Behind the tapestry


Behind the tapestry

Part 1

The king and queen sat on their thrones and watched the last of the court exit the large wooden doors. The doors closed with a resounding boom that echoed through the throne room. Once the echos faded away, the kings shoulders sagged and his chin fell.

“My queen.” The king said as he turned his head and looked into her eyes. “I am weary, I have taken the weight of the land upon my shoulders. I will ride out tomorrow and will be away for three days. I need to see the people and let them know that I will lead them, protect them and honor them as the people of our kingdom. The weight of this kingdom falls upon me my love. You are strong enough to run this land on your own, I acknowledge that, and I admire you for your strength. But, this is my burden to bare. Shall we retire to our chamber?”

The queen agreed and stood, she held her arm out towards the king. As he stood in front of her, she rested her hand on his arm and stepped down from her throne and stood next to him. She leaned into him and kissed his cheek.

The king smiled, turned to her and kissed her on the lips. As they walked to their bed chamber, the kings smile widened.

“Why such a large smile my king?” Asked the queen as they walked through the door then shut it behind them.

“You kissed me on my cheek my love, I then turned to you and we kissed on the lips. I love our kisses. I cherish each one. But, I have to admit, when you kiss me on the cheek it warms my soul.” As the king said this he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her hand.

“Why is that? Why does it mean so much to you when I kiss your cheek?” She asked as she was disrobing.

“It means so much to me because you kiss my cheek without any expectation of being kissed back. You kiss me without any provocation. Maybe you want or need to do that for yourself, but even when I do nothing to receive your affection, you kiss my cheek. I appreciate being the recipient of your thoughts and physical touch.” The king said as he had removed all of his clothing except his ephod.

The queen walked over to the king, placed her hands on each side of his face and kissed his lips. Entered his mouth with her tongue. Held his face to hers and tasted him, loving him and letting him know that he was hers.

As she pulled her lips from his, she still held his face in her hands.

“I love you my king.” She whispered.

He could feel her voice and her love resonate deep within his soul.

“I love you my queen.” He said softly. He hoped she could feel the love in his voice, the overwhelming emotion of belonging he felt because of her.

Without another word, she reached down and held his hand. She lead him past the bed, drew back a tapestry, pulled out a key she wore on a necklace and inserted it in a hidden keyhole. As she turned the key and a slight “click” was heard, she felt the kings hand squeeze hers a little tighter.

They stood behind the tapestry. Hand in hand. The king had a decision to make. Enter an unlocked hidden door in front of them or retire in a comfortable bed in the warm bed chamber behind them. The king leaned in, kissed the queen on the cheek then pushed the door open.

The queen knew what he needed. The weight of the land upon his shoulders. The desire to be the fair and just king that the people need pressed upon him.

She led him by the hand and had him stand on a small platform. After having him remove his ephod, she folded it and placed it on a nearby table.

“Kneel.” She said to him in a firm voice.

The king obeyed and kneeled while leaning on an “A” shaped frame. His knees were spread at the base of the “A” with the cross bar pressing on the middle of his semi-hard cock making it point down to the floor.

Walking to stand in front of him, she buckled a leather strap on his right wrist, then his left. She then fed a rope trough a ring on each of the leather straps and pulled. This lowered the kings upper body so that he escort bayan kağıthane was slightly bent over with his arms wide spread.

The king watched her naked body in admiration as she tied off each of the ropes. His eyes sparkled as she walked towards him. Her hard nipples, sultry curves and thin line of hair that led to her now wet lips appeared to be dancing in the torch light.

He felt himself begin to harden as she approached and kneeled in front of him. As he hardened, the cross bar pressed his shaft downward while pressing his sack further back. The discomfort was minimal due to the pleasure of his queens beauty he witnessed with his eyes.

As she kneeled, she ran a leather strap behind one knee then the other. Fastening them into place. Assuring that he would not be able to stand because of the binding of his knees, or sit due to the binding of his wrists.

As she stood up she made sure she was close enough to his face that he could feel the heat of her body, but far enough away that he could not touch her with his outstretched tongue.

“Please my queen. Please allow me to taste you!” The king said as she stepped away.

He could see her looking down at him, her right eyebrow raised. Without a word, she turned and slowly walked behind him. He turned his head as far as he could in order to see her. Once she was behind him and out of eyesight he looked forward again.

