Becoming Julie’s Governess Ch. 06


[This story will make more sense to you if you read the first five chapters. However, it can also stand on its own. It does contain a good deal of activity relating to bodily functions and some spanking and discipline, so if these are not things you like to see, read no further. All characters are over 18.]


While Lesley enjoyed becoming her mother’s governess, she was making her way in her new job. She was well regarded already but she realized that the time commitment required for her to succeed would make it difficult for her to be present as much as necessary to supervise her mother.

For her part, Julie understood that her dominant daughter was only able to give her a certain amount of her time in view of Lesley’s obligations at work and her strong desire to make a name for herself.

Lesley decided to discuss the situation with her younger sister, Joyce, who was 20 years old and now home from school. Joyce would not be around when she was away at school but when she was home, Lesley decided that she should fill in as Julie’s babysitter. When she broached the idea to Joyce, it appeared that Joyce was quite taken with the prospect of being able to control her mother.

“You will possess all the authority I have to make decisions about mother,” Lesley told her.

“You mean I can spank her?” Joyce asked.

“Yes, and you can decide on any other ways in which you feel she needs to be supervised and treated,” Lesley responded.

Later that day, the auburn-haired Lesley came into Julie’s bedroom with her red-haired sister Joyce and explained that in view of her time limitations, she was asking Joyce to fill in for her as governess for Julie.

“Oh my gosh,” Julie exclaimed, “you mean you both will be taking charge of me now?”

“You need that, Julie,” Lesley answered calmly, “and Joyce is mature enough to be a responsible babysitter for you.”

“Oh, that term is so humiliating,” Julie blurted out.

“You are the one who recognized that you need this kind of control,” Lesley resumed, “and I’ve decided that Joyce will be in charge of you when I’m not available.”

“I think we should start by having her give you your spanking now,” Lesley added. “So please tell us why you are being spanked.”

Julie, whose hair now had turned into an attractive dirty blonde from her original gleaming platinum, managed to keep her composure and began, “I’m being spanked because I continue to behave at times like a naughty girl who will benefit from having her panties taken down and my being taken across your lap and spanked on my bare bottom to teach me to act my age and not engage in conduct that is shameful for a woman my age.”

“That’s quite good,” Lesley commented. “You know that you need to be supervised and corrected as necessary. Joyce, will you now give Julie her spanking, please.”

Joyce, who was dressed more formally than usual because she had attended a meeting with her university advisor, summoned her mother to lie across her lap by tapping lightly on her skirt.”

Julie responded by gritting her teeth and placing herself in the ignominious position over her younger daughter’s skirted lap. Then Joyce had Julie lift up at her waist so that Joyce could lift her skirt above Julie’s waist, disclosing her shameful childish panties.

“Oh Lesley, you have her wearing those silly little girly undies, the ones with the cartoon characters!” Joyce exclaimed.

“Julie needs to experience being treated as a naughty child so I’ve told her she will have to show by her behavior that she has earned the privilege of wearing big girl panties again,” Lesley responded.

By now, Julie’s face was completely red, and she responded as if in a trance when Joyce told her to lift her middle so Joyce could pull her little panties down for her spanking.

Joyce slowly slid the panties down, so they were a little below Julie’s crotch and bottom down on her thighs. Joyce took to being in control easily as she ran her finger through Julie’s legs and felt her mother’s excitement at the upcoming spanking.

“You’re already quite soaked down there, Julie,” Joyce remarked. “I suppose this excites you?”

“Yes, Miss Joyce,” Julie replied evenly, using the honorific because she was about to be spanked by her new babysitter, “I will confess that the prospect of being disciplined, especially by one of my daughters, does tend to get me…oh, wet down there.”

“Tell me where ‘down there’ is,” Joyce demanded, not appreciating Julie’s reluctance to use adult names for her sexual parts.

“I get wet down in my pussy, ok, my cunt,” Julie blurted out, and was almost in tears at the humiliation of using that word.

“You are right,” Joyce said brightly, “and we will refer to it as your cunt, maybe even your naughty cunt. I understand that Lesley was kind enough to allow Helene’s male charge to fuck you the other day in that cunt. Did you like that, Julie?”

Julie’s face was crimson, but she kept up with the embarrassing conversation as best she could.

“I did xhamster porno enjoy having sex, Miss Joyce,” she said softly, “because it has been so long that I wasn’t sure I was capable of enjoying sex anymore.”

“Did you cum when he fucked you, Julie?” Joyce went on.

