Beachfront Property Ch. 04


Carol sat with her knees under her on one corner of the couch, her laptop resting on her naked thighs, and called Lisa over.

“Come take a look, I found out more about that property for you.”

Lisa sat down, leaning over Carol’s shoulder to view the screen, displaying the real estate listing for the property they’d seen from the beach. It was a bank foreclosure, and had been sitting unpurchased for five years. Included on the property were a dozen single bedroom cabins, some recreation areas, a large pool, and many other amenities. The former resort sat on a beautiful five acre lot, with decent access to the road, and leading directly onto the nude beach.

The asking price was shockingly low, undoubtedly due to it’s long time on the market, and the limited pool of likely buyers.

“Can we get in and take a look?”

“I can contact the bank’s agent, see if we can get access. I’ll send an email to them in a few minutes if you like. What are you thinking? Feeling like going full time into the nudist business?”

Lisa thought about it. While she was enjoying her life of leisure, mainly because of her new-found circle of friends, she was beginning to feel like she should do more with her time.

“I might be. It depends on what we can make of it I guess.”

“Okay then. I’ll see what I can arrange.”

Lisa asked for the link, pecked Carol on the cheek, and turned on her computer. In a few minutes, she was deeply engrossed in looking at everything on the listing. Carol sent her more information from town records, and the evening disappeared into a long research session.

The next day, while Carol was at work, she grabbed her camera and a few other items and to the property to see what she could find from public spaces. When she got to the address, she was disappointed to see that the gate was locked. She drove on a bit further until she found a small lot overlooking the beach and parked.

She grabbed her camera bag and headed back down the road to the closed resort. Before long, it occurred to her that the cars honking as they drove by, might just be reacting to her state of attire.

She laughed as it dawned on her that she’d spent so much time naked in the last couple of months, that she really didn’t occur to her to get dressed at times. Luckily, this area was a well known nudist destination, and there was probably less of a concern with naked pedestrians here than she’d find elsewhere.

Finally, she arrived at the closed entrance. She took out her camera, and began taking pictures of everything she could see from the road. It wasn’t much, as she was sure that the site tried to be somewhat discreet, but it gave her a good idea of what was there. The big sign at the entrance no longer had a name on it, but was covered with a large “for sale” sign.

She turned back until she got to the entrance to a public staircase leading down to the beach. There were signs warning people that they would encounter nude sunbathers, so she decided to take a selfie in front of it to send to her friend Tami back home. She held her phone in a way to show both the sign and her fully nude body. She wrote a quick text to accompany the picture, “Wish you were here!” and sent it off.

Heading down the stairs, she was able to see a lot more of the property than they saw from the beach, and she took pictures as she went down. For the most part, the site looked in good condition, if a little neglected from lack of occupants. She felt like it was a good sign.

At uşak escort the bottom, she began taking pictures through the fence, doing her best to capture as much information as she could about the place. She turned around, and took a number of pictures up and down the beach as well, just to give an understanding of how good the location was. When she was finished, she headed up, and back to her car.

Back at home, she downloaded all the pictures, and began organizing them and taking notes. Her phone chimed with an incoming message.

OMG, that’s great. I wish I was there too. It’s cold right now.

Beautiful and warm here 🙂 Oh, and that beach is right below my house

She got up from her desk, and went out on the deck. She took another selfie, this time showing the beach below her deck.

Do you EVER wear clothes? HAHA

Barely. I don’t think I’ve had anything on other than to go to the store since I got here. I can’t tell you how good it feels. I actually forgot I was naked when I was walking alongside the road earlier.

Well don’t get arrested!

Her phone started vibrating, and she saw it was Greg calling. She answered, and he said he had some free time to come over and look at the shower whenever she was available. They arranged a time, and Lisa headed back to her desk, deeply involved in her new project.

Some time later, her doorbell rang and she got up to answer it. Greg stood at the door, wearing a tee shirt and cargo shorts, carrying a toolbox.

“Don’t feel like you have to dress up for me.” He said, grinning.

“Hi Greg, come on in!”

She led him through the house to the back deck, feeling his eyes on her backside the whole time.

“I really appreciate it. I’ll leave you to it. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Sure thing.”

She sat back down, continuing to go through the photos, building a larger idea of how the site was laid out. She received an email from Carol, letting her know she was getting the keys to the property from the bank’s agent later in the day. She sent a response back, and went back to work.

Greg came in and let her know the shower was fixed.

“Care to give it a test drive?”

“So quickly? Thanks so much! Hang on a second, I want to call Sylvia for something.

When Sylvia answered, she looked directly at Greg and grinned.

“Hi Honey, I’ve got Greg here, and he just rescued my poor shower from whatever was wrong with it. Do you mind if I reward him properly?”

“Ha! I’ve never seen him so eager to go do some work. Have fun!”

Lisa put down the phone, and with a mock serious tone told Greg he was violating the house rules.

He looked puzzled for a second.

She sighed, and said “no clothes in the house.”

“Ah!” he replied, and began removing his clothes.

“I see you’re pretty sweaty from all that hard work. I think we need to test out your handiwork.”

Lisa led Greg to the back deck, and turned on the shower. She pulled him gently under the cascading water, and began caressing his hairless body. Soon she found his penis, and felt it hardening from her attention.

She knelt down, feeling the water running down her back, and took his cock into her mouth, applying a steady suction as she did so. She felt it stiffen further, as she opened her throat, taking the full length in. Greg groaned, placing a hand on either side of her face, as he flexed his buttocks, trying to go ever deeper in her throat.

