Barefoot Girls With A Father Fetish


-This story is heavy narrative. If you want to skip past some of the set up simply find the ~~~Break~~~ in the story. Also if you don’t like foot fetish themes, this might not be for you.

The days were long gone that I could just run around a play. I wanted nothing more than to just take a few days off and relax at home, a cold one in my hand and the game on the TV. All I ever seemed to do now was wake up, get ready for work, work, come home, shovel food in my mouth, and sleep. This was not the life I had imagined when I used to talk about ‘living the dream’

Me, in my little one-bedroom apartment in the outskirts of the big city. My faded red SUV parked out on the street…*sigh* This was not how I wanted it to be at all. I was almost in my forties now… and life was already starting to go downhill.

So how did I come to this? Working a landscaping job for rich suburban folks that are too lazy to do their own work. How did a hard working guy with a head on his shoulders and a dream come to this? I wonder this as I put out my cigarette in my near empty coffee cup. Well… how else. Kids.

I was 18 when it happened. My lovely girlfriend Sarah had called me up a month after my birthday with the news to send any collage bound guy strait to the workforce. She was late on her period and then took a test… positive.

Well we tried to figure it out, you know play with the cards we dealt. I mean, I had no idea how to be a dad to a little girl but hey… I had a daughter now so, I had to try. Hell for a few years there it seemed like it might even work out in the end.

You see, Sarah, my lovely wife had been in and out of the court system with her drinking. I thought kids might help her find the mother instinct… She did seem to love our first so much after all, so, forgoing my better judgment, we had another. Now I had two daughters and still had no idea how to be a father. Well soon after that, the camel’s back went and broke as they say. Sarah had enough of me and wanted a divorce… I had tried to be a dad, but I always had to work and pay the bills and all…

I take my coffee cup to the sink and wash it out, turning it upside-down in the strainer, I stare out the window… Well… I grab my coat and keys and head for the door… She took the kids and moved away.

I kept in touch where I could, online mostly. Once my two kids got older they sent me email from time to time… I got invited to birthdays and Christmas at my in-laws but… well I must have felt like… like that estranged uncle to my them… My own kids. Well I think it must have been when they were 12 and 14 that my lovely ex wife moved across the country… I have not seen or heard from them very much since… well… until recently I guess.

I walk out to my car, get in, and turn the key. It needs an oil change really. I brush some of the Powerball and scratch tickets away from my seat…. The elder of my two daughters, Heather had sent me an email about a month ago. Even after the long break in communication, it was as friendly as ever. Asking about my wellbeing, if I was dating anyone yet, how was work…you know, the usual. Well seeing as I was boringly healthy, boringly single and work was a boring as ever, it was a very short response.

But as I sit here in traffic I start to think about the next few emails I had gotten… Apparently my Ex-wife had gone off the deep end recently and hidden herself away in a bottle. The girls had both gotten jobs and moved out of her apartment and into their own. My eldest was a hostess at a Hooters and the youngest, Kara, was working at a convenience store. Not high paying jobs but, they were making due.

The latest email was still floating around in my mind, and making my stomach feel empty. Heather informed me that the bills were piling up and she was not sure if she and Kara were going to be able to keep the apartment.

It was making me feel like a lousy parent, both because of the situation the girls were in, and because I could not even send them some money to make ends meet seeing as though I myself was just barely scrapping by…

I pull into the parking lot of my landscaping warehouse, a small thing but, well it was growing slowly. With the hard work me and a few coworkers had been putting in, we have built the business slowly but surely… one of my only accomplishments really. I look down at my clock on the radio. 6:56am…

“Time to roll the dice” I say under my breath… for at least the 1000th time. I pull out my ‘Numbers of the Day’ ticket and turn up the radio. The morning speaker for the lotto’s familiar voice comes crackling out of my speakers.

“-And that will be what I am remembered for on this fine day I am sure…AND we are just about at that time so let’s spin spin spin that Barrel of balls!” He says in a far too cheerful voice. I pull my keys from the car and yawn. “Alrighty folks and here they come, remember, todays big draw winner hits it big time. Our modifier this month is a big times three! That means our winner will be cashing in kaçak iddaa on six-hundred THOUSAND Big ones!” he says

My eyebrows raise slightly. That was something new, they had never done such a massive load of cash before, someone was about to be very happy indeed.

