Beautiful Gay Story


Beautiful Gay StoryBeautiful Gay StoryBy: Londebaaz Chohan I do not know, if I was really a bookish student, lucky, blessed or what but soon after college, when I needed a job, I got a very good job in the public sector of Rockwell County Government, as an executive Manager; works department. Less than 2 months ago I was a student of Public Policy and Government Affairs at one of the top most Universities in the North Eastern United States and now soon after graduation, my first job in Colorado State on the west coast of USA. Wow!! The salary was far beyond any fresh college graduate could get but the fringe benefits and perks were like endless with 401 K, residence, multiple allowances, insurances, almost a squad of cars, drivers and more. As I was moving my residence from East coast to the West coast, I was given the moving expense too. I was asked to join immediately because of the certain projects needed immediate attention because the previous employee had resigned, over a month ago. Now, though he was gone but as per rules, he had not yet vacated the residence, which I was to take over after another 2 months and so I was put in a very posh hotel near the office and told that either I could stay in the hotel till the house was vacated, cleaned and my households and furniture arrived or I could be assigned some other residence but there was no guarantee that the house vacant and available shall be as nice or as big. Anyhow; I was residing in the hotel for the last about one week or even less and the weekend was on. As a daily routine, I came down from my room, picked up the newspaper and sat in the lobby with a cup of coffee perking on the corner table in the hotel lobby, before walking in the dining area for the breakfast. As I opened the paper, I think, I saw the picture of Ethan Curzio. We were in the college together for little over one year before he went to some other college. Ethan was shown at a public meeting of the county, captioned as senior manager, in the works department. Oh! was he supposed to be my subordinate; I could not say because the get together, breakfast meeting for the management staff had not yet taken place. It was almost 5 years since, I and Ethan had not met and lost contact all together. It was not easy to recognize him in that picture, because the quality of the photograph plus the black and white, news print. As a matter of fact, for that freshman year, we could not even be called casual friends and then in the sophomore year we shared the same dorm room for a few months before Ethan left for some other college. I recall, the first time, I saw him as I walked down the hall of the Ewing Dorm building and he just wandered by as we crossed each other. His heavy 6’ 2” frame, pitch black thick hair and real green eyes pierced into my soul forever to remember Ethan. Although I discovered later that he was the champion of the track and field events but even, seeing him for the first time in the layers of the clothes, I could tell; he was an athlete. Wide and thick muscular shoulders, narrow waist of about 30”. I could not take my eyes off his taut ass buns held tight with the CK briefs as he walked surely towards the bathroom. Of course unbeknown to him, I was enthralled by his body. It is embarrassing to confess but I know, many a times we crossed each other and he said, “Good morning or Hi”, I just did not answer because, I was always concentrating on his body; if I noticed him coming towards me. I was kind of so bewildered by his physique, during the freshman year that I observed his schedule quite closely for getting lucky to be in the showers at the same time güvenilir bahis when he was there to eye him through the side of my eye, as he soaped his naked body. He never reacted but I had a hunch that he knew that I was watching him and he never hesitated to put a kind of show for me. These shower scenes made me very horny and I fantasized fucking his perfect ass globes for the relief. I would always go to my room and jerkoff. I must have done it every day, thinking of his ass as mine, next to me. Truly, I wanted to plunge my cock in his ass hole more lustily, more desperately than I had ever fucked any boy so far. I wish, I was not under his spell and had made some move to fuck him but it did not happen all throughout the first semester. Immediately after the 2nd semester began, I got a job in the college library. We did not share any classes or subjects but he would show up at the library and we started to talk a little. I think, it was a Memorial day long weekend but I do not remember it now for sure. The dorm rooms were mostly vacant because the boys had gone home except for those like me, who lived at a far distance or who had to complete and hand over the assignments.I remember, I had to work little longer hours because the guy who was supposed to relieve me called and