Beneath Ch. 01: The Owner

Big Tits

The spikes of her four-inch nude colored Jimmy Choo’s high heels resting precariously on their tips.

The owner’s right heel grazed back and forth delicately on the tiled flooring while her left tapped on its triangular sole playfully before sliding slowly towards her right.

The pointy front then made its way upwards, caressing gently the right of her calf clad in shimmery oily gloss 8-denier Htruiya nude-colored pantyhose.

It slid smoothly and effortlessly downwards; repeating this action a couple of times before swinging the pointy tip to the back of her calf. It went a little higher up this time, to the back of her knee while squeezing her nylon-sheathed legs together, generating rasping reverberations of the gossamer’s nylon.

Electrifying sensations irresistibly jolted through her entire body. This newly online purchased 8 denier pantyhose (made of 65% nylon and 34.1% spandex) was anything she has ever experienced. Easily ranked top three in her online purchase list.

The look.

The oily-gloss shine.

The accentuation of her slender legs.

And the feel…

Ooohh… yesss…!!! Especially the feel of it.

The supple and silky diaphanous hosiery clung snugly from the waist down. It felt light and breathable, essentially the crotch area if she was going to wear it without any panties.

But this was only part of the reason.

Her right leg raised up, bringing closer to its owner while her left hand reached out. Her palm touching her lifted nylon-sheathed leg. It was the first time her marooned-painted manicured fingers felt the silky-smooth nylon on her own skin.

Her dark-brown eyes scrutinized the intricately woven nylon-spandex hosiery; like a man gazing lustfully at an attractive woman all dressed up to be fucked.

She slipped her right heel off, showing the darker welt reinforced toe of its owner’s nylon webbed feet while her matching maroon-painted toenails contrasted starkly against the nude-color.

Whiffs of her Jimmy Choo’s insole leathery scent lightly filled the atmosphere, tingling the owner’s olfaction.

She wriggled her moist warm toes to loosen up from its tight stuffy confinement all day. Her fingers then reached over, giving them a needed massage.

Her right hand reached over to assist, kneading the exposed nylon feet with just the right amount of pressure. The owner could already feel the pent-up stress dissipating from the sole of her feet.

Satisfied, the owner turned her attention to her left feet and did likewise. Her body was soon feeling relaxed and light… and a little sensual. All that kneading and massage in her new Htruiya pantyhose stirred a rousing between her legs.

The owner looked up, gazing at her own mirror reflection before her seated presence. She was mesmerized by the sultry vixen staring back.

It was this moment the owner realised her ivory-colored pleated satin tennis skirt had ridden up, showcasing her pantyhosed crotch.

Acting on instinct, she slipped her rested nylon feet back into her Jimmy Choo’s before standing up. The skirt’s hemline barely covered her most intimate femininity while displaying the extension of her oily-glossed legs.

Her right hand moved to the front of her skirt while the fingers of her left hand pinched a few of the skirt’s pleats and mischievously lifted the hemline a little higher, flashing the darker welt of her pantyhose reinforcement.

As her right hand slid to her inner right thigh, she ran her fingertips up tepidly, evoking a stirring sensation within her pelvic region.

“Mmm…”, the owner purred a soft delectable moan.

She swiveled both Esenyurt escort hands to the rear, caressing her bouncy posterior which she had subconsciously perked up in response to her keen arousal.

Her hands nimbly returned to the front. Her fingertips gently brushing the top of her skirt. A couple of fingers slipped in, making their way towards her left side.

Within seconds, her tennis skirt fell to the tiled flooring. Those fingers had nimbly unfastened the hook from its eye and unzipped the skirt. Stepping aside, the owner was now standing in front of the full-length mirror clad in her nude-color pantyhose and matching high heels.

Her fair skin paled in contrast to the darker welt pantyhose waistband and reinforced control top. As she slipped her right hand to the front of her crotch, her fingertips gingerly ran over the little bump confined inside the 8-denier diaphanous nylon material.

Her upper torso stooped over naturally for her right hand to reach further between her oily-glossed legs. Her eyelids flickered sporadically in torment, between closure and opening.

