Becoming Emily – Part XIV

Becoming Emily – Part XIVAfter Paige and her Daddy left I cleaned up and decided to take a nap. I couldn’t help but think about the way that he held her after they first fucked and how, as a male, I had avoided that at all cost. When I was done I was done and if the girl was insistent upon staying I would just roll over and go to sleep. More often though I had tried to have a reason in place as to why they couldn’t stay or I couldn’t stay at their place. Even after I was turned into a female I hadn’t really sought out any sort of cuddling or emotional connection. It was all physical. Maybe that was the point of all this?That notion lasted for about as long as it took to actually think about it. My mind instead shifted to the yearning that was once again building up between my thighs. I texted Lilly but she said she was “hanging out with her brother”. I figured that that meant he was cock deep in her pussy which only made me hornier.Sasha had went away with Megan and I started thinking about how happy I was for the two of them but in the end I could only imagine them going at it. “Who’s doing who?” I thought aloud as I stretched out on my bed, my finger mindlessly strumming my clit. I grabbed a toy from my nightstand and shoved it deep into my needy little pussy.As I laid there pumping the fake cock in and out of my insatiable gash my mind began to flash back over all the sex I had had since I woke up that morning as a girl. Sasha, Megan, Daddy and Paige, the teacher, Roxie and her man, Lilly and Trent, the men at the club, the men at the Founder’s Club and of course Mitchell Ross. I closed my eyes and imagined them all there in my bedroom with me. The men stroking their cocks waiting for an open hole to shove themselves into, the women taking turns grinding their cunts to my face. I reached for another toy and buried it up my ass as I imagined being used by three men at once while everyone else cheered them on. As one dick came another would take it’s place or one of the girls would step up to lick my creamy hole before guiding another hard dick into my body. I was shaking uncontrollably and I was cumming, but almost as soon as my orgasm subsided I wanted it again. I looked down between my thighs at the lifeless silicone dicks and started to wonder if I would ever be satisfied. I picked them up, licked them clean then put them away. I needed the real thing.I glanced over at the clock totally expecting it to be evening. It was 1PM. Even after taking a long bath and making myself ready for any potential fun it was still just a little past 2PM. After Lily and then Daddy and Paige I guess I thought more time had passed. Where was I going to go get some cock at 2PM on a weekday? Daddy was my usual mid-day booty call but I had a feeling that that was done. I sent a text to Teacher but when he did finally text me back he said he was subbing at the high school and it was too cold to go trolling at the park. I decided to try to get in touch with Roxy and was disappointed to find out that she had to work and by the time I got to her place she would have to leave. Instead I asked her she thought I could get into the club. “I’ll make sure that you’re on the list” was the reply I got.It was almost 3PM and still way too early to head out to the club, I wasn’t even sure if people would be there at that time of day. I started thinking of ways to kill a couple of hours when the phone rang.“Hey s*s!” it was Sasha.“Hey. Where the hell are you?”“We decided to go away for a few days. Didn’t you get my message?” I had which was why I didn’t know why I asked where she was.“Oh yeah. So what’s up? I figured you’d be strap-on deep into Megan by now.”“Oh no, she brought her own.” She laughed but in my mind I was imagining my sister bent over getting pounded by Megan. Big bouncy tits going wild as she plowed into Sasha. I started touching myself. “I just started thinking and it dawned on me that it’s been almost 30 days since….you know.” I did know, well maybe not at first but I soon realized it.“Wow, I guess you’re right. I’ve kind of gotten so used to things now that I guess I forgot.” I didn’t tell her about how I had been forgetting more and more about my life as a male. About how that part of my past seemed more like some weird dream.“Well I’ll be back day after tomorrow. See you, or someone, then.”After hanging up with Sasha I kind of felt a bit of sadness. It was as if it felt like something was coming to an end….and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.Whatever sadness I had felt earlier was all but forgotten as I pulled up outside the club. In its place was an intense arousal. It was like my body knew what was in store for it even though the rest of me wasn’t exactly certain yet. One thing I did know was that there was a lot more cars in the lot this time so I just knew the place would be packed. When I stepped through the first set of doors I saw the same doorman from before only this time there was some blonde girl on her knees gagging on his huge black cock. “Um, hi? My name’s Emily. Roxy said I’d be on a list?” I wasn’t even sure if he heard me at first but he looked at me and smiled.