“Alright… our first number is..13..followed by a 7…and another 7….21…and lastly…a 18! You got all that my friends? 13,7,7,21,18! If you have that hot hot ticket, have a drink on me! At Wbzz th-”

My heart had stopped… … … 13,7,7,21,18. I stared down at the ticket in my hand. The little red numbers looking so plain in their faded ink. 13,7,7,21,18….I had just won 600,000 dollars.

I think that almost everyone wonders at some point in their life, what they would do if they won a large stack of cash. Some say they would jump for joy, other would hide it until they could turn it in… Me? I got out of my car, and walked right into work. Al, one of the guys I work with is putting a lawnmower into the trailer as I come in. He yells over to me as I drop my coat in the small office.

“Hey bro, got a call for an early job over on the far side of town, we gunna get going here in a minute, big yard, might take all day but the pays gunna be nice.” He says with a grin. I don’t smile back right away, still thinking hard… my two daughters playing on my mind.

“Sure thing Al, just gimmie a second ok? I have to make a phone call.” I say, my mind set.

~~~~~~~~~~Transitional Noises~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I look outside my kitchen window for what must be the hundredth time tonight. The cup of coffee was still warm in my hand having filled it up again only a few minutes ago. I was not very nervous, just unsure. Had my choice been right? Can I handle what was about to happen? I run over everything in my mind again…

I went to turn in the ticket, had a little celebration with the guys at my work, and after that had finally gotten a call back from Heather, my eldest.


“Hi.. um… dad?” The voice is almost unfamiliar…surly this could not be my little girl on the phone? Her mother perhaps? But how did she find out? I clear my throat and clarify.

“Um, yes I left a message for Heather?” I say with slight trepidation. There is a light laugh from the other end.

“Um, yeah dad, this is my cell number so… yeah it’s me.” She says. I am slightly stunned… it had been years since I had heard my daughter’s voices over the phone, but it was still odd to hear such a grown voice.

“Oh, well yes of course…”

I must have prattled on a bit, asking all manner of things just shy of asking about the weather… but finally I got to the point. “So… about your last email, you… you said you were having some problems with your apartment?” I ask, half hoping to hear that it was all cleared up… the quite on the other end would have been answer enough but…

“Yeah…well… The landlord said we have thirty days to find another place… and that was about ten days ago…” She says. I feel my heart ache at the defeated tone in her voice.

I let the quite ring for a moment while I correctly align my next sentence, it is a big one for me.

“Well, that’s no good. Um, hey I know this is pretty sudden…but, well why don’t you two come to live with me for a while.” I say still not believing I am really about to try a last ditch effort at parenting. I add in a rush “You know just until you guys can stand a little bit stronger.” I can almost hear the shock from the hesitation.

“Wait like, move back home? I thought you said you rented a one bedroom outside the city… I mean, thank you dad but, would there even be enough room?” I smile a bit, still on the happy buzz.

“Well, I got a new place recently…It’s not huge, and I will be paying it off for a while but… I got a good start on it so I think I will manage… There would be a room for both you and Kara, um, only one bathroom but it’s pretty big…” I trail off. Waiting for an answer is killer.

“Well, I mean, wow um.. yeah well, maybe… Um. Let me talk with Kara about it, she gets home in an hour or so. Is that cool?” I let the air out of my lungs. ok, more waiting was not so bad. With a few more ‘are you sures ‘ and ‘we wouldn’t want to be any troubles’ she hungs up.

Well, after talking it over with her sister, I got a call back. With my final assurances that I did not mind, my 21 year old Heather and 19 year old Kara finally decided that they would find a way to get back across the county. This was made easy by the fact that I offered to buy them both plane tickets. Including the shipping of the belongings they needed moved. Heather’s shock over the phone was somewhat satisfying, It was nice knowing I was doing something right. Once the plane tickets were booked the thank yous and excitement started. I could tell from her voice she was crying a little, just happy to find some relief.

And so it was, I had gotten a call an hour ago from Heather, letting me know that they had landed. I was waiting not so patiently and finally kaçak bahis willing to admit that I was nervous as hell. Whatever happens will be better than where I was at, I keep telling myself. I breathe deeply as a taxi finally pulls up in front of the house. I grab my coat and the umbrella from next to the door. It had rained heavily an hour or so ago and it was still misting out. I open the front door and start a light jog over to the car. I resist saying something lame like ‘ahoy there’ as I get up close to the taxi.

