Subject: BATTING CLEAN UP CHAPTER 1 BATTING CLEANUP CHAPTER 1 The following story is about adult/child sexual material. It also contains child/child sexual material. If you are offended or not old enough to read this material, please do not read. Please consider providing Nifty with a donation in order for this uncensored material to continue to have a home. Without Nifty, we would have nothing to look forward to. I would love to know your thoughts about the story and any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The day of the baseball draft for my Little League had finally arrived. This would be my first year at playing on the Little League level. I had played 3 years in Minor League, starting when I was 7 and now I was finally old enough to play with the older boys. Our Little League program is only open to boys who are 10, 11 and 12. My name is Maxwell, my friends call me Max. I just turned 10 years old and I live with my mother. My father left us when I was a baby and I do not have any brothers or sisters. Like most 10 year old boys, I am not that tall. I barely measure up to 4 feet 5. I do not weigh that much, maybe 70 pounds at the most. I have blond hair with a mix of brown hair. My mom told me that when I was a little boy, my hair was totally blond but now it is mostly blond but some brown as well. My eyes are dark blue. Everyone tells me that I am a very cute boy and I certainly agree with them. I just started the 5th grade and some of the girls in my class want to be friends with me but I really don’t care that much for girls. I have plenty of boy friends in my school and I rather spend my time with them so we can talk about sports, especially baseball. The girls never have anything interesting to talk about. I get bullied sometimes and I wish that I knew how to fight but I try to keep away from them so that I don’t get hit. I had to give my lunch money to a bully last year and he finally got beat up by another bully. He never bothered me again, I guess he thought that I had told on him to the other bully…but I did not do that. I get out of school at 2PM and I am usually home by 2:30PM. When I get home I watch my favorite cartoon show, Family Guy. I also like to watch F is for Family. It’s another cartoon show and it has a boy and I always like it when he is featured. We have Netflix and I found some TV shows that I really like. Lost In Space is really cool and I like the boy who plays Will Robinson. His name is Maxwell, just like mine. Tonight was going to be a really special night izmit escort bayan for me. I was told that after the draft took place for my Little League, the coach for my team would be calling me and letting me know what team I was drafted on. We had our try outs last Saturday and all the coaches were there to watch us try out. They had me run around the bases as fast as I could and then they watched me as I played catch with another boy. Then they put me in the infield at third base and hit me a bunch of grounders to see if I could field and throw the ball to first base. I am a pretty good athlete and I did a good job. Finally, they had me swing at pitches to see if I had any power. I hit a few ground balls pretty hard that nobody could catch and I was happy with my try out. Now I just had to wait. When my mother got home, she started making dinner for us. This was pizza night and she had frozen pizza that she got out of the freezer and popped it into the oven. After dinner, we watched some TV. I kept looking at her cell phone hoping that it would ring . A couple of times it did but it was just friends of my moms. Finally, at 8:30PM the phone call came in from my new coach. His name is Mr. Don. I thought is was strange for a person to have a last name of Don. He is the manager of the Braves and he told my mother that I was the very first pick of all the 10 year olds and I would be playing on his team. While my mother was taking the call, I was standing next to her with my fingers crossed and jumping up and down dying to know what team I was on and how high up I was picked. To be number ONE was amazing. Before she hung up the phone, she handed it to me and told me Mr. Don would like to speak to you. “Hello” I said “Hi Maxwell, this is Coach Don” ” You can call me Max if you wish Mr. Don” ” OK Max. I just want to let you know that you will be on my team, the Braves. I selected you with my first pick. You really impressed me with your athletic skills last Saturday” He said “AWESOME” I replied “Our first practice is at 5PM tomorrow afternoon. I’ll see you at the park” “Thanks Mr. Don. I’ll be there early. I am so excited” I gave the phone to my mom and she had a big smile. She congratulated me on being the first pick for 10 year olds. I told her I needed to be at the park at 5pm. The park was only 3 blocks from my house so if she was not home on time, I could just walk to the park. For the rest of the night, I watched TV with my mom but it was hard for me to concentrate on the TV show because I was so excited. izmit eve gelen escort “You better get to bed Max, it’s almost 10 and you have a big day tomorrow” Mom said. I kissed her