The owner writhed in heightened delight while continuing her exploration between her legs. Her fingertips traced against the sinews of pop-out fibers pressing against the delicate and flimsy nylon nearing the summit of their discovery.

“Ooohh…”, another lustful moan from the owner. She bit her lower lip in wanton anticipation of what would come next.

She swung her left hand to her rear again; this time to meet with her impending right hand that had reached the “apex” of its discovery.

She purred and cooed as her fingers reunited at the cusp of her nylon-encased perky butt cheeks; flirting over the slight pinkish nub between her legs. Its jap eye had already leaked clear viscous-like fluid, staining a darker tone of nude color at the rear of the owner’s hosiery.

Her left hand was quick to work their fingers over the gooey leak, massaging and rubbing the nub’s pinkish glans.

Her touches quivered and trembled a little…

Not from the heightened sexual arousal, no.

Rather it was the vibration emitting from her penis-like appendage that was plugged into her aching pussy.

A one-of-its-kind patent pending strapless strap-on. An upgraded model from its Realdoe predecessor. Intuitive (set as default) or manual mode; depending on the user’s preference.

Varying vibration intensity (ranging from “1” to “5”; weak to intense) at the tapered tip of the short end (called the saddle horn) that permitted the female user to fit within her vagina, holding it in position along with her Kegel muscles (recommended to wear a pair of pantyhose for added security).

The saddle horn or bulb would press into and rub the G-spot and stimulating the clitoris to experience the same exact senses as the partner for mutual enjoyment.

In Intuitive mode, the dildo shaft would increase in firmness and elongation from external stimulus or foreplay. And it would ejaculate and squirt when optimal stimulation is attained; just like the real thing! The scrotum holds up to 4 oz. of fluid and the starter pack comes with two bottles of 8.5 oz. of Master Series jizz water-based lube, semen scented.

Just “plug and play”; as marketed and advertised.

And that was exactly what the owner did! In an act of excitement and impulse, she overlooked to read the fine prints of the product’s disclaimer notice.

Who would blame her since she was one of the lucky few to secure her online purchase due to the limited stock, and had waited eagerly for almost two months for the merchandise to arrive Etiler escort bayan at the door.

Like a zealous child unwrapping her present, the owner cleaned and sanitized all areas before mounting it inside her already sodden pussy. Following the merchandise’s recommendation, she put on the pair of Htruiya sheer to waist pantyhose to make certain that her fake phallus would not slip out; which was the other reason for her wearing it.

Being a newbie to her new toy, the owner fumbled a little with the 100% silicone-made phallus figuring out how to best position it. The 5″ thick girth was a palmful to grasp around her dainty hands while adjusting it.

She finally settled to tuck in her appendage between her legs after a couple of minutes. The width of her realistic attachment involuntarily kept her legs slightly parted.

As she continued massaging the bulbous head with her left fingers, she could feel the gradual extension of its shaft length her right hand was grasping on to.

It did not take long before the bulb’s vibrating intensity increased, stimulating her G-spot and clitoris simultaneously and weakened her knees; they buckled and caved inwards from the sudden amplified pulsation.

The owner was getting more breathless, her panting heavier. Still in a stooped position, her back subconsciously arched further, perking up her plump rounded ass higher. Her left hand gained further access to the pinkish glans that was already lathery to the touch from leaked precum.

She teased the bulbous nub further in soft tender circles using her index finger right below her nylon ass cheeks. She had never played herself this way. The erotic massage was getting the owner more worked up now.

“Is this why men masturbate?” the owner quietly wondered.

Her growing attachment was stiffening to rock-hardness!

“Feels so good!”, she thought to herself.

Her right hand grabbed her thick and long phallus as much as her fingers could through her pantyhose and began stroking the length of its extension. Her fingers then squeezed the hard shaft a little and more precum leaked out from the bulbous head. Her left hand continued working on the oozing nub, smearing the groveling precum around her nylon-encased asshole and along the veiny shaft.

She pressed the top of the shaft, tucking in her penis-like appendage even further until its pinkish glans was nestling in-between the cusp of her butt cheeks; its swollen head just peeking out from the rear, protruding against the 8-denier hosiery.

