Balls in My Dugout


My Daddy was about 5’7″ and 240lbs with cropped hair and a salt and pepper goatee. He also happened to have the smallest dick I’d ever put in my mouth. It was 3 1/2″ on a good day, but Daddy’s balls were the size of lemons and I loved to lick, suck and tug on those beauties all night. He shaved them just for me, you know. And Daddy’s size didn’t matter because he was still able to work my ass like no one else. His tongue was amazing and his fingers long but thick. He would never touch my cock, but that was alright. I was his bitch. He LOVED to eat my ass though, and would do so every chance he got. That was our first “date”.


It was at a baseball game last year. The local team was a farm for the Majors and my employers always had free tickets to hand out. So, in early June a buddy and I set aside a night. It was the middle of the 4th inning when he got a call; his girlfriend had been out of town but was home early. Without hesitation, he told me he was eager for some pussy and was gonna dip. No biggie, I’d get back at him later. The stadium was nothing approaching crowded, so when this big, older dude came and took my buddy’s spot at the top of the 5th, I was confused. But also really turned on.

See, I’d spotted him by the concessions early on and had been watching him all night. I’d have never approached him, only fantasied about he and I having some nasty sex in the bathrooms while his wife or whoever waited impatiently by the car. In case you hadn’t noticed, I love me a hot Daddy. Chubby daddies are even better. How lucky was I!? He introduced himself (an executive for the team, no less!) and I did likewise. We talked and I enjoyed it. He then rested a hand on my shoulder and lightly began to rub it. I awarded him with my most dazzling smile (which was probably more lecherous than anything), at which point he asked if I wanted to come have a seat with him. In his private box. Ummm…yes.

I’d say the box he led me into was on par with a room at a Motel 6; leaps and bounds above stadium seating, but not overly fancy. The couch was surprisingly plush though, because I damn güvenilir bahis near sank into it. My new friend took a seat beside me and fiddled with a remote for a moment or two before the blinds in the box drew closed. I hadn’t even started a sentence before he roughly grabbed my chin and drew my mouth to his. It was amazing! His goatee tickled my face as his tongue pushed against my lips for only a moment before I opened my mouth and let him in. I felt his hands fall to my zipper and begin working it down; I offered no resistance. Once that was done, I broke our kiss and pulled my shorts off the rest of the way. It was with a speed belying his size that he had me bent over the back of the couch before my shorts hit the floor.

When his tongue lapped gently at my hole, I gasped in shock at the action and in surprise at how amazing it felt. Slowly, he worked his tongue around my entry and into it. Long strokes and short. Quick pokes and long, deep probes. Until now, I’d never had a man put his mouth on my asshole. How much I had been missing! As I rode that masterful mouth, it took all of my self control to keep from crying out when he slipped two of his fingers into me and began massaging the walls of my ass. Quickly, I took a throw pillow into my mouth and bit down, groaning as I did. I’d never felt something so amazing. It was electric, knowing that my ass wasn’t just being used to facilitate an orgasm. And as he continued to work his tongue and fingers into me, my pillow fell from my mouth and I thrust my ass into him, moaning for my Daddy to keep going. It was my most incredible orgasm up to that point. But it would be three or four more ‘dates’ before I was able to return the favor. He had been embarrassed of his size.

I treated Daddy’s cock like fucking gold, though. I suckled and stroked him, we loved to rub our cocks together, precum lubing us and our seed mixing as we came onto each other. He even tried to mount me a time or two, but it frustrated him more than anything. Over the course of the year, we bought toys for our time together. His favorite was watching me plunge a nice, fat türkçe bahis vibrator into my ass, though. Often, halfway through, he would join me on the bed, straddle my head and fuck my mouth until he came. We bought a strap-on, but it didn’t seem to do the trick for him. No, his go-to was always watching me fuck myself, groaning as I toyed my asshole and mouth for his pleasure.

Well, one night, after we’d been out drinking with some of Daddy’s friends, we went by the ball park because he needed to check on a couple of things in the office. Being a good boy, I followed him with the hope that Daddy might just want me bent over his desk, ass on display and ready for him to eat. He did his bit of work and then excused himself to the bathroom. Once he was out of the room, I stripped down and leaned my chubby ass over his desk and waited like a well-trained dog for him to come back and enjoy himself. It was almost 20 minutes before I heard the door open. But I made sure to keep my head down as I’d been taught. I then cooed to Daddy in my best slutboy voice that this ass was just so very eager to be used.

When I heard the voice of Darius, the black concessions cook, respond instead of Daddy, I almost shit.

Darius, like my Daddy, is a big boy, but unlike Daddy, he’s much younger. He stands about 6’4″ and has to be well over 350lbs at 25 years-old. So, when he put a hand on my neck to keep me from moving, that was it. He must not have been wearing underwear either, because when pressed himself against my ass I could feel every outline of his cock. He slapped my porcelain ass until it was an angry red and then took my hips in his hands and began dryhumping me, his zipper pressing against my asshole every time he did it.

I wanted to yell for Daddy, but it wouldn’t have done much good; Daddy knew. He wanted this, and so did Darius. When we would stroll past the concessions on game nights, Darius would watch us really intently. I thought it was because he knew we were lovers and didn’t approve.

I knew better now, now that I could feel the cook’s body clench with what I knew to be an intense güvenilir bahis siteleri orgasm. Breathing heavily as he came down, Darius brought his mouth to my neck and began to bite and kiss, his cock slowly growing as he continued.

In very little time, Darius had recovered. His mouth left my neck and I felt him unzip and drop his pants. Fingers began to play with my asscrack and then my cheeks were spread. I couldn’t help but yelp when I felt the gooey head of Darius’s cock butting against my asshole. I was worried he would, in his excitement, try and shove himself into me completely. I thank my stars he wanted a blowjob first.

Hand long missing from my neck, I straightened up from Daddy’s desk (with Darius spanking my ass again along the way) and turned to face this mountain of…utter sex. He isn’t an attractive man, really, but he has presence; he wore his hair in cornrows and had a hard time growing facial hair. He must have been in an accident, because one eye sat lower than the other and was always half-lidded. He had great teeth and a big, wonderful set of kissable lips though.

To my shock, as I was looking him over…he fucking slapped me! He’d wanted a blowjob and my dingy ass was taking too long! He then shoved me roughly to my knees and thrust his cock at my mouth. I say cock, and I mean monster. Like Darius, it was just big. Maybe three fingers wide and 10″ or so long, uncut and unwashed. There was no way I could comfortably pleasure this beast without practice. But practice is what Daddy had in mind. Twice a week, I was lead into the offices.

Twice a week, I belong to another man. Darius the cook loves to spank my fat, white ass. He loves watching me struggle to swallow his cock. And he loves to eat me just as much (if not more!) than Daddy. He never touches my cock, either, but that’s okay. I’m just his bitch.

And I’m not just shared with Darius. Nothing makes Daddy happier than watching me get fucked by black men. Singles, pairs or groups…we both love it. Every black staff member at the stadium that wants to, gets to fuck me. At this point, I don’t think I’m really Daddy’s anymore. I can’t make him cum, and he’d rather watch someone eat me than tongue-fuck me himself.

I’m just a white hole for every black cock that Daddy’ll let have me. And I couldn’t ask for anything better.

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