good night and headed off to my bedroom. In my room, I have a single bed that is plenty big for me. In fact, it is big enough for me and another person to sleep in. I have a rack on my wall and it has 5 trophies that I have won in baseball over the past 5 years. I started playing when I was 7 and got a trophy each year for 7, 8 and 9. I also made all stars when I was 8 and again at 9 and I had two extra trophies for being on the all star team. I also had two trophies for basketball for the past two years. Next to the trophies are three ribbons that was given to me for winning events on track day at school. I won all three ribbons in running events against other boys in other classes. Some were even older than me. On my wall, I have several posters of my favorite baseball players. I have Mike Trout, Albert Puhols and Derrick Jeter . On the other side of the room , I have posters of Lebron James and Steph Curry. On my dresser top, I have some baseballs. For every homerun that I have ever hit, I have the ball. There are 8 of those for my 3 years in Minor League. I sat on the edge of my bed looking at my posters and trophies and dreamed about how some day I would be on a poster myself and hanging on the wall in some boys bedroom. I slipped out of my pants and took my shirt off. I hung them in my closet and walked into my bathroom. I have a huge mirror on my bathroom door and I like to stand in front of the mirror and look at my body. I stood in just my Fruit of the Looms and put my hands on my chest and slowly moved my hands down to my undies. I put my fingers on the elastic band and slowly pulled the elastic band lower. I kept pulling the elastic lower until it was just above my penis. I liked how my belly was so flat and then all of a sudden I could see my penis just starting to show. I lowered it some more and looked at the shaft of my boy penis. I wondered how much longer I would have to wait to be able to see some hairs around my penis. I was totally bald except for a few very tiny blond hairs just above my penis. I pulled the underwear down to my knees and just admired my naked body in front of the mirror. I looked at my testicles and how they sat perfectly in their little ball sack. One ball was slightly lover than the other ball. On the sack skin, I could see tiny little blond hairs, izmit otele gelen escort just like the ones around my dick. My penis was soft and it was only about 3 inches. I knew that because I had measured it the day before while standing in front of the mirror. I measured from the base against my skin to the tip of my penis. After measuring it, it started to get hard and I measured it again. This time it was a little over 4 inches when it got hard. While looking at my penis it began to enlarge. I watched it act like a snake, going from soft and being limp to slowly growing and starting to rise on it’s own. It finally stuck straight up in the air. I flexed my muscles a few times and watched as my penis flexed up and down. When I flexed my penis, my testicles would also move. I could see the two little balls moving up each time I squeezed. I am circumcised and the head of my penis is a perfect bell shape. While standing looking at myself, I touched the tip of my penis on my circumcised head and felt around the head. I liked running my finger around the head, it always felt good doing that. I moved my hand to my balls and cupped them into my hand and held my balls and penis in my hand. I let my balls go and watched as they dropped. I put my fingers around the shaft of my penis and slowly began to go up and down on the shaft. I learned how to do that last year when I was 9 and I loved the feeling I got when I did it. I had heard other boys at school talking about jacking off but I did not know what they were talking about. They talked about a feeling they got when they did it. I wondered what feeling they were talking about. Maybe it was how I felt when I touched my penis and moved it in my hand like I was doing. They never said how they got the feeling, they would just say that it happens when you play with your dick. I stood in front of the mirror holding my penis, moving my hand over it and enjoying the feeling. I just wished I knew if there was more that I could do that just holding it and moving it a little. While playing with my penis, my mind drifted to the phone call from Coach Don. I had heard other boys talking about the coaches and a couple of boys told me that Coach Don was gay and that he liked boys. I knew what gay was and I wondered if Coach Don liked to stand in front of a mirror and hold his dick. I never asked the boys how they knew that Coach Don was gay. I was not sure what they meant when they said he liked boys. Did that mean he likes being around boys or that he “likes” to do things with boys because he is gay. The more I thought about Coach Don, my dick seemed to get harder. I held my dick for a few more minutes and enjoyed feeling it. I pulled my underpants back up and went to bed. I kept my hand inside of my underwear, felling my penis and eventually fell asleep.

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