Balcony Wine


Wine, a balcony and a sheer robe bring Sidney and Danielle together.

One summer evening after I got home from a date, I was feeling very relaxed, we had a nice evening but were not ready to add sex to the relationship yet, this was his choice.

After he left, as I got ready for bed, I poured another glass of wine, undressed and slipped a sheer wrap-around robe on.

I lived on the second floor, in an apartment complex with my balcony overlooking the pool and courtyard, with other apartments across the courtyard. At this time of night there was no one out there, because the pool was closed. I walked out on to my balcony and sat on my lounger. I was very relaxed and with the warm night breeze caressing me I began to fantasize, and as I did I was playing with my nipples. I would dip my finger in the wine and let it drip onto my erect nipples, then I would massage them and suck my fingers. Since it was hot and I was basically naked, I also began to drip wine on my mound and play with my clitoris. I was already wet, and discovered that I liked the taste of me and wine, after reaching orgasm a couple of times I began güvenilir bahis to feel I was being watched. I continued to enjoy the night air, spreading my legs wide, and looking around to see if there was anyone watching.

As I got up to go inside, my robe fell off and slid to the ground below. I leaned over the balcony railing to see where it had fallen to and was surprised to see the most gorgeous redhead woman looking up at me. She took a couple of steps off her patio, at this point she could see every inch of my front. She said that her name was Danielle, and if I would like, she would bring it up to me, I said sure, thanks.

It seemed like only seconds and there was a knock on my door, I figured what the hell she has already seen everything I have so I went to the door naked except for a wine glass. I never expected what was waiting for me on the other side of the door, there was Danielle, wearing nothing but my robe.

I invited her in, poured her a glass of wine, freshened mine, and we sat down and started to talk. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, fire red hair just past türkçe bahis her shoulders, and green eyes. I could not keep my eyes off of her body, marvelous breasts, and a thick patch of red between her legs. When we sat down, she had picked the couch, while I was in a chair, after her second glass of wine, she stretched, laid down and dripped some wine on her breasts. She said that if I wanted to I could lick it off, I was on her so fast I almost spilled my wine. I licked and sucked each nipple, then moved up to her mouth, searching every part of it with my tongue. We were both very hot, kissing and playing with each others’ nipples, I had been on top of her, but she quickly switched positions and began to move down my body kissing all the way. As she danced her tongue around my nipples, I thought I would explode, but she stopped and moved her head down to my pussy. I spread my legs so that she could get her tongue where ever she wanted. She knew just what and how hard to lick and soon I came. I lay back exhausted, she said that she hoped that she was better than my earlier solo times. As I looked past my breasts and over my pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri to her gorgeous face I could only say thank you.

She sat up and I refilled our wine glasses, I started to paint on her breasts with the wine and then lick them clean. I took her hand and led her down the hall to the bedroom, stopping just inside the door to kiss. She lay down on the bed and I could resist her thick red patch no longer, she tasted so good. As my tongue worked her clitoris, I moved my hands to her breasts. Her nipples were so big, she was close to coming. She began to arch her back pushing my face further into her pussy, her legs began to tighten around my head, and her hands in my hair kept me on that magic spot. It seemed that she came forever, finally releasing me, I was so wet and hot that I wanted her to go down on me again, instead she drew my face to hers and we kissed, long and deep. Her fingers eased in my dripping pussy, she began to draw on my breasts with my juice, going back for more to draw with, finally having me come and fill her hand which she wiped on my face and then slowly, and ever so gently cleaned me.

I was so exhausted and satiated that all I could do was put my head on her breasts, a nipple in my mouth, a hand in her magnificent mound, and fall asleep.

I realized that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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