Becoming Flexible


“Let me see those glutes!” Talia continued. Her black hair and eyes commanded an embarrassing amount of authority. She was a Mediterranean beauty with perfect, healthy proportions. Alex bit her lip in anxious silence as the woman once again began touching her husband. The perfect woman pushed her breasts against her husbands back, her hands and hips against his. She continued, “Lower, downward facing dog position,”

Her husband complied as Alex seethed. This was their honeymoon, a week long cruise vacation. But every day since they met Talia she’d been suspicious that Don had been thinking of her at night instead of Alex. She tried to stay calm as she literally was forced to kneel and bow while watching her superior instructor hump her husband. Talia’s firm rear was stretching the thin fabric of her pants and it gave Alex far better view than she wanted from this position. She was sure Don was hard from this, though her view was obscured from that.

“Head down.” Talia looked back at Alex and commanded. Alex silently obeyed with a grimace. “Good,” Talia removed herself from Don and walked to another struggling student. Alex looked down at her breasts and body. She’d always tried to stay in shape, but work kept her seated for many hours of the day, and she as usually too exhausted for exercise at the end of the day. She was still prettier than most of her friends… but not all of them. This meant she was constantly watching out for threats. She felt hands on her hips and twitched, “Hips down.” She heard and complied. “Good, lets move on,”

Talia always found a way to ‘help’ her husband. The amount of times their legs were tangled upset her greatly. Don rolled to his back for the next position and held his knees up to his chest.

He was the kind of guy she’d wanted since she was twelve. He was cute and looked like he could be part of a boy band with his short dirty blond hair and bashful demeanor. She felt an odd sense of ownership over him, though she preferred him being the dominant one and he was more than willing to oblige.

She followed suit but relaxed her neck enough to see her husband and Talia. She’d done it again, and had brought herself around him, squeezing him tight against her. Her legs gripped his and her weight pushed down, as if trying to fuck him through his legs. Alex saw the indentation of her underwear though the pants, and saw her chest against his knees. She was almost certain she saw an erection from this angle, but couldn’t be sure. “Good.” She removed herself from him and Alex quickly looked away. Why wasn’t she the one doing this with her husband? She curled up into the pathetic little ball she was supposed to be until the teacher can to her, pressed on her legs to make the pressure on her chest even tighter, and then went to the next.

“No, like this,” She was surprised to be the first subject being helped this time around. Her legs were spread in a seated position and she reached forward across the ground as far as possible. She felt hips and tits on her back and felt hands on the inside of her thighs. Her legs were gently spread even further and the pressure on her back forced her to bend over. This felt humiliating. “Relax, relax,” Two strong hands massaged her shoulders, “You are so tense! This is your honeymoon right? Relax.” She took a deep breath and let her teacher bend her over further. “Good!” She felt a slow caress of her inner thigh before the woman left. Alex suddenly gulped. Was Talia coming on to her, or was that just to help her relax? She wasn’t into women at all, but it made her question if Talia was intentionally going after her Husband or not.

She did the same with Don. From this angle Talia would easily be able to tell how turned on he was, but Alex wouldn’t. Alex pouted to herself, her muscles straining under the stretch. She was unreasonably horny despite her jealousy. She had always been a been a bit of a voyeur, and enjoyed secretly knowing about her husbands porn habits, and sometimes watching him without him knowing. He knew she liked watching him get off, and stripping for him as he did was a common foreplay for them. The thought of this turning him on made her anxiety run wild. Her muscles tensed again and she grimaced in pain. She needed to stay relaxed in this position.

“That is all for today!” Talia clapped her hands and stood with a bounce. “I hope to see you all tomorrow!” She gave a cheerful smirk. She was bubbly for her age. She was a bit older than the twenty eight year old Alex, but she couldn’t tell by how much. They both had hourglass figures, but Talia was far more pronounced in every way, as well as being taller. She was just a little bit better all around. It made Alex feel sick.

Don, sure enough, had the telltale signs of hiding an erection. Alex ground her teeth. She’d have a talk with Talia about this, or they’d just not come back. There were other activities at this time.

“Oh, yes, before you leave,” She heard Talia, “Don and Alex, can you stay after a while?” Alex tensed. Was she going to give güvenilir bahis them some special offer or something? She agreed hesitantly as she joined her husbands at the front of the class, holding his hand and pulling like a dog on a leash. “Both of you are doing very well.” She started as the rest of the class filed out. “But I sense that there is stress in your relationship.”

