Beth My Future Mother In-Law

Beth My Future Mother In-LawTo Begin with this happened many years ago I’m 52 now and was in my twenties at the time.I had just met the woman who unbeknownst to me at the time, would end up being my wife someday.Her name was Angelia, Angel is what everyone called her, she was far from it tho. Angel was 17 and was a runaway, kinda couch surfing I guess you could say. But she was Hot 5’9″ leggs up to her neck thin and under a 100 pounds long auburn hair that she could honestly wrap around her hand two times, and then put it in her back pocketAngel also had perky little 32 B titties but they were Beautiful and the most responsive nipples you could just look them and they would get hard I had recently moved to Riverside, California from Santa Monica, California to work for my Dad as a painter. And the only friend I knew there introduced us It was not really love at first sight, but we were young and with all partying and pot smoking we finally ended up together. I was doing contract painting of which I knew nothing about and even tho I was the owners son, Nobody was cutting me any slack at all so I worked my Ass off !Soon we were living together and having a blast too, but I was making a measly $5.00 an hour and living on Top Ramen, and Instant Oatmeal, pretty much. Anyway Angel got a job working for her parents. They owned a Teflon type coating Co. in Southgate Ca. quite lucrative too I had not met them as of yet tho A few months went by things were going quite well and I went to pick her up at her parents house they lived a few minutes drive away from me so I went there to pick her up I met her father Bernie He looked like the Gorton’s Fisherman only a bit shorter Hell who am I to call somebody short I’m 5’7″ when I introduced myself, I could tell he liked me off the bat, I was covered with paint and had just gotten off work. He shook my hand Firmly, as I apologized for for my appearance. And then I inquired if Angel was home ?”Oh No!” she and her Mother went to the store, and Beth was going to drop her off at your place when they weredone, But come on in ! I declined, due to being covered with over-spray from work, and also I had just lit the barbecue before I had left. Bernie And I talked for a few more minutes and I told him that it was great finally meeting him and then I left “You just missed my Mom by 2 minutes Honey!”Angel said, when I got home. I showed her your picture Tho, and she thinks your Hot ! What ? I asked she Said Hot ? Yep My Mom Has The Hots For My Man !OK ! Well I met Bernie, Aaaand ? She said was he an asshole like I said ? Actually No he was cool !then you must have got him at a good time then A few days went by and Angel said my Mom and Dad invited us to have Dinner with them Cool I said sounds great when ? Friday night ! Sounds OK to me She said I told them I had to ask you first tho so whadya think ? Sure I’m Game Great I Love you and So far they like you too !Friday came really quick and I ended up caught in traffic on the way home from Palm Springs. And to make matters worse I had to leave my truck at the shop, so another crew could use it on Saturday I called home to inform Angel of my predicament, Beth was waiting at Our house too, she said problem solved I’ll take you to the house drop you off, then I’ll go pick him up at the shop Beth drove a Porsche 911 2 seater Convertible Although they had 9 vehicles including the ones in the garage being built Yeah Bernie was a car guy like me My GTO’s were still in Santa Monica yes I owned two GTO’s Back to Beth and her car she dropped Angel off at the house and rushed to pick me up when she arrived I was in Awe ! Beth was very petite about 5’5 ish typical Mom But HOT !She may have weighed 90 pounds soaking wet she had on a button up blouse Three buttons were undone I could see rite in there and she knew it too yeah she had a Bra on but I still could see her little titties OK I saw Her Nipple ! Bob ? Yep And you have got to be Beth ? In the flesh ! she said well get in silly I was still in my work clothes so she said You wanna stop and change Oh Please I really need a shower Yes Baby You Sure do ! What ? I hope I don’t smell Naw your covered in paint Oh We took off Beth drove like a bat out of hell, while we were driving and talking she grabbed something from behind her seat. Then she told me to take the wheel so I did she pulled her blouse over her head, and was sitting in only her Bra a very loose fitting one at that. Wow ! What ? never see a woman in a Bra before ? “NOT at 50 Mph”. in a convertible “Hey watch the road” it’s kinda hard, she put her other top on and said to me it is ? I replied