Subject: Re: Becoming the Team Coxswain Chapter 8 Becoming The Team Coxswain — Chapter 8 Written by Bustermuscle- hoo This story will contain consensual man/man sex with humiliation (verbal and physical), one-way sex, coercion, reluctance, non-reciprocation, domination, spanking, submission, cum denial, chastity, oral and anal sex. Synopsis: A naive college freshman, Josh Clarkson, is recruited as a coxswain for the college Crew team. A coxswain (pronounced COCK-SON) is the real term used for the small guy in the stern of the boat, who yells “stroke” and steers the boat during the race. In this chapter, Josh meets the Crew team for the first time, including the captain, Kaito. He quickly learns about the hypnotic power of the team captain and his own submissiveness to him. Under the pretense of being “straight” Josh is now coerced by a growing number of team members who take him into deeper one-sided sexual service. His roommate Nate, seems to lead Josh, unknowingly, into becoming a sexual servant to him and, ultimately, the entire team. Personal Note from the Author: I am sorry to my readers for this delay in writing the next chapter. I have received many emails asking WHY. The reason is two-fold. First, my business has been much busier with the ending of COVID and I just haven’t been able to devote the time to writing. Second, I have had “writer’s block” for awhile but, with the ideas of DALE 10 and several readers, I now know where to take Josh next. I would love to hear your thoughts. PLEASE do not hesitate to send your ideas for the continued training of our coxswain, Josh. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE – PLEASE DONATE Think about all the great orgasms you have had from reading this site. Lets work together and keep this great site going. Donate to fty/ CHAPTER 8 The following chapter is written from Josh’s first-person perspective: Nate and I entered the lockerroom together. I was extremely nervous but Nate said to just listen and do whatever the coach says. I asked him several times to not tell the coach about me failing to hold my cum again but Nate said that it will only help me learn to be more obedient long-term. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. “Bro, I’ll wait for the right moment to tell the coach,” Nate promised, “but it’s my responsibility to tell the coach everything that happens from now on. It’s my job bro.” Josh groaned but knew he had no choice in the matter if he wanted to join the team. “Besides, you should apologize to the coach too.” Nate continued, “its not your place to decide for yourself when to cum anymore Josh. I mean, if you want to join this team, the coach ways you need to learn to control it bro.” We went directly to the Coach’ office to sign in. Nate explained the procedure for me. Team members would sign in first, then go change in the lockerroom, and start their warmup workout on their own. When Coach saw that all the athletes signed in, he would normally just blow a whistle and the team would gather in the outside office. When we got to the office, coach was there waiting for us. We were about to leave when the coach stopped us. “Hold up Clarkson,” He yelled, “You stay here while Sterling gets suited up. You in your uniform boy?” “Yes Sir, Coach,” I replied. I looked at Nate hoping he wouldn’t leave me alone with the Coach. He looked back at me and gave me a thumbs-up and smiled. I looked back at the coach who was just staring at me sternly. I realized I was supposed to strip off my clothes. I quickly took everything off and stood in front the coach’s desk. “Hands on your head boy.” The Coach said to me. He walked up to me and looked down at the wet stain in my nylon shorts. Suddenly, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me around to his chair and pulled me over his lap. “The stain is bigger fuckboy.” The coach said as the first slap hit my ass. “Ouch,” I yelled, “What are you doing?” I tried to pull away and get up. “I don’t need your roommate to tell me you lost it again. You think I’m stupid boy?” Coach said as he spanked me. “I don’t think you understand. This isn’t a fuckin game. I’m not somebody you want to play games with boy. You lost your load again without permission.” “It was Kaito, Coach.” Josh said as he started to cry. “He made me fail. He made me cum even though I knew I wasn’t supposed too.” The coach pushed the back of my head down to the floor with my ass still on his lap. He pulled the nylon shorts up into my ass crack like a thong, completely exposing my full ass. The spanking hurt more now on my bare asscheeks. I started to lose control and cry. “You fuckin blaming the team captain for your fuck up?” Coach said. “You haven’t even met him yet.” “He told Nate to rub my crotch and it was impossible to hold my cum back, Coach” Josh cried as the spanking continued. “I swear Coach.” “Shut (spank ) the (spank) fuck (spank) up (spank) you faggot (spank).” Coach yelled each word as he spanked Josh harder now. “Don’t lie to me.” Suddenly he stopped. He pushed me to the floor on my stomach, sobbing, and picked up the phone. My ass was bright red and I tried to stifle myself. “Kaito, in my office, NOW.” He yelled into the phone. It must have been some type of intercom system as I heard his voice though out the entire lockerroom. With me still on