Banking with a difference

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Banking with a differenceBack in 80s banking was undergoing a culture change. I had started working at the CBA in Albert Street straight from school. I was told to study part time, the banking industry supported programme, to get ahead. Being ambitious but only 17 I was distracted by the continuous flow of young women who worked in the city. In 7 years I completed my exams and due to banking deregulation found myself rapidly promoted through the ranks until I was appointed Branch Manager at Countrywide Bank St Lukes . My new employers had transferred some experienced staff in to get the branch open. My lending assistant was a single mother mid 30s blonde great looking body dressed professionally but always looking like she was ready for some personal attention.One day in the middle of winter we were particularly short staffed due to illness. I was out on the teller counter accepting deposits when in walked a particular type of customer. No I D ,in a hurry , and a TV presenter. “Do you know who I am! ” she said”No ” I replied playing dumb . The weather girl from a TV station I thought.”Look I am sorry pendik escort our computer is down. I will have to ring your branch” Well that was set her right off in front of a long line of customers “Can you believe this. He doesn’t know who the f… I am!” “Ms could you come to my office please” I gestured to the door further down at the end of counter.”Why?””I am sure you would like to make a complaint. The Manager will sought you out.” I calmly replied. As I walked down to open the door leading the tall blonde up herself bitch to my office.As she walked through the door and towards my office I noticed the sway of her ass as she walked. At the counter her low cut white t shirt revealed a lot of cleavage and the cherry red lipstick had my dick flip flopping in my trousers. I closed the door behind us as she took a seat opposite my desk.”Where is the manager?” she asked quietly. Not so sure of herself or no audience to amuse.”I am the Boss here Miss ………. ” she opened her mouth and I stuffed my handkerchief into her mouth. Her stunned eyes looked up at me. “Stand” I commanded firmly “Do not move”Standing escort pendik behind her my hands cupped her breasts. The bitch her nipples were hard. She liked it!I grabbed the hem of her t shirt and she moved her arms up for me. I spanked her ass firmly, she squirmed. I lifted the t shirt up with her hands behind her back and wound it round her arms as a restraint. Holding that firmly with my left hand I unbuttoned her designer Jeanmaker jeans and pulled them down to mid thigh. Surprise the submissive slut was going commando and a small wet spot was evident on the crotch of her jeans. Pushing two fingers into slit penetrating her neatly trimmed pussy lips easily to find a sopping wet cunt.”You like being restrained Miss …….. ” she nodded”I have a big hard dick” I said in her ear as I rubbed my erection against her bum.”Do you want to fuck, Miss…… ” as my two fingers pumped in and out of her wet pussy. She spread her legs further apart and nodded.I didn’t have any condoms so I opened her handbag and emptied the contents on my A2 desk pad. I found the usual objects plus some others, a small pendik escort bayan vibrator, KY jelly, a butt plug, and a packet of condoms. I opened a condom slid it on, then made her bend over until the top half of her body lay across my desk , told her to keep her legs straight and her ass up. I guided the head of my cock up and down the length of her wet slit. Teasing the horny tv celebrity. Yes I knew exactly who this slut was.Grabbing her hips I thrust in to her juicy cunt. Tight ! Fuck yes! She squeezed her cunt muscles as i pumped her long slow strokes enjoying her velvet glove. After only a few minutes of this experience in my office. A fucking TV celebrity albeit a weather girl bent over my desk. Restrained and being fucked by me. I could feel my balls swell then release. Her muffled cries of frustration as I had denied her climax.I pulled out the condom was full of sperm and leaking. I helped her stand turned her to face me removed the handkerchief from her mouth. Replaced it with the open end of the condom.” Drink “She swallowed it all eager to please.”Get dressed ” I said as I cleaned up with the handkerchief . When she was dressed with a just fucked look on her face, handed her some cash.”Here is your $100 Miss ……. Next time Bring your ID to avoid any delays” as I opened the door to the banking chamber.

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