Bill’s Sexy Straight Grandson PART2

Bill’s Sexy Straight Grandson PART2Bill’s Sexy Straight Grandson, Part IIDavid couldn’t believe how easy it was to convince the hot stud to let Samblow him. He fell for that cockamamie story. When they told Bill, hecouldn’t believe it until he saw Mike, his own grandson, on video beingsucked off by Sam and enjoying it. Cum was still dripping off Sam’s chinas Mike rushed off, somewhat embarrassed by what he’d just done with hisgrandfather’s pals.”Damn, I wish I could’ve been there”, said Bill.”You can, if you leave it up to me”, said David.”You see, if you didn’t believe what happened, unless you saw it with yourown eyes, Mike would have to do it again with you watching, or else hewouldn’t be helping his grandpa feel avenged”, said David.”But he’d never agree to do that in front of me, his own grandpa”, saidBill.”That is the best part of all, I will tell him that he can wear a mask sonobody can recognize him. The good part is that you will get to suck himand he won’t be able to say no for fear of you recognizing his voice,”David finished with an evil chuckle.Bill hesitated, but thinking of his grandson’s sexy body, he quicklyagreed.David called Mike and told him what happened. “Your Grandpa wants to seeit for himself Mike. If you’re upset, just think how Sam feels now that hehas to blow your big dick again. You know, his throat is still sore,” liedDavid.”I just can’t do it in front of my grandpa, it is too weird, he might thinkI’m gay or something”, said Mike.”Mike, do you think I’m stupid, I wouldn’t put you in that situation, Iwant you to wear a mask and I illegal bahis siteleri will tell him you are some guy we paid thatwants to remain anonymous”said David.There was a long silence and then Mike said “ok but anything gets out I’llfucking kill you guys”.Mike showed up that night at around ten in his sexy workout shorts and tanktop. He couldn’t believe he was doing this but his dick was getting hardthinking about the blowjob. He wasn’t turned on by the guys, but thatmouth felt so good and was able to take his big fat eleven and a halfinches all the way down. None of his bitches could do that.David greeted Mike at the rec room and told him that his grandpa would bedown in an hour. They play a little pool and they gave Mike a few shots ofwhiskey to relax him. Mike was feeling uninhibited and horny as hell whenfinally Joe brought out the mask he was to wear. It was a leather hoodwith holes for the nose and mouth. It assured him that no one would beable to recognize him unless he spoke.Mike got undressed, put his mask on and sat in the chair. As before, theold geezers had set up the cameras to record the action. The cameras hadcaptured Mike as he slipped on the mask.He waited and finally his grandpa walked in.”Damn, is this the muscular man that is going to humiliate Sam for me,”asked Bill.”Yep, he is going to get back at Sam for you, right before your very eyes”said David.”Sam is going to pay dearly by the size of that cock”, said Bill.”Bill why don’t you massage his shoulders a little to get him relaxed,after all he is straight and needs to youwin giriş get into it,” said David.”Sure, I mean he is doing me a favor isn’t he”, said Bill.Bill started to massage his shoulders and his sexy chest as Sam knelt downand began to suck his dick.”Just relax and enjoy it at least, big guy, Sam sucks better than a woman”,whispered Bill in his grandsons mask as he slowly massaged his big powerfulheavy pecs.Mike couldn’t believe his grandfather was massaging him as he got suckedoff by one of his pals.”The only way I would feel I got my revenge is if Sam got fucked up the asslike he deserves” announced Bill. Mike was shocked and panicked butcouldn’t say anything.”Get up off there Sam, and get him naked guys”, demanded Bill. “I am goingto watch him get fucked by this big cock using my own spit as lube tofurther humiliate him.”Mike watched without being able to speak as his grandpa kneeled down andtook his cock in his mouth. His grandpa looked up to his masked face as hesucked. It was already too long to be just lubing him up and Mike waswondering what was going on until his grandpa took his dick out of hismouth and said “I just want to get it good and wet with my saliva”, thenwent right back to slobbering on the juicy cock.When he was done, Sam was already in position on the floor. He was on hisback and David and Steve were holding his legs up by the ankles. Mikecould see his wrinkled little ass.”Come on stud, **** that bastard for me”, said Bill.Mike was fucking horny, and looked at David who nodded and grinnedknowingly. His dick canlı bahis was dripping with his grandfather’s saliva as his bigmuscular body knelt between Sam’s legs and pointed his throbbing dick tothe hole. He felt his grandfather behind him whisper “do it stud”. Thenhe pushed his cock head until the head spread open the moist hot sphinctermuscle. Sam yelled out but Steve covered his mouth. Mike never new an oldfarts ass could feel so good and tight and hot. He pushed in further andhis whole dick went in to the pubes.Now he was getting into it and lost control. He grabbed Sam ankles fromSteve and David’s hands and put them on his shoulders. Then he stretchedhis own legs behind them until he was on tip toes and his palms were flaton the floor. Now his dick could go all the way in and he could fuck theold guy like a savage a****l.He didn’t notice but about ten other old guys some with canes, had comeinto the room and were gathered around the scene. He was too horny to careand just kept fucking as he felt many old hands feeling his body. He movedSam to an all fours position and kept fucking him in long slow strokes,almost as if he was putting up a show for the old men. Then he beganfucking like an a****l again and after ten minutes Sam screamed and pulledoff saying he couldn’t take it anymore. Mike went towards him to get himback, he wasn’t finished. Then suddenly a short little old guy about underfive feet tall grabbed his dick and said “please big guy, you can finish inmy ass”, as he turned around and exposed his tiny ass.Mike was lost in lust and just grunted as he impaled the little midget.Then he spun the midget man around and carried him in the air as he fuckedhim. After the midget couldn’t take it anymore, another old guy offeredhis ass. He then looked over and it was his grandfather with his ass up inthe air.

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