Two female figures have emerged. The taller one, Heather has in a white raincoat with big black boots. Her hood is up, but I do get a flash of white teeth in a greeting. As I get closer I notice that she is nearly as tall as me. She must be 5′ 10 or 11 to be so nearly eye to eye with me.

“Hi dad!” she says enthusiastically. She keeps smiling but looks a bit torn on whether to shake my hand or hug me. As a result, she instead just sort of hovers for a moment as I get closer. I spare her the choice and say

“Hey let’s get you two out of the rain” with my best attempt to sound cheerful. I toss in a smile to try and ease the awkwardness. I glance over behind the taxi to see daughter number two struggling to heave a suitcase nearly as big as herself out of the trunk. With a thought spared to annoyance that the Taxi driver did not even bother to help the girls with their luggage, I walk over and give the bag a hardy tug, lifting it and letting it easily to the ground. Kara has her hood up as well, but I am a bit shocked to see that she has only a normal hoodie covering her, and she is soaked already. Her glassy blue eyes glance up at me… I am further shocked that she looks, well a little afraid if I had to guess.

“Um…thanks.” She mumbles, letting her eyes trail down to the bag. I hold the umbrella over her, at a loss as to what to say, I look into the trunk of the taxi. There is no other bag. I notice a small backpack on Kara’s shoulders, and decide it is better not to point out the obvious.

“Well, let’s get you inside.” I say, and quickly pay the taxi driver. Kara looks as if she is going to go for the suitcase again, but I quickly lift it and begin walking toward the front door. Making sure to keep the umbrella over my youngest.

The house is not big, as promised. One floor but with a garage that if you squeeze it you can fit two cars. Heather leads the way and holds the door for me as I bring the trunk into the house. I let it down near the door and close the umbrella and set it down. As I look over at the two of them, they both drop their hoods.

My eyes go to Heather first, I can’t help it. Her hair is not only cut short and styled in a way that makes me initially wonder whether my oldest daughter might be into girls, but it is also dyed in combinations of blues and purples. Her brown eyes blink a few times as she looks around the house. She smiles and nods her head.

“Not too shabby dad! I can dig this place.” She says and keeps her eyes trailing around the kitchen and living room combination. This brightens my mood.

“Well yeah it’s not like a dream house or anything but… I make due.” I say, glossing over the fact that I have not spent a full week in this new house yet. I am having difficulty with making a proper greeting, I will admit I am a bit stunned by Heather. Honestly she is very beautiful and it is still difficult to think of this beautiful woman as my daughter…time had certainly gotten away from me. I instead trail my eyes to my younger daughter.

Kara darts her eyes away from me the moment I look over at her. She still seems uneasy around me. Understandable I guess. She too is changed very much from the last time I saw her. Her dark hair was dyed jet black now, and sticking to her face. Her soft cheeks pale and cold looking at the moment. I notice she has two small stub piercings under her lips as well. She was also very beautiful. Innocent looking really, standing all of about 5′ 1″. Her hoodie and skinny jeans were black and soaked to her skin. Even her convers are all black with little skulls on them… I stare at her shoes for a few extra seconds. I swallow hard…. A creeping thought comes swimming to the surface… Something that I had not thought about during the planning process of moving the girls here… about them living here… No. I would not think about that… not about them…

I smile at the two of them. They were indeed beautiful, but what was important was that they were not stuck out on the streets of some far off city right now. The two of them are looking at me… no one seems to know exactly what to say. I make another stab at moving things along.

“Well, why don’t I show you to your rooms?” I say and I pick up the suitcase. Heather breaks the girl’s silence.

“You know dad… your um, well your kinda buff.” She says with a happy trill in her voice. “Do you like, go to the gym or something?” She asks, eyeing my arms. I think about it for a moment, looking at my own arms.

“Honestly I never noticed” I say. “I guess it’s just from working outdoors illegal bahis and doing a lot of yardwork.” I say offhandedly. Heather gives another trill.

“Ooho, I bet the ladies find you in every bar and club right?” She say’s flashing another brilliant white smile. I feel my eyebrows raise.

