Bar Meetup


Bar MeetupWe decide to meet up at a bar for our next little encounter, meet up for some drinks and fuck each other silly after. I get to the bar and see you sitting down at a table, you’ve already got a drink. I swing by the bar and pick one up before sitting down next to you.”Hi” I say before sitting down next to you. Giving a nice kiss.I feel your hand reach down my leg and up to my cock that’s quickly growing.”Mhmm all I can think about is that cock in my mouth.””Yes me too, I want it all the way in your mouth this time, no holding back” I sayI see you lick your lips at the thought of that,the waiter comes by, as he does my hand rests on your leg, I feel you move your legs to spread them open.”2 shots for us please”.And he wanders off to go fill our order.My hand moves higher until I can feel your pussy. “No panties”?”No the just get in the way””You dirty little slut, I want you right now”And my finger dips into your juicy cunt.Instantly your head tilts back as you close your eyes, my finger does deep, nice fluid movements. As you squeeze my cock through my pants.Our waiter returns with our drinks and sets them down in front of us.We both grab ours, “to a fun night”As we raise or shots up I go faster, you bite your lip for a second kurtköy escort right before I stop so we can enjoy our shot.I can see the physical want from your body, you want my cock in you again and you want it now.I flag him down so we can settle our bill. A few moments pass by and he returns.Once that’s in order, we head outside. We get to my car and you get into the back seat, I slap that beautiful ass of yours. Once you get in you crawl all the way over to the other side. I get in and you get my pants off and down around my ankles in no time. Stroking my cock licking your lips you want it so bad your salivating at the thought of it. And you go down sucking my balls as you play with my cock.You soon make your way up to my cock with your mouth and go down as far as you can, I lend some assistance and push you down further, your mouth is barely wide enough to fit me and I push down further this time forcing you to go almost all the way down. I let go and you pop back up. Some spit, dripping down the sides of your mouth I pull the back of your head towards me to kiss you.You keep stroking my cock, and I pull your head away from my mouth and back down onto my cock, my right hand moves to your pussy and starts to play aydıntepe escort as my left hand forces you down my cock and back up again. My fingers in your pussy are getting soaked as I can hear you moaning on my cock it feels like your getting ready to cum and so am I push you down completely, hearing you gag I start to cum, as I release your head you rise up but not off and take all my seed in your mouth. “Oh fuck yeah this is the best bj I’ve ever had” and than you cum.You take it all in your mouth before swallowing and going back for more, you keep my cock stiff as you continue to blow me, I play with your pussy, I can feel you’re ready to cum again and I go a little faster until those sweet juices are running down my hand. Once I’m fully hard again you turn around. “You want me in your pussy now don’t you?””Yes I do”I open the door and jump out, you back up do your ass is just hanging out I push your skirt up you spread your pussy open for me, I take my cock and slide it up and down your pussy, I smack your clit a few times with the tip of my dick, I can see your cum glistening in the night sky and I ram my cock all the way in my balls swing forward and slap against you. Mhmm we both moan out and I start fucking tuzla içmeler escort you hard and deep. My finger traces around your asshole a few times before I push it in. Pushing down towards your pussy as I fuck your pussy my finger is violating your ass and you love it. Every thrust is met with a moan.I pull my finger out of your ass and spread your ass cheeks apart I pull out of your dripping wet pussy and push the tip in, I can feel your ass squeeze against it, as you moan out load. You play with your pussy as I keep pushing myself in. Going further and further in, feeling your asshole stretch around my thick. Hearing you you moan as my cock keeps going in, Finally I get all the way in. I slap both cheeks.And you squeeze your ass a little tighter around my cock. I pull your hair back and pull out and push myself all the way back. You continue to play with your juicy pussy as you cum again from all the stimulation. “That’s good, cum again”My left hand pulls your hair back and my right hand slaps your ass another time. And I push my cock all the way in, now fucking your ass hole as if it were a pussy or your mouth again you moan out with delight as you cum again. You juices are dripping down and out of your slit, every time I enter you I can feel it splashing on my balls. With your asshole so tight I groan out in the night and my balls begin to drain in your ass. I pull out and your asshole it’s still gapping as I continue to cum in your open hole, it’s in and around you ass.

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