Best Friends: Elle’s Escapades


This is a continuation of edgefull’s Best friend series; which I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope this story is as entertaining as the originals.

Back to the Airport

As the blacked-out SUV pulled away from the Onaspa, the driver (a petite woman with long black hair, blue eyes and dark red lips) told us to get comfortable. Ali and I got comfortable in the back seat by cuddling up next to each other. She rested her head on my right breast and began to massage my legs with her right hand. My legs spread naturally and she started to stroke my pussy.

I caressed her neck, head and arm. Slowly she worked two fingers into me and began pumping gently. I looked towards the front of the truck and saw the driver glancing several times at us. I caught her eyes and smiled. Ali quickened her pace until I was screaming for more. For fifteen minutes she pumped my pussy until I couldn’t take anymore. I must have had ten orgasms before I pulled her hand from my drenched pussy.

A white towel sailed into the back seat and landed on Ali’s torso. The driver’s right eye winked at us from the mirror. I cleaned myself up and told Ali to lean back the other way. Then I proceeded to masturbate her with the same fervor she used on me.

Reluctantly, we pulled into the airport parking lot a half an hour later, dressed in our clothes, and made our way to the plane.

Upon landing at home, I drove Ali back to her house (She masturbated the whole way from the airport) and kissed her goodnight with a promise to get together soon.

The Dry Spell

Unfortunately, I was swamped at work all week and the next weekend my monthly arrived, so my mood just wasn’t on sex right then. And as fate would have it, Ali had a business trip for two weeks; which also included Gretchen and another older lady (Grace, I believe) from her office. At least I knew Alison and Gretchen would get to have some fun, if they could get away from Grace that is. I, however, was left with my vibrators. I masturbated constantly when I was home.

After spending time at the Onaspa, it was difficult to restrain my sexual appetite; I even drove around one night without a skirt on and a vibrator in my pussy. I used almost a whole tank of gas and a dozen batteries; several times truckers honked at me as they drove by. It was fun; however, it didn’t seem to satisfy me. But after a few days, I found some stimulation.

On Wednesday, Lydia called. She was going to be home for a visit that weekend and was wondering if I wanted some company. She had talked to Ali and found out I was alone. I asked her to come over on Friday and I would cook her dinner. She, in turn, invited to a get together she was having at her mom’s on Saturday. An afternoon of nudism, masturbation and the like sounded great to me. Also, she told me she was bringing a surprise to dinner on Friday. And even after repeated “pleases”, she would not tell me what it was.

I explained my predicament to her after we made plans. And she asked me where I was right then. I told her I was at home. Then she asked me if I was naked. I wasn’t. She told me to get naked. So, I took my clothes off. She asked me if I felt better. I said yeah.

Then she told me to caress my pussy with my free hand. I asked her if she was caressing herself, Lydia said she had been playing with her pussy since I answered the phone. Soon we were both masturbating and moaning into the phone.

“Oh god, I wish I could see you right now, Elle.” Lydia moaned. “You’re beautiful; I would love to touch you.”

“Mmmm, I would love to be touched by you.” I had no idea why I said it, but at the time it just seemed right.

“I would love to feel your breasts…your legs…your pussy.”

“What would you do to my pussy?”

“First, I would gently caress your lips.


“After you are really wet, I would begin to rub your clit with my thumb.”

“I am so wet right now.”

“Rub your clit for me, Ellie.”

“Oh god, that feels good.”

“I would put some fingers in side you.”

“Mmmm, yes.”

“Stick your fingers in your pussy for me, Elle.”

“Oh Yes, yes, yes.” I put two fingers in my pussy.

“Do it faster, Ellie. Fuck yourself faster.”

I rammed my fingers faster and harder into my pussy until I screamed and climaxed.

“Wow that must have been a great orgasm.” Lydia said.

“Yes it was.” I replied.

“Next time, I want to see you orgasm, not just hear it.”

“You have to wait until Friday.” I joked.


“I Promise.”

We chatted for a few more minutes, and she climaxed in the middle of talking about dinner choices. It was surprisingly sexy and decided our dinner menu: Italian pasta, salad and wine. After we said goodnight, I took Anadolu Yakası Escort a shower, masturbated again and went to bed.