the floor, there was a knock at the door. This is how I was going to meet the team captain? He would see my naked red ass before he sees my face! The Coach knelt down next to me and held me down by the back of the neck. “You want me Coach?” Kaito said. “Yeah,” Coach yelled, “Kaito, this is our new coxswain, Josh Clarkson.” “Yeah, I know Coach,” Kaito said, “Nate told me he was here.” This was so ackward and completely humiliating. What was happening to me? How did I get here in this surreal moment? Kaito standing above me, staring at my swollen red ass, crying. I wanted to run away forever and hide but Coach Carbone pulled me up off the floor to face Kaito. Almost naked in my nylon short and with my eyes blurry with tears, I stood in front of the team captain for the first time. Here he was… Kaito, just known only a Kaito. I never knew his full name. I couldn’t tell if he was Arabic, Latino or Asian, or a combination of all of them. He was dark, very dark. I don’t think he was that hairy but I was focused on his eyes. He looked at least 6’1″ with black eyes and very dark eyebrows that almost covered his eyes when he frowned. His eyes looked bottomless, deep and black as coal. He looked about 215 lbs with typically huge thighs from all the rowing over the years. He stared at me. I was completely intimidated instantly and looked down at the floor. I felt so ashamed and he knew it. He had a superiority about him that instantly made me feel inferior and submissive. I can’t explain how I felt at that moment, but I just stood there frozen in time. After what seemed like an eternity, “Hey Cox,” he said, “Ah, the boys are loading the van for the boat house Coach.” “Good,” Coach said to Kaito, “Give the new cox the manual and work with him on the way to the boathouse.” “Boy,” Coach said to me, “put this on cause its kinda windy out on the water.” He threw me a white long-sleeve cotton shirt that barely pulled down to my stomach. It looked almost like a midriff top that a girl would wear. “Keep the uniform shorts on as usual.” He said as he walked out with Kaito. I followed behind them. I could feel the wind blowing against my red bruised asscheeks. I just wanted to turn around and run the other way, but knew that I couldn’t at this point. Once we got to the bus, Coach stopped the rowers to introduce me briefly. “This is our new coxswain, Josh.” He said, “He’s a rookie so we will be implementing certain training techniques to help him become a contributing member of the team.” I had no idea what that meant but just listened. The 8 men stared at me in my little cum-stained spandex shorts. Actually, not one athlete smiled or chuckled as I had expected. I felt their eyes burning into my ass as I followed Kaito to the back of the van. I walked passed Nate, who was sitting with his buddy Mike. Nate gave me a thumbs up as I passed him, which made me feel much better. I felt that Nate did truly care about my well-being even though he was sexually abusive to me. When I got to the back, Kaito was sitting with his legs spread open, leaving me little room to get around him to my seat. He was wearing the same team uniform shorts but they actually fit him properly, loose enough to have some air room around the leg opening. When I settled down, Kaito moved back against the window across from me, spreading his legs toward me. Again, we made eye contact as he handed me the material I was supposed to read on the way to the boathouse. It seemed like “owner’s manual” to becoming a crew coxswain, with a list of commands and procedures that every coxswain should know. I looked over at Kaito with his legs open just staring at me with those cold eyes and no facial expression at all. I had no idea what he was thinking until he spoke. “Read it Clarkson,” he said to me. “The coach will take care of today’s practice but you should know what the hell to do by next practice. I read the material but kept glancing over to Kaito, who never took his eyes off me. He seemed to know that he was distracting me. He moved his hand to his crotch to scratch it but, in doing so, he pulled the leg opening of his shorts to the side. I now had a full view of his white jock pouch bulging out from his crotch. He moved his hand away but kept staring at me.. I tried not to look at Kaito’s bulging jock pouch but realized that was impossible. It looked so big. I would look from his face, to his eyes, to his crotch and back to his eyes again, before going back to my reading. I could see a small wet spot forming in the center of the pouch. Why was I looking there? I kept telling myself to look away but couldn’t do it. Kaito smiled at me and chuckled. “Am I distracting you boy?” Kaito said. “Huh?” I replied startled, “distracting me?” “Well, you seem unfocused right now,” Kaito said as he spread his legs further open. “How do you expect to stay focused during a race if you can’t focus on your reading now?” I thought this might have been another “test”. “I’m not unfocused Kaito.” I replied. “Well, its difficult to keep this guy covered, so you better get used to it.” Kaito said as he pointed to his bulging jock pouch that was now completely exposed through the leg of his shorts. We made eye contact again and he looked down at his jock pouch. My eyes followed his gaze to the jock. I tried not to look, of course, because