Alex strained against any outburst. Who did she think she was? She knew them for two days, and she was saying they had a strained relationship? They were in love and just vowed to stay together for life. Her eyes narrowed, but she waited for Talia to explain herself.

“If you don’t mind me saying, I think I can help improve your relationship. I wanted to test out a new, special class for couples tonight at eight. It will only be you two and me.” She handed them a pamphlet. “I have experience in couples counseling and sexual psychology and have been working on a class designed for intimate relationships. I call it the ‘Karma Sutra Special'” Alex blushed when she began reading the description. “It is for couples who want to improve their relationships, health, and sex lives with both ancient, and scientifically proven methods.”

“Wow.” Don seemed embarrassed, but impressed. “How much does it cost?” Alex’s heart sank. He seemed interested.

“The first time is free of charge.” Talia smiled. “Alex, how do you feel about it?”

It was a polite and difficult to refuse offer. It made her feel more trapped than anything. “W-What will we be doing exactly?” She asked meekly. She wasn’t used to a threat being so hard to argue with.

“Nothing that you aren’t comfortable with.” Talia said knowingly. “I will be guiding and teaching you to help yourself, and each other, reach a greater level of satisfaction.” She imagined the exotic Talia teaching sex the same way she taught Yoga and felt a heat wave come across her body. She was suddenly very afraid and docile in front of the other woman. “What do you have to lose?” She asked.

“Don.” She thought. She could lose her husband to this woman, but she didn’t say it.

“We’ll think it over.” Don answered. “Thank you!” He seemed interested. And he seemed interested in Talia. Alex looked though the pamphlet with a sense of foreboding. There was a section on honesty, trust, commitment, and romance. That didn’t seem to bad. It was the more hands on exercises that she feared. “Well?” Don asked her.

She tried to show her disapproval non-verbally, “It sounds interesting.” She crossed her arms as they walked back to their cabin. “But you don’t actually think there’s something wrong with us right?”

“Of course not, but it sounds fun right?” he wrapped an arm around her. “You always liked this Yoga stuff more than me right?”

“Yea.” She shrugged. “Hey,” she wrapped her arms around him once they reached the outside of their room, “How about we let off some steam before then huh?” She smiled, holding him tight, “I’d love see what you’ve been hiding down there for the last hour.” She caressed his leg even before the door was opened. There was no one else in the hallway. If she could drain him dry before tonight, maybe he’d realize he didn’t need anyone else, and they didn’t need any help.

“Well, we have dinner in fifteen minutes.” He said awkwardly as he unlocked and guided her into their quarters, “And we have to shower before then right? Not much time.”

She bit her lip, “We can be a bit late. Besides, if we do it in the shower maybe we can be quick enough.”

Don seemed surprised, “I thought you didn’t like the idea of doing it that fast. I mean, usually we take a long time.”

“Well,” Alex grinned, “Maybe looking at you for the last hour was foreplay enough.” It wasn’t a complete lie, which scared her. “Come on,” She removed her top and her pants as she entered the bathroom area. It was small but still high class with marble tiles on most surfaces. She swayed in her underwear as she watched Don follow suit. By the time her bra and panties were off he was naked, hard as stone, and had her pressed against the marble in the shower. They were about the same height under the hot water. She felt his wet member press against her and she smiled he lifted her leg and pressed against her opening, his other arm reaching around and grabbed the hair on the back of her head. He lifted her up slightly as his tongue and cock entered her simultaneously.

He entered her like a hot knife through butter and she smoothly clamped her pussy and lips tight around him. She moaned with surprise. He was moving along quite quickly. Maybe she really could get him to cum in time. She almost never got off unless she had her own hand on her clit, but Don was easy to please. She sucked on his tongue and bent her back to offer a better angle inside her. She tried lifting her leg more to offer more penetration, but felt her tendons fight back against her.

And that’s when the fun began to diminish in her mind. Talia wouldn’t have had that problem. “Are you okay?” türkçe bahis She noticed she had stopped kissing him. “You seem distracted.”

“Im fine!” She shook her head and wrapped her arms around his head, invading him with her own muscle. He began humping into her again. She tried not to think of Talia being able to give him a better ride. He was Alex’s husband. “HMM!” She squeaked inside him. What was happening? Why was she suddenly so turned on. She noticed her husbands eyes were closed. Why? To better feel her, or to think of someone else? She shuddered as she broke off the kiss with a grunt. He sped up his pace.