Dinner with Lydia and the Surprise

So on Friday, Lydia came over for dinner with her surprise: Mandy, the bartender from the Onaspa that Ali liked. I hugged them both and traded cheek kisses. Lydia asked if she needed to be dressed for dinner. We laughed and soon we were sitting around my kitchen table naked and eating fettuccini Alfredo with chicken, Caesar salad and garlic bread. We drank a bottle of delicious white wine, and for dessert we had white chocolate cherry cheesecake.

“So what have you two been up to for the last two weeks?” I asked when we began eating our salads.

“I started working in the salon at the spa as an assistant after you guys left.” Lydia energetically quipped. “It is fun trimming pussies and brushing hair all day. Plus, I’ve tasted so many women in the past few weeks, that I think my tongue is getting rough.”

We giggled.

Our conversation continued like that until dinner was over. Then we went back to the living room. Mandy and I sat on the couch. Lydia grabbed some pillows and curled up on the floor.

We chatted for a few more minutes. Calmly, Lydia said she was going to masturbate and soon we were all fingering ourselves. After a couple of good orgasms, Lydia offered to help get me off. “Ok.” I whispered. She crawled over and began to finger my pussy. It was great. I was twisting and moaning. Then I demanded she lick my pussy. She was really good, all that practice at the Onaspa must have helped, and I came hard after only a few minutes.

Then she turned to Mandy and asked if she needed assistance, too. Mandy declined. Lydia returned to her pillows on the floor and started to finger herself again. I slid off the couch and caressed her legs and mound. She moved her hands away and I started to finger her. First with only one finger, but she demanded more. So I put two, then three, then all four inside of her. She moaned for more. I looked up at Mandy. She was staring at us, her right hand a blur on her clit. I wasn’t sure what to do next. So I asked Lydia. She showed me how to fold my hand. And so I did and after a minute or two my whole hand was inside her pussy.

It was amazing. I could feel every muscle of her vagina as it was tensing around my intruding hand. I felt powerful, I was so elated. I was fisting her; I was fisting a woman for the first time! Her moans were guttural and deep. “Fuck me Ellie, Oh my fucking god! Don’t stop!” With every thrust she would growl with pleasure. With every withdrawal she would whimper with regret. In a moment of inspiration, I lowered my mouth to her clit as I thrust my fist into her pussy. She tasted amazing. Sweet —like honey covered strawberries— I ate her happily and fucked her until she lay covered in sweat, panting. “Ellie, please stop,” Lydia screamed. “Oh my god, please stop.” I stopped moving. When she was ready, I slowly removed my hand, and slid up next to her. I held her and kissed her forehead. She in turn kissed my neck and cuddled up to me.

Insistent moaning tore my attention from Lydia. Mandy was still masturbating behind us. Her hands were busy caressing and thrusting into her pussy. At Lydia’s insistence, I climbed up next to Mandy on the couch and began caressing her arms, chest and head.

“My nipples,” she pleaded. “Rub my nipples.”

I began tweaking, pinching and rubbing her nipples. Mandy’s moans got louder, her hands slowed but became more forceful on her vagina. Lydia recovered from her post-orgasmic bliss and began rubbing Mandy’s legs and feet. Mandy moaned louder and screamed with pleasure. Her body convulsed with orgasm as she came.

After that amazing scene, we cleaned up, Lydia and Mandy got dressed. Unfortunately, I showed them both out as they were staying with Marie, Lydia’s mom, and had promised to help set up in the morning. Lydia offered her bed to me if I wanted to head over with them that night, and while that was tempting, I still had things to do before the next day’s get together. So I kissed her passionately and told her she would have to wait. They left and I went to bed.

Lydia’s Get Together:


I slept like satisfied baby that night. In the morning I called Ali and told her about the night before. I just excitedly blurted out all the details. She was so jealous; she hadn’t tried fisting yet and she really wanted to do things with Mandy. However, she and Gretchen were having an interesting time at the conference; it seems that Grace was willing to experience some mutual masturbation and cunnilingus. I was dying for the details, but Ali was going to breakfast with Gretchen, Grace and someone Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan named Angela, so an explanation would have to wait until later.