“Well I guess I would not know, I don’t go to bars -or- clubs” I say with a sense that I was about to lose some serious points with the two of them. I am not far off. Kara’s eyes widen a bit and Heather gives a small gasp.

“What? Really dad, like not even to like a strip club or something? Dads go to strip clubs right?” She asks with a light laugh. I drop the large suitcase in the first room and avoid looking at them. What an embarrassing question… but not nearly as embarrassing as the answer.

“Well, if you must know.” I say, hesitating and glancing quickly at them both… I have both sets of eyes on me, one amused and the other curios. “I have never been to a strip club.” I finish, and I stop myself from looking away from them. Heather looks as though she is fighting back a laugh, and Kara cracks her first smile of the night. Finally, I get a few words from Kara.

“Jeeze, you do drink right?” She asks with a stab of sarcasm. I feel my cheeks redden as I stumble to defend myself.

“I do.” I say. I feel my youngest daughter’s eyes check my own for a lie. It was odd to have such a young and… well attractive pair of women analyzing me. After a moment, Heather looks around the room.

“So this is going to be my room?” she asks with a hopeful smile.

“If you want it to be.” I say, “the rooms are quite similar so you two can pick which one you would like.” I say, and point out the other room right across the way. Kara walks into the second room and after a quick look around, takes a seat in the chair by the desk. Kara looks over this room as well.

“Yes I guess they are almost the same… You ok with this one Care?” She asks. I look over to Kara to gage her thoughts. She mostly seems unfazed and maybe even a tad bored.

“Yeah sure. It’s a lot bigger than the one we left behind.” She says and reaches down to pull at the laces of her shoes. I try not to stare, but it’s a difficult thing. I tell myself quickly that it will not be so bad because she will just take off the sneakers. However, as she places her other foot at her now loosed heel to push it off, my resolve is tested. Most likely owing to the face that her shoes and socks are soaked through, when she kicks off her sneaker…her sock comes with it… I am transfixed for a moment…not having been expecting it… but at this point there would be no denying that I was staring at my youngest daughter’s feet.

It was my one weakness. A young pair of feet would get me every time. A young pair of cute feet would send me into a tailspin. And Kara has a very cute set I note as she lets her unpainted toes press on her other shoe to tug it off. I then notice that one of her feet has a section of script tattooed on it… and the other has a blue colored rose with thorns around the ankle… I made up my mind at that moment that tattoos only made girls feet that much sexier. She flexes her toes in relief. “oh man…that feels better.” She says, and looks up toward me again. I dart my eyes away from her pale little peds, hoping she had not noticed.

This had quickly become my biggest fear…I mean, she was my daughter… I can’t have her worrying whether her old man is oogling her feet! My eyes trail over to Heather, who is fiddling with her rain jacket. Or oogling any part of them for that matter. I sigh deeply, keeping my eyes away from the carpet, I speak to them both.

“Well you two must be tired after your trip… I’ll get out from under your… um” I have to force myself from looking down again. “out of your hair.” I finish lamely. And I take a step toward the door.

“Oh I am not tired at all!” Heather pipes in “We are still all Jet laggin’ and stuff, we can’t go to bed yet or it will ruin our sleep schedule!” she says cheerfully. I am pretty sure that Kara’s face mirrors my own, our eyebrows rising in shock. Kara then face palms.

“Here it comes.” She says. To my confusion, this makes Heather’s smile even wider. I look between them before asking.

“Ok, what am I missing here?” I look at Heather for my answer.

“Well since we can’t go to bed…” she says with a rather cheeky grin. “why don’t we hit up one of these clubs that you should be frequenting?” she finishes with a relish. I feel my face redden quickly. I had work in the morning. Kara gives a soft kind of whine.

“Common Heather I am soaked and no matter what you say I -am- tired. Not to mention that unlike you, I don’t have a million shoes. The only other things that I could wear are my flip-flops.” She complains… I can’t help myself. I look down at her feet again. This really was going to be a problem… my father instincts were not stopping my foot fetish from taking over my thoughts. I just couldn’t help but notice how soft her feet looked, how cute her toes were right now with her feet side by side… My foot fetish had always been very strong… their mother had quite enjoyed it… I wondered if that was genetic…Nononono. I tear my eyes away from her feet again.

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