Becoming Mary – Part II


When Lucy had told me about Amanda liking men wearing panties I thought she was talking about a fetish thing. I didn’t realize there was more to it than that. About a week later I had just arrived home from work when I met Amanda in our apartment hallway. She had been to see Lucy and was on her way out. “Hi Amanda,” I said as she stepped into to the elevator, “How are you?” “I’m fine,” She answered rather abruptly, “But Lucy isn’t at all happy.” Before I could react, she had pressed the door close button. I watched her through the swiftly closing gap while she stared back at me with disdain. She was a beautiful girl, with short black hair and blue eyes, but she could also look quite mean. Now was one of those moments. — When I got into the apartment, Lucy was sitting on the couch with her arms folded. She looked at me as though something was terribly wrong. “What’s the matter?” I asked her softly, leaning forward for a kiss. She gave me a quick peck on the lips and told me to sit down next to her. I could tell there was something going on, probably to do with Amanda. The girls had a close bond, and if anyone could influence her, her best friend was the one. I wondered if they’d being arguing. I put my briefcase down beside Beşevler escort the couch and sat down. She looked at me, sighed slowly, and then started to speak. “I had a long talk with Amanda this afternoon,” she started. “Did she upset you?” I asked, about to place my hand on her knee to console her. “It’s not about Amanda,” Said Lucy, brushing my hand away, “It’s about you.” “What do you mean?” I asked, “Why were you discussing me with Amanda?” “Because that’s what girls do,” She responded, “And because I trust her. She has a lot of experience with handling difficult men.” “What do you mean by difficult?” I exclaimed, “I’m not difficult!” “That’s part of the problem,” Lucy continued solemnly, “You think you’re not difficult just because you’re nice to me. The thing is, aside from just being nice, you don’t invest enough time helping me around the house and doing things together that matter to me.” “I’m sorry,” I said, “I’ll try to do better. I thought we already discussed this a few times. Let’s work on it.” I was hoping that I could defuse the conversation by admitting guilt and promising to change, although admittedly I still wasn’t convinced there was a real problem. “We’ve discussed Çankaya escort bayan it too many times already,” she answered, “I need to take action now. Otherwise, things will get out of control.” I looked at her intently. She was as beautiful as ever with her dark brown eyes and pouty red lips, but something had changed. I wanted to reach out and unbutton her white lace blouse, or to run my hands up and down her silky thighs. She loved spontaneous and passionate sex, usually only taking a few moments to get her in the mood. This time, however, I was getting a definite vibe it wouldn’t happen. “I’ve been talking about our situation to Amanda,” Lucy said, “She suggested a training program. It’s nothing difficult, but it’s proven to be effective in helping men to be more proactive with their women.” “What kind of training program?” I asked. “Well, you know how last week you had to wear my panties because you hadn’t bothered to make sure you had any boxer shorts to wear?” “It wasn’t that I hadn’t bothered,” I exclaimed, “I just didn’t know.” “Same thing,” Lucy responded, “You need to plan ahead. So for the next two weeks you will be wearing panties as a reminder of your lack of discipline.” Escort Cebeci She gazed straight into my eyes, defiantly. “This is ridiculous!” I almost shouted, “I knew Amanda was putting ideas into your head. What the hell is going on?” “She hasn’t been putting ideas into my head,” Lucy continued, “I asked her for advice, and we agreed on a plan of action. I even took the trouble to go and buy some new panties for you.” “You did what?” I asked, having perfectly well heard what she’d said. “Look in the bedroom,” Lucy whispered, “It’s not as bad as you think.” “And what if I disagree?” I asked, “What then?” Lucy looked at me for a few seconds, which seemed to last an eternity. I could see she meant business. Mostly she was a soft and gentle girl. She melted like butter when we fucked and enjoyed sex under just about any circumstances, but when she wanted to be, she could suddenly turn cold, even quite ferocious. I turned my head away. “Now that I have been through the trouble to buy them, you will wear them,” She replied, “I’m not giving you an option, and like I said, it will help remind you to be more careful in the future.” I felt humiliated and humbled. After all, I had let her down. — I got up and went into the bedroom. There was a bunch of panties lying on the bed, all with their store labels still attached. There were several different styles, from girly boxer shorts to hipsters and high-cut briefs, all in pastel or bright feminine colors. Some had lace trimmings and most had little bows of one kind or another.

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