I ran a few errands in the morning and headed over to Marie’s around 12:30 that afternoon. I wore a short blue skirt and a white tank top. I also wore a cute pair of blue sandals with a matching blue headband; I didn’t wear any panties or a bra.

Marie lived outside of town in a split level white house. She had a large lot of land. Her nearest neighbor was about a quarter mile away, so privacy wasn’t going to be an issue. I sighed in relief. I was still a little nervous, these girls were younger than me, and I hoped they liked me.

Lydia met me at the door. She was dressed in a red satin robe, her blonde hair shimmering in the daylight. “Come in,” she said. As I entered there was a bench next to the door with several large bags and a coat rack. “Please undress and put your clothes in here.” She handed me a pink bag with Elle written on it.

I quickly undressed and put my clothes in the bag. “Everyone else is outside by the pool,” she stated and pointed towards the patio door near the back of the house. I made my way out the doors and onto a wide wooden deck that wrapped around an above ground pool. The yard was landscaped with colored gravel and bushes. The yard was ringed by a high red wooden fence.

It was like a mini Onaspa. There were five women outside sitting around a patio table chatting. There was the raven haired Mandy and Lydia’s mother Marie. But the other three were new. There was a slim red headed woman with small breast and freckles all over. Next to her at the table was a busty brunette with short hair and an infectious smile. Next to her was a tall blonde with the most amazing body I had ever seen, she had lovely cream colored skin with beautiful breasts. Marie introduced the three women. The red haired woman was Gina, the brunette was Jennifer, and the blonde was Rachael. All of them were Lydia’s friends from high school.

Everyone was nude except for Marie; she was wearing a one piece red swim suit and a matching sarong. When I asked about the swimsuit she said she was not comfortable walking around naked with so many young women. We giggled and assured her that she had nothing to feel uncomfortable about. After a little peer pressure from us girls, Marie conceded in going topless and took off her bathing suit, wrapping her sarong around her voluptuous hips and mound, which was covered in thick black pubic hair. Even with a bit of a belly and some sagging to her boobs, Marie was still a very attractive woman.

We sat around chatting for a few minutes until Lydia came outside with the last two guests for her nudist masturbation party. Now, Lydia was wearing only a pair of flip flops and a belly chain. Following her was a caramel skinned woman with tight black curls, very large breasts, a fuzzy pussy and wide hips her legs were extremely long and she had the most beautiful heart shaped butt. Rachael hugged both of them, shoving her breasts into the short woman’s face, who responded by kissing and sucking on both nipples. Rachael introduced them as Renda and Pam: Renda being the caramel one and Pam was the shorter one.

Lydia introduced the rest of us one by one. And Renda insisted on giving each of us a hug. When she leaned over to hug me, my pussy moistened a little as she pressed her ample breasts into my face. Pam, on the other hand, seemed content in just waving from across the patio.

Lydia took on the role of hostess and explained the whole day.

“First on the agenda is some relaxation time by the pool. Then, after that, we will have a makeover session. You know, like hair, nails, and some grooming.” When she said grooming she rubbed her trimmed pubic hair; which got a laugh from everyone. “Next we will have an early dinner and some dessert. Finally, we will retire to the living room for a group masturbation session and, maybe, some cunnilingus.”

At that she clapped her hands and jumped into the pool, splashing water on all of us. Rachael, Renda and Gina followed her in as well. I sat and chatted with Marie, Pam, Mandy and Jennifer. When Marie stood up to go fetch something to drink Jennifer pulled her sarong off and ran over to the pool. Marie laughed and chased after her. Soon Pam, Mandy and I joined everyone in the pool. We horsed around, splashed about, and chased each other around the pool. Several times Lydia would swim up and grab my butt or boobs, and I would grab hers, too. It was very fun.

When we were all tired and soaked, Lydia suggested we take a break and have some refreshment. Lydia, Gina and Rachael went in to the kitchen to fetch trays of crackers, meats she grabbed Escort Anadolu Yakası a banana from the fruit bowl and started to rub it on her pussy. Everyone got silent and just watched her. She slowly inserted it in herself, while rubbing her clit with her other hand. I started to play with myself. Within minutes nearly everyone was masturbating. Only Marie and Mandy were just watching as we played. When Renda finished, she pulled out the banana from her pussy, peeled it and ate it while watching the rest of us.