I needed to focus on my kocaeli escort reading assignment. “So, I’m not distracting you then?” Kaito said as he adjusted his pouch again. “No Sir,” I replied. “Im not so sure I believe you Clarkson,” the captain said. ” I mean, when I do this, ” Kaito scratched his balls, “Your eyes don’t wander down to my crotch?” I quickly looked to see what he was doing. “there, you see?” Kaito said, “You are looking at my jock just like I said.” He leaned toward me and said very softly, “Are you a faggot boy?” “No, no,” I replied immediately, “of course not. You’re just trying to test me. Confuse me.” “Oh, am I?” Kaito said, “then just focus on reading that material bro.” He spread his legs and stretched them. “I know you’re trying to trap me.” I said defiantly but I couldn’t help to look down at his crotch again. He had one foot on the seat now, with his knee up and open. The other foot was on the floor causing his crotch and jock pouch to become fully exposed. He was smiling at me with those eyes. I couldn’t help but look. He was blatantly showing me his crotch now. “What are you hoping to see boy?” He said as he rubbed his pouch. His cock looked like it was pressing against the material forcefully now. Throbbing to get out. “I don’t think you want to look away anymore, do you boy?” He was right. I could no longer look away. Kaito spoke softly and slowly directly at me. “You don’t want to stop looking now, do you boy?” Kaito said. I couldn’t help myself. I shook my head no. “I didn’t think so faggot.” Kaito said softly. I looked up at him and was about to speak, but he continued. “Ah, ah, ah… don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. Not even your roommate, Nate.” “I’m not gay.” I said. “Ok, ok, I believe you.” Kaito said as he rubbed his jock pouch. “I want you to look at it anyway, Clarkson. Even if you’re straight, I still want you to look at his jock. I never wash it. Do you want to smell it? I bet you do, don’t you? It’s OK, I might let you smell it if you’re a good boy.” I was silent. I could no longer resist staring at his crotch and listening to him. “Now,” Kaito continued, “I want you to look at me boy. Look at my eyes closely. Whenever you see my jock pouch, you will be unable to look away. Completely unable to look away. Do you understand?” I nodded. “You want more than anything to see my jock, don’t you boy?” I nodded again staring into his eyes. “That’s right. You/re a very good boy, aren’t you? You’re a very obedient boy, aren’t you?” I nodded. “Whenever you see my jock you know what you will do? You will stare and be unable to look away. When you see my jock, you will imagine what is inside of it. All of your focus will be on my jock and your desire to see what is inside of it. Now look at it boy?” I looked down at his exposed jock and listened to him. “You want to see what’s inside it, don’t you boy?” I nodded. “Of course you do.” Kaito’s voice became very soft and almost hypnotic. “That magnificent male penis is inside of it. That magnificent penis is all you will focus on. Tell me what you are thinking right now?” “I am thinking about your penis inside that jock.” I said very softly “Sir” “Sir” I repeated. “That’s right boy.” He said in that hypnotic soft voice. Now think about how it smells. Can you imagine what my dirty jock smells like?” I nodded. “Wouldn’t that be a nice to put your nose against that bulging jock pouch and smell it?” I nodded. I was completely consumed with this now. My brain was scrambled and I thought about nothing but that smelly bulging wonderful jock pouch. “Wouldn’t that be a nice reward to smell my jock boy?” Kaito continued, ” You need to earn the reward boy. Do you know how you will earn the reward?” I shook my head no. “You will do exactly as you are told by me, that’s how. You will do this in and out of practice and races Clarkson. You will devote yourself to me and the team. Do you understand?” I nodded. “You’re gonna be such a good boy Clarkson.” He said. “I think you’ll do just fine as our cox, don’t you?” I nodded. “In fact,” he said quietly, “since you’re such a good obedient boy, I might let you smell it now. Would you like that boy?” I nodded. “That would make me very happy boy. Do you want to lean over here and smell my jock boy?” He said, “wouldn’t that be wonderful?” I nodded. “Well, don’t let me stop you. I will give you permission to smell my jock boy. Even though you are not gay, I know you just want to make your captain happy, isn’t that right boy?” I nodded. “That would make me very happy if you smelled my jock boy. Come here boy, on your stomach.” Kaito pulled my face towards his crotch. “Good boy, just like that. Smell. You want to make me happy, don’t you cox.” He said quietly. “Tell me.” “I want to make you happy…” I said. “SIR.” He corrected me “I want to make you happy SIR!” I corrected myself. “Good boy, I want to be proud of you.” Kaito looked at me, smiling. I felt so connected to him at that moment. I would do anything for him. “Your lesson is just beginning now. “All you will think about is my jock now. You want my jock, you need my smelly piss stained jock. You will think of nothing else at this moment than my cum soaked jock. Nod if you understand and agree boy. I nodded. “You will think about my jock and your reward every day,” He said as he pulled my face toward his