BBC In The Hospital

Big Tits

 I was startled awake by a nurse poking around my body. My eyes squinted open and focused on a name tag with the name Betty. I cleared my throat as Betty lifted my bed upright.”How are you feeling?” Betty glared at me.”I feel terrible,” I answered with a cough. I wasn’t kidding, I felt like shit.”You’re lucky the bullet didn’t shatter your shoulder bone. It’s just a flesh wound.”Suddenly images began to flash in my mind’s eye. I was walking out of the club with my white slut on my arm. Out of nowhere, a white boy pulled out a pistol and fired it at me. Evidently, he didn’t appreciate me fucking his wife on a regular basis and busted a cap in my ass. It seemed like a bad dream but nurse Betty seemed to be a cold reality.“How was your bath?” Betty’s voice wasn’t the friendliest. Her cold stare sent a shiver up my spine.“Alright. When do I get out of here?” I asked.Betty checked a chart, removed a tube stuck in my wrist, then pulled down my bed covers.“WHAT! On earth are you doing naked?” Her eyes were locked on my big black cock. “Where’s your underwear?”“I don’t know. I guess I’m going Kadıköy Escort commando,” I answered. I looked down and my hospital robe was pulled up to my stomach. I probably jerked off in my sleep but I had no idea where my briefs were.“Well, Mr. Commando, this is unacceptable. Didn’t nurse Amy make sure you put your underwear on after your bath?” Her face looked flush and her voice a bit flustered as she covered me.Yes, I remember nurse Amy. She gave me a sponge bath and I fucked her. It seemed like a wonderful dream but evidently it wasn’t just a dream.”Don’t remember,” I answered as she sat at a table and took down some notes. I was now awake enough to realize nurse Betty was an attractive lady. I noticed her diamond wedding ring.She stood up and walked to my side. I observed her nice breasts swaying under her top. Even with scrubs, I could tell she had a nice body under them. She was older than me. Maybe mid-thirties but I preferred mature women. Especially married white women because their sexual needs were not being met. Their pussies are tight, Kadıköy Escort Bayan hot, and wet. I felt my cock twitch.”Do you need anything before I go?”Some pussy was the answer that popped into my brain, but I resisted. “Could you help me to the bathroom?”She helped me out of the bed and curled her arm around my waist.I eased my foot forward. “I feel a bit light headed.” I faked a slight stumble.”Take your time.” She wrapped her arm around my waist tight and walked me to the bathroom.Since I had an arm in a sling, I asked nurse Betty a favor. “Could you hold my robe open?”She complied but turned her head to look away.With my free hand, I pulled my long thick cock out and pointed at the toilet and began to relieve myself.When I was finished I let my cock hang exposed. Nurse Betty flushed the toilet for me. “All better now!” Her voice was terse.“Help me wash?” I looked down at my swelling cock.She turned on the water and squirted my free hand with soap.“I’m horny as hell,” I moaned as I began to stroke the sudsy water along my hardening cock.“Good Escort Kadıköy Heavens.” She gasped as she grabbed a towel.“You’re a good looking lady,” I commented with my full hard on jutting skyward.”I’m married,” she answered with a quiver in her voice.”So am I but I’m horny as hell.” I stroked my glistening cock now its full ten inches of glory.Nurse Betty didn’t reply. She tried not to gawk but couldn’t help herself. She licked her lips as my throbbing ten inches of pussy stretching meat waited.”Promise you won’t say a word to anyone?” Nurse Betty had a sheepish expression. Her face was red with either embarrassment or shame. She dropped to her knees with her face only inches from my cock and balls.”I don’t say shit, now suck my cock, slut.” I knew nurse Betty would feel confused. Her body betraying her high morals. Being called a slut was something new for her. It was exactly what Betty wanted and needed but could never admit. She’d never before acted on her desire but with my ten inches of hard cock in front of her, it was too much for her to resist.Nurse Betty began gobbling my cock and balls like a whore on steroids. She sucked each ball into her mouth then licked her way from the base of my cock up to the tip. She took as much cock into her mouth as she could until her gag reflex caused her to stop.I cupped my hand on the top of her head as if I was palming a basketball.

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