Becki’s Story


It was time again to pay for books and tuition at State College. For Becki, a nineteen year old sophomore, it was always a stressful time but this semester it was even more so. She had lost her job last month and had not been able to pay the bill that was due in one week. She was frugal but jobs were hard to come by and tuition had gone up again.

Becki sat in her apartment talking to her friend Ashlee about her troubles.

“How am I going to stay pay? I can only cover half the tuition.”

“Take out a loan like the rest of us do,” replied Ashlee.

“You know my dad ruined my credit and no one will give me a cent. I’m maxed on financial aid and federal loans, but I’m still $1,500 short.”

“Take a semester off and come back when you can afford it.”

“I can’t do that, once I leave here I know I’ll never come back.” A tear came to Becki’s eye; she had studied hard and gotten good grades in high school to get out of her hick town and the horrible trailer park in which her family lived. Now it looked like she was going to have to return to the trailer park, a failure.

Ashlee stood, gave Becki a hug and left her alone to reflect on her future.

Later that evening, Becki was applying for a job at a local diner when she overheard some men talking about all the money their friend has spent at a strip club in the next town. She thought to herself that she could take off her clothes for money. The town the men were talking about was almost an hour drive away and no one would ever have to know.

The next morning Becki got up, put on her nicest outfit; a pair of jeans that accentuated her nice firm round ass and legs along a loose fitting low cut blouse that showed some cleavage but not enough to be considered slutty. Becki had firm round B cup breasts with light areola and nipples that pointed slightly upwards when she got excited. Her brunette hair fell just to her shoulders and she was often referred to as “cute.”

Becki was hopeful during the drive, but after the first two clubs told her she could not dance well enough and her “baby fat” would be a turn off to customers, she began to feel like returning home was her only option. At the third club, Roger the manager told her to put on a tiny little bikini and “show her stuff.”

Becki put on the bikini and started dancing until Roger stopped her.

“Bitch, why are you wasting my time? You got a nice rack and ass but that belly will make the guys run out of here so quick that I’ll be bankrupt in a week.”

“It’s just a couple extra pounds, I’m not fat or anything and I can learn to dance.”

“I get college girls like you in here all the time. I don’t need to hire one that turns my stomach. Try Bernie’s, he doesn’t have any standards.”

Becki was not fat by any means but she did have a little bit of a belly like many girls her age. The couple of boys who had seen her naked, did not have a problem with it – why does this jerk.

She got dressed and decided to go talk to Bernie in hope of finding a job and save her college dreams.

Bernie’s was not as nice as the other escort şişli places she had been to but it was just off the main road and was an easier drive back to campus. She walked into the door and asked to speak with Bernie.

A short squat man in his fifties come out of the office and looked her up and down.

“What do you want?” he said in a gruff voice.

“I’m looking for a job. I heard you are hiring.”

“Go see Jane and come back onto the stage.”

Jane gave Becki a bikini similar to the ones she had worn in the other clubs. She stepped out on stage and started to dance.

Bernie said, “Take off the top and show me those tits.”

Becki removed the bikini top slowly, a little shy and hesitant. Telling herself; “My college life depends on this.”

Bernie smiled and said, “Now the bottoms, let me see your cunt and ass.”

Becki was stunned by the language but figured she had to get used to it if this is how she was going to earn her way through college. Becki removed the bottom, turning slowly showing her naked body to a man she had just met a couple minutes ago. Her pussy hair was trimmed slightly and was the same brunette color as her shoulder length hair.

“Nice ass and tits, too bad you can’t dance.”

“Sir, I really need a job I have bills due or they are going to kick me out of college.”

“I don’t need any dancers but I could use a new special guest hostess.”

“What would I have to do?”

“Anything the special guests want. We split the money.”

“You mean I would have to have sex for money?”

Bernie smiled, “You choose what you do. You can make over $500 a weekend night and you can start tonight.”

Becki had only had sex a couple times and was not sure she wanted to go this far to keep her college dream alive. Then the thought of her older sister came to her mind; three years her senior with two kids and a dead end job. Becki nodded and went back into the dressing room. She was told to return at 8PM and bring a sheer negligee with her.

Becki came back at 8PM and was told to go into a small room where a bed, night table and chair were the only furniture. Becki had gone shopping for a negligee because she did not own one like Jane had described to her. It was purple sheer that laced up the front and barley covered the matching sheer panties. Her pubic hair and breasts were barely hidden by the garment. She sat in the chair, scared but determined to earn enough money to stay in college.

Her first customer was an older man that sat on the bed.

“You new here?”

“Yes, just started today.”

“Come sit next to me.”

Becki moved slowly and sat next to the man.

He pulled his cock out, “Give it a good stroke.”

Becki hesitated and took his cock in her hand; it immediately sprung to life in her soft hand. She started to slowly stroke his cock and he started rubbing one of her firm breasts through the negligee. She stroked faster as her nipples hardened under his touch. Suddenly he grunted and she felt the warmth of his cum on her hand. Becki grabbed besiktas escort a washcloth and wiped the mess like Jane had told her. The man stood, dropped a fifty dollar bill on the bed and left the room.