“Yes, Miss Joyce,” Julie answered, “he was a very kind and considerate lover and I think it’s because he has a governess who has made him respectful of women. He made me feel very good even if we were not obviously in love.”

“Then you must have been embarrassed that he had seen you sitting on the potty and making your doody,” Susan asked.

“That indeed was shaming,” Julie confessed, “and I was so pleased that he still seemed to desire me, being younger than I am, too, after he had seen me, a woman in her 40s, sit on a child’s potty and have a bowel movement.”

“You understand that you need this embarrassment, don’t you, Julie?” Lesley interjected.

“Yes, Miss Lesley, I do,” Julie replied, “but it still is hard to deal with the shame that I feel when I am humiliated, even though I know I seem to need that.”

Joyce then told Julie to hold her cheeks open for a bottom inspection. Lesley had suggested that this be included as a prelude to the spanking.

Joyce then peered into the deep crevice between Julie’s bottom cheeks and looked at her mother’s darkened anal ring.

“There are traces of your doody around your bottom-hole, Julie,” Joyce declared. “I want you to spend more time wiping yourself after you made a doody or weewee.”

Julie was cringing at Joyce’s use of the childish words for excretion, but Lesley had told her that this was important in dealing with Julie’s need to be controlled and shamed.

“I’m sorry, Miss Joyce,” Julie managed to get out, “I’ll try much harder to keep my anal area clean.”

“I’m also going to check your cunt, Julie,” Joyce said bluntly, “to make sure you are not playing down there. Do you rub yourself?”

“I did, Miss Joyce,” Julie said, “because I wasn’t having sex and needed some satisfaction.”

Lesley was pleased at Joyce’s ability to extract this confession from Julie.

Joyce then stated, “Julie, if I find you’ve been getting yourself off like that, you will be put into diapers to control your access to your cunt. I’m sure the other governesses will be surprised that you need diapers at your age, as will Deborah and Robert. I don’t know if Robert will want to make love to a woman who has to wear diapers.”

“Oh, Miss Joyce,” Julie pleaded, “I’ll be a good girl. Please don’t make me wear diapers. It would be so awful…”

“Just remember, Julie,” Joyce answered, “that if you don’t behave, that could happen.”

Then Joyce began spanking her mother’s broad bared bottom, spanking alternate cheeks and occasionally running a finger through Julie’s furrow to ascertain how wet Julie was getting.

She then inserted a finger into Julie’s bottom and when she looked at it after withdrawing it, declared that it was obvious from her internal check that Julie would soon need to make a doody.

Julie began to cry as she felt so totally embarrassed and humiliated now.

“It’s not embarrassing to have to make a doody, Julie,” Joyce told her. “But I don’t think you would like to have to make it in your diaper, would you?”

Julie blanched at the possibility that she would have to do her business in a diaper.

“Please don’t make me do that, Miss Joyce,” she pleaded.

Joyce resumed spanking and when Julie’s bottom was deep red, she told her that she would now get a dose of the cane.

Julie found herself bent over the end of the bed with her legs well apart as Joyce took the thin cane from Lesley and lay it on her mother’s red bottom. She drew it back and fired a stinging stroke right across Julie’s big bum.

Julie screamed at the pain and the embarrassment. Lesley decided to intervene here.

“If you scream like that again, Julie,” Lesley warned, “I will have Joyce cane you between your legs as you hold your cunt open.”

Both Julie and Joyce were surprised by the severity of Lesley’s warning to her mother.

“Yes, Joyce,” Lesley said, “if she doesn’t do what you tell her, she will be whipped between her spread flaps.”

Julie screwed up her courage and asked Joyce to go ahead and cane her on her bottom because she knew she had been naughty.

“But I’m afraid I’m going to poop if you make me wait any longer,” she added plaintively.

Joyce gave her a second nasty stroke and then told her to squat right over the bare wooden floor.

“Julie,” she said very sharply, “you may go ahead and make your doody, squatting over the floor.”

Lesley saw that Julie was now overcome with both fear and excitement. She went into a squat, which exposed her cunt to our view in front and spread her bottom cheeks. Right away, we saw the tip of her doody poke out of her anus. Joyce grinned at Lesley and then commented, “It’s so nice to see your doody sticking out, Julie. You can push yaşlı porno it and let it drop off onto the floor.”

Julie did just that and her face was now as crimson as her bottom.