iskenderun escort it is what ? hard ! Well is it ? I said I’m lost and have no Idea just what you are talking about. She said you Dummy is it hard ? And she reached over with her right hand and grabbed my crotch It’s Not Hard ! she said And If It is I’m Feeling Very very Sorry for You Hell For That Matter My Daughter ! I muffled quietly to myself it will be if she does that again So She did it again and it got hard instantly OOooo it Izzz ! so Where can I Park ? That’s my space rite their !Wait Why Are We Parking ? You Can Just wait here while I change, She Said so you can “TAKE A SHOWER” You Are Pretty Filthy. OK I Kinda forgot, we got out and went upstairs she grabbed the phone and I went into my room to take off my clothes. Beth called home and was talking To Angel told her what was happening, and that we would be about 20 or so minutes.Then she walked rite into my room me standing there buck naked, and handed the phone to me with her finger over her lips Shhhh. Angel wants to talk to you, And She Grabbed my semi hard dick in her hand I was shocked but started talking to Angel, While Beth stood behind me strokingmy now very hard Dick. I’m Hurrying Hon I said Aww don’t worry won’t be ready for at least 45 to 50 mins anyway Sooo What did ya think ? Huh ? It was getting hard to concentrate. Beth Was hugging and rubbing me everywhere about my Mom ? Oh Yeah She’s Cool, I knew You’d like her, What’s she doing ? Ahh Well She’s in the Kiiit ?”Kiiitchen” ! Just then Beth put her Very Hot Mouth On The Head Of my Cock, just The Head and began sucking “Geee Ooo D” ! What Honey ? Beth Still holding me in her hand, took the phone from me and said here gimme that. Hey Baby Let him get off the phone so he can get in the shower And Said “Young Man Get In The Shower” ! I said, I Am. Beth Took my cock into her mouth, Still on The Phone with Angel. She went up and down several times”Ummmm” These Chocolate Covered Cherries Are “Gooood” I know Huh Mom ? Ok Gotta Go Help Dad and finishthe potatoes too Luv Ya Guys ! Say Good By to your honey Beth said as She engulfed me Biiii Baaabeeee Beth took me so far into her mouth that she could lick my Big balls I’m Not Big, Around 7 1/2″ I actually Felt My Hardon hit her throat Tho and she gurgled “Ohhhh Myyyy Fuuuuuck” ! Oh No Not Yet baby she said Oh I’m Not Their! I Was was was “OHHHH Hoooooleeee SHHHHHIIIIT” She Was sucking me hard, and taking me All the wayto the back of her throat. Slurping And Sucking and Bobbing Up And Down. I looked At The clock it was 6:32 pm Beth had all her buttons on her top opened, I reached down the back of it, and wile rubbing her shoulder with my left hand I skillfully Unsnapped Her Bra with the the right. She Moaned and Choked Once more, then I reached into the front and cupped her left breast, being Careful not to touch her nipple. She began Moaning and rather loudly too I have to say. I held her by her tiny little shoulders, 6:40 the clock read I picked Beth up and tossed her onto my bed (California King On The floor no Frame) I then went straight for her tits “Hey You I wasn’t finished Yet”Beth let out another loud moan as I sucked on her fully erect nipple, I slid my hand down inside her jeans. I missed getting under her panties but went straight to her crotch, It was soaking wet now. I was moaning “Oh My Gaaaaaawwwwd You Are Sooo Wet “! She Unzipped them for better access then she pulled my hand from inside her pants and said we have to hurry Baby I Said 6:52 Oh Well Then she Shoved my hand back inside her jeans. This time she made sure that my hand went straight to the intended target. I was still licking on her nipples and sucking her breast almost the entire Breast in my mouth, when she started to moan ever so silently I asked her if it felt good ? Oh Yessss It sure Does, Bernie Never does that to me she was soaking wet Now,even more than before. Beth’s hips were gyrating I looked into her beautiful lusty eyes she was getting close I removed my hand and fingers both Hands on her hips, but not before shoving my hand into my mouth and tasting her sweet pussy juices Ummmmmm I Moaned, I was Getting dizzy from her taste. I Pulled on her pants in an attempt to pull them down when she didn’t lift up I said 7:01 she whispered “Good Boy” and raised her ass up I pulled them past her knees and forced my head underneath her waistband and straight to her sopping wet pussy. I Sucked on her Clit rite off the bat and she went Nuts, Ohhh Hell MmmmyGod OHHHH Geeeze Oh ! next I sucked her luscious lips very gently shoving my tongue escort iskenderun inside and exploring each and every inch of her sweet soaking wet pussy. Beth managed to remove her