Better than a Glass of Wine


Better than a Glass of Wine

After a long day, Willow can take care of herself just fine.

It had been a long day and even longer week. Willow was a lawyer for a large school district, which was currently being sued for gender discrimination. For fucks sake, she thought to herself. It’s 2023. Why do these administrators still act as if it’s 1993? Typically, the dedicated lawyer spent her days looking over IEP paperwork, contract language, and HR documents. However, this new case was taking up all of her time.

Willow’s day began at four AM when she got up and hit the gym for a few hours. If it were not for working out, she wasn’t sure how she would handle the stress. Fun fact- lawyers have the highest rate of alcoholism. She did not want to be a part of that statistic, so she did whatever it took to keep her mind, body, and soul in good shape. She went to the office for a while working on the case, which eventually required her to drive over to the central office. The school personnel were nice enough, but when an organization is sued, it tends to put everyone on edge. She had been in this profession long enough that she knew not to take it personal. However, the days were long, and the energy was intense.

It was late when Willow got home. The house was dark and quiet. Her husband who traveled for work was somewhere on the West Coast doing what he did best, which meant she was on her own again. She didn’t mind at all; she was an independent woman. She turned on the kitchen light and set her briefcase on the counter. She popped open the fridge, grabbed a bottle of water, and the carton of blueberries. She stood against the counter plopping the juicy fruit into her mouth and taking swigs of cold water. After a few minutes she put the blueberries away and headed upstairs.

When she got to her room, she kicked her high heels off. She took off her suit blazer and hung it up in her closet. Her navy blue blouse and pinstripe slacks went into the dirty clothes. In nothing but her bra and panties, Ankara travesti Willow washed her face. Her hair was neatly up in a french twist. She pulled that out and ran her brush through her auburn strands. She noticed the gray hair more and more, but she accepted it with grace. After applying her nightly creams, tonics, and lotions, she removed her bra and panties. However, instead putting on her usual bedtime attire of boxers and a sweatshirt, she went to her bed- naked. She needed a release. If her husband were home, she would climb on top of him. However, she knew how to take care of herself when she was alone.

Willow pulled the blankets back and laid down on the cool, crisp sheets. She put her phone on the nightstand and pulled out her kindle. When watching erotic videos, Willow preferred a larger screen. She went to her favorite site and started searching. Hmmm…she thought…what am I in the mood for…She was actually missing her husband, so she decided to look for something with a little passion. She hated hardcore blowjob-fuck-it-and-go porn. She stumbled upon two married couples in a hot tub. The couples were making out, but then they switched partners. As she watched the video, Willow rubbed her nipples with her free hand. She would rotate between tweaking slightly and drawing circles around them lightly. Nipple rubbing always got her juices flowing.

As the video progressed the women moved away from the men and started kissing each other. One woman laid on the edge of the hot tub while the other licked her pussy. You could tell the men were stroking their cocks as they watched their lovely wives. Willow moved her hand away from her breast and began rubbing the outside of her pussy. She was not perfectly smooth, but rather closely trimmed. She loved taking her middle finger and rubbing it up and down her slit. When she was really horny, she could feel her wetness before even separating her lips. Tonight they just swollen. She was wet- just not soaked.

She continued to Antalya travesti watch the video as she rubbed the outside of her pussy. After a few minutes, she separated her lips with her middle finger. She stuck her middle finger inside of her opening, for its wetness served as lubricant. She moved her finger in and out a few times. Then she brought it up to her clit where she began to move circles around the knot of nerves. Her clit was nice and hard, which meant she was feeling good. She brought her legs up and bent her knees, so she could get better access to her vagina. Again, she stuck her finger inside, but this time she brought her finger up to her mouth. She loved the taste and smell of her own scent. She stuck her middle finger in her mouth and sucked on it as if it were a cock. She let her mind wander and thought about sucking a woman’s juices off her husband’s cock. She smelled her finger before placing it back onto her clit. This time, she used her index finger and middle finger to rub herself. Her index finger added the pressure as her middle finger moved in quick succession. If she continued this, she would cum. However, she was in the mood to draw it out.

The women in the video returned their focus onto the men. They sat on their laps, facing them. The water splashed as the two couples fucked each other’s spouses. Willow set her kindle against her husband’s pillow, so she could see the video. She rolled over to her left, and got out her favorite toy. She pulled out the six inch vibrator that resembled a human cock. She rubbed it up and down her slit making sure to coat it with her natural nectar. She then brought it to her nose, savoring the sweet smell of her pussy.

Willow began to suck the dildo as if it were husband’s cock- or better yet- her husband’s business partner or a friend. She was getting so hot that it didn’t matter whose cock it was, as long as he used it on her. With her desire increasing, Willow slid the toy into her dripping hole. Since her husband had been gone İstanbul travesti for several days, her pussy was tight; and she had to move slowly. She could hear her juices sliding against the loyal friend. “Uhhhh…Mmmmm…”she was able to say aloud. As she began moving the dildo in and out, she pinched her nipple. She continued this for several minutes. Her eyes were closed, but she could hear the couple having sex in the hottub. She allowed her mind to wander to fucking her husband. Fucking another man. How would he touch her? Would her husband watch?

She pulled her toy out, and turned the dial on the bottom. It purred to life. She rubbed it up and down her slit, never losing contact with her clit. The vibrations felt good. The speed of her rubbing increased. She brought a nipple to her mouth. Luckily her breasts were large, so she was able to lick her own nipples. She drew circles around the erect flesh then flicked her tongue against it.

Willow released her breast. She used her right hand to insert the vibrating cock into her pussy. As she moved it in and out, she moved her left hand to her clit. She vigorously rubbed. As she applied pressure, she could feel the vibrations that came from inside of her vagina. Willow arched her back slightly and brought her feet closer to her ass, spreading her legs more.

She moved the cock in and out faster…faster…quicker…quicker. The vibrating head hit her G spot sending tingles throughout her body. “Fuck. I want a cock,” she moaned. “I want to be fucked.” Her eyes were closed, and she moved her head from side to side. She was getting close. She could feel the pressure build in pussy walls and move through her body.

“Ugh…Yessss…” she moaned out loud. Her pussy wrapped its walls around her cock, and she could feel the ridges as she pulled it out and then slid it back in. After several waves of pleasure, she opened her eyes and sighed heavily. After cuming like that, she knew she was going to sleep well. She pulled the moist toy out of her womanhood. She turned it off and licked it clean. She set it on her nightstand. She was too tired to get up and get dressed, so she turned the lamp and kindle off, pulled the blankets up towards her, and drifted off to sleep with nothing but her naked skin and peaceful dreams.

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