Becki’s next two customers were the similar. She had made $75 in just over an hour and all she had to do was jerk off a couple of old guys. She began to think this job wouldn’t be so bad.

After sitting alone for thirty minutes Bernie entered the room and told her they had a special request that would pay $500. She was stunned about making that kind of money and Bernie had told her earlier that no one was allow to spend more than an hour in the room, so she was thinking $250 for a hour’s work. In one night she would have the money for her books the next semester.

“Ok, send him in.” Becki said.

Bernie opened the door and two men in their early 30s entered the room. The introduced themselves as John and Jake; obviously fake names.

Once the door was closed both men quickly stripped revealing toned bodies that come from physical occupations. From Becki’s limited experience their cocks looked a little bigger than average but not huge like she had heard some of her friends talk about.

“On your knees, whore!” John ordered.

Becki dropped to her knees, two semi-hard cocks only inches from her face. She took both in her hand and started jerking them like she had done with her other customers.

“Suck those cocks!” one of the men ordered.

Becki continued to jerk one cock and took the head on the second in her mouth. She felt a hand on her head pushing her deeper onto the hardening cock. She gagged as he pushed his cock deep and pulled away. The other guy grabbed her head and pushed her mouth onto his cock. She alternated sucking the two cocks, gagging often as they tried to make her deep throat them. Becki had never done anything like this before and began to get scared as they pushed their cocks deep and held them as she gagged on them.

“Enough of this shit, get your ass up onto the bed.”

Becki stood and then sat on the bed. John untied her negligee and pushed it off her shoulders. He pushed her onto her back and climbed on top of her, his cock between her breasts.

“Push your tits together, I wanna titty fuck you.”

Becki pushed her breasts around his hard cock and he started stroking his cock between her tits.

“Lick the head” he said as he stroked and pinched her nipples. Becki stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his cock each time it came within range of her tongue.

She felt her panties being pulled down her legs and knew the time she dreaded was coming soon. A strange man would soon be fucking her. Her legs were pushed wide open and she felt the warmth of Jake’s mouth on her pussy. The surprise of him eating her made her gasp and she felt herself getting turned on by his soft gentle licks on her clit. He fingered her gently as he licked her clit, she knew she would cum soon if he kept going.

“This is a sweet tasting cunt. Not like that used crap we normally get in here.”

“Let escort taksim me taste.” John swiveled around and started sucking her clit hard as Jake stood and started sucking and nibbling on Becki’s erect nipples. John fingered her wet pussy roughly with two fingers while he licked her engorged clit. Becki could not help herself and squealed as she came.

“The whore just came. Shit man, she just came.”

Becki did not understand that most of the girls pretended to cum but rarely actually did.

Jake was laying on his back, his cock pointing straight up. “Get on top bitch. Ride me like a good little whore.”

Becki straddled Jake and slowly lowered herself onto his hard cock. She breathed deeply as he penetrated her slick pussy. Becki had not had sex in almost six months and Jake’s cock felt so good inside her. She was embarrassed that she was enjoying being used like this, but she kept thinking of the money.

Jake pulled her hips down, pushing all six inches of his cock into her. She moaned softly as she enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock in her inexperienced pussy. She slowly rocked her hips as Jake held her down and pulled her onto of him. He took a nipple into his mouth as she rocked back and forth on his hard cock. She had forgotten about John as she enjoyed Jake.

She felt John climb onto the bed and smack her ass. It hurt a little but not enough to take away the pleasure of Jake inside of her. She wondered how it would feel to fuck John after Jake was done. She had never been fucked more than once in a night.

To her surprise John spread her ass cheeks and started to finger her virgin asshole. With a finger in her ass, a cock in her pussy and John sucking her nipple, she lost control and came for a second time, her juices running down Jake’s cock.

John continued to finger her ass as John held her tight. John removed his finger and she felt something cold and oily being applied to her asshole. Then she felt John’s cockhead enter her virgin ass.

“No!” she protested.

John ignored her and slowly pushed his cock into her tight ass. He took it slow as the lube helped his cock slide into her smoothly. Becki winched in pain and tried to move away but Jake held her tight as John worked his cock into her ass.

Once her ass and pussy were filled with cock, the two men started to move in sync. Jake fucking her warm pussy and Jake violating her ass. It was obvious they had done this before. They picked up the pace and started fucking her two holes in earnest.

John was the first to cum and shot his load deep into her ass, then pulled out and rolled onto the floor. Jake rolled Becki onto her back and pushed her knees up to her shoulders. He fucked her pussy hard and deep for several more minutes making her cum a third time before exploding in her pussy.

Becki was spent. Her ass hurt and she had cum three times in the matter of an hour. The two men got dressed and started to walk out of the door.

Jake turned, “We are going to tell all our friends there is a sweet new cunt at Bernie’s. You are going to be a busy girl for the next couple of weeks.”

Becki got off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. As she looked in the mirror she looked into the eyes a whore who sold her body to pay for college, she only hoped it would be worth it on graduation day.

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