excused for being late for couple of hours. I came to my room, quickly undressed, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for showers. I was so glad to use all the hot water, I could. I mixed the water, lightly pinched my sexy nipples and got under the water. As if I was dreaming and had not noticed, but Ethan turned and I saw his face as I began lathering the front of my body, my cock and balls. A sudden stir was felt in my cock with surging sexual desires. His ass was towards the wall and his good 6”, thick, cut cock was clearly visible curving over his shaved balls. Soon Ethan, turned the water off, uttered a quick hello, stepped out of the showers and I saw him take his towel, off the hook, wrap and walk out of the bathroom with a door slam.Thankfully, my cock had inflated some but I was glad that it deflated also as quickly. I rinsed off, shut the water, dried myself and wrapped the towel to get to my room and rest a while. I entered the room, took off the towel to reach for my sleeping shorts at the top of the chest, suddenly realizing that someone was in my bed. Standing naked there, it did not take long for me to realize that I was in the wrong room. I quickly turned to leave but bumped hard into the bed, making the guy in the bed to turn his face and look up. O’ my fucking Lord!! I announced that I was in a wrong room but my voice did not come out loud enough as I saw Ethan in the bed. “C’mon, Benjamin” I heard Ethan speak. “Let me see what you got there”. His words made me realize that I had dropped my towel and was totally naked in front of his eyes and quickly bended to pick up the towel. Ethan had sat up by now and he got my towel before me. The window in the back of the room facing the huge parking lot was open and lots of light was coming in the room. Next moment his arms reached to my thighs, pulling me towards him. I knew there was no chance to resist and get away, plus I was kind of hoping to have it my way and did not put up any struggle. Suddenly as I thought, that I shall be having it my way with Ethan, Adrenaline began pumping and I saw him inspecting my semi hard ass ripping muscle.The thought of sliding his warm mouth, up and down my shaft was exciting me, when he just went for the kill, announcing, “Ben, you are going to get a blowjob of your lifetime”. He sounded as excited as I türkçe bahis was. I moved very close to the edge of the bed. He took position on his knees, on the bed; in front of me and engulfed my veins ridden yard of beef. My cock responded very anxiously to the warm wetness of his mouth reaching its full 8” length in no time. Ethan did not seem to be impressed with the humongous length and thickness, further decorated with swollen veins as he ran his tongue playfully from the eye of the monster, stretched out of the foreskin, down to the balls. As he continued to take my full length in his moist warm mouth, I could easily realize my clean shaved pubes rubbing hard and bruising his upper lip. He was kneading my balls with one hand and with the other was massaging my length, while wrapping and tongue coaxing my rock solid cock. My hands were busy too, across his chest teasing his nipples and also slipping down to find his crotch area. He too, had a massive piece there; making it absolutely impossible to close my fingers around it. His cock length, I realized; was not even close to mine but the girth and the volume of balls, the overall flawless smoothness was exceptional. I realized that having spent countless hours gazing it in the showers was not at all a waste. I cannot say since when I had not had sex, so it was getting exceedingly difficult to hold back the load from exploding and I had to hold Ethan from the back of his head and neck to guide and even control him sucking my cock.I had no intention that Ethan should stop all together but he did as he felt my thigh muscles tightening up and mistook it that I was going to feed him my essence. The bastard, instead of pumping my cock harder and providing me the relief by building my explosion, he did the opposite. Anyhow, I grunted as hard and loud as I could but successfully edged to keep my balls over loaded as he removed his mouth. Right then, I heard him say, “Your turn now” and he pulled me to slide my body into the bed and his hard cock pressed against my stomach and chest. The big purple tip of his cock was touching my lips. I held my tongue out to lap the drop of his pre cum adhering to the underside of his helmet and slowly opened my mouth to accept the smooth, entire size. He let me savor and enjoy, feeling the bumps, bursting veins and more with my lips and tongue. I covered his blunt cock head with my tongue and drew it in my mouth and out again as his hips moved with a faster rhythm. I guess he could not endure the pleasure for more than a few minutes and shot his hot cream all over my face and hair and little in