Head raised and stoic.

He could hear her soft footsteps walk away from him then return. She was still out of eyesight but he could feel her presence.

He waited.

As the minutes passed, the only sound that he could hear was the slight creaking of the leather as he pulled and the crackle of the torches.

He waited.

He trusted her and knew that she would not forget that he was tied up, he began to wonder if she was still in the room. Knowing how weary she was, he feared that she may have reclined and fallen asleep. His mind began doubt if she was even in the bed chamber. Maybe she went to the pantry to retrieve some bread and wine.

He waited.

“My Que….”

The riding crop exclaimed with a sharp crack as it contacted the right side of his bottom!

He tensed up, and stifled a yelp in his throat. Just as he swallowed he felt the crop land on the left side. His head still raised, he remained silent.

“You were about to question if I were still here, were you not?” The queen asked in a smooth and low voice.

“I was.”

SWACK! The crop landed firmly again.

“How are you to address me?!” The queen commanded in the same sultry voice.

“My queen.”

SWACK! The crack resonated in the room.

“You will answer me in full sentences.” Purred the queen.

“I was, my queen.” Said the king.


“Now that you have remembered your manners,” said the queen as she scraped her fingernails on the inside of the kings left thigh. Starting from the knee, slowly up as she dug into his tense and tight balls then down his right thigh, “I need to help you to not forget them.”

“Yes, my queen.” The king said as he tried to turn his head to look at her.

With three quick flicks, the queen landed the crop on his ball sack causing him to tense and emit a slight yelp.

“Did I ask you a question? Did I say I needed your approval?” The queen demanded as she gave each thigh a deeply hued mark.

The king exhaled after the reprimand, then quietly answered, “No my queen.”

“You are leaving me for three days. Each time you mount your horse, each footfall the horse takes and each time you dismount you will think of me. Every mark you are receiving is a piece of me you will be carrying with you.”

As the queen was talking she gifted the king with more reminders on both cheeks and thighs.

Lowering herself to her knees, she knelt behind him and aimed at his now hanging balls and enlarging cock.

“Do” snip to the balls.

“Not” escort bayan taksim another flick to the balls.

“Forget” a swat to the now fully erect shaft.

Due to the cross bar, the kings hardened manhood aimed straight down. Each swat caused a grunt from the king as well as a surge of lust and desire that made him hard.

The queen stood and was very pleased to see a glisten dangle from the tip of the kings pulsating head. She overcame her desire to return to her knees and take him in her mouth and taste the precum. However, she needed for her king to fully let go of his tension, his stress. He still held his head up, not as high, but still fighting to not fully let go of his need to control.

She ran her hands gently over the red and raised areas of future remembrance while kissing his back. With each kiss, she could see his head lower. Just slightly.

As she stepped back, she could see the long, thin trail of clear anticipation hang from him.

She quietly removed the crop from her wrist and laid it on the table. The king did not move his head other than it falling a little lower.

The queen knelt behind her king. Reached out with her hand and encircled his shaft. She leaned towards him and licked the kings wetness.

The king moaned and lowered his head even more.

Repositioning herself in a seated position, the queen laid her head back, opened her mouth and allowed the king to feel pleasure of her soothing tongue.

All thoughts of the kingdom, stress or struggles melted away at that point for the king. His head fully lowered, neck bent so that each vertebrae was a testament of his submission that he gave to his queen.

The queen took him fully into her mouth. Her hands wrapped around his lined and heated thighs so she could pull herself up and take him into her throat. Her mouth, her moans, her ferocity of needing and wanting her man caused the king to begin to shake.

“Ohhhh, my queen!!” He exclaimed as he was getting close!

She stopped.

She released his thighs and stood once again.

“Did I tell you to speak?” She said as she raked her fingernails down his back, leaving dark red parallel lines from his shoulders to the end of his body.

“No my queen.” The king said with his head still lowered, quivering and moaning.

“You will not utter a sound until I have received my reward!”

The queen grabbed his sack and as she closed her hand, she gave a slight pull. The king emitted a slight groan but no sound escaped his lips. Just as the queen demanded.

With her other hand she began to stroke him. Firm and quick up and down movements as she increased the pressure with her hand encompassing his balls.

