Becoming Imogen – Chapter 1


Becoming Imogen – Chapter 1I guess I always knew that this was coming, it’s one of those things that seems inevitable when you look back on it. School was hard for me, I was picked on and bullied by most of the other boys. I was significantly shorter and underdeveloped compared to k**s in my class and I had long hair which curled in a way that strangers always said was pretty. Some k**s would call me names but I quickly got to understand which boys were really dangerous and I learned to try to outwit them. My favourite tricks worked really well, for the casual bully I would passively sit through it until they got bored. For the more physical boys I found that if I pretended to enjoy it they would put me down as some kind of weirdo and move on. This worked really well until Simon took an interest in me.Simon was 3 years older than me and a promising athlete. He had a kind of perverse intelligence that enjoyed playing games with people. He liked to outwit people and loved nothing more than the scared, wild-eyed look of a boy looking for an escape route when Simon knew for sure that there wasn’t one. Simon had a group of friends, Nick, Chris, Ian and James who would hang out together and make certain boys lives a misery. At first I flew under Simon’s radar but a single chance encounter changed all that when I accidentally bumped into him at break. From that moment I was singled out.Ignoring Simon didn’t work and neither did my attempts to pretend to like his treatment. He saw straight through this and would come up with ingenious ways to make me suffer. He liked to hold me down and spit in my hair or describe terrible lewd things he would do to my mother if he ever got the chance. His favourite thing however was to hurt me and make me say something degrading about myself. I lost count of the times he made me describe myself as being ‘gay and I love to suck cocks’.On Monday during the usual games period I was reading in the common room when Simon entered on his own for once. As a prefect he asked me what I was doing and my answer that I had a doctors note was obviously not sufficiently respectful. He marched across the room and drove his fist into my stomach. I collapsed onto the floor in a heap gasping for breath but he immediately grabbed me and dragged me over to a long bench in the middle of the room that served as a study table. He hurled me against the table and I collapsed bent over, face first onto its cold, hard surface.Simon walked up behind me and bent over me until his mouth was next to my ear.“You’re going to regret that, you sissy buca escort piece of shit”He grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back until it hurt like hell and I knew I was going to have to say something terrible and soul-destroying. I don’t know what happened to me in that moment. It may have been the pain or the humiliation but as he bent over me, I arched my back and pushed my hips towards him until they rubbed against his groin. I rocked my ass back and forth a couple of times (like I’d practiced in bed) against his trousers. I was offering myself to him, this wasn’t a trick to get out of a bad situation, it was pure submission. I heard myself say “I’m gay and I love to suck cock”, it was like a reflex action. I felt pressure on my ass as he thrust his hips forward, pinning me against the table. A couple more thrusts and then suddenly nothing, he was gone.He left the room without a word and I was so scared that I didn’t leave until it was time to go home. That night I lay in bed frantically tossing between dreams of us together and nightmares of the treatment I might get tomorrow. The next day I stayed out of sight as much as I possibly could but Simon never approached me. The next three days passed the same and I began to relax.The next week I was walking between classes when I was approached by Chris and James, Simon’s friends. They backed me into a quiet corner and beat my arm until it was numb. The next day they did the same to my leg. Passing me in the corridor, Nick punched me square in the stomach and left me on the floor. Day after day the four friends would catch me and attack me, punching me in the arms, legs, stomach and generally escalating to harder and worse beatings. Always I was made to repeat the mantra “I’m gay and I love to suck cock”. Through all this, Simon never touched me. On about the 7th or 8th day I saw Simon watching me take another beating from his friends, a strange smile on his face, knowing that he was orchestrating this somehow made it worse.Later that week after sports I was given the job of tidying up the kit and taking it to the gym storage room. The gym master had trusted me with the key and I was busy stacking equipment when I heard the door open. It was the four of them but no Simon. Before I could do anything they pounced on me, beating me down and taking it in turns to get their hits in. This time they had no risk of being caught and they took their time. Eventually however, they left me crying on the floor of the storage room. I lay there for several minutes trying to compose escort buca myself when I heard the unmistakable sound of the key turning in the lock.It was Simon, he had locked us in the room together. He stood looking at me with a strange smile on his face, he just said“Say it.”