crotch. I could smell him. “Smell boy,” Kaito said, “From this moment on, seeing my jock will help to focus your mind, smelling my jock will relax you and give you a deep feeling of peace. This is where you belong boy. You face in my jock. Do you understand me? “Yes, I understand.” “Good boy,” Kaito said as he pressed my face into his magnificent jock pouch. I felt the hardness of his cock with my tongue beneath the thin material. “you want to submit to this cock don’t you boy?” I looked up at him with my mouth open and licking his pouch. I don’t understand how this could have happened. What was I doing? What was I thinking? He was playing tricks on me. He was manipulating my mind so I couldn’t think of anything but his jock and cock beneath it. “Don’t ever resist this feeling boy.” Kaito said. “When I show you this beautiful cock beneath this jock you will completely unable to turn away. You will do anything I say as long as you can smell and taste this jock. You will want nothing more than to obey me and please me as though you were born to do this.” I was lost in lust. “Lick it boy.” Kaito ordered. “put your mouth over the cock inside my jock and suck.” I wanted to please him at that moment more than anything I ever wanted in my life. I sucked his cockhead through the jock. I sucked it hard and could feel it pulse under my mouth. “Look up at me boy but keep licking my cock through the jock.” He said. I looked at him as I licked and sucked. “This is where you belong boy, don’t you understand? Look how beautiful you are with my jock and cock in your mouth.” He was petting me like a dog as I looked at him and sucked. “I’m going to give you the best present now that any boy could ever want.” He smiled at me. “Just always obey me and be a good boy and you will be rewarded.” I sucked harder and felt his cock pulse. It stretched the jock to its breaking point. He was so hard. “Don’t move and keep your mouth open,” he said quietly, “look at me.” I held my mouth open, on his jock, over his cock head, and looked into his dark hypnotic eyes. Then, it happened. Without any noise, or movement of any kind, I felt liquid soaking the jock beneath my mouth. It wasn’t cum. It was his piss. I was so completely spell-bound by this amazing dominant alpha pissing into my mouth, through his jock. Without making a sound or moving an inch. I swallowed without being told to do so. “You can’t spill it little fuck boy.” Kaito was getting dirty now. “It will get the van dirty. Drink”. I did as I was told. It wasn’t much piss thankfully, and soon the slow stream stopped. I closed my mouth and took one final swallow, keeping my eyes locked on his. Those deep dark eyes were glued to mine and, at that moment, I actually felt like his special “boy”. No words were spoken, until…. “Let’s go boys,” the coach yelled. “meet me at the boat in 5 mins. Clarkson stays with me.” I was literally shocked back to reality, but I didn’t want my dream to end. It was too soon. I was in a daze and needed to bring my brain back and focus. Kaito acted as though nothing happened and hopped off the bus with the team. “Help me with the gear boy.” Coach said as he picked up gym bags and water eguipment. “You’re job will be to help the rowers with their gear. Some of them, like Kaito, doesn’t want to carry his personal gear so that will be your job now.” “Understood Coach.” I replied. I picked up Kaito’s gym bag and could almost smell that jock again. It instantly brought me to another place in my head. Kaito’s jock. I almost stopped walking until I heard the coach yell. “Let’s go Clarkson.” He screamed back at me. I rushed along side the coach and listened to him as we walked. “OK boy,” he said, “This is what’s happening today. You look, listen and learn… period. I will be the coxswain today but you will ride in the boat. Did you go over the material I gave you?” I was still in a daze. “Boy?” Coach yelled and I snapped out of it. “Yes Coach,” I replied, “I’m familiar with the material.” “Good,” Coach said, “You will take over the helm at the next practice.” We arrived at the boat house and the 8 Varsity rowers were ready to load the boat. It looked massive sitting on the rack of the boat house. The men looked massive too. All huge muscled rowers that I haven’t even really met yet. They seemed to know exactly what to do and stood in their order along side the boat. Kaito was on the end with Nate right behind him. I saw Mike toward the front of the boat. The Coach stood next to Kaito with me standing directly next to the coach. The Coach whispered to me, “Pay attention Cox.” He then looked at the men and yelled. “Hands on boat.” The rowers put their hands under the boat and grabbed the rim. “Ready to lift on UP, 3-2-1 UP” The men lifted the boat off the rack and pulled it toward them. “Take to shoulders on UP, 3-2-1-UP” The men lifted the boat to their shoulders. The starboard rowers instantly switched to the other side of the boat.” They manuevered the boat out of the boat house and onto the doc. “Ready to load on Switch, 3-2-1- Switch.” The rowers switched to the starboard side of the boat and dropped it to waist level. “Ready to drop into water on DROP, 3-2-1-Drop.” The boat was dropped into the water. kocaeli escort bayan The men all moved at exactly the same time. “Starboard rowers on LOAD, 3-2-1- Load” The