“I remember you. Go ahead on in girl.” He pushed a button and the door clicked. I quickly stepped through and as it closed I heard him telling the girl on her knees how good her mouth felt.If the amount of cars in the parking lot wasn’t enough to tell me that the club was packed the site before certainly was. There had to easily be a hundred or more people in there! My eyes scanned the place and for the first time I noticed the alcoves along the walls. Some had curtains drawn but most were wide open and they were occupied with people having sex.“Baby!” Roxy shrieked as she ran up to me and pulled me tight. The feel of her against me snapped me from my sex induced haze. “Glad you made it, so good to see you again.” It felt like everyone was watching but in reality most were probably watching the action in the alcoves or on the dance floor.“I was worried that I was too early but it looks like I got here late.”“Oh hell, this is likely to go on all night. Come on, I’ll get you a drink.” I sat down at the bar at the only free chair. Roxy set a drink in front of me and smiled but was called away just as I was enjoying the site of her.“Hi there.” His voice stole my attention from watching Roxy and when I turned to look I found a strikingly handsome older man. His hair graying around the temples but it looked like he kept himself in great shape.“Hi.” “I’m Frank.” He extended his hand and I took it.“Emily.”“This your first time here Emily?” he asked and made no attempts to hide the fact that he was staring at my tits.“No, I was here once before but it wasn’t this wild.” I liked the way he was looking at me.“Yeah these kinds of party’s don’t happen very often but when they do they are fun. We always make sure to attend.”“We?” “My wife and I. She’s on the dance floor.” He pointed and I saw an older woman who was in phenomenal shape grinding against a much younger guy. She had his thigh between hers and it was clear that she was getting herself worked up. When she led the young guy off to one of the alcoves I wasn’t the least bit shocked.“So you’re totally cool with your wife and that guy?” “Of course! I mean that’s kind of the point of this place, isn’t it? Besides it’s not like I don’t have my share of fun.” His hand was slowly hatay escort bayan stroking my thigh and I knew I was going to fuck this guy’s brains out.I watched intently as Frank’s wife started giving her young stud a lap dance. His hands were roughly pawing at her and pull at her clothes to the point that she started to just get naked. She really was in great shape and as I watched her riding his stiff cock I could tell she was a great fuck.“Wow, she’s really going at it.” I almost moaned.“Yeah she does love the younger ones.” “How about you Frank, you like the younger ones too?” I was horny and I wanted a hard cock in me ASAP. Watching his wife screwing that hard cock was enough by itself but when you add in all the other fucking going on around me I was feeling left out and I just couldn’t let that happen.“MMMM I do. But I’m not as young as some of these guys and intend to be here a while.” His hand was getting closer and closer to my quickly wettening pussy. “But I’d love to fuck the hell out of you later Emily.” He growled at me.“Hey Dad” the words made both Frank and I look up.“Oh hey! Emily this is my son Eric. Eric this is my new friend Emily.” His hand was no longer closing in on my needy little cunt.Eric was a younger version of his father. He was handsome, and since he was currently shirtless I could see that he was trim and toned and something in my mind told me that he would be a good fuck too.“Hold my seat. I need to piss.” Frank instructed as he got up and waked towards the restrooms.“So um, you come here with your parents?” I tried to act cool about it but not sure if I was pulling it off.“Yeah” he laughed. “Why, you think that’s weird?” he took his father’s seat and just like Frank he too was staring at my chest.“Nope. I think it’s cool. Kind of hot actually.” I smiled.We chatted back and forth but it was mainly Eric telling me about how his parents are swingers and when he and his siblings turned 18 they gave them to opportunity to come to the club if they wanted. I was getting more and more excited and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. At one point I looked over to where Eric’s Mom was bent over getting pounded by one guy and another had joined in and was deeply fucking her mouth.“Damn.” I moaned.“What?” his eyes broke free of my tits and tuned into what I was seeing. “Looks like Mom started early.”I was biting my lower lip as I watched. Eric’s hand was in the same place his father’s had recently been but was much, much closer to my panty covered mound. My own hand had seemed to take it upon itself to reach over and start rubbing him through his pants. I was more than happy at what I felt.