pants and underwear too. I felt her legs wrap around my head, next her hips began moving to meet my mouth and rotating and soon she began shaking and groaning and moaning. I noticed a slight change in the taste of her sweet pussy and wanted to taste it more. Just then Beth grabbed my head shoved me into her And I Knew I had mad it She was bucking and moaning and groaning, bouncing You Name It it was happening and I could not breath But I didn’t care I just wanted her to cum And CUM is Just what Beth did too all over my face too.I slurped and sucked swallowed and licked her till she screamed !!!!!Beth was laying on the bed panting and saying Oh my God Over and Over again. I looked at her in the dimming sunlight, I needed to Kiss this Woman. Just then she pulled me up to her Beautiful Face, and did just that We Kissed like real lovers Our tongues danced inside each others mouths my cock was so hard and just outside her sopping wet hot pussy I was Laying On Top of her. Her legs spread wide I sucked on her nipples for a moment she said Time check ? 7:17 I said. you had better take a real fast shower she said Oh I will just gimme 5 mins then 5 mins to shower.She Said “How About instead of wasting that 5 minutes you fuck me for 5 minutes, instead ? That being said she pushed my stiff cock inside of her throbbing wet tight pussy Then she began squeezing me with that magnificent tight hole, I swear it was like a vise gripping my cock. So Wet Yet So So Tight I began thrusting back and trying to get as deep inside her as humanly possible. I was going to Cum and it was going to be inside my “Girlfriends Mother” and In Any Second Too . . . Any Moment . Now in A Minute This just felt like heaven I glanced at the clock 7:30 Shit You Cumming Hon ?she asked No And We Gotta go too I tried to pull out but she wrapped her legs around me holding me inside of hershe said I don’t wanna Stop don’t want the feeling to go away I jumped in the shower finally was out in record time Beth had cleaned up and was wearing the same top that she had on when she picked me up She was beautiful too. We got into the car as the phone was ringing we pulled out of the drive way she cut off the engine and coasted into their driveway Angel came out of the front door and snuck up behind me then hugged and kissed me How long you guys been out here ? I said since 7:20 sumthing why ?Holey Shit we’ve been sitting out here 20 minutes Angel said come on in dinners ready and I’m hungry Me Too Beth and I both said in unison then laughed and went inside. We all ate dinner together it was great too, Angel kept grabbing me under the table cloth.I kept telling her to stop that mainly, because Beth would every once in a wile rub my crotch with her foot squeezing my cockhead with her toes. It got hard to concentrate on our conversation topics too. Soon we had finished dinner and had desert Bernie and Angel, moved into the living room I reluctantly followed. When I heard Beth stacking dishes I offered my help, Angel said why not, We did All the Cooking Only Fair rite ?Hell I Don’t mind not at all Angel followed me into the kitchen with her Mother and said whadaya think Maa ?he’s A Real Gentleman Yes He is Daughter Beth replied And He’s Sweet too Angel added “Well I wouldn’t know about that” ” at least not as of yet anyway” Beth said with and almost Evil Grin Angel left us to finish and every chance Beth got, she would grab my cock and giggle like a schoolgirl.Bernie decided that it was getting late and headed off to bed, not before kissing both Beth And Angel on the cheek. Then shaking my hand and thanking me for joining them for dinner, and also being so good to his k**.not long after that Beth Said I guess I should probably get you two home huh ? Angel said Yeah I need to go home and take a shower before bed. Well then Ya ready ? Sure as we walked outside Angel asked what car we taking ? Shit Beth said, Bernie has the Oldsmobile Keys in the bedroom, and your toy car is behind it anyway. That’s fine I’ll sit on Bob’s lap. No ! Not A good idea honey, it’s Friday Night and the tops down don’t wanna get pulled over. Beth said No Big I’ll just take one of you and then come back for the other. cool Angel said lets go is that ok with you hon ? Sure I said Angel Added then I can get in the shower too ok I’ll just wait here then Naw I’ll let you back in you can watch T.V. Angel got in the car and Beth and I went back inside Hurry iskenderun escort bayan she said I have to Pee Be out in A minute hon Mom’s gotta Pee We Walked inside and Beth turned on the Bathroom light, then wile standing in the hallway she grabbed me and kissed me passionately, wile reaching