Beth’s Little Secret Ch. 20


Beth stirred, opening her eyes. “Mmf — is it morning already?”

“Nearly afternoon,” Tim teased. “I don’t think we woke you when we came in, did we, Alice?”

I shook my head. “Beth was well away.”

Beth propped herself on one elbow. “So did you have fun?” she asked with a knowing expression.

“Oh, I think you could say that,” I grinned.

Tim made lunch for us, and while we were eating, he glanced at the calendar. “So same as last time, an early night tonight, then a nap tomorrow afternoon before I take you in?”


After lunch we showered, then lounged on the bed for a while. “Tim, weren’t you going to bring that mirror in?” Beth queried.

He smiled. “Actually Alice and I were talking about that last night — we thought we could put it opposite the foot of the bed.”

Beth chuckled. “I take it you were doing something last night that would have looked good in the mirror, then?”

“Maybe,” I teased. “But we can definitely do something today that will.”

Tim got up, walking through to the study and grappling with the mirror, sliding it across the carpet and leaning it against the wall. “How’s that?”

“Bit more upright,” directed Beth. “There, perfect.”

She drew me against her, cupping one breast, sliding her fingers down to my mound, while we looked at our reflection. “God, yes, that’s hot,” I breathed.

Tim rejoined us, and I pulled out of Beth’s arms. “I have an idea.”

I walked to the mirror, standing close to one edge so that I could see myself, and at the same time Tim and Beth lying on the bed. I began to touch myself, breasts, nipples, then sliding a hand down to use my fingers between my thighs. “Mm,” breathed Tim, “that’s amazing — we know you’re doing something, we can see your body move, but we don’t know exactly where you’re touching.”

I nodded. “Mm, yes… I think it’d look even hotter if I put my stockings and suspender belt, touched myself in both places.”

I watched in reflection as Tim drew Beth closer, his hands cupping her breasts from behind, and she parted her thighs, letting him enter her. Her eyes were fixed on the mirror, and I saw the rapture in her face. “Oh, wow…”

I moved my fingers more urgently on myself, and I couldn’t help opening my thighs, leaning forward a little, hoping that now Tim and Beth could see what my fingers were doing. My breath misted up the mirror, and I rested my forehead against the glass to steady myself as I came closer to my climax. I could see Tim thrusting slowly into Beth, her head tilted back, her mouth an O, but her eyes still open, drinking in my passion as well as theirs. “Mm –” I gasped, “I’m getting close, is it OK for me to come?”

Beth nodded. “Oh, yes, Alice, can’t wait to see how that looks.”

I thrust my fingers deep into myself, then circled my nub again, my other hand stroking my breasts, my nipples. “Mm — oh god — soon — ohhh!!”

I felt my knees almost give way as I climaxed, warm wetness dripping through my fingers, my breasts pressing against the cold glass as I leaned for support, my hips flexing. “Oh… yes…”

When I could concentrate again, I opened my eyes to see Tim still buried in Beth from behind, her leg hooked back over his. “Mm,” she gasped, “I’m nearly there, just need a little more…”

I turned, walking back to the bed, and without pausing leaned close to bury my mouth between her thighs. “Is this what you need…”

As my tongue explored, found her nub, she cried out, arched, and at the same time I heard Tim’s gasp of release. My only regret was not being able to watch in the mirror, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before I could take Beth’s place and see Tim’s expression as he took me while Beth’s mouth was between my thighs…

I moved up to wrap my arms around Beth, kissing her softly. “That was amazing,” she breathed.

I nodded. “Only one snag, though,” I teased.

Beth chuckled knowingly. “What’s that?”

I glanced at Tim. “All the things we’ve tried, we have to do over again to see how much hotter they are, now we can watch.”

He reached to stroke my hair. “I don’t think that’ll be too much of a hardship, do you…”


We must have dozed off, and when I opened my eyes Beth was still asleep, her chest rising and falling steadily. Tim smiled softly at me. “Need anything?”

I reached to touch him, and he stirred. “You feeling ready again?” I murmured.

Tim looked sheepish. “Can’t seem to resist you…”

“Trust me, I’m not complaining,” I grinned. “We don’t want to wake Beth, though.”

“I have an idea,” Tim chuckled.

He took my hand, drawing me from the bed, leading me towards the mirror, standing me in front of it. I looked puzzled. “But… nobody’s watching?”

Tim smiled. “Doesn’t matter.”

He put his arms around me, kissing me softly, and I felt his hardness pressing between my thighs. “Remember that time in the break room?”

I nodded, breathing in slowly. “I enjoyed that — and having your stuff in my panties all night, mmm…”

“Do bayan esmer escort bursa you remember what I asked you, before you made me come?”

I felt myself getting wetter. “Oh, yes.”