“So um, when your Dad gets back you wanna take me over and show me one of those alcoves?”“He can get his own fucking seat.” And with that he stood up, lifted me and carried me over to a booth just a few down from where his mother was getting railed.My little black dress was quickly stripped off of me and he had his hand in my panties finger fucking my soaked slit. Likewise I had his thick, throbbing cock in my hand and could already feel his pre-cum trickling down only letting go long enough to remove my bra and expose my tits to him.“Oh fuck those are fucking perfect!” he moaned but I was only concerned with his twitching cock and getting it in my mouth. I was fully aware of people watching as I sucked this guy’s dick and at one point I looked up to the bar and saw Frank smiling at me. “MMMM you ready to fuck me….Eric.” it at that moment that I realized that he had the same name as me, or at least the name I had a month ago. He reached to a small bowl and pulled out a condom and as he was about to open I stopped him. “I want you to fuck me bareback.”“Oh you filthy little slut.” He grinned as he rubbed his cock up and down my slit then sank into me in one hard deep thrust. I felt him throbbing as he held himself inside me enjoying the feel of my tiny little cunt.“Ohhh yes! You like that tight little pussy? Come on, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like a little whore! Give me that fucking dick!” I watched as his pole began to pummel my smooth little mound and I screamed as he roughly grabbed my tits, using them for leverage to pull himself at me even harder.“Fuck! You’re so fucking tight!” he screamed as his dick plunged deeper and deeper into me. Each thrust felt like he was reaching further up my body.For some reason I felt the need to put on a show for Frank, and for everyone else I guess, but I mainly wanted him to see his son fucking me. I looked up to make sure he was watching and he was but so was his wife who was now standing at the opening of the booth watching her son pound me. We locked eyes, I noticed she still had cum smeared around her neck and tits, and she smiled.“Come here you little slut, bend over!” Eric demanded and moved me up onto the booth seat on my hands and knees. His cock slapped against my pussy a few times and just as I was about to beg for him to shove it back inside me he did. His mom sat down right next to me. “My son’s cock feel good?” she asked nonchalantly and smiled at me again.“Yes! Fuck, harder!” I answered.“You heard her baby, fuck her harder.” His mother instructed and he did just that. I heard him grunting in effort as he plunged harder and harder into my greedy little gash. “MMMM you are so fucking sexy” she moaned and lifted my head up to look her in the eyes and when she did I went with my instinct and moved closer and started kissing her.I could taste the cum of the men she had just fucked as our lips smashed together and our tongues swirled around each other all while her son was steadily pumping his throbbing cock in and out of my cunt. I felt a hand on my hanging tits and realized that it was her feeling me up.“I want to eat your pussy while your son fucks me.” I purred and she smiled again but there was a wickedness that sent little shivers of pleasure through me. Her pussy was still wet and creamy from the fucking she just had but that didn’t stop me from greedily lapping at her slit. She pulled my head in tight and started moaning right away and telling Eric to fuck me harder.“Shit! Fuck! I’m getting close! I’m getting close!” he started growling as I gnawed away at her pussy.“I want to see him cum all over your pretty face.” She told me and pulled my head from between her thighs. At the same time Eric pulled free of my tiny little slit and had already started to jerk himself to finish. The little slut in me dropped down to my knees with his mother kneeling next to me.“MMMM do it baby, cum! Cum for me! Cum all over my fucking face!” she had started to rub on my cunt just as he began to explode. The feel of his warm load landing on my skin and the knowledge that his mother was not only watching but openly finger fucking me as he did it made me cum hard. I was shaking and shuddering and I had to grab her hand when my pussy grew too sensitive.“That was so fucking hot.” She purred into my ear. “How does he taste?” she asked as her son’s cum was dripping from my face onto my tits. “Delicious.” I managed to respond after licking some of his cum from my lips. Eric had gathered up his clothes and was already heading back towards the bar. His mom looked around and the quickly started to kiss me again, no doubt tasting her son’s cream on my skin and then certainly doing so when she started to lick it from my tits. I had escort hatay the distinct impression that this wasn’t the first time she had tasted his seed.“I’m Gemma by the way.” She said and started to slip her dress back on.