“Fuck me Don, Fuck me hard!” She whispered with force. She imagined Talia’s long leg up and around his shoulder. She imagined him fucking her, pounding her into the marble with all the force he could muster, driving her into the wall with every thrust. “AHH!” She wanted to be closer to him. She lifted her other leg and straddled him. He clentched her ass in his strong hands as her back rested on the wall behind her. This position let him go deeper, but she found herself quickly tired and on the edge of exhaustion. Her legs and arms weren’t used to this kind of stress. Talia could probably do it easier, she could ride him for hours.

“You’re really into it today.” Don said breathlessly as she panted into his ear. “What’s gotten into you?” he held her against the wall and hammered into her. She looked down at her breasts and thought about how much they’d bounce and jiggle of they were Talia’s. She held them close to his face and begged for Don to open his eyes and look at them, to look at her. The water droplets flew off his eyelids as he came close to cumming inside her. She wondered if he would have already cum in Talia. It had been at least ten minutes. She would have probably sucked him off. That would have been a better idea. Or fuck her tits, or, or…

Her hips thrashed “Oh God!” her fingers clenched and her skin swirled with hot liquid and cold stone. He sped up his pace and felt herself on the edge of climax. This was insane, she hadn’t felt this way in years, she felt like a little girl again fantasizing about being with famous movie stars surrounded by bigger and better women. She shook with incredulity and shame. Don’t think of him fucking her. She isn’t better, Don was Alex’s husband, hers! And Talia was just some whore. She wasn’t worth anything. That bitch didn’t have anything. The fact that her husband wanted to fuck didn’t mean anything! The fact that she couldn’t stop thinking about it didn’t mean anything! The fact that she was going to cum to that idea was unthinkable.

She shook and moaned, her legs locking behind Don and her hips seizing on his hard dick. She begged for him to cum in her as her body and mind lost all control. Cum in her Don. Cum inside of Talia. She grunted and heaved as her spine raked the marble and her body squirmed and arched. “Jesus Alex.” Don chuckled. He stumbled, but adeptly and slowly slid her down the wall and to the floor as he took to his knees. He rested on top of her, his cock still hard inside her twitching womanhood. “Wow, you really needed that!” he hadn’t cum yet. This had never happened to her before. Her hips kept moving against the hard, unyielding strength inside her, streams of pleasure still rippling through her. The aftershocks continued for another minute or so and he kindly slowed his thrusting for her to come back to earth from climax. “You good?” He asked.

She nodded, confused and embarrassed, but filled with too many hormones to feel bad, “Great. Wow.” She admitted. “But you…” She looked over his shoulder the clock on the wall, as did he.

“Oh crap! We’re late!” He slapped his head. “Come on, let’s get dressed.” She felt a deep and unrelenting shame as her husband stuffed his unsatisfied cock inside his pants and her body, still covered in Goosebumps, slipped into her evening dress. “We’ll finish this later.” He assured her.

She was afraid of that.

“So you came! I’m glad.” Talia smiled as the two came in. The room was far larger now that it was only the three of them. Alex felt slightly agoraphobic. There were three pads on the floor. “How are you two this evening?”

The pleasantries offered some normalcy, and hope that nothing too strange would happen. “Great.” Don nodded. Alex nodded as well with an awkwardly forced smile. “So what’s first?”

“First, let us all sit down,” Each of them took one of the pads, they were softer and larger than the yoga mats. “Now, if you are comfortable, lets start with where we are now. I’d like you both to relax, and talk freely about your emotions.” She took a deep breath. “I am feeling relaxed, and ready, and happy to help you two achieve a greater understanding of each other.” She smiled, “Now Alex, how about you go next. How are you feeling right now?”

“I’m feeling fine.” She asserted.

“Are you sure? You seem tense.” Talia questioned her. “Do you feel threatened in any way?”

“Threatened?” Alex scoffed. “No.”

“Good.” güvenilir bahis siteleri Talia smiled. “Perhaps Don would like to share how he is feeling.”

“Um, a bit nervous, but also exited!” Don smiled.