men boarded the boat and stabilized it for the other rowers. “Port rowers on LOAD, 3-2-1- LOAD” now all 8 men were in the boat. “Cox load” all 8 men held the boat as I took my seat in the boat. All 8 men were facing the stern of the boat, looking toward me. I was the only person facing the bow. “Ready to push off, 3-2-1- Push Off” The coach walked toward a small motor boat adjacent to the boat. He would follow along side the boat through the practice. Once we pushed off, my job was to “Look, Listen, and Learn” as the coach instructed. Kaito, being the 8th seated rower, sat directly in front of me, facing me. I was so intimidated by him as he stared directly at me for most of the practice. I tried to not look at him and focused on the coach, who was yelling the commands. The boat glided through the water and I could feel the power of the men as they pulled the oars. Working as a team, the boat seemed to move effortless through the water. I felt exhilarated. Then… “Hey cox,” Kaito said to me during a quiet moment, “You need to keep your eyes on the rowers too.” I looked at Kaito and, because he was facing me, with his knees bent, I had a perfect view of his bulging crotch. FUCK, I said to myself. Kaito smiled, spread his knees, and casually rubbed his crotch. No one else could see what he was doing because the coach was toward the bow and the other rowers were behind him. It was just Kaito and me…. our private moment in the middle of practice. As the coach yelled the commands, the rowers followed and worked hard through out the practice. Kaito was listening to the coach’s commands but staring directly at me the entire time. I didn’t know where to look so I tried to focus on the coach. Coach allowed a short break and the rowers relaxed. “Look at me boy,” Kaito said quietly, “Don’t ever resist me. What are you thinking about?” He pulled his shorts to the side and showed me that amazing jock pouch. “This is what you need boy, isn’t it?” I stared at Kaito’s jock and everything else disappeared suddenly. I nodded to Kaito. “Good boy,” Kaito said. “If I show you a glimpse of this beautiful jock you will be completely unable to turn away. You will do anything I say. You will want nothing more than to please me, right boy?” “Please Kaito,” I quietly sobbed, “not here in front of the team.” What happened next, I still can not believe. Kaito pulled open his jock pouch and allowed his whole cock and balls to flop out. I couldn’t take my eyes away as he literally pulled on his cock to allow it to stretch. It was huge. It didn’t look real. It looked like one of those huge foot-long dildos you can buy online. Without being hard, it must’ve been about 8″ and still growing. He must be an exhibitionist because he moaned as his cock became hard. I was sitting there, in between his legs, and I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. “its OK kid” he said as he rubbed his cock so only him and I could see. “I know you want to look at it”. I looked away quickly. Kaito reached his hand to my face and turned my head to face his crotch again. “Go ahead, don’t be afraid, look at it”. He smiled at me. “You’re not a fag, are you?” “No Kaito, I said that before.” I quickly responded. “Good,” he smiled, “just gotta make sure. We don’t want any fags around here. Real men should be able to stare all they want, without worrying about it, right?” I nodded. Kaito pulled on his cock right in front of me until it was rock hard and sticking straight up. Despite the size of it, he kept it hidden between his legs. Still, no one else could see it because the rowers were behind him with the coach. “You wanna taste this don’t you Cox?” Kaito said, “you wanna taste it just like you tasted your roommate’s cock, don’t you?” I nodded mindlessly. “You know what I think Cox?” Kaito continued without waiting for a response, “I think you’re a faggot. You’re not straight. You’re a fuckin gay bitch faggot.” Suddenly I understood what was happening to me. It was a trick. Kaito was trying to get me kicked off the team. Kaito didn’t like me. He hated me. He was brainwashing me. I had to be strong. “No,” I yelled and the coach looked over at me. “What’s wrong Cox?” The coach yelled. “Nothing Coach, I was saying ROW.” I lied. “Is it time to get the team going again Sir?” “Cox is right,” Coach yelled to the team, “Ready to stroke on 3, 3 — 2 — 1, Stroke!” The team, including Kaito, pulled on the oars. His cock was still outside of his jock. He looked angry. Real angry. He knew I broke his spell and he wasn’t happy about it. I felt determined to not allow Kaito to get me kicked off the team. Eventually we got back to the boathouse and, after the boat was racked up, the athletes loaded back into the van. The coach told Kaito and I to ride in the back again, so we could go over notes from practice. I knew I was in trouble with Kaito as he looked at me with those deep dark eyes and smiled. As I passed the coach, I asked him if Nate could help me with the practice plans with Kaito. The coach nodded and I ran to Nate. “Coach says you gotta come to the back with Kaito to go over practice strategy.” I felt so much better that Nate would be there. He went back ahead of me and sat next to Kaito in the back seat of the van. I could hear him and Kaito start to talk about last week’s football game as I walked