“Emily.” I figured there was not much sense in getting fully dressed so I just slid my thong back on and headed back towards the bar. Frank was gone and Eric was nowhere to be seen. Roxy smiled at me and handed me a bottle of water and a towel.“Looks like you had some fun. Hope you save some for me.” She winked. “What’s going on over there?” I asked after noticing a large crowd had gathered on the dance floor. “Impromptu gang bang.” She said in such a way that it seemed that it was a common thing. I just had to see.I made my way through the mob and when I did I saw this young blonde wearing nothing but heels and a sash that read “Birthday Girl” across it. She was riding one guy and just as I got there another was just starting to push himself up into her ass. All the while a third cock was steadily fucking her mouth. She already had cum smeared across her body and dripping from her mouth so it was obvious that these three weren’t the first to fuck her.“Pretty hot, huh?” I looked up to see Frank standing next to me, his hand already feeling on my ass.“Very.” I moaned and it was. “That’s my daughter, Vicky.” he almost beamed with pride and I could tell that his cock was hard.“She looks like she’s a good fuck.”“Yeah, she does. But so do you. Are you a good fuck Emily?”“Only one way to find out.”He literally lifted me up and carried me to the closest alcove. I was on my knees and working to get his pants open as I heard Vicky screaming for more. I turned my head to see if I’d be able to watch her as her Daddy fucked me and when I turned my head back it was at the same moment that Frank slapped his cock against my face and it was huge! Bigger than his son and I was starting to wonder if his was the huge cock I had sucked off the first time I was there. I didn’t dwell on it too long though and instead I wrapped my lips around the head and started sucking it.“That’s a good little whore. Suck my fucking cock!” I was slurping and sucking up and down his thick shaft taking more and more each time my head bobbed down. “HMMM little girl thinks she can deep throat that cock, huh?” he looked down at me and suddenly that warm friendly smile was gone and in its place was a glare of wicked, primal lust. It sent a shiver down my spine but I still looked up at him and nodded my head. He was big but not as big as Mitchell Ross who I had managed to deep throat so when I finally fit all of Frank’s dick down my throat he was amazed. “Fucking hell! I didn’t think such a little thing like you could do it.” He growled down at me as he began to fuck my face.One thing I can say for Frank other than his thick cock is that he didn’t hold back. He grabbed my hair and roughly throat fucked me and every time I would choke or gag he seemed to only get rougher and rougher, even as tears welled up in my eyes. By the time he pulled his dick from my mouth I was gasping for air and my face was a spit dripping mess.“You dirty fucker, you’ve got to fuck me….NOW!” I demanded and he responded by lifting my small frame up like a ragdoll and sliding me down onto his wet dick. Standing upright and lifting me up and down his length.“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Such a tight little fucking cunt!” he grunted as my little hole stretched around him.“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me you dirty old man! Screw my little pussy! Come on, harder! Fuck me harder!” this caused him to push me up off his knob and drop me to the floor, thankfully it was padded because when he positioned me on my hands and knees and drove his dick back inside me he also pushed my head down hard to the floor. “YESSS! Fuck! Use me! Ruin my fucking cunt!”Frank pounded into me with reckless abandon and even though he was forcefully holding my head to the floor I could still hear the sounds of his daughter getting gang fucked out on the dance floor and I started to wonder if that was pushing Frank’s buttons as well. I heard her scream “CUM INSIDE ME” and I can only assume that Frank heard it as well because it was like he found another gear. He let go of my head only so he could use both hands to grab onto my butt and pull me at him as he rammed forward. His fingers digging into the fleshy roundness of my ass and the sensation of that thick cock battering its way up inside me was throwing me over the edge. I felt myself thrashing about, my pussy juice flowing like a river down my thighs, my eyes fluttering and Frank just kept on pounding away at my little cunt.“Filthy fucking little whore! Take it you fucking bitch! This is all little fucking sluts are good for!” I was starting to think that Frank was working out his anger about his daughter on me. He was so sweet and gentle when I met him but now he was like a madman pummeling my poor little slit….and I was loving it!