Lesley and Joyce both found watching their mother excrete while squatting to be very exciting. This middle-aged woman had a long brown turd sliding out of her crinkly anal opening and then it coiled and dropped off onto the floor.

Joyce handed Julie some old newspaper and told her to slip her doody into the newspaper and then show it to Lesley before depositing it in the toilet. Julie performed this ignominious duty and Lesley looked at the smelly little pile and waved her into the bathroom. She told Julie to come back so they could watch her wipe herself.

When she took a few sheets of toilet paper to clean her rear hole, Lesley told her to be sure she got herself “totally clean back there.” Julie was ordered to show her older daughter the soiled toilet paper with its brown pieces of excrement and stains. Then she was told to bend over so Joyce could see if her hiney hole was “immaculate”.

As Lesley was inspecting her mother’s asshole, the bell rang and Joyce escorted Deborah, the 50ish charge supervised by her governess, Lori, who accompanied Deb, into the room where they saw Julie up on the bed on all fours as her older daughter peered into her anal crack.

“Lesley is examining Julie’s crack to see if she’s wiped well after I had her squat and make her doody on the floor,” Joyce described the proceedings in an exultant tone to Deb and Lori.

Deborah turned pale as she realized she had neglected to pass her impending bowel movement before leaving her house with Lori to visit Lesley and Julie.

“Miss Lori,” she said quietly, “I realize that I need to do

very soon. May I have permission to use the toilet here?”

Lori realized that she could embarrass Deborah extravagantly and also impress her new friend Lesley by making her own charge, Deb, make a doody the way Julie had been forced to do so ignominiously.

“Deborah, you should have taken care of that before we left for here,” Lori said in a stentorian tone. “Now you may pull up your skirt and pull down your panties, squat and make your doody on the floor like Julie did.”

Totally abashed by the humiliating order, Deborah slowly followed her governess’s directions and lifted her plain skirt, disclosing some panties that were far more stylish than her usual grannies. These were the pale blue hicuts that Lesley had given her on her last visit. She lowered them to her knees, somehow managed to squat and keep the skirt and panties out of the way, and was totally embarrassed when she made some loud bowel noises and popping sounds, followed by the emergence of a large tan turd from her crinkly anal rosette, watched by all present: Lori, Lesley, Joyce, and Julie.

“You see, Julie,” Joyce lectured her mother, “Deb did what she was told without any moaning and groaning. I like how she just squatted and made her doody.”

Then Joyce’s face shone with a sudden inspiration and she went on in the same superior way: “Julie, take some toilet paper and wipe Deborah’s asshole for her. If you don’t get it clean in one pass, I’ll have you lick her clean back there.”

Julie was by now so inured to being shamed by her daughters that she followed what she was told to do without any resistance. She bent over and carefully wiped the older woman’s bottom. The smell of the fecal residue around Deb’s anus was awful, she thought. She started thinking that her younger daughter turned out to be even harsher than her older one.

Then Lesley whispered to Lori and immediately they each told Julie and Deborah, respectively, to lie on the bed facing each other. Joyce then came over and carefully inserted a huge double U-shaped dildo into Julie’s and Deb’s vaginas. Both as a result were being royally fucked by the huge cocks.

“They both are being stimulated nicely,” Lori commented to Lesley, “aren’t they?”

It was too much for the two older women. The thick dildos turned them on so that they orgasmed, and Lori and Julie’s two daughters watched as lady cream spurted out of the older women’s spread cunt lips. Both were surprised by the intensity of their cums and were older than their governesses so somewhat shamed at their sexual performance.

Lesley and Lori then told them that they were proud of their enjoying the experience and that they hoped this had let the two get to be more appreciative of each other. Deb and Julie grinned at each other and then took the other into the open arms both held out. Joyce, Lori, and Lesley applauded.

Lesley then invited Lori as well as Joyce into her large bedroom, the one she had co-opted from her mother. They left Julie and Deborah impaled by the double dildo, neither daring to remove it from her stretched vagina. Lesley closed the door and gently undressed Lori, who was only wearing a pair of shorts and a light top with flats. Joyce took off her sister’s more formal professional aldatma porno suit and the two were in bra and panties. Joyce took off her own skirt and blouse to join them and they each managed to unhook one of the other’s bras and then slip down her panties.

They lay on Lesley’s huge bed and fell into each other’s arms. Joyce had her hand in Lori’s crotch and started teasing the visiting governess’s pink clit. Lori was licking Lesley’s split and lightly nipping at her clit. Lesley in turn was inserting three fingers into her younger sister’s tight vaginal opening.

