Big Night for me!


Big Night for me!When I asked them what they were talking about, Rose told me that Kelly thought that after I shot a load, that I was done and that my dick wouldn’t be hard. Thinking about that, I realized that most of the time, my dick was hard! Every sexy mouth, boob, ass, hell even a girls leg, would result in my schlong getting, if not hard, very firm at the least!Rose went back to work on my cock. Sucking in the head, stroking my shaft, she would look up at me every so often, wanting a look of approval on my face. When she saw it, she would suck a little harder, and slide my cock a little deeper down her throat. Kelly would try to interrupt her when she would gag, but Rose didn’t miss a beat. “Jesus, she can really suck cock!” I said “Watch this!” and grabbed Rose by her hair, and started to fuck her face hard. Rose’s hand shot out to the sides in an attempt to balance herself for me. I rammed my cock all the way down her throat, my balls slapping against her chin with wet slops. She would try to take a breath thru her nose, but there was too much saliva, sputum and thick mucus all over her face, all over my cock and balls, for her to effectively get a decent breath. After a few dozen pumps, I released Rose from my grip and she took a deep gasp, looking at Kelly, she breathed, “Fuck, I love when he does that. Makes my pussy so fucking wet!” “Really?” Kelly got up from the chair and stood behind Rose. She reached down and lifted Rose’s ass up into the air. “Let’s see about that” and placed her face deep into Rose’s asscrack. I lifted up to get a better view and could see Kelly’s tongue sliding in and out of Rose’s pussy. My cock instantly grew a half in thicker, which made Rose gag, which made Kelly shove her tongue deeper into Rose. Rose reached back to spread her cheeks, which impaled her face onto my cock, Kelly looked up at me, and backed away a little, “What?” she said. I guess the look on my face said it all. “OH, yea, well, we been playing around with each other for about a year now, and, yea, I like pussy almost as much as I like cock!” and with that, started to tongue fuck Rose’s asshole. When it was good and sloppy with her spit, She looked up at me again, “She’s ready for yooouuu!” “Whaaa?” I sputtered. Rose released her suction hole and sat up. “I told you I wanted your cock up my ass…..sheesh!” and turned around, postioning her skinny little ass right in front of my throbbing member. Kelly went “Go ahead, but do it slow, I haven’t put mecidiyeköy escort anything up her that’s quite as big as your cock, but I think she can take you anyway.” I [placed the tip of my cock against her asshole. It looked so big in comparison. “Are you sure about this?” I said. Rose pushed back against me and the tip slipped in. I could feel Rose tense up. Her butthole squeezed my cock kinda hard. I didn’t move a hair. I heard rose whimper a bit, then she took a deep breath and push backward again. My cock, all slick with her spit, plus her butthole all slick with Kelly’s spit, I slid in pretty easily. She went about halfway onto my cock when she stopped. A deep, guttural “OH MY GOD!” emanated from Rose. She took another deep breath, and slid her ass forward on my cock, then back again, taking it about another inch deeper. “UUNNGGHHH!!!” Rose stared to rock back and forth. Sliding my cock in and out of her ass, I stayed perfectly still. I was afraid that I would rip her open if I started to pump. Her ass was so fucking tight. I don’t think I could grab it with my hand that tight. I thought I was going to rip her asshole! I could feel Roses cunt spasm. I looked at Kelly, she was in the throes of an orgasm herself. Rose was sucking on Kelly clit. Her nipples were so large, I thought they were going to explode! Her breathing was fast and shallow. And she had Roses hair in her hand, shoving her head into her pussy. I looked down at my cock, and Rose was sliding on it to the hilt. Faster and faster she pumped. When she pumped back toward me, I pumped a little toward her, Planting my cock deep into her ass, up to my balls. “OH yea!” she mumbled with a mouth full of muff. I grabbed her hips, and slid my cock back into Rose’s ass. Right up to my balls again. I held her there, letting my cock throb deep inside her. I got up into the squat position, and pressed her shoulders down onto my bed. I them placed my hands on her ass, to take some of my weight off of her, and to facilitate me being able to fuck that asshole a little more efficiently. I started to slid in and out when I felt something on my balls. It was Kelly! She stared to suck on my balls. It felt so fucking good, I almost shot my load. But I wanted to hold off on that. I thought of different things to prevent me from cumming. After a few distracting minutes, I realized that I was fucking Rose quite hard. Kelly was under me licking my swinging balls and sucking on Rose’s clit, mecidiyeköy escort bayan when I felt Rose stiffen up. I stopped. She yelled “NOOO….keep going!” So I started again, a