Bag of Chips and a Fuck Toy


This was Bank Holiday Sunday, an especially busy on the town. I’d started at 6 o’clock, but we weren’t the last stop on the drinking circuit, so I knew I’d be finished and still be able to get out later and end the night at the nightclub over the road.

I was the DJ where I was at. Almost six foot tall and not a bad looking lad. In my mid 20s at this time. I’d been going to the gym, but I was never one for putting bulk on, instead I was lean and had what I thought was a decent six pack.

Talking to girls was easy. I was usually sober and had my car. Even though I had a day job I actually made more money DJing and didn’t see the point of having a drink and then paying for a taxi home. Me being sober I had the advantage over tipsy girls who would come and ask for tunes on. It was usually a trade for a kiss for a song and sometimes I got more. This night I got a lot more.

The place was packed to the point the door staff were having to filter people in and out. It was a hot night too. Lots of girls in loose or skimpy tops and dresses.

A group of about eight women, gathered next to the DJ box. They were, on average in their mid 30s. Older than the others in their teens and twenties on the dance floor.

These weren’t my target age group for my charms. They were often married and my lines never worked on them, so after failing in the past, I’d stopped trying to chat up women too much older than me.

The group were all well dressed and maybe over dressed for the warm summer night.

One of them stood out though.

She was wearing a plain, tight white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I could see her white bra through her top under the blue UV lights on the dance floor.

I hadn’t realised I was actually staring, mesmerised at her bright glowing, nice round breasts, until a hand waved in front of my eyes.

I’t was one of the others in the same group.

“Enjoying the view?” She said laughing.

A bit embarrassed, I looked at the face of the woman in the white t-shirt.

Her hair was black, loose curls sat just over her shoulders. Her big brown eyes looked back at me. I couldn’t tell what her expression was. Another reason I didn’t go for older women was they were more emotionally experienced than me. Did she want to kill me or kiss Van Escort me?

I was a little relieved when they left.

The night ended where I was working and all the staff were going over to the nightclub to enjoy the rest of the night.

I grabbed a coke and went to see my friend who was DJing there that night. I stood next to the pulpit style DJ box that stood next to the dance floor. All the same faces I’d seen earlier, looked more the worse for drink and a lot more sweatier.

Then I saw those big brown eyes again.

She looked at me from the side of the dance floor. Her group was smaller now, only four of them, including the one who had jolted me from my breast staring earlier.

Brown eyes started to walk towards me. Her eyes fixed on mine. The place was so busy, I couldn’t have run if I wanted to, but I was tempted.

As she got closer, I could see her white top was damp with sweat in places from dancing and her hair was flatter than before. She was well put together. I wasn’t able to see more than her top before on my packed dance floor, but now I could see she had a very nice figure.

My urge to flee left when she began to smile at me. Her teeth were bright white against her black hair and her slightly olive skin.

“Hot in here!” Her voice suited her. It was sweet and little husky.

“Very” I said nervously. “Can I just apologise for something?”

“No, don’t worry about it” She said with a smile.

I can’t remember what we talked about after that, but I found out she was 35. 11 years older than me. We started to get on well. She told me that her friends had dragged her out at short notice, that night and that’s why she wasn’t dressed up. She went on to tell me about her recent breakup and her friends wanted to cheer her up and now they’d left without her.

“Will you give me a lift home? Is that ok?” She asked looking up and jokingly fluttering her eyelashes.

“I need something to eat, Do you want a bag of chips?”

As you can tell by my last statement, I didn’t expect to give her anything other than a bag of greasy chips and a lift back to her’s.

My God I was wrong.

As we went inside her house it looked a little bare. In her recent breakup, her ex had taken the TV and the couch.

“There’s Van Escort Bayan a TV upstairs. She said. “We’ll have to sit upstairs to eat if that’s ok? I just need to go to the toilet first”

I sat on the side of her firm bed, looking out of the bedroom door across the landing to the bathroom and wondering how to turn on the small TV that sat on the corner.

As the bathroom door opened, I almost dropped my box of chips. She was naked.

Her body lit from the light behind me looked stunning. Her breasts lightly bobbed and her hips swayed as she casually walked towards me. She had a small tuft of trimmed hair between her legs that was as black as the hair on her head.

She didn’t smile. She took my chips off me before I dropped them.

“Stand!” She said, she said softly, but firmly.

I did. She began to undress me and I went to help her lift my t-shirt.

“No, I didn’t tell you to move.”

She lifted my shirt and dropped to her knees, kissing my toned stomach as she went down.

Her hands quickly loosened my belt and buttons on my fly. She looked up and winked at me when she found I didn’t have underwear on. Then she pulled my jeans to my knees and paused. I was waiting for her to start sucking on my erect cock that was now inches from her face, but she didn’t. She just examined my shaven balls and stroked the shaft of my erection with her soft fingers.

I wanted to tell her the story behind why I was so well trimmed down here, but it didn’t seem the time.

She told me to step back and she took off my shirt, and with purpose, pushed me back on the bed.

Straddling me, she grabbed my wrists and put my hands above my head. I could feel her hot pussy on my stomach. Her tuft of hair lightly brushed me as she began to rub herself slowly up and down my six pack.

We began kissing. Her lips still sweet of her drinks earlier. She slid down me. Still holding my hands above my head she kissed and gently bit on my neck.

I could feel my cock pressing hard up between her legs now and she began to grind on the tip of my erection. I felt myself slide inside her juicy and quite tight pussy and she let out a gasp.

She sat upright on me and I went to caress her thighs.

“I didn’t tell Escort Van you to move.” She whispered with a straight face.

I put my arms back above my head. The thought that this beauty was doing this to me and I couldn’t even touch her with my hands was the most erotic thing I’d experienced to this point of my life.

She slid her self up and down my shaft, quickly down and slowly up.

Then it dawned on me. I was being used as a fuck toy.

First she’d examined me like you look at a gift to yourself and now she was trying it on for size.

She must have felt my hard cock bounce with excitement inside her.

She stopped moving. “I’ll tell you when to cum and not before”

She moved off me and got on all fours next to me on the bed.

“Fuck me from behind.”

“May I use my hands now?”

She twisted her lips in thought. “Not yet” she said and looked away.

I moved behind her. Her perfect round arse cheeks were glistening slightly with sweat in the warm night air. A perfect pussy was presented to me as she now lent forward onto her elbows. I slid inside her hot and very wet hole and she began to fuck me. Pushing back onto me, she rocked backwards and forwards at the pace she needed to cum. After a short while, I could feel her muscles tighten on my shaft as she began shake. I just let her use my cock like she needed.

She moaned in ecstasy. It was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen, to watch her use me like this.

She rolled on her back.

“Now you can cum, … While I watch.”

No one had ever asked me to wank for them before.

This time I straddled her stomach. Took hold of my cock and began to play while she watched.

She reached up and caressed my balls. This was the first time I’d seen her smile since we’d got into the bedroom. I still didn’t touch her with my hands. Instead I lent forward to hold the headboard with my free hand while I beat off over the top of her.

I began to cum, one of the hardest orgasms I have ever had.

It wasn’t till I’d finished twitching that I saw my hot goo had gone everywhere.

It was across her face, her eye, in her hair and even some on the headboard. Looking down I was still dripping on her breasts.

“I’ll get a towel” She said laughing.

We spent the rest of the night sucking and fucking each other.

We fucked a few more times after this. Sometimes as lovers, but the best nights were when I was just her fuck toy.

PS; The chips went cold and were never eaten.

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