“So, this time?” Tim breathed, and I nodded again, parting my thighs, leaning back a little. Tim pressed into me, pushing me back against the cold glass. “Brr,” I shivered, my nipples hardening from the chill and from my arousal.

I felt him slide deeper inside, his chest now pressing against my breasts, and I moaned softly. “Mm, that feels so good.”

I couldn’t help myself, moving my hands to his bottom, pulling him into me as his hips flexed. “Mm…”

Tim pressed harder, even lifting me a little, and I gasped. “Oh, yes, if you do that –“

“It’s not too rough?” he asked.

I shook my head. “Don’t stop.”

Tim took me at my word, moving his hips insistently, and I tilted my head back, gasping with each thrust. “Oh — yes — mm — Tim — I’m –“

I cried out as my climax overwhelmed me, and I felt Tim stiffen inside me, give a cry of his own, spurt warmth into me…

When I opened my eyes, focusing on the room beyond, I blinked in surprise. Beth was lying propped up on her elbows, watching us with a soft smile. “I see you found another use for that mirror,” she teased. “Though I think when it’s my turn, I’ll let him have me from behind — I’m imagining my palms pressed flat on the glass, my feet apart, his hips pushing at me…”

Beth’s hand slid between her thighs, and out of sight her fingers must have been touching herself insistently, because after a few moments her body shuddered, her hips flexing, her face betraying sudden ecstasy. “Mmm…”

I moved back to the bed, stroking Beth’s back as she relaxed, and after a little while she sat up. “He came in you again?”

I nodded, and Beth reached her fingers to touch between my thighs, fingertips finding some of the sticky whiteness, bringing it to her tongue. “Mm.”

She drew me closer, her legs sliding around me, and I gasped as somehow her entrance was pressed against mine. Beth’s eyes held a wild look as she moved against me, and I gave a quiet whimper, feeling an utterly different sensation. “Alice?” she whispered, and I nodded. “It’s OK, darling.”

She flexed her hips again, her face betraying her own growing pleasure, and my breath began to come in quick gasps. “Oh — Beth — I think I’m going to –“

My body tensed slowly but still irresistibly, and simultaneously I saw Beth’s back arch, her mouth an O. “Mm — oh, Alice…”

Tim had been watching mesmerised, and as we relaxed again he wrapped his arms around us both. “Gosh, Beth.”

She nodded, catching her lip between her teeth. “I don’t know where that came from…”

Tim leaned over to kiss her. “Well, I’m not complaining,” he smiled softly. “But we do have to get that early night, remember.”

Monday evening came, and Beth and I settled into the chairs behind the nurses’ station as usual. “Alice,” she began hesitantly, “are you sure you were OK yesterday? I — I’ve never done anything like that before, maybe we should have talked about it first.”

“It’s fine,” I reassured her. “I love it when we try new things. It felt really nice.”

I grinned. “And I like us having something that Tim just can’t do.”

“See what you mean,” chuckled Beth.

“Anyway,” I continued, “I have an idea too.”


“How about we invite Liz and Claire for a sleepover? It’d be fun, and –” I threw her a knowing look — “we might find out just how good friends they really are.”

“Mm, yes,” Beth nodded.

She settled more comfortably in her chair. “What do you think it’ll be like when they come round?”

“Well,” I began, “they arrive — they’ll have brought wine or something — and we hug. ‘Let’s go through and get changed,’ you invite them. So we go through to the bedroom — Tim’s in the kitchen sorting out nibbles and stuff.”

“We’ve not kicked him out for the night, then?” Beth teased.

I shook my head. “We need him to do the food, fetch drinks, all that.”

I threw her a knowing look. “He’s hardly going to complain, four young women lounging around and having fun in their nightwear, even if he has to wait on them hand and foot.”

“And maybe he gets a treat later,” Beth nodded, raising her eyebrows.

“Maybe — I’m not saying from who.”

“So we get into the bedroom,” I continued, “and you and I start to undress. Claire looks a bit startled, but Liz just grins at her — ‘I’ve heard it’s polite for the hostess to go first.’

“You take your bra off, and Liz smiles. ‘You look nice, Beth.’ Claire’s watching me, and when I reveal my breasts I can see her eyes widen.”

“Do we leave our panties on?” Beth breathed.

“For now. So Liz is next to undress, and you can’t help yourself, you make just a quiet sound of appreciation — she has amazing breasts, doesn’t she — and Liz smiles.

“Claire’s the last to reveal herself — bursa ucuz eskort oh god — her breasts are small, sort of cone shaped — and –“

I couldn’t help myself, touching my own breasts. “– and I’m just imagining my mouth on them, trying to get her whole breast in my mouth, the flat of my tongue sliding across her nipple…”

“Mm,” nodded Beth dreamily, obviously caught up in my fantasy. She took a deep breath — “But for now we all have to put our pyjamas or whatever on, right?”