“Very good. Very honest.” She nodded. Alex felt equal parts shame at herself and anger towards Talia. Who was she to decide who was more honest with their emotions? Talia stood above them. “Now that we better know each other, I would like to get closer to both of you. In order to do this, I would like to remove my clothes. But only if both of you are comfortable with that.”

Alex felt a lump growing in her throat. She didn’t know what to say to that. Don responded for both of them, “Uh, how naked are we talking?”

“As much as you are comfortable with.” Talia smiled. “If you are to trust me, I would like to trust you as well, by opening myself up to you physically. Then, emotionally, we will be even better connected.”

Alex felt her breath grow short. Don looked to Alex. What? Did he want her to say something? Talia spoke in the silence, “If you feel at all threatened or anxious, then we can-“

“N-No that’s fine. I’m fine. Don’s fine. We’re both great. Take it all off why don’t you.” She looked to Don, “Right?” She waived with bravado. Don gave her a raised eyebrow and nodded. Talia was probably just going to strip to her sports bra or something. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Talia grinned and in one swift motion was naked from the waist up. Alex was astounded by the audacity. Her light brown breasts poured out into the open and swayed hypnotically as the woman bent over and removed her shorts. She stepped out of her bottoms and stood confidently, her shaved pussy bare for all to see. The only thing on her was a band around her long black hair.

Alex gulped as she sat cross legged. Alex’s eyes darted to Don’s eyes and found them scanning the beauty’s body. His mouth was slightly agape. She knew he was still horny. She knew he wanted Talia. Alex felt dizzy from the shock and the jealousy all at once. “Now,” Talia said calmly. “Now how do we all feel? I feel,” She paused to contemplate, “Free, and sensual. What about you Alex?”

Alex found it hard to form words. “Fine. You know. Same old same old.” She shrugged and tried to laugh. “It doesn’t bother me you know, nothing I haven’t seen.”

“Of course. And you Don?”

“Uh, yea, I feel more,” he gulped, “Excited.” Alex felt her soul slowly being crushed by the weight of Talia’s copious assets. Talia giggled, as if stealing husbands was funny.

“Thank you Don. Would either of you like to join me?” She asked. Alex felt a chill run down her spine. Did she really want Don to compare her to Talia right here and now? Did she really want to show Talia everything? This was all so sudden.

She looked to Don, thinking maybe this had gone far enough, only to find him nodding. “Sure.” He said. “Yea, what do you think Alex?”

“Psh!” Alex rolled her eyes on instinct. “Yea. Sure.” She was stuck there as her husband got up and removed his shirt, revealing his toned body. Talia was watching attentively, and Alex hated it. She hated how they were looking at each other, like Alex wasn’t even here. He removed his pants and showed the tent underneath. Talia seemed to look at it hungrily. Don then chuckled with embarrassment, shaking his head as the underwear came off and his fully erect manhood bounced out. Alex shivered when she saw Talia’s victorious expression.

“Excited is right.” She commented. They both laughed.

“H-Hey!” Alex interrupted them. She was there too. They couldn’t just ignore her.

“Hmm?” Talia questioned with a hum. “Would you like to join us?” Join them? Alex and Don were married, Talia was the one joining in! Alex wasn’t the girl trying to break marriages apart. She realized they were expecting an answer.

“Ha, ha ha,” She tried to appear in control. “S-Sure.” She stood up. She’d never been naked in front of more than one person since high school PE. She’d never been naked in front of a relative stranger before. She was beginning to sweat. She tried to calm down as she pulled her shirt up and over her head. She felt cold all over. After pausing and hugging herself in embarrassment she carefully removed her pants, pushing the waistband down slowly with her thumbs.

“Excellent body.” Talia commented. Was that a joke? Was that flirting? Alex didn’t like either suggestion. She was in her bra and panties now, looking at both her husband and Talia in grief, nervousness and confusion. “That’s enough, if you aren’t comfortable.” Talia added.

“Yea,” Alex sat back down and hugged her legs as the naked couple stood, “Yea I think I’m good for now.” Her heart was being filled and pulled by the weight of her failure. She felt so much more naked than the two of them, flaunting themselves to the open room. She couldn’t bring herself to show anything else. She felt like an embarrassed little girl again.

“That is fine.” Talia smiled, Alex supposed in triumph. “Would you like to participate first, or watch and rest?” Alex felt a colder, newfound horror creep into her spine through her bare, sweating skin. “You look like you have had a long day. You may wish to rest. Or I can help you rest.”

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