back to them. They were sitting side by side, with their legs spread and there was no room for me to sit. “Ah,” I quietly said, “could I sit down?” Kaito looked up at me and said, “You know where you belong punk.” He reached up and grabbed me and pushed me to my knees on the floor in front of him. Nate looked out the side window, ignoring us, while Kaito pulled my face into his crotch. “Focus Cox,” Kaito said loud enough for Nate to hear. He pulled his shorts to the side and there was his sweat stained jock pouch staring at me. Instantly, I felt something in my stomach, my loins, as I looked at his jock. The van started moving so the engine noise covered our conversation. “Don’t you ever do that again, Cox.” Kaito said, “I’m the captain of this team and I decide what the team does on, and off, the water. Isn’t that right Sterling?” “That’s right Kaito.” Nate said while still looking out the window. “You spoke out of line and you’re going to make it up to me now.” Kaito said. I simply stared passed his jock and up to his face. My face was in between his legs and only inches from his jock covered cock. I could smell it. “Take it out Faggot.” Kaito said. “Im not gay Kaito.” He instantly slapped my face. “What?” he asked while gritting his teeth. I was scared. “I’m… not…. gay.” I said trying to hold back tears. “I don’t give a shit what you are.” Kaito said, “You do as you’re told, simple as that. We already know you’re sucking roommate’s cock.” I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t reach up and pull his cock out. Kaito turns to Nate. “Tell him this is the way it is bro,” he said, “he doesn’t have a choice, and you know it.” Nate looks at Kaito, who nods his head down to me. Nate leaned over toward me and brought his face close to mine. “Just do it Josh,” Nate whispered, “It’s what the captain wants and it’ll help the team bro. Coach says we all have to obey the captain, no matter what.” I looked at Nate and begged him with my eyes. “I know you’re not gay. You’re just doing it for the team.” He continued, “Take it out for the captain. Smell it like he said. Lick it Josh.” I was surprised to hear Nate continue talking like this. I reached up and licked the pouch. “It doesn’t taste so bad, does it boy?” Nate was calling me “boy” again. “Looks like his cock needs to get out of that jock, doesn’t it?” Nate looked at Kaito, who was smiling now. “I bet its painful cramped up inside there, isn’t it?” Kaito’s smile got bigger and he nodded again. “Yup,” he said. “You don’t want the team captain to be in pain, do you boy?” Nate said back to me. “Do what the man said and take it out.” I pulled the wet jock pouch to the side and Kaito’s cock flopped out, hitting my face. The smell hit my nose. Musky sweaty cock smell. “That smells like a dirty cock, doesn’t it Josh.” Nate said, “I think you need to clean it boy, don’t you?” I nodded and extended my tongue to his cock. Suddenly, Kaito grabbed my head, and pushed the shaft into my mouth. I instantly gagged and pulled back, coughing loudly. I think the coach heard us. “You boys got that manual done?” the coach yelled. “All good here Coach.” Kaito replied. “Real good….. mmmmm” Nate grabbed my head and held it still while Kaito quietly pumped his cock into my mouth now. “We know you’re not gay Josh,” Nate said quietly into my ear, “but our captain is more important than you, and he needs your help. Don’t you want to help him Josh?” Kaito was fucking my throat now and I began to drool all over the seat while Nate held my head in place. “If I let go of you, will you take care of our captain by yourself Josh?” Nate asked me quietly. “Just take his load like you take mine bro. It’s not a big deal, and nobody will know anything.” I looked at Nate as he smiled down at me. I nodded. “Good boy,” Nate said as he looked up at Kaito. He let go of my head and I started actively sucking Kaito’s cock now. “Fuck yeah faggot.” Kaito said. Quickly Nate spoke to me again, “You’re not a faggot Josh, don’t worry. But you better start sucking before we get back to campus.” Nate spoke to Kaito quietly, “He knows how to swallow everything bro. Just nut directly into his throat and there won’t be any evidence.” Kaito smiled and said, “hold my balls faggot. Pull on my cock and I’ll give you the protein you need.” I did as I was told and Kaito started to grind his hips into the seats. Sudddenly he reached out and grabbed my head with both hands and shoved his cock down my throat. “CUmmmmmming, fuckkkkkk”. Kaito moaned loudly. I couldn’t breathe as his cock was lodged deep in my throat. I knew he was spilling his seed into me but I tried to pull away cause I couldn’t breathe. I finally pulled off his cock and loudly gasped for air. Some of his cum spilled onto the seat between Kaito’s legs. As I dropped my head down, trying to catch my breath, I saw a pair of feet behind me. Still on my knees, I quickly turned around to see the coach standing directly behind me. “Clean it up boy,” Coach said, “Make it quick cause we are arriving on campus.” I just stared at him and he glared back at me, “Now.” I licked Kaito’s cum off yahya kaptan escort the seat. I also noticed Nate was staring directly out the window, not wanting to see the cum. With his legs still spread, and the coach still watching, Kaito pointed to his balls. I leaned into