Bex and Daddy and Who?


Bex stretched and wiggled against the covers. Morning light streamed in the window and fell across her naked form. She was back to living in her old room at the house she grew up in. A messy divorce and nowhere to go had led her back here. She was so glad it had! Bex smiled to herself as she pondered the changes the last few months had brought.

The biggest change was in her relationship with her Daddy. She’d always thought he was sexy, now she knew just how right she was! The charge they both got from breaking the incest taboo was something they shared. And Bex was learning just how big of a pervert her Daddy was!

Her Daddy liked to be in charge. He was a man’s man; six feet of tanned muscle, hazel eyes and salt-and-pepper hair. In the bedroom there was no doubt who was doing the commanding.

Bex had also learned things about herself. She loved getting spanked, it made her whole crotch hot and tingly and her cunny gush juice. She loved riding her Daddy’s eight inch cock while he mauled her titties and kneaded her ass. She loved it when her handsome Daddy tied her up and used her for his pleasure! She never knew how hot it was, wanting to move, needing to, needing to scissor your trembling legs together or touch your aching clit, but your Daddy wouldn’t let you. God that made her hot!

The anticipation, the knowledge that whatever Daddy did to her it was going to make both of them feel so very good, that’s what she was getting hooked on! Somehow she knew that her big Daddy was just getting started…

Bex was never sure of what her Daddy wanted at their nightly playtime. Sometimes he was in the mood for one thing, sometimes another. The only constant was their incredible fucking.

Tonight Daddy had her spread-eagle on the bed, bound face up at all four corners. He walked around the bed testing her bonds. His hard on waved before him like a flag. She’d never heard of a man who could stay as hard as long as her Daddy, she thought proudly.

He grabbed two clothes-pins from the nightstand and slowly applied them to her nipples. The slow buildup from pleasure to just the edge of pain was exquisite.

Next he grabbed a smooth chrome vibrator and clicked it on. He smiled at her wickedly as it’s low purr filled the air.

She couldn’t help but wonder what was next. Bex was a little bit hoping for the blindfold, it was such a turn on not knowing where the next jolt of joy was coming from! But instead Daddy ran the humming pleasure stick up he thighs, touching ever so lightly, skimming it over her most sensitive areas until she was bucking and thrashing against her restraints.

Bex knew better than to give her Daddy any instructions, telling him what SHE wanted only produced more teasing and a longer wait for the final crescendo. She was wiggling her butt against the sheets, trying to bring her legs together so she could squeeze her throbbing clit. The clothes pins on her nipples ached in the best way and her pussy was starting to gush in earnest.

Then the bedroom door opened and a woman walked in! Bex wanted to instinctively cover herself but she was bound hand and foot. The newcomer was gorgeous; shoulder length red hair, green eyes, firm C-cup tits and a wicked smile. She went over to her Daddy and they kissed hungrily. Who was this bitch? Bex thought to herself.

The couple broke their kiss and Daddy grinned at his bound daughter. “Babe, go ahead and strip while I fill in Bex here on what’s happening tonight.” Her escort bayan Daddy’s voice was rich and deep, it always brought a tingle to her sex.

“Darling, this sexy lady now dropping her panties for us is Misty, my playtime friend. We met on an adult dating site a few years after your mother had passed, we’ve been occasional lovers ever since.” Misty had dropped to her knees in front of her Daddy and was sucking his cock with long slow strokes. She boldly stared Bex in the eyes as she sucked, as if to say He was mine first.

Her Daddy continued, “Misty here is bisexual, she loves eating pussy even more than I do.” Her Daddy’s meaning was clear right away as Misty released the man meat from her mouth and began crawling up the bed towards Bex’s cunny.

Her attention on the approaching red head Bex missed what Daddy was up to until she felt the fingers tickling the arches of her feet, first one then the other. The stimulation made Bex’s strong abdominal muscles contract and she writhed even harder against her bonds. Misty’s hot breath was now coating Bex’s cunt. She closed her eyes in bliss as she felt lips nibble and caress her sensitive inner thighs.