“Fuck! Yes! Yes! Do it! Fucking split me in half!” Vicky screamed. Frank pulled free of my aching cunt and sat on the bench. His large, fat cock sticking up like a flag pole. I was considering taking a short break but he had other plans. His hands found my hair and he pulled me up to his lap and forced himself back up inside me. My little pussy stretched and slide down him as I rode him with my back to him. In this position I was facing the dance floor and I noticed that some of the mob had partnered off to do some fucking of their own. This left a pretty clear view of Vicky and both her Daddy and I watched.She was riding one guy while another was pumping himself into her mouth and both of her hands were filled with cock. Her body was glistening with sweat and cum so much so that the little novelty sash she wore was plastered to her like wallpaper. The man in her mouth pulled out and only added to the mess and soon after the man in her pussy deposited another load to her frothy, overused cunt. I was suddenly jealous of Vicky.One thing about the position I was in was that I was pretty much in control. Frank was much, much bigger than me and he was roughly grabbing my tits to guide me up and down his cock but I set the pace. I didn’t like that so much. Deep down I wanted to be Vicky, or rather I wanted to be fucked the way she was getting fucked and as another man stepped forward and slapped his hard cock across her face I knew in my heart that when I was done with Frank I was going to gang fucked. If this was going to be one of my last night as a girl then I was going to go out in style.I gave up any and all control and I gave in to him. His strong, powerful arms began to lift me up and down again, jerking his cock off with my creamy little gash. My tits were bouncing wildly and we both watched his little girl getting fucked over and over and over.“Fuck! Gonna….cum!” he growled.“YES! DO IT! CUM! FUCKING CUM IN ME!” I was wailing like a banshee and desperate to feel him explode and pump his cum deep into me. I didn’t have to wait much longer as He pulled me down completely, impaling every thick inch inside me and I could feel him shudder and shake as his sperm rocketed from that huge swollen head and into my accepting little hole. At about the same time another random guy was seeding Vicky’s puffy little mound.By the time Frank was done my pussy was a mess. My cum, his cum….just smeared hatay escort all over me. I slide of off him and watched in awe at the sheer amount. My pussy shimmered in the lights and it was quickly running down my thighs. I scrambled to slip my panties back on, I guess I wasn’t sure of the rules about making a mess outside of the alcoves and I seriously needed a drink. Frank mumbled something about finding his wife and went off in the opposite direction.“That looked fun.” Roxy said and handed me water.“Awwwww is Mommy feeling left out?” I joked.“Just remember what I said. Save some for me.” She pinched my cheek.“MMMM always.” I responded as she was walking away. It was then that I caught a look at my reflection in a mirror. I was a mess. I had hair matted to my face, I was sweaty and my mascara had just started to run and with the way my lipstick was smeared I looked like the Joker had fucked a panda. I went off to find a bathroom so I could freshen up.The bathrooms were beyond well-appointed and were complete with shower stalls and those little bottles of shampoo/conditioner. I figured a quick rinse and reapplication of make-up was in order.“Figures.” I thought to myself as I ran my Fuck-Me red lipstick along my lips, “I get pretty good at doing my make-up in a decent amount of time and I won’t be a girl much longer.” I dwelled on that fact a little longer than I probably should have. It wasn’t often that I thought about no longer being Emily or about my life as a male in general. The reality of it hit me pretty hard as I sat there and I almost started to tear up. That sense of melancholy only lasted a few minutes. It’s almost like the part of my mind that was male had tried to resurface only to be slapped down by the part of me that wanted my pussy stuffed again and by the time I left the bathroom I was, once again, completely female.It was as I was leaving the bathroom that I saw Vicky. She was laid out on a black leather sofa, no doubt exhausted. “Are….are you alright?” she looked up at me with glassy eyes.“I’m fucking awesome.” Her speech wasn’t slurred like someone that was intoxicated but there was a kind of disconnect there.“Hey about we get you cleaned up, huh? Make you even prettier?” she looked like warmed over shit. Thankfully she nodded her head.Her body was still coated in all that cum and I didn’t want to get it all over my dress so I kind of guided her into a shower stall and when I was certain that she could stand upright on her own I went to get her some coffee. By the time I returned she was toweling off and looked a million times better. Still a bit out of it but more alert. The coffee seemed to further help out and I sat there with her as she finished it.“So, you had a big night, huh?”