his crotch and licked around his balls and finally to his cock head to get the last of his cum. “Good boy,” the coach chuckled as he turned back to the front of the bus. “Hustle up boys and meet me back in the lockerroom.” The team never seemed to look back at me but I knew they must’ve heard the commotion. Nate helped me up and pushed me to get off the bus. Kaito took his time and was the last off the bus. The team had already gathered in the Varsity lockerroom. Once back at the gym, the coach lectures the team on mutual respect and obeying the rules while in season. He tells them that girlfriends are now off limits for the season. “Go get your last pussy fuck in tonight boys,” the coach said, “cause tomorrow we start the testosterone therapy, so tonight’s your last cum.” The athletes all groaned but no one said a word. Nate put his arm around Josh. “Listen, Mike is gonna fix me up tonight with some pussy. I mean, it’s our last chance. So, I’ll meet you back at the room later.” I wondered why Mike wouldn’t try to fix me up but thought that maybe Nate told him I was a virgin and that would embarrass me. “Yeah, sure Nate.” I was pissed at him anyway because he forced me to suck Kaito. I mean, I really wasn’t forced but I didn’t want to do it and Nate kinda persuaded me to make it happen. The coach never mentioned it after that day but I knew he didn’t forget what happened in the back of the bus. I was already in bed when Nate got home. I heard him throw himself on the bed and, after a few minutes started to breathe heavily. Not like he was sleeping, but like he was blowing off steam. “Hey Josh,” he said and I cringed, “You awake?” I didn’t say anything, hoping he would think I was sleeping. “I know you’re not sleeping bro because you snore.” He chuckled. I remained quiet. “Im fucking pissed bro,” Nate said, “She wouldn’t let me cum inside her. You know I can’t pull out to cum cause you know I can’t look at it or smell it and I never use condoms. I just need a good bitch that will take my cum.” “Why didn’t she suck you?” I said. “Oh good, you’re awake.” I cringed again. Stupid me. “You know girls don’t swallow cum. Most of them hate it more than I do.” “Jeeezzz,” I said while forcing a yawn, “sorry to hear that bro. Nite.” I turned over and faced away from him. “Wait Josh,” Nate said as he stood up, “I thought I would help you out again tonight.” “Help me out?” I replied. “I have nothing to do with your date bro.” “No, no, no,” Nate said as he took off his clothes and walked over to my bed. “I know cause you’re a virgin that you probably never got close to a real pussy, right?” He continued without waiting for a reply. “Well, I was just fucking a real pussy and I got her cunt juice all over my dick. I thought you could at least smell it just to satisfy you’re curiousity.” “Who said I was curious?” I turned to him. “Well, you’re straight, right?” He said as he walked right in front of me now, with his dick half hard and hanging half way to his knee. I wasn’t really curious at the moment but he had a point. “Course,” I replied. I think I knew where this was going anyway. There was no time to think as my roommate put his cock directly into my face. He lifted it up and dragged his shaft across my nose. Even if I didn’t want to smell it, the smell was so strong and different from anything I’d ever smelled before. It was real pussy. I pulled away. “I know what you’re doing here Nate.” I said, “don’t make it look like you’re doing me a favor. You just want me to suck your load out cause you didn’t get lucky tonight. The answer is NO because I’m pissed at you right now.” Suddenly, Nate grabbed me by the hair and yanked me out of my bed and dragged me to the floor in front of him. “First of all, faggot,” Nate said, “I did get lucky but I didn’t cum. If you remember, the coach told me to be sure you’re getting your protein and you should be grateful that I saved my cum for you.” He was still holding me down by my hair. “I am doing you a favor bro. Don’t you think I could have pretended not to cum inside her pussy but shot my load into her anyway?” He continued, “The bitch wouldn’t have know that I actually flooded her pussy with my cum. She was in heat and probably didn’t care anyway.” He then grabbed my face with both hands and pulled me into his crotch. His cock throbbing across my face now. “I was thinking of YOU bro. I wanted to give you my cum, not her. I’m doing this for the team, don’t you get it bro?” Nate had another point. I mean, both cases were probably true. She didn’t want him to cum inside her and he honored her request cause he knew I would swallow it later anyway. I mean, it was part of the TRT program and the coach had specific instructions for him as part of his job. Well, I was still pissed. “NO,” I simply said as I remembered what happened on the bus, “No, you let Kaito abuse and embarrass me. In fact, you helped him humiliate me in front of the coach and the whole team.” Nate suddenly softened up. “Ok, come here bro,” He said as he pulled me along the floor up between his legs. Still holding my face over his crotch, he laid back against the wall and looked down at me. The pussy smell on his cock, and his sweaty ass musk, was intense. “Why don’t you taste that pussy juice on my cock while I explain something about our team captain. You just