Daddy watched as his lover orally tormented his own daughter. His tickling would slow to a stop every so often only to start again unpredictably. Bex was thrashing from side to side and moaning, the very image of carnal desire. Daddy wished he had brought even more women to lick and suck every inch of his precious princess’s skin. Misty was kneeling between Bex’s thighs, ass in the air, her pussy winking at him, tempting him to fuck her while she ate out his little girl. But he waited. He was very good at control.

Misty had been almost sure Daddy had been joking when he offered her a chance to have his daughter as a sex slave for a night. Oh, she called him Daddy in the bedroom as well, he was the best lover she’d ever had! She’d seen pictures of Bex around the house and liked what she saw. Her slave for the night had pink, perky nipples on her firm funbags and a shaved pussy that was already drooling. Misty loved being Daddy’s slave too but had always wanted to try being the Master once. Daddy’s solution took into account her lust for pussy as well! What a thoughtful perv he was!

Bex was in heaven! Her new Master’s mouth was finally approaching her clit. She wanted, needed that soft hot tongue on her. Daddy had stopped tickling her feet and was now removing the clothes pins on her nipples; they burned as the blood rushed back into them and then sprang erect. Daddy’s mouth closed over one tit bud and he sucked hard, making her moan. He leaned back up and said to her, “Open” and thrust his drooling tool into her face. Bex hurriedly opened her mouth and his cock bulled it’s way into her hot oral cavity.

Daddy fucked her face, grabbing a handful of her short dark hair and pumping in as she sucked and licked him. Misty was finally paying attention to her clit, making her thighs shake with delightful tension. She was bucking against her restraints again as she fought to hold the pleasure in. She couldn’t cum until Daddy said so and lately he was making her wait longer and longer!

Daddy slid his prick out of her throat and asked her, “Bex, princess? Tell Daddy what you want. Tell me what you want Misty to do to you. We want to hear you say it.” He knew how lewd it made her feel to use gutter language in front of him.

Bex couldn’t help it, she had to obey Daddy. “Oh tuzla genç escort Daddy! I want to cum! May I cum please? May Misty lick my pussy for you Daddy, please? Will you have Misty make me cum Daddy, please? PLEASE Daddy?!” Bex felt filthy talking to her Daddy like that, it made her naughty cunny wetter than ever. She could feel Misty teasing her pussy with gentle flicks of her tongue, her hot breath making Bex feel even hotter.

Daddy looked at the women in front of him. His lover grinning up at

him as she toyed with his sexy as hell daughter. Bex had been working on her tan, her skin was a lovely bronze except for the tiny triangles around her tits and pussy. The contrast between the tan and milky white skin was hypnotically erotic for him and she knew it. He was reading her body better now, he knew she couldn’t last much longer without cumming on her own.

But that wouldn’t do, oh no. He was training his daughter to be his fucktoy, his sex slave. She was a fast learner, motivated by the blissful heights he took her to every night.

“Misty, I want you to see how long you can keep my lovely slave of a daughter cumming”, Daddy said. “She’s been a good girl lately, she can have a reward. Princess, cum for Misty.”

“Mmm, yes Daddy”, Misty said and began shoving her tongue into Bex’s cunny.

“Oh, thank you Daddy!” screamed Bex as she began cumming on her new lover’s tongue. “I’m cumming for you Daddy! Oh Daddy it feels so good! She’s eating your pussy so good Daddy!”

Daddy watched as Misty ate his daughter, licking her sensitive inner thighs, sucking her clit while pumping three fingers into her tiny twat. He was almost ready for some pussy, but whose first? He grinned to himself, not a bad problem to have.

Misty was getting pretty damned turned on herself at this point. Bex was so responsive it just made her even more horny! The cunt in front of her tasted like meat candy, sweet juices flowing like nectar on her tongue. Misty’s cunt was getting seriously lonely when she felt Daddy climb onto the bed behind her.

Daddy took in the incredible sight before him while his cock throbbed and twitched. God he wanted to fuck his daughter while his long time lover watched! But first things first. He sank to the hilt into Misty’s warm tunnel in one smooth stroke and began pumping. He grabbed her cheeks and started squeezing as he fucked her in and out. Misty moaned and shoved herself back, deeper onto his prick.