“Yeah. It’s my 18th birthday. Did you see me out there?” there was a gleam of what I can only describe as pride in her eye and it was pretty evident that Vicky wasn’t the brightest bulb.“I did. It looked like fun. I was kind of thinking about going out and getting me some of that myself.” I was still horny and the thought of getting fucked into a temporary stupor was something I was craving. I was also watching as she sorted through her balled up clothing and slid her panties on followed by a rather lanky red dress. “There is so much dick out there.” She primped herself in the mirror before turning to face me. “How do I look?”“MMMM delicious.” I moaned. I’d already fucked her brother, her father and her mother and there was a sudden fire inside me that wanted to fuck her as well. I stepped a little closer and she had this shy look about her but the way she bit her lower lip was making me wet. “I’m Emily by the way.” “Um, Vicky.”“So very nice to meet you Vicky.” I smiled as I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were so soft and when I slid my hand up to feel on her tits they felt amazing. She wasn’t all that big but what was there was firm and I could literally feel her heartbeat as I groped her.Any timidness seemed to melt away as Vicky slid her tongue between my mouth. Her hands latched onto my ass and before I knew it we were both breathing heavy. She was more aggressive than I figured she would be but I made no efforts to stop her when she pushed me against the wall and dropped down to her knees. “You have a pretty pussy.” She smiled up at me while pulling my panties aside and rubbing against my cum drooling mound. She dove tongue first before I could tell her that her Daddy had came in me.“Ohhhhhh yesssss! Eat my fucking cunt Vicky. Fuck, that’s good.” I ground myself against her face as she tongue fucked me.“MMMM you taste good. Guess I wasn’t the only one getting creamed tonight.” She smiled and her lips glimmered with wetness. I pulled her up and kissed her, tasting myself and her father as we stripped each other and began wildly groping one another until we found ourselves scissoring….our pussies rubbing together franticly, the cum of several men providing more than enough lubrication.“Yes! Right there! Do it! Harder! Fuck me!” I screamed.“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk! Emily! Gonna……fuck! Gonna cum!” she gasped as her body tensed and her hands grabbed at me and held me so that my pussy was tight against hers. I felt my own orgasm building and it had that familiar sensation that told me that I was not only going to cum but I was going to squirt my juices all over Vicky.“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I uttered as I felt my release. The look on her face when she realized what was happening was so mesmerizing.She was soaked, so was I. I thought about apologizing but figured it wasn’t needed, especially when Vicky began rubbing my cum all over herself.“Wow, that was hot. I’ve never seen a girl do that in real life before.”“Yeah. I do that sometimes. Usually when the person fucking me gets me really worked up.” I smiled. I glanced up and saw that we had an audience as her Daddy stood there with a big smile on his face and even bigger hard-on between his legs. He just winked at me and walked off. “I guess we both kind of need another shower, huh?”“Why? I’m about to go back out there and get my brains fucked out again.” She grabbed her panties and her dress, kissed me one more time then walked back towards the main room. Likewise, I stuffed my dress into my purse. I did put my thong back on though before heading back into the crowded main room.“Can you put this back behind the bar for me?” I asked Roxie as I sat my purse and dress on the bar. “Anything for my little girl.” She smiled that smile of hers that made my pussy quiver.“Thank you, Mommy.” I giggled.“So um, Roxie is your mom?” I heard a random voice ask. I turned to see a stunningly handsome man looking back at me. “She sure is.” I decided to play along with the charade. I grinned at him and kind of turned to give him a better view of my bare tits. “I’m Emily.”“Mark.” He smiled back and tried to break eye contact with my tits but failed.“So are you here by yourself?” “Yeah. The wife and I….well ex wife now….we used to come her before we were relocated. I was back in town for a few days and figured to revisit the old stomping grounds.” “I see you two have met. Mark, you need a drink hun?” Roxie called out as she made her rounds along the bar.“Yeah, sure. Another beer and anything your daughter might want.” She smiled at me then turned to retrieve his order. “I’m getting off in about 10 minutes.” she mentioned as she handed him his beer and slide a gin and tonic down in front of me. Mark looked deflated at this.“So I guess you’re leaving soon then?”“Oh no. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.” I slid my foot along his calf which made him move closer. “Besides, we’ve just met.”

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