Her teeth bit his inner thigh, hard and leaving a deep impression as she pulled her mouth from him.

The king began to shake and attempt to thrust.

“I am not ready for my reward, you will wait!” The queens firm voice instructed.

The king breathed deeply and rapidly while hovering over the edge of release. Desperately holding onto the queen and her demand.

Her acceptance.

Her desire.

Her reward.

The queen ran her tongue from the tip of his dripping, wet head to the bulging and stretched sack. Flicking her tongue, then sliding it, gliding it flatly and wrapping it around his hardness.

“Reward me my king. I want my reward to flow deeply in my throat.” She said as she released him from her hands and guided him into her mouth.

The next morning, before the sun arose, found the king waking from a deep slumber. The queen was nestled into the king with her head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around her and her hand resting on his chest with her fingers entwined in his.

The king tuned his head and kissed the top of her head, then said in a whisper, “You know.”

“I do.” He heard softly from the queen.

The king, wanting to leave on his journey before the sun climbed above the horizon, gathered şişli escort bayan his court together.

“As you know, I will be leaving very soon and will return on the third day. In my absence, your queen is the final authority. Let no one cross her, if anyone decides to test her temperament, there will be no pardon from me.”

After everyone received their final instructions and were dismissed, the king and queen turned to one another and embraced. She kissed him with the passion of only a strong queen could have and he returned the affection with fervor.

“I love you my king. I love you and need for you to return to me safely. My want for you when you are gone makes the hours seem like days and the days seem like years. Return to me my king and claim YOUR reward.”

“I will return to you as a hunter.” He said as they began to walk outside to the kings waiting horse. “A hunter that has been seeking his prey for a lifetime. When I return and see you, my prey, you will not escape me. You will know that I have returned. You will feel my presence. You will be consumed by me my queen.”

The kings small band of travelers were already mounted and waiting. The handmaid stood next to the queen and offered her a silk kerchief so the queen could dab her eyes.

“I will remember the gifts you have given me my queen. As I ride, as I mount and dismount. As I sit and stand, I will be reminded of how you take away my darkness and light my way to serenity.”

Gingerly, the king mounted his steed. As he repositioned himself multiple times, the queen began to see the countenance on the kings face begin to shift from serenity and remembrance of the previous evening to determination and regality.

Before the king proceeded forward, he turned his head to look at the queen.

As their eyes locked, the king smiled then said. “You know.”

“I do.” Replied the queen with a smile on her face.

After the king rode out and was no longer in sight, the queen turned and entered the castle with her handmaid by her side.

“My queen, may I ask a question?” Said the handmaid sheepishly.

“Yes you may.” The queen said as they entered through the entry.

“What did that mean ma’am? The king said, You know and you responded I do. He did not ask you a question but yet, you knew what he meant.”

“My dear, sit with me.” Said the queen as she sat down at a small tea table.

The handmaid said opposite her while they were served tea.

The queen smiled at her company, sighed then began to speak.

“As you have most likely noticed, our kingdom is different than many other kingdoms. We do have our customs and regalities that are the same as our neighboring lands, but yet, we are different. You have seen how the king never walks in front of me. He always has me by his side. He stated during our vows that it is his duty to lord over the kingdom, not his spouse. We are to be helpmates and will be side by side.

You see, that was a very bold statement for him to make. A woman is to not be seen as a subordinate but as an equal to her husband according to him. But it is not seen that way by many others. Including his parents.

So, while he was courting me we would say little things to one another, like little codes that only we would understand.

Once he professed his love to me and actually said the words, I love you, we knew that we would not be able to say those words in the earshot of others. It is not seen as a strong characteristic of a king to show the emotion of love, according to the elders of the law. To honor his parents and the elders, we both agreed to not say those three precious words in public. So, the king told me. You know I love you. He did not make it a question, it was a statement. I responded with I do.

That is why we say that. It is his way of telling me he loves me in front of everyone. There are times that I will say to him. You know, and he will respond, I do.”

Part 2

The king arrived back in the early evening on the third day. He summoned his counsel and had them meet with him.

“Where is the queen?” He questioned them as he sat.

“Sire, she is handling a situation at the moment and said that she will reunite with you at the dinner table.” Said one of the elders.

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