasp as britney feels my cock. “Oohh dick cheese” she pointed out. “Oh shit sorry brit I forgot to..” before I finished she licked it all off and swallowed. “Oohhy mmmm shower” I finished my sentence and moaned. “Mmmmm relax for me callum.” She whispered to me ” this will feel just as good for you as it does for me” and she began sucking, the feeling of her spit dribbling down beşiktaş escort me and slithering down my balls down to inbetweeners my ass cheeks had my dick more Rainier and red for her. *gulp* “ohhhhh callum” she said “mmmm britney” I replied. “Shhhhhh i want you to call me….mommy” I obeyed her command “yes mommy” I then realise her spit down my ass crack was deliberate and she inserted a finger in there “AHHHH” I gasped. “Mmmmmmmmm yeah callum” she said in a mischievously deep tone. I could smell the dizziness and cheesy smell of my dick and her dick breath. “Your in heaven nowww callum mmm *gulp* I’m more important than your girlfriend, you will obey me.” She said in a naughty manor “yes mommy” she said as her mouth was full with my cock. *knock knock* “everything ok britney?” Security guard asks behind the door. *slurps cock out her mouth and breaths “yes hun were great” and quickly inserts my cock back in her gob. The dirty smell turned me on even more.”I want you to fuck me callum” britney stated. “Mmmm mommy” I played down and watch britney sit in front of me right on my dick facing me. It felt like I could hear her pussy call for me and it felt like her pussy was breathing. I was like oh my god. I’m gonna fuck britney spears. “She slithered down my pole and moaned. *breathed in heavily and exhaled* “OHHHHWWWWW MMMMMM CALLUM. FUCKKKKK” she moaned and whispered “oh mommy” I moaned. “Yesssss I’m your mommy arent I mmmm ohhh” she moaned back. “Mmmm yeahhhh” up and down, up and down watching my dick go from red to purple. more of britneys pussy slime on me each time I enter her and I got bigger to a point I can see my dick poking inside her tanned belly. Watching her sweat dribble down her orange body. Her tits looking at me in the eyes and her heavy breathing and heavenly moaning and her stinky dick mouth wide open with her eyes rolled back and her greasy blonde hair flowing down, this was the definition of heaven. I was in peace, the most rancid chest sex smell of my dick and her pussy was sooo strong it made our genitals more hungry. Britneys hand slides behind her aiming for my asshoke and she began fingering it again “OHHHHH” I moaned “now beylikdüzü escort now callum ahh mmm you know it feels right” I submit “yeah it does.” She took her finger and made me suck it as my dick massaged her insides.Britney hopped off. “Noowwww mommy wants you on all fours baby” I climbed off the sofa after being in such a comfort zone I was nervous. “No looking my baby” she says. But I could hear the sound of velcrow, then her sweaty hands played on my ass cheeks. “Now callum, just relax for me” she whispered “OHHHHH FFFFFF” britney began fucking me with a strap on as you guessed “FFFFUCK” I moaned “mmmmm relax for me callum, you’re doing so well submitting to me “OWEE BRITNEY..MMMM OWW” I was in too much pain and pleasure to properly respond “you will be mine callum” she giggles “you and me in heavenly peace” she whispered and breathed “OHHHHH MMMMM BRIT BRIT NN EYYYY” I moaned “I need to be home session awww” britney laughed “mmm you wouldn’t be needing your girlfriend anymore” she exited my asshole “mmmmmm yeahahhhh” she whispered before eating my ass ou “ohhh mmm” I moaned and giggled as it tickles. I could feel britneys tongue wiggle inside me it was almost like she was trying to reach my bowels.I was sooo broken after taking britneys huge strap on, she lifted me up and layed me on the sofa and began riding cowgirl again. Britney was red with sweat her blonde hair got messy and smelly and began riding my fat cock again. “Mmmmmmm I want you to unload your hot cum inside me callum”Britneg bombarding me with erotic orders for her made me closer to cumming “pleaaasssse cum in me, please cum me. “Cum in me callum mmmm cum in my pussy” she whispered. I could feel something rushing and so could britney. The adrenaline, the eruption it felt heavy, it felt overflowing, I was gonna empty myself in her. “Ohhh my fucking god oh ohhh ohhhh, mom….yyyy” “yesss callum cummmmmmm cummmmmmm squeeeeeezzze it all out, sqquuuuuueeeeeezzzzzzzzeeeee. I arrived “OHHHHH OHHH MY GOD OHHHH MM OHHHH MOMMMYYYYY” I moaned out loud “OHHHHHG MYYY SLIMMMMYYYYY PUSSSYYY OHHHHHMMMMM” I nearly had a pints worth of cum shoot up into the depths of britneys pussy, a huge leak of my cum and britneys cum slithered out like a slug, bobbing on britneys ass cheeks and flowing down my crack. I was in shock and couldn’t talk or move. I felt sooo used. I felt like I was in a spell. This was a night I couldn’t forget. Before hand I have always dreamt of fucking britney spears. And that was that night.

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