down my pants she was whispering how bad she wanted to kiss me all night long. She knelt on her knees pulled my already stiff Cock from my pants then stuck it into her mouth,just as she had done at my place wile she was sucking me she reached up and shut off the bathroom light then said I’m finished peeing now let me show you how the remote works. She proceeded to suck me but more vigorously I gotta go hun but were not finished yet, you be ready and outside waiting when I get back .Oh yeah and leave this out for me too. she said as she grabbed and squeezed my rock hard cock and she kissed me once more Fuck what a Woman !!! Beth returned within minutes and as she had asked I was outside waiting, and with my cock still hanging out of my pants. I got into her car and she sped off, we stopped at a stop sign and Beth lowered her head and took my softening Cock into her mouth, it began to spring back to life especially when she moaned her approval. We were pulling up my street when Beth shut the engine off just as she had done before at her place. she waited a moment then said look, she had removed her pants and had bikini bottoms on instead of panties.Her blouse was fully unbuttoned, no bra either they were small boobies but still magnificent. Her nipples both stood out almost a half of an inch each So Fucking SexXxy in the moonlight. Beth grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her luscious lips she kissed me so unbelievably sensuous that I was temporarily dazed.Next she laid my head in her lap and pleaded with me to take off her bottoms I did as she asked. I handed them to her but not before realizing that the crotch was absolutely drenched I had taken her left nipple into my mouth and Beth was whimpering then she said “Oh yess” she pulled my head upand told me to look At what ? “the light it just came on” it was my bathroom light,Angel Had Just Gotten Into The Shower. She’s gonna be in there a long long time, she’s taking a bubble bath. I laid my head back into her lap and began to taste that gorgeous steamy pussy. Beth kept on She is going to shave her legs for you. She gripped my cock then she’s going to shave her pussy too, she started stroking it then after all of that, she’ll need to shower to clean it all off to be all nice and clean for you.The way that Beth was talking wile I was steadily eating her pussy, mad me that much harder. I wanna Suck your cock, I wanna see if she is right, What ? what do you mean ? Gimme that Beautiful hard dick, shove it in my mouth, I want it in my mouth I need to to have,Once again I did as she asked she swallowed me almost whole, Sucking on me like a mad woman She sucked my my throbbing Cock, as if she were crazy, taking it all the way into the back of her throat my cock was actually going into her throat I could feel it Mmmmmmm she said whenever she got the chance to breath. Slurping Sucking Gagging Harder Further Inside of her mouth each timeShe had her right hand on my bare ass cheeks from between my legs shoving me from behind forcingMy cock into her mouth and deeper into her throat holding my cock with her left I began to shake,and I wasn’t sure if I was just losing my balance Beth had managed to get her finger between my cheeksand was slightly tapping my ass hole my cock started to pulsate and mere seconds beforemy load reached the head of my dick Beth inserted her finger in my Ass I shot her mouth so full of hot Cum with the first shot I thought I should pull out she shoved me back inside, and I unloaded the biggest load that I had ever let loose. We were making so much noise I thought we were going to wake the neighbors. It was not long tho that my cock was spent and limp. Beth said we still had a little more time and asked me to Eat her Hot soaking wet Cunt again, your really good. Did you say Cunt ?Yesssss Please Suck My Wet Cunt I swear that it took just a few minutes to finish Beth off she came in my face just as before but with much much more force and cum too We Made out for a few minutes and Beth said That her and Bernie, were planning on going in to work in the afternoon the next day, But If she got sick then Angel would need to go and help her Dad they had a deadline to meet on some parts and Angel knew them better than Bernie did Are you up for it ? she asked Hell Yeah I am !And I Was Too !!! Please rate this and or comment I’m starting to really like writhing stories it’s kind of like therapy I guess By The Way This Is A True Story and Beth and I got together many more times after this incident and 3 more times after I Married her Daughter !!! Thank You for reading Bob !!!

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