Bex had her head thrown back, eyes closed, cumming again and again on Misty’s tongue when Misty moaned deeply into her spasming cunny. Bex opened her eyes to see her Daddy fucking Misty doggy style! Seeing her hunk of a father pumping his eight inches into this sexy woman over and over sent her orgasms into overdrive. This is what he looks like when he’s fucking me she thought to herself as she cried out in pleasure. Her nipples were throbbing in time with her pussy, her body was slick with sweat, every nerve singing in bliss as her pink pussy was eaten by an expert.

Suddenly the stimulation was too much and she squirmed and writhed trying to escape Misty’s tongue. Her Daddy saw and commanded Misty to stop and Bex fell back exhausted, her body limp as a wet noodle.

Through her bleary eyes she saw Daddy was still fucking Misty. Now that the woman could concentrate on her own pleasure she was taking full advantage of Daddy’s intimate knowledge of her responses to let herself go, enjoying every tuzla kendi evi olan escort thrust to the utmost. Daddy was slapping her ass as he fucked her from behind, this only added to Misty’s frenzy.

Bex longed to join in, she wanted to be part of whatever sexy fun her Daddy was having, but she was still strapped down. She knew her Daddy wasn’t going to cum this quickly. She wished she could ask Daddy without him telling her to…

Misty was cumming around Daddy’s cock now, Bex knew just how she felt. The woman was almost sobbing with sexual need and Daddy’s rock hard eight inches was just the thing to satisfy. Misty’s full ass was sticking up and Daddy’s shaft was plunging in and out, pistoning her pussy with pleasure.

Now it was Misty’s turn to collapse on the bed, to beg Daddy to stop, to leave her poor abused cunny alone to recover. But Daddy was still hard! Which meant…

Daddy turned to his little girl and took in the sight of her splayed form. He stared at her with lust-filled eyes. “I’m going to release your ankles, I want to feel your legs wrapped around me tonight.”

Bex was thrilled! She could finally pull her Daddy in as far as she wanted! “Yes, Daddy!” she quickly agreed. Two quick yanks on the quick-release clasps and she was free to embraced Daddy with her slim legs at least!

Daddy lifted her hips by cupping her ass and lifting her groin to meet his masculine hardness. The tip of his cock hovered just out of reach, then he slowly rubbed the bulbous head right in between her pussy lips, spreading them obscenely.

“Tell Daddy what you want, little one” he said, his voice husky.

“Daddy”, Bex cried out, “Daddy, I want your cock! I want it so bad! I need it, Daddy! I need you to make me cum, make me cum with your hard Daddy cock! Oh, fuck me Daddy! Fuck your little girl!” She was desperate for release again, that was the hold her Daddy’s incestuous prick had on her mind.

Daddy loved hearing his sexy vixen of a daughter beg for him, it made his already hard cock throb and jerk. He grunted fiercely as he plowed into his princess’s sopping snatch. Her legs wrapped around his ass in a flash, pulling him deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Misty was watching them and now she moved forward and started kissing Bex deep, thrusting her tongue as Daddy was thrusting his cock. Misty’s hands found Bex’s full breasts and squeezed. Bex groaned aloud and threw her head back. She was in ecstasy! For the second time that night Bex felt herself nearing that plateau of thunderous release and she strained to contain her body’s responses.

Daddy was finding himself caught by surprise. Seeing his daughter passionately frenching his lover was more erotic than he had dreamed! He was loosing control for the first time in years. “Bex!” he gasped quickly, “cum now! Cum on my cock! Cum for Daddy!”

Bex gladly obeyed and for the first time that night her hungry pussy had something to grab hold of. It rippled around Daddy’s thick pole. Misty was still kissing her and playing with her turgid titties, Daddy’s ass clenched and unclenched under her heels as he ground his crotch into hers, hard.

Daddy came with a roar, spurting his seed deep in his daughter’s fuck hole. Again and again she felt the thick vein swell against her insides. She broke free of Misty’s seeking lips and cried out, “Daddy! I’m cumming for you Daddy! Oh you feel so good inside me, keep fucking me with your big Daddy cock!”

Daddy’s cum was overflowing from her tiny pussy. Misty’s tongue was working it’s way down to her cunny again, her hips gripped by the strong arms of her Daddy. She had never been so happy before in her life, and she couldn’t wait for the fun to continue!


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