Lisa pushed uşak escort bayan him away, and stood up. She turned her back to him, placing her forearms on the back of the shower enclosure, arched her back, spreading her feet to give him better access from behind. He guided his hard cock to her pussy, and while holding her hips, thrust hard and deep into her. She cried out at the sudden sensation, and urged him to go harder! deeper!.

Greg pumped into her, the wet slap of their bodies connecting together, a cadence ending in grunts and moans from both of them. Lisa came hard, screaming her pleasure as he pounded harder.

He pulled out of her, and growled, “on your knees.”

She stepped out of the shower, and sank to the deck, her mouth open in anticipation. She could taste herself on his hard cock, and she pumped hard and fast, until his body started to go rigid.

“Your face.” He said.

She pulled his cock from her mouth, still using her hand to pump it furiously, her lips open and a hungry look on her face. In moments, he stiffened and groaned, as he shot ropes of semen across her face, into her mouth, and all over her breasts.

When he was finished, she looked up with a grin and said, “that was amazing, I think I’ll need the shower again.”

“Let me get a picture for Sylvia first.” Greg said.

He went and got his phone, and took a couple of pictures. When he was finished, they got back under the water, and washed up.

Lisa’s phone buzzed. Lisa walked over to her desk and checked her messages.

You look well fucked. 🙂

omg yes…thanks again.

Greg walked over and asked about the pictures of the resort.

Lisa showed him everything she had on the property, saying that she and Carol were going to check it out and maybe bid on it.

“You remember I’m a construction manager, right? Do you want me there to help evaluate things?”

“Sure, but I would have to pay you, like actual money.”

They talked a bit further, outlining a plan, and agreeing that Greg would provide a report, and she would pay him a set fee. Once Carol had the keys, they would arrange a day for the inspection.


A couple of days later, keys in hand, Lisa and Carol drove over to the resort entrance. As Carol was a real estate agent, the banks representative was happy to just give her the keys, and allow them to access the property unaccompanied. They’d arranged for Greg to meet them there.

Carol got out of the car and unlocked the gate. At Lisa’s prodding, she’d left her clothes back at the house, and both of them were viewing the property “in the spirit it was intended,” according to Lisa.

She got back into the car, and they drove down a gravel road, that wound down to a parking lot just above beach level. They got out of the car, with cameras in hand and started looking around. Before they left the parking area, Greg pulled in.

He called out a greeting to the women, and got out of his car.

“I like they way you all think!” he said.

He opened the hatch on his SUV, got undressed and grabbed a small bag of tools he thought might be necessary. The three of them spent the next several hours looking in each building, and examining the general state of the property.

When they were finished, they agreed to send all the photos they’d taken, and that Greg would provide them with a property report in about a week’s time.


Lisa escort uşak nervously looked at the report, as it would be a make or break moment on whether this would a sound investment.

She opened the binder, and read the summary with a feeling of relief. Greg’s conclusion on the state of repair around the property was generally positive. While there were obvious things that would need to be fixed or replaced, overall, it wasn’t going to be an enormous effort to get it to a state they could open. The bank had clearly kept their investment from going completely derelict.

He’d outlined items in several areas of priority, and even included a list of ideas for improvement down the road. Each section was itemized with general costs for the work. It was a very professional and thorough report.

Lisa called him back and thanked him for the hard work, and invited him and Sylvia to dinner in order to talk about it further, as well as to pay him.

A couple of evenings later, the four of them sat around the table out on the deck, enjoying a nice bottle of wine and discussing the property. When the table was cleared, she went inside and grabbed four packets of information, outlining her proposal.

Lisa had concluded that she could afford to buy it, but that she simply would not be able to run it all on her own. So the packets contained information for her friends, inviting them to join her in partnership on the resort.

“Don’t answer right away, but take this away and give it a good thought. I think it’s a sound business plan, and I’d love to partner with the three of you. Well, four, since I also plan to a packet to my friend Tami.”

“Tami?” Sylvia asked.

“Yes, she’s a friend of mine going back to high school. She’s a web designer and a marketing whiz. I think she could help a lot with getting us a clientele. I think she’d be interested.”

The evening wound down, and Greg and Sylvia left promising to talk it over and let her know their thoughts. Carol helped her clean up, and they headed to bed.

As she lay there curled around Carol, she asked the question. “Are you in?”

Carol stroked her hair, and in a quiet voice, said “of course.”


Lisa was on the edge of her seat as she saw the call was from Sylvia. She nervously answered, not sure what to expect.

“Hi Honey, I’ll cut the suspense. Greg and I talked it over, and we’re interested, but we have some questions. We don’t have a lot of money, so I’m not sure how we could help with the investment. We also want to understand what that would mean for our roles in the resort.”

Relief flooded over her, knowing they hadn’t rejected her out of hand. She outlined that the money wasn’t the biggest part, although there would need to be loans, as she still had a substantial amount of money that she’d moved there with. What she needed was people to help run the place, and to share in it’s success. She didn’t want to be their boss, but rather a partner.

They agreed to work out the details, and to find the right people to make it a company.


Hi Tami —

I really want you to move down here and join us in this crazy venture. The attached documents are all the information we’ve compiled on the resort I told you about. I’ve got three partners already, and I’d love to have you be part of this.

When you’re finished reading it, and we can discuss more.




Hi back!

You’re crazy, you know that right? In any event, give me about a month to clear things up around here, and I’m in.

Love you too,



It was good to have a purpose. Papers were signed. Offers accepted. They were on the way.

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