my mouth. I was a bit startled with his novice shooting of cum but I quickly wrapped my arms around his hip, holding him close and kept milking and sucking every possible drop from his deflating cock and also making his ass ready with my playful fingers. I could feel his puckered hole going insane as my 2 and then 3 fingers circled inside his bubble butt. His ass was pretty well lubricated from sweating as he ejaculated minutes ago, so it was quite easy to slip and move the fingers in circles to loosen him up. His varied ounhing and aahing, gasping and wheezing was clearly a cry for wanting my cock up his ass more than he had ever wanted a cock before. Playing safe, I wanted to make sure that he was ready for my cock inside him and just uttered, “Fuck you Ethan”. As if he was only longing to hear the words; he pushed backwards to free his cock from my mouth and flipped to drop me on my back, making my flesh missile jet straight up in the air like a utility pole from my groin. With the same rapid motion, he squatted güvenilir bahis siteleri over me and lowered his ass onto the throbbing, waiting side of beef. I raised my hips slowly, until the connection was established and all of my glorious inches wedged in him causing both of us to sigh in pleasure. Surprisingly, Ethan was not very tight and soon he was working his hole around in circles causing a corkscrew effect on my cock, making me enjoy the new heights of ass fucking bliss. “Ride my pole” was my demand while Ethan was repeating himself for me to ram it up his ass. After about good 10 minutes, Ethan changed into doggy position affording me the chance to fuck him with rough riding him from behind. This being my favorite position to fuck, I was spanking his wobbly ass buns while slamming and jamming balls deep hard and fast in his dirt den. He was vigilant to squeeze his ring as I pulled back causing me intense friction and making my cock sensitive and then relaxing a bit as I dunked in. Soon we had established a nice pace of motion, making me penetrate him with long and slow strokes as he brought his hips back making his ass all sheathed around my dicktator. Sweat was running down both of our backs as we fucked with vengeance and furor. Soon Ethan dislodged his hole from my fucking cock and now he was on his back just like a 5-dollar whore on the street would like to be. His ass was already gaping a little, I saw as he raised his legs up to put on my shoulders. I moved in closer, making Ethan’s hips to move up, off the bed, which almost folded his body in half and his knees were touching his ears. His ass hole was raised in the air, much easier to breach and fuck. He begged to let him suck me for a minute or so and then I felt the need to fuck him.Soon again, we were fucking hard and moaning, appreciating each other’s effort. Ethan surprised me for the first time during the session, when he put his arms around my neck and pulled me down to lock his lips with mine. O’ my God! I love to kiss but I had not attempted to kiss Ethan because in my personal experience, most men did not hesitate to take my cock in their mouth but they did not like to kiss mouth to mouth with other men and I did not want to compel anybody. Now we were truly fucking and kissing. I could imagine tasting my own cock and his ass on his lips while it drove me to fuck Ethan with more vehemence and passion at the same time. Naturally, that was like the last straw and now after enjoying marvelous gay sex with Ethan, I was ready to climax and fill his ass with my fresh sperm. Ethan realized the urgency in my balls as my cobra got even stiffer and thicker inside his ass and squirting started deep inside his bowels until his ass could hold no more and the excess spilled onto the bed sheets. As my balls were emptied, and he had licked me clean, we thanked each other and Ethan said, “Would you mind to share the room with me, starting the next semester, instead of checking the room number each time you enter”. I agreed, but Ethan only stayed in that college for only few months and then left for somewhere, I had no knowledge of. I sat with my coffee and finished reading the news article about Ethan, reliving the old dorm room incidence and also trying my best to calm down my cock starting to stir to life in my pants. I had decided to make sure to attend the next managerial meeting but highly double minded whether to rekindle my sexual relations with Ethan or play it by the ears and have a feel what life style, Ethan was living and take it from there. Nobody could be luckier than I am. I was at that post for 3 years and don’t recall a single day when Ethan would not be available to me for sex play as my boy toy until we were both transferred hundreds of miles apart once again by the authorities.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan May 8, 2019.

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