“I’m gay and I love to suck cock” I moaned instinctively.He reached forward and grabbed my shirt collar, hauling me to my feet. As I stood, he kept pulling on the shirt until it came over my head and I was wearing only my gym shorts.“Take them off.”By now I was broken and I didn’t even hesitate, I couldn’t take another beating and I slipped my shorts down and stepped out of them, my hands instinctively cupping my boyhood from embarrassment.“Say it again.”“I’m gay and I love to suck cock”“Show me.”I looked up at him and for a split second he saw hesitation and defiance in my face, his hand struck me across the cheek and he advanced on me.“Show me now!”He grabbed my arm and pulled it towards his groin. I didn’t dare refuse and my fingers groped clumsily for his zip. I needed both hands and I had to let him see my pathetic, hard little cock which betrayed my innermost desires at this moment. I managed to pull down the zip and slipped my hand inside. I could feel him through the cotton of his boxer shorts but I couldn’t find the slit to reach inside. I was fumbling and crying when he struck me again across the face.“Fucking useless bitch”He reached down and undid his belt and button. He slipped the boxers down to his thighs and I faced the second cock I had ever seen in the flesh. I can’t describe the feelings at that time but it both repulsed and enthralled me. I couldn’t take my eyes away from him. It was much bigger than mine, still soft with the exposed head from being circumcised.“Do it.”I reached out and curled my delicate fingers around his shaft as he pushed down on my shoulders and I sank to my knees. I needed both hands to lift the head to my lips and I could smell him for the first time. It was intoxicating. It entered my brain like a lightning bolt and I leant forward, eager to taste for the first time. I parted my lips and kissed the tip gently before opening wider and sliding his soft cock into my mouth. I could feel, almost hear, the blood pumping into him as he twitched, swelled and grew in my mouth.I didn’t know what to do now. I kept him in my mouth and ran my tongue round his head as I gripped the shaft with my hands. I tried to move forward but I must have caught him with my teeth because he slapped me across the cheek again.“Careful buca escort bayan bitch!”I concentrated on opening my jaw as wide as I could to keep my teeth clear and I started to rock back and forth, just a few millimetres at a time, slowly gaining confidence. All I wanted was to please him, to do something to earn his love.“Look at me, you sissy fuck!”I raised my eyes to look into Simon’s and he smiled back at me. There was no humour in his eyes, just a perverse pleasure at seeing me submit to him. He took my wrists and pulled my hands away from his thick cock. He grabbed my hair and I went to put my hands on his hips.“Get your fucking gay little hands off me!” he yelled, pulling at my hair. I dropped my hands to my thighs where they instinctively groped for my own cock. I closed my eyes but he barked at me again.“Look at me, don’t you fucking dare close your eyes!”I looked up at him, his hands cruelly pulling my hair as he pulled my mouth deeper and deeper onto his throbbing cock. He pulled away from the until the head of his manhood was just behind my lips and then thrust back in again. All the time I kept my eyes on him and opened my jaw as wide as I could, anxious to please him. His thrusting grew faster and on one of his strokes, his cock touched the back of my throat and made me gag.I coughed and saliva rolled down my chin and onto my thighs. He didn’t seem to care, he just gripped my hair tighter and kept up the pounding of my mouth, ignoring the wretching sounds I made every time he went too far. As I looked up into his eyes I could see the anger and disgust building as he came closer to climax but I didn’t know what to do. I kept staring up at him, desperately hoping that something I did would please him.At that moment, he grunted and pulled me violently into his groin, the massive swollen head of his cock plunged into the back of my throat and I felt him pulsate in my mouth. Thick streams of cum rushed into my mouth and down my throat and I coughed and gagged but it made no difference. The cum ran down my chin and onto his ball sack as I tried desperately to pull away but I never broke eye contact. I looked up at him as I choked on his semen and he thrust again and again at me. I couldn’t breath but I kept staring at him until I saw stars and my vision when black.It must have been a matter of a few seconds before I came to but the first thing I remember is the taste of him inside my mouth. As if he had penetrated all of my senses and stamped his mark on me. I looked up and saw him wiping his cock with my shorts before he slipped it back inside his trousers. He threw the shorts at me.“Clean yourself up whore, I’ll see you tomorrow.”He turned to the door and unlocked it. He paused just before leaving and looked at me.“Say it.”“I’m gay and I love to suck cock” I gasped.“That’s right.”

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