“I guess,” I grinned. “We have ages to anticipate, and tease one another.”

“Don’t forget Tim,” laughed Beth. “We can tease him, too. So what are we all going to wear?”

I thought for a moment. “Well, I’ll be OK with my bunny rabbit trousers — you know, the brushed cotton ones — and a t-shirt. You?”

“It’s tricky,” mused Beth, “seeing as we never actually wear anything for bed.”

She grinned at me. “We’ll have to get you some amazing stuff for your honeymoon, even if you hardly wear it at all.”

“Even better,” I suggested, “why don’t we both get the same things? You know what that’ll do to him.”

Beth nodded. “We can look online later. Anyway, I was supposed to be trying to decide what to wear for our sleepover… I’ve got some shorts and a crop top in sort of a stretchy fabric, what about that?”

“Mm, perfect,” I smiled. “I love seeing your stomach, your navel — I like to put my tongue in it, I know it tickles a bit.”

Beth chuckled. “It really does. Oh — you remember Tim was talking about us having jewels there — maybe we should surprise him and get them pierced?”

I thrilled at the thought. “God, yes — then my tongue’d have something to play with too.”

It was Beth’s turn to touch herself, circling her navel with a finger. “Mm, can’t wait.”

“Anyway,” I took a deep breath, “now we have to decide what Liz and Claire brought to wear. Can be anything we want, right?”


“So Liz has got a real classic, a soft satin nightdress, with a lace panel cut into the top so you can sort of see but not see between her breasts…”

“Mm,” breathed Beth, “I like that. And Claire?”

“Oh, silky shorts with lace edging, and a top that matches, thin straps over her shoulders, I can see her nipples through the silk…”

“So you’ve got us all dressed up,” Beth gently interrupted my imagining. “What happens next?”

“We go back into the living room — good job we got that extra sofa, isn’t it. We don’t really even have to think about it, Liz sits with you, and Claire joins me. Of course they’ve taken their shoes off, so Claire’s feet are curled temptingly under her on the sofa next to me.

“Tim starts bringing in our snacks — bowls of crisps, some carrot sticks, dips, all that, and bless him, he’s even made sandwiches. Of course the look on his face is unmistakeable — kid in a sweet shop — and I can’t resist teasing him. ‘Hope you had something earlier, this isn’t for you’.

“He raises an eyebrow, picks up a bit of celery and dips it in the salsa, puts the end in his mouth as suggestively as he can manage. ‘Oh, I don’t think our guests will mind if I nibble around the edges.’

“We’ve set the drinks out on a table, and Tim gets the corkscrew, opens one of the bottles the girls brought. ‘Wups’.

“Turns out it’s something fizzy, and he has to pick up a glass quickly to catch the bubbles, it overflows. ‘That was a bit unexpected,’ he grins, licking drops off his hand.”

“Phew,” breathed Beth, “I thought it’d be us doing the teasing, but Tim seems to be making a fair job of it all by himself.”

“He hands us each a glass, and Claire sips, sneezes. ‘That always happens,’ she sighs, ‘the bubbles go up my nose.’

“Tim goes off to check on the oven — we’ve got pizza and garlic bread as well — and Liz glances at me. ‘So, you two are both here most of the time, right?’

“I just nod. ‘Mmhm.’

“You chip in. ‘We like being around one another, we all get on really well.’

“I can see the wheels turning in Liz’s head, and when Tim comes back, she pats the sofa. ‘Come and sit by us, we’re not really going to banish you.’

“He sits down, and she casually puts her arm across the back of the sofa. ‘You don’t mind, do you, Alice? I know he’s yours.’

“I shake my head, smiling. ‘We told him it was his job to do anything our guests asked.’

“Liz raises her eyebrows. ‘Anything? That covers quite a lot…’

“She reaches for a slice of pizza. ‘If he’s going to work so hard, we need to make sure he keeps his strength up.’

“She offers the pizza to Tim, and he obligingly takes a bite from the end, then Liz watches his face as she puts it between her lips, bites from the same place, chews, swallows. ‘Mm.’

“Wow,” chuckled Beth. “I’d not realised food could be so sexy — we’ll have to try it with Tim.”

“Mm — just imagine what you could do with, oh, say a bowl of strawberries,” I agreed. “So Liz offers you the next bite — ‘You like this flavour?’

“You bursa anal yapan escort nod. ‘We always like to spice things up a bit.'”

Beth rolled her eyes. “Isn’t that a bit too obvious?” she teased. “Anyway, what about you and Claire?”

“So she smiles at me. ‘You hungry too?’ I nod, and she picks up a carrot stick, holds it between her teeth. ‘Want to see how crunchy this is?’

“I take the hint, and bite a little bit off the end, chew, swallow. ‘More?’

