Big Dick Uncle Mick pt3

Big Dick Uncle Mick pt3SATURDAY NIGHT -Uncle Mike had been in rare form (cocky) the entire day. Earlier in the morning, he cooked us breakfast (bacon, eggs, and blueberry pancakes) and told us we would need our energy. Of course Jared and I looked at each other witha devilish grin thinking he meant something sexual. Not the case this time! He had us doing chores and tons of yardwork that took all day. You would’ve thought we was in bootcamp the way he ordered us to do this anddo that. By the time the sun set we had cut grass, mulched, plucked/pulled weeds, and bagged (what felt like) millions of leaves. We were so relieved when uncle Mike called it quits. He told us go on in and rest…just dont take showers yet. He wanted to join us later. He also said tonight was poker night and two of his buddies were coming over. We both looked puzzled like poker? We’ve NEVER even seen him play poker.Three hours past, and here we are resting in the nude immersed in the cool air condition as it flowed over our sweaty, foul, rank-smelling bodies. The door bell rings and it sounds like a rowdy bunch of people talking and laughing loud. Uncle Mike stops bench pressing and answers the door.Poker buddies: Damn Hulk! Do I always have to greet you and your big ass dick at the same time? I’m still tryingto get use to this shit. Whats up Hulk? You ready man? (holds up batman escort one of the twelve-pack of Heineken)Uncle Mike: lol Oh shyt…hell yea, come on inPoker buddies: (walks into the family room) well damn..didn’t know you had company. Who’s ass does that belongtoo? Good lawd..We aren’t disturbing you are we?Uncle Mike: LOL nah its cool. That’s my son and my neph. Those are my boisPoker Buddies: (both wink at us w/a smile) very nice to meet ya! I see ya’ll not shy about being in the nude like Hulk huh? (Sniffs) Damn ya’ll some musty muthafuckasUncle Mike: Oh bois arent shy. I broke them out of that and ya’ll know the deal if ya’ll stay over too lol. Yea they were in here sleep. I had them out there doing yardwork all day and they worked up a good sweat.Poker buddies: oh ok where’s the music and the table?Me and Jared took that as our que and left to go upstairs. While in Jared’s room, we had a second wind of energy and started playing video games. We were having so much fun we lost track of time and it seemed the music downstairs got louder and louder. We decided to go check on them downstairs and as soon as we opened the door, there all three of them were butt ass naked pulling on their dicks. Uncle Mike says “you bois thristy?!” “Yeah I know you are..ya’ll goin be our lil piggies tonite!”. One of the poker buds quickly escort samsun snatched up Jared and uncle Mike grabbed me, tied our hands and feet together, threw us over their backs and headed to the bathroom. On the way there, he licked and stuck his finger up my sweaty ripe hole and tasted it. They placed us in the tub and told us to get on our knees. They began finishing off one of their already opened longneck heineken’s and one of the poker buds got a marker from the sink and wrote on our chests “PISS/CUM DUMP WHORE” with an arrow pointing up to our mouths. They stood in front of us bladders full as their dicks dangled in ourfaces while we waited for our first drink from tap. It happened almost of the poker buds started to moan “ohhhhh fuckk its coming…open ur fuckin mouths” and the piss started streaming out of allof them. With our heads leaned back, we were getting slapped and bathing in their hot piss. After Uncle Mike finished pissing, he hog spitted in my mouth and cocked up one leg on the tub, grabs my head and says “fuckk yea! boi lick my sweaty nuttz”. He held my face between his nuttz and asshole and I inhaled and tasted all his funky manly smells. Once I got used to the taste I started going to town on those big hairy bull balls. I overheard Jared gargling on the poker buds hot piss and sucking both batman escort bayan their dicks. Uncle Mike then stepped inthe pissy tub and sat on my face…smothering me with his big muscle ass. He liked seeing me struggle to breathe and beg for air. I never thought I would get so rock hard than when he was riding my face with his ripe ass sayingall kinds of obscenities. When I got up, I saw Jared sucking dick and getting an enema. They were filling his bladder up from the big red bag hanging from the shower rod, with as much water as he could take and made him piss and shit it out then jack their dicks with it. Soon or later, we were all in the tub licking all over each other, pissing and fucking. In a line it was Jared, the two poker buds, me and Uncle Mike just ramming our dicks into each other and cumming hard. Weak and spent we just laid our heads on the back of the person in front of us. Finally…the shower came on and it felt sooo good.Me, Jared and Uncle Mike’s sexual encounters went on for years without my familys’s knowledge. Until one was found out that he had sex with nearly all of my cousins male & female. I thought it was hott and didn’t see the big deal but everything we had done stopped so abruptly. It felt like my heart being ripped out. Everything I had known gone. Uncle Mike had talked about moving away because he felt the family would disown him…and so he and Jared fled to L.A. Meanwhile, I’m left with memories to last a lifetime and a taboo/i****t that beckons me to act on my deepest darkest fantasies every now and then. Will this cycle continue?

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