stay right there where you belong.” I just looked up at him with my face inches from his smelly pussy soaked cock. He dropped his eyebrows and pointed to his cock, waiting for me to lick it. I licked it. “Kaito has a real mean streak in him.” He explained as I licked his messy cock. “You have to watch out for the guy. People say he can make you do anything with his eyes. Whatever you do, don’t look deep into his eyes.” Nate didn’t know that I have already experienced that with Kaito. “Suck boy,” He said as he continued talking. I sucked the head into my mouth. “We all have just learned to do whatever he says and allow him to have his way.” He pulled his cock out of my mouth, pushed me back slightly, and moved his foot to my face. He continued talking like this was the most normal way to have a conversation. His foot in my face. “It’s just easier, and also better for the team, if you make him feel good anyway he wants. He is a better guy once he is satisfied.” “Do they stink?” He asked as he lifted his foot to my nose. “yeah,” I replied as I inhaled the intoxicating aroma. “Then take my socks off and lick them bro.” He instructed, “I am too tired to take a shower tonight and I can smell them from here.” I don’t know why I obeyed him. He was so casual and just assumed it was normal for his roommate to lick his feet while he basically ignored him. “Listen, its just better to do whatever Kaito say or he’ll make your life miserable Josh.” I was busy licking now. “Tell me you’ll do whatever Kaito wants you to do Josh, no matter what.” I was kinda of in a daze and focused on Nate’s feet but I agreed. “Tell me Josh,” Nate ordered. “Say it.” “I will do whatever Kaito wants me to do,” I said as I licked, “I will obey whatever he says for the team sake.” “Great Josh,” Nate said as he stuck his big toe into my mouth, “Im really proud of you Josh.” I stopped licking and looked at him. “Im serious, we all know you’re not gay but you are mature enough to understand just to obey him no matter what. Even if you have to take his cum. I mean, that’s more than I could do.” I never thought of it that way really. “Think about it Josh,” Nate continued, “You did it for the team. You understand commitment and you obey the rules now. That’s pretty impressive that you learned your place so quickly too.” Again, I felt some pride in what Nate was saying. “Look at you now,” Nate continued softly, “Licking my smelly feet to clean them for me without having to go shower. I mean, I know you really don’t want to do it but you put the team above your own personal needs. That’s amazing bro, seriously.” Nate then scooted farther down on his bed and lifted his muscular legs up, exposing his asshole to me. I pulled back and looked up at him. “Go ahead bro,” Nate said, “you’ve already tasted it before so it can’t be that bad.” I hesitated. “You know your place now bro. For the team, remember?” I wasn’t sure how eating my roommate’s asshole was good for the team. “Eat my ass and it’ll help me cum quicker so I can feed you the protein the coach says you need bro.” Nate said as he seemed to read my mind. That was reason for me to put my mouth on his asshole. I smelled him just before the first lick. He was dirty and sweaty, with a serious musky odor but not too bad. He casually relaxed his thick muscle legs on my back, dug his heels into me as he pushed his ass into my face. I licked. “Fuck yeah bitch,” Nate said as I heard him jerking his cock. “Be a good boy and eat that sweaty jock ass nice and clean.” He was moaning louder. He seemed to love my mouth on his hole. “You know your place with the team.” He said as he grinded his ass into my face. “You will learn to service the whole team now bro.” “Push your tongue inside there bitch,” Nate said moaning now, “suck out my sweaty jock ass.” I clamped my lips over his hole and literally sucked his ass lips into my mouth. “FUCK,” Nate yelled, “Im gonna cum bitch.” He quickly dropped his legs to the floor, sat up and pushed his cock into my mouth. “Auughhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkk, Swallow it bitch. You need that cum inside you.” I closed my mouth around his cock shaft and allowed the cum to squirt directly into my throat. I could feel it warm and juicy as I swallowed. My cock was hard. Why was my cock hard? I’m straight. I loved Nate’s vulnerability with me as he shot his load. He was so sexy at that moment laying back as so satisfied with me. My cock was hard. I loved this moment. I think I loved Nate. —- TO BE CONTINUED —- READERS: I will try to post at least once a month as I have the story in my head and just need the time to get it onto paper. Thank you to all the emails I have received with comments and ideas. I have tried, in the past, to incorporate some of your perverted ideas into my story too. Keep the thoughts coming. Also, please look for my other stories here on NIFTY. Go to the AUTHOR search feature here in the menu and click BUSTERMUSCLE….or just search the word “Bustermuscle”. Most of my stories involved the dominant/submissive power struggle because I believe that sexual control of one man over another is a huge turn on for me. No, all men are NOT created equal. LOL. Please email me at hoo with any comments. I will answer ALL emails. Thanks guys. TONY

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