little harder with each pump. I felt her ass grip me real tight and heard Kelly say “Ya baby….cum….cum on daddies cock….cum hard little girl!” Rose buried her face into my bed and groaned loudly. I was pounding her ass now. Fucking that tight little asshole roughly. When she relaxed a bit….I withdrew my dick from her butt…Kelly immediately grabbed it and stared to stroke me. Before I could say anything, she looked at me right in the eye, opened her mouth and slipped my cock into it. Sucking it down as far as she could, she bobbed her head up and down on me. Rose rolled over and reached down and felt her ass. “Wow!” She was playing with her gaped hole. “That was better then I thought it was going to be!” I laid back and let my little sister suck my cock. It was just as glorious as Rose. Rose had two fingers in Kelly’s pussy, banging her hard. She rolled over again and positioned herself under Kelly and stared to suck on her clit again. Kelly came up off my cock to tell Rose to suck harder, when she looked up at me and said “I want you to cum on my face brother.” Kelly spit on my dick and stared to stroke it fast. It didn’t take to long, I said ”Here it cums!” and groaned deeply as my cum shot out once again, a rope of jizz right across her face, into her hair, another shot into her right eye, thick streams of white goo shot out over and over, plastering my sisters face. “Ummmmmm…..yeaaaaa” Kelly said “Cum on me daddy” and the final few drops of cum dripped from the head of my cock into her waiting mouth. Rose came up from between Kellys legs and started to lick all the goo off of her. Rose cleaned Kelly up completely, then they kissed. Deep, long and passionately. Their hand running all over each other. They both looked ten years older then they actually were. They embraced each other, I could see my cum drooling from their mouths down onto their chins, but, one of them would lick it up again, they were holding it. They parted from each other and looked at me and smiled. Rose was the first to lean over to me and plant her lips onto mine. I kissed her with a deep passion I never felt before. We opened our mouth together to French kiss, and hat is when I got my first load of my own cum. It was salty, warm, but nice, Rose’s tongue flicked all around mine, depositing şişli escort bayan her load of cum into my mouth, I swallowed, I felt her swallow too. I leaned back and Kelly was right there. She reached in and kissed me. I returned he kiss, but opened my mouth first. I wanted to share what she had. Tongues flicked and we both swallowed…all three of us started a mass kissing session. Rolling around kissing boobs, nipples pussies, asses, cock…I threw the blanket over us and snuggled up againt Rose’s back, placing my cock between her tight ass cheeks. She whispered “Thanks daddy” as I reached over her with my arm to hug her. I fell soundly asleep.I woke with a start. “Oh shit!” “We fell asleep naked!” I looked around in a panic but didn’t see Kelly anywhere. Rose was still asleep next to me. Naked. I looked at my clock, nine o’clock. Ok Mom and Dad should still be asleep. They usually slept in on weekends. I slipped out of bed, and headed for the shower. When I finished up, I stepped out and Kelly was sitting on the toilet. “Morning.” I said. She said “Morning, how do you feel?” “OK, why?” She said she was just making sure I was ok with all that happened last night. I asked her how she felt. She said ”Well, after what happened, and after seeing you fuck Rose so good….” She looked at me, “I think I want you as my first” I was blown away. “Really? Are you sure?” “Yea!” she went “I don’t know exactly when, but I do know that when I want to, I want that cock to be the first one inside my pussy!” She got up. Flushed, pulled her shorts up and walked out tof the bathroom. It was strange. So matter of factly with her. She was never like that. I went to my room to get dressed, and Rose was sitting there. “And God Morning to you!” I said. “Morning! Last night was fucking awesome! My butt is a little sore, but I feel great! What we doin today? I laughed. “I have no idea. But I do know this. I ain’t staying here!” “Could I come?” “Thought you already did!” I said jokingly. “”Oh…yea…I did, didn’t I, at least a few times too….but seriously….could I hang out with you guys today?” I thought about it for a second, we weren’t doing anything special. But it was a nice summer day so far…”Sure” I said. “Groovy! “ and she bounced out my door down the hall to Kelly’s room. We were all in the kitchen when Mom and Dad finally came downstairs. “Dad said “Good Morning everyone, how’d everyone sleep?” “Great!” “Fitfully!” “Sound” I said, The three of us holding back the giggles, darting looks at each other. “I had a hard time last night” Mom said. I froze. “It was a little noisy in our room last night and something hard in my bed kept me from sleeping to well.” As she leaned up to kiss Dad. “Ewwwww!” the two girls went. I just stared to laugh.

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