“Joyce,” she said jocularly, “your cunt is so tight! I bet you haven’t been fucked in weeks!”

Joyce turned red in the face with embarrassment until Lori defused the situation by kissing Joyce on her lips and holding her tight.

“Don’t be so mean to your sister, Lesley,” Lori jokingly scolded, “or I’ll give you a soap enema.”

“Ooh,” Lesley grinned, “would you really? That would indeed be humiliating, Lori dear. But I’ll make up my being mean to Joyce,” Lesley went on.

Joyce knew what she wanted. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs brazenly. She nodded to her elder sister and Lesley, despite her dominance, moved between Joyce’s attractive legs, exposing Joyce’s shaved pussy.

Then Lesley bent and leaned up so she could start licking her sister’s quim, which quickly became wet from its own secretions as well as Lesley’s mouth.

Meanwhile, Lori had become more comfortable and had shed her remaining clothing and moved behind Lesley to slide Lesley’s lovely pale blue panties down and expose her delightful bum.

Lori spread Lesley’s bottom cheeks and focused on her cute little dark crinkly anal rosette. She leaned up and applied her tongue to Lesley’s rear hole and managed to insinuate her tongue into Lesley’s rear, savoring the musky odor.

Meanwhile, Joyce was enjoying her sister’s oral attention, so much so that she began to move her hips and bottom and had a nice climax as Lesley licked her lovingly, now feeling so sensitive that she quietly told Lesley that her oral appreciation had been wonderful and that she was just the best sister.

As Lori was penetrating Lesley’s anus, Lesley started to feel her rectum filling and that she would soon need to use the toilet.

“Lori darling, you’ve gotten me going, I mean…I’m going to shit really soon!” Lesley exclaimed.

“You’re so naughty, Lesley,” Joyce chimed in with a huge smile as she reached for a towel and had Lesley turn over and lie down next to her on bed. She slipped the towel under Lesley and told Lori and her sister that she hoped Lesley would go ahead and let her poo out right on the towel here on the bed.

“Have you ever done that before?” Lori asked incredulously.

“When we were much younger,” Joyce began to confess, knowing that this would excite Lesley as well as Lori, “Les and I used to hold our poopoo in until we couldn’t hold it anymore and it would burst out into our panties. One time when she needed to go, I just put a towel on the bed and told her to go there where I could see the poo come out.”

“You did that, Lesley?” Lori said, wide-eyed.

“I’ve probably done a lot worse, Lori darling,” Lesley said, with her usual confident grin and sly wink.

“Oh, look, Lori!” Joyce exclaimed, as now a large brown sausage was sliding right out of Lesley’s asshole as she held her midsection up so the two girls could watch her defecate right on the bed.

“I’m so glad you didn’t make a soft, mushy one,” Joyce giggled.

Now the smell of Lesley’s shit on the towel began to reach Joyce’s and Lori’s nostrils.

“I’m surprised, Lesley,” Lori commented, “but I’m amazed that your poo really doesn’t smell that strong.”

“That’s why so many guys long for me to crap on them,” Lesley boasted, as she cackled.

“But who wants to clean me down there? I usually shit very neatly without leaving a lot around my hole,” she asked.

Lori was fascinated by everything that happened and absolutely amazed at Lesley’s brazen willingness to actually lie on the bed and excrete a major bowel movement in front of them.

“I’ll do it, Lesley,” Lori answered, “but tell me, did Susan ever do stuff like this with the two of you when you were growing up?”

Joyce and Lesley laughed in unison.

“Susan, my dear Lori, was totally into all of this and it’s why we get such a kick out of it,” Lesley explained. “She really did make us cognizant of the need to keep ourselves really clean, but she also made a fetish out of using the bathroom. I did really get off on watching her—she would turn around on the seat so I could see her movement slide out and she also encouraged Joyce and I to squat over her in the tub and let our pee loose on her. Sound like she was into it?”

“Wow,” Lori exclaimed. “I like Susan a lot and have gotten used to her coming up with all kinds of things when she, Helene, and I began getting together. She did open me up—literally and figuratively—to a lot of, shall I say, new ideas.”

“I’m sure she did,” Lesley responded. “She really was sweet to Joyce and I and taught us so much that our mom probably wasn’t cut out to show us. I think I became so much more conscious of my sexuality because of her and I don’t feel bad about any of it, because she’s a loving, wonderful person.”

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