Living up to its expectation, the Intuitive mode of the strapless strap-on pulsated with higher speed and intensity inducing waves of electrifying pleasure all over the owner’s body!

Her back was arching, and her glossy legs had spread further apart to accommodate the girth and length of her tucked-in phallus.

“I’ve got to stop… before I climax and tire myself out too early…”, the owner told herself, but the unconvincing voice in her head did not yield to her wayward pleasured body.

She was trapped in her own curiosity of man’s masculinity. So many questions to be answered and she was probably just stroking (literally) the tip of it.

Her hands unconsciously slipped inside her pantyhose waistband to feel her stiffened erection now. The tips of her thumbs barely touched each other with the rest of her fingers gliding downwards, stroking both sides of her thick veiny conduit.

“Oooh… gawd…!” as the owner sensed an orgasm building; nothing she had ever experienced before when she masturbated. She heard herself moaning and knew she was on the verge Escort Eyüp of a massive eruption and climax!

Her double-handed stroking action grew more urgent along with her breathing.

The owner laid herself down on the tiled flooring, with her knees bent in a hook lying position while making a futile attempt of buying some distraction time to slow down her pounding heartbeats.

It worked… but momentarily before succumbing to her curiosity again! Her hands got back to where they had left off; stroking both sides of her hard erection with greater urgency and perseverance.

The owner bit her lower lip as her arousal rose, murmuring erotic whimpers. At times, she would part her lips and open her mouth, gasping for breath!

If any sexually-hyped males were in the room right now, it would have been an opportune moment to seize this instance to thrust their hardening erections inside her mouth for a blow job and muffle her tarty moans.

Her hips propped up and down, lifting and lowering themselves rhythmically as she sustained her uncompromising masturbation on her intuitive phallus.

The owner felt a huge tidal wave building up from strength to strength as she approached closer to the inevitable. She had lost track of the vibrating intensity as it throbbed and pulsated vigorously inside her plump, engorged sopping pussy. The energetic motion against her G-spot plummeted her into unchartered abyss. Her body started quivering while her apprehension grew.

The owner was now a depiction of an insatiable nympho as her hips rose and fell rapidly like a well-oiled piston fucking her imaginary lover. She was completely immersed in her fantasy and masturbation that she was oblivious of her surroundings.

Oblivious to her mobile’s message alerts and incoming calls.

Oblivious to the safety of her privacy should some persons were to open her unsecured room door.

“Oooh… gawd! Oooh… gawd! I’m… cumming…!”

The owner’s right hand feebly reached under, cupping her throbbing dick and scrotum, igniting her mind-blowing orgasm!

She succumbed completely to her lustful desires!

A behemoth wave came crashing down upon her whole being as she was swept off her feet completely and fell under.

Deep under…

She could hardly breathe!

She panted and gasped for oxygen…!

Non-stop orgasmic waves after waves kept piling up and crashing down, continually burying her under every time she surfaced to the top.

“Oooh!… Oooh!… Oooh!… Ahhh!… Ahhh!… Ooooooohhh!”, the owner moaned like a possessed horny slut!

Her stiff erection had also ejaculated loads of copious milky cum inside the back of her pantyhose. She could actually feel the throbbing of her 5″ thickness that was tucked in-between her legs! Like a real cock that had cummed from intercrural sex.

Slowly the owner regained her senses. She heard herself faintly moaning in lusty whimpers while her entire body was still convulsing repeatedly. She lost count of the multiple times she climaxed and her orgasm lasted longer than any previous ones she ever had in her life.

It felt otherworldly profound and exhausting as if her soul’s essence was sucked dry and drained completely.

The owner was still toying with the aftermath of her ejaculated lathery gunge; slipping one hand inside her pantyhose and dipping her index finger into the puddle of milky goo. Bringing her finger to her lips, she tasted the creamy fluid inquisitively. She savored the lightly-salted taste as she laid lifelessly on the flooring in her own pool of copious semen-scented ejaculate.

The owner felt an overwhelming sense of masculine empowerment coursing through her despite the tiredness. There was an indescribable level of confidence; a power of assertiveness.

She concluded the elixir of male dominance must be the strapless strap-on she wore as the owner contemplated on her next sexual exploration.

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