“She raises her eyebrows — ‘Mmhm’ — and I take another bite, my lips are so close to hers now, I can feel the warmth of her breath, I catch a hint of the scent she’s wearing, and I just move forward a little more, our lips touch, she closes her eyes, breathes in…”

I take a deep breath of my own. “Wow — now what, Beth?”

Beth chuckled. “I think if it was any other party, I’d say ‘Get a room’.”

I nodded. “But I think you and Liz need to get a bit further, not to mention figuring out where Tim fits in.”

“Oh, I think I know a couple of places where he might fit very nicely,” Beth grinned wickedly, and I gasped. “Mm, Beth. Do you think Liz will…?”

She looked thoughtful. “Well, even if she’d prefer him not to, you know, there was that time when he showed you what he could do with his mouth while he was in me, right? I think Liz’d like that.”

“I think you’re spot on…” I breathed. “So Claire and I have moved just a little bit closer on the couch, she’s picking up bits of salad for me to take from her fingers with my lips, and we’re watching you three.”

Beth thought for a moment. “So Liz lets her arm slip down so it’s resting on Tim’s back, and I do the same. Of course that means my fingers are within touching distance of her bare shoulder, and I just brush her with my fingertips. She doesn’t hesitate, she turns and kisses my fingers, just lightly, and looks past Tim to me. ‘You thirsty?’

“I nod, and she lifts her glass, taking a sip, leaving a trace of her lipstick on the rim. She hands me the glass, and I put my lips exactly where hers were to drink, swallowing then running the tip of my tongue over my lips. ‘Mmm’.

“I decide to move things on a bit, and I stretch deliberately. ‘Is it just me, or is it getting a little warm in here?’ Without waiting for an answer, I pull my top off over my head and drop it casually on the floor.

“I hear a murmur of surprise from Tim, and I grin. ‘The girls saw more than this when we were all changing, right, Liz?’

“She nods, and gets to her feet, slipping her satin nightdress off over her head. ‘Oh,’ Tim almost sounds a little disappointed, ‘that looked gorgeous on you.’

“I’m captivated by Liz’s breasts, but I half-hear her reply to Tim. ‘Don’t worry, you can admire me in it again later — I think there are some other things your sister has in mind for us to do first, is all.’

“It’s your turn next, Alice, and you glance at Tim, then untuck your t-shirt, pull it off. Claire looks round, and grins. ‘Suddenly I’m feeling over-dressed.’

“She doesn’t do quite what I expect, though — first she slips the straps of her top off her shoulders, letting it fall to her waist, revealing her tantalising small breasts. Then she gathers the silky fabric with her fingers, pulling it up and off. ‘That’s better.’

“Tim clears his throat, obviously just a little overwhelmed. ‘Er, should I…?’

“Liz chuckles. ‘Your fiancé’s a real gentleman, Alice. Sure, Tim, go ahead.’

“He unbuttons his shirt, and Liz puts her palm flat in the middle of his chest. ‘Mm, so smooth…’

“She leans toward him, ever so slowly, watching my face to see if it’s OK. But I just smile, and she kisses one nipple lightly, then the other. ‘Not that I think you’ll need much help, Tim…’

“Liz looks across at me. ‘I hope I’ve guessed right, Beth, that you and Tim…?’

“I nod, and she smiles. ‘I’m glad.’

“For the first time she looks a little hesitant. ‘Claire and I are pretty new to this. Will it be OK if Tim doesn’t — that is, if he only –‘

“I rescue her. ‘Mm, Liz, that’s fine… We already talked about this, and I know Tim won’t be disappointed if he ‘only’ gets to kiss those gorgeous breasts of yours, bury his mouth in –‘

Beth broke off, taking a deep breath. “God, Alice, I can’t believe how much this is turning me on. You carry on for a bit?”

I grinned. “OK, so Liz has definitely taken charge over there, and I’m still sitting next to Claire, our arms are touching, that’s all. Tim glances at Liz, getting a nod, a smile, and he bends to start kissing her nipples. She gasps, and you stroke her hair. ‘Isn’t it handy you’re the one with only panties on now,’ you tease, slipping your hand between her thighs, then kissing her other breast.

“Liz’s fingers are definitely pushing at her panties, and you move to your knees, helping her take them off, then slide your hand back up to touch her. ‘Can I have a taste before Tim?’

“She nods wordlessly, and you start to use your mouth on her. While you’re distracting her, Tim sheds the rest of his clothes, then moves behind you, tugs at your shorts. ‘Oops, sorry, Beth, your panties came too.’

“You turn, kiss him — Tim’s eyes close, he breathes in the scent of Liz from your lips. ‘Liz, stand up a moment?’

“Liz comes into your arms, and for the first time you feel her breasts pressing against yours. ‘Ohh…’

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