After 15 minutes or so we were all satisfied, and Lydia said it was time for our makeovers. Again, she went into the house this time with Marie and Jennifer, telling the rest of us to wait outside until they asked for us. A few minutes later, Lydia poked her head out and said to follow her. We giggled and poked each other as we made our way to the basement of the house. Someone behind me (I believe it was Pam) grabbed my ass and gave it a gentle spank. I playfully tickled Gina in the ribs as she passed the kitchen door. Up a head I saw Renda pinch Lydia’s ass before she disappeared down the stairs. When we gathered at the bottom of the stairs we saw three stations set up in what was probably considered a family room. One was a chair by a large free standing mirror; on the table next to it sat hairspray, gel, brushes, hair scissors, a curling rod and combs. The second station had a lounge chair, a stool, scissors, razors, a small tub of water, hair removing wax and two mirrors, one large mirror and a small hand mirror. The third station had two chairs, various nail polishes, nail files, applicators and yet another large mirror. Opposite the stations and the mirrors were a couch and two chairs and a coffee table. On the coffee table sat pitchers of drinks and some trays of finger foods.

Lydia took a seat at the second station, Marie grabbed a brush by the first station and Jennifer was sitting in one of the chairs next to the third. Lydia said three women will have to wait while three get worked on. I took a seat at Marie’s station, Mandy took a seat by Jennifer, and Rachael sat with Lydia.

With long gentle strokes Marie began brushing my hair. Mandy and Jennifer discussed nail polish colors as Jennifer started filing Mandy’s toenails. Lydia showed Rachael the various hair removal techniques available at her station. Rachael chose to have her pubic area waxed. So Lydia took a few moments to cut waxing clothes and checked the temperature of the wax.

The gentle tug of Marie’s hands as they twisted my brown locks into a beautiful rope fought to gain my attention. Without any control over my eyes, I looked at Rachael and Lydia in the reflection from the large mirror in front of me. With the application and removal of each strip of wax coated cloth Rachael alternated from a sigh of relaxation to a small whimper of pain. Each whimper was followed by a comforting assurance from Lydia, both in soothing speech and a gentle caress of the tall blonde’s thigh or pubis. Rachael’s labia glowed with a bright pink flush after each strip was removed, and it was obvious by the moisture gathering in her folds that Rachael, in some mysterious way, was enjoying the treatment. I was so lost in the tedious work of removing Rachael’s pale blonde hair that I did not realize Marie had finished with my braid until she shook my shoulder. I reluctantly sacrificed my seat to Gina and stood next to them, feigning interested in Gina’s interest in having curls replace her straight-short cut hair.

As the last few strips of cloth were pulled of Rachael’s now bald mound, Lydia began to wipe away the excess wax and check for stray hairs. Her hands ran over Rachael’s labia slowly, every now and then stopping to tease her opening or brush her clitoris. Rachael sighed and relaxed. Next Lydia wiped her vagina with a damp cloth, again brushing her sensitive areas with each stroke. Finally, Lydia applied a small amount of lotion to Rachael’s mound and rubbed it gently in with her fingers. She paid careful attention to her labia and clitoris.

“All done,” Lydia said in a cheerful voice. “Who wants to be next?”

“I do,” says the caramel skinned Renda, “but just a trim, no wax on my coochie please.”

“Okay, it’s your choice,” Lydia said. Rachael reluctantly climbed out of the chair and went to sit on the couch. She proudly displayed Lydia’s handiwork for the other girls, saying “It didn’t hurt that much” and “Lydia was very gentle.”

I walked over to sit next to Rachael on the couch in a position so that I could see the reflection in the mirror in front of Renda. Rachael leaned over and told me to feel how smooth her pussy was now. I ran my fingers across her mound and down towards her labia. She parted her legs and sighed. I could not stop myself from rubbing her clit with my fingers. Rachael became very wet and whispered, “that feels good.” I kept rubbing her slit and clit while we watched Lydia trim Renda’s pussy hair with scissors. “Stick a finger inside me,” ordered Rachael in a ragged whisper. I pushed my middle fingered into her and she started to hump my hand slowly.

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