The dog was crying and he was almost asleep. I was just getting comfortable after a busy day. He whined sleepily but I whispered in his ear. Could a seductive whisper penetrate the sleepy fog?

“Come back and fuck me,” I said, the teenage siren voice I didn’t learn until I was almost twenty-six sparking just the right part of his brain.

His hand reached for me and with just the tiniest wiggle I had it fall on my breast. It felt good there but I pushed him away as the dog’s whine became even more insistent.

“Arrrrgggghhhh,” he groaned but I noticed as he slid from under the covers that his doody had to be tucked back inside his pajamas. ‘Mama’s still got it,’ I thought to myself and realized I’d aroused myself at the same time, hoping it wouldn’t take long for thatidiotbastard to do its’ business in the back yard.

Even so, fatigue had me woozy by the time he returned and I’d turned away from his side of the bed and found my special place and I felt him exploring his options beneath the covers.

His hand touched my bottom and caressed the panties I was wearing and my eyes opened in the dark. Peppermint Patty time, I felt just a bit mischieveous and I growled, “Use your nose,” not knowing what it meant but curious, you know. He’s quite imaginative, that part I mostly love.

He reached under one hip and grasping the other in his firm but careful way, he stuck his nose between my cheeks and wiggled until escort bayan ataköy he found the wrong hole. He inhaled the musk he found there and his upper hand slid under the edge of the panties to tickle the fuzzy prickles from my last foray in shaving myself smooth. He asks from time-to-time and I forget how much it itches when it grows back out, etc, etc…

It actually tickled a bit, his fingers, I mean, his nose wasn’t making much headway with my bottom though it was surprising how my cheeks put up so little resistance to his determined advances. He loves the way I smell and I suppose that’s not too disgusting with a little excitement mixed in and either I spread my thighs a little or he forced them apart with a soft grunt and a head thrust and suddenly I had lips and tongue on my lady parts.

I sighed, I guess, bowing to the inevitable though sleep was still an option that I hadn’t surrendered. As much as he loves the smell, the taste, well, he’s become a professional connoisseur of things vaginal as regards his wife and I have trained him in all the finer points of the oral satisfaction of this woman. He just thought he knew how to eat but some kind words, some harsh words, some sarcasm, a few pinches and one memorable slap and he was now free to come on to me from below.

He’s nibbling the sides of my tooty alternating licking long sloppy licks on my thighs, and his fingers reached around to my front escort bayan fatih and were pressing just there and -oooh- there and his tongue dear God how long is it and I feel his hard dick pressing against my neck and I find that just won’t turn that way and I’m open, so open for him, snuggling down against his lovely face, that handsome little boy I love, so silly and beautiful and OH MY GOD damn you you you OHHHHHH …

He realizes he’s pushing his luck that when I come I will insist on sleep whether he’s summitted or not so he pulls that delicious mouth from my poor sopping wet vag and reverses himself in a move I think I saw on WWE one time and suddenly swollen hard cock is utterly and totally inside Mama and he’s going to town on that thing. I’m so horny I have my legs wrapped around his waist and I’m not wondering about my pedicure, right?

I apologize to my tits, sorry, girls, I’ll make him play with you another night, but right now OH MY GOD HE’S …and I thank him properly for taking the dog out by coming hard around his cock, he always loves the feel of me squirming and wiggling and clasping around his dick when it happens while he’s inside me and it feels so good so right so awesome Mama is a lucky girl and he’s still fucking away, the bastard, until he squirts me good and full with his shit and he grunts in appreciation like an idiot caveman, I hate that sound but love the feeling of us, together, escort bayan şişli feeling the sweet mess only we can make together.

He’s snoring but I have to go, so I slog into the loo and make a piss knowing the sound will never wake him up now and on the way back to bed I think wet warm washcloth and then naahhh I just grab a face towel and stick it between my legs and crawl in beside the man that I love more than life itself but less than the two sleeping ninjas that caveman made in me, their own soft breathing echoing the hall from their bedrooms. I just have to go see.

Back up, I slip out into the hall and peek inside their doors, my heart warming at the sight of each one. For some reason my boobs tickle on the inside of my pajama tops and I remember nursing each of them, one quite a fine diner who I thought would never wean, the other sloppy and more easily satisfied and almost hurt my feelings he took to a bottle so easily.

I sigh and keep holding the towel that’s holding his seed inside me til morning and for a moment think about the last time the hubs nursed me long and hard, teasing me with the delight we shared, his lips and tongue suckling on my erect nipples, loving the taste and feel and me squealing softly with delight at how good it felt to have my man on them, massaging and caressing and teasing with his hand on the other one. Damn that makes me horny.

I slip back in the covers to the sounds of his deep soft whispering as he dreams, his last conscious thought of me, I hope. I promise myself to make him kiss my chest, both sides, with his whiskery face before he leaves us tomorrow. He probably thinks he’ll get a real breakfast cause he fucked me so good.

He probably will.

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