BIM cumslut and the lesbian bra fitter

BIM cumslut and the lesbian bra fitterClosing time was drawing near. I was working part-time at a bar. Everything was restocked and clean. In walks Di , a friend from high school. I was about 50, I think she was about 30. She had given up on men, after a couple of divorces. The last time I’d seen her I’d hooked her up with a buxom lady. I knew that she was into being fisted, so I told Di. My guess was that this wasn’t her first stop tonight. She went to the end of the bar furthest from the door as I made her a g& t. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and a tight hug squeezing her 36d boobies into me. Aahhhh. She proceede to tell me about a bra fitting she’d done. Her name was Dina and Di told me she was a 40F. I got a little lightheaded. Giggling Di told me how heavy they were. Dina was a fun lovely young lady about 21, that always hugged me when she came in and left. As Di added her areola were wider than her hand. urfa escort Just wearing shorts commando, my hard on wasn’t hidden. Di told me Dina told her to squeeze her this she told me to pull off my shorts, she hadn’t seen a hard on in a long time. No one else was there, sooooo. Di had me move over closer. Using her fingers, she scooped up some precum and brought her fingers to my mouth. I slurped it up, then kissed her hand lightly. Glancing at the clock, I decided to grab my shorts to lock the door. Di took my shorts and said show me your butt as you walk over. As I got 2 feet from the door, a woman pushed open the door. Said is that for me….I was stunned. She looked over my shoulder, saw Di and raised her eyebrows said have fun, and exited.Di was giggling when I returned. Surprising me I was still really hard. She scooped up a bit more precum, fed it to me. Then asked me if I’d eat my cum urfa escort bayan if she let me cum now. Quickly replying positively, hell it was going to happen soon. She pulled up her top and bra. Her big soft breasts had large pink areola and hard thick nipples. She grabbed my dick as I told her to kneel . I started shooting a bit before she had her targets in position. Got some on her top, most launched onto her juggs. In a demanding voice, she told me to get busy licking up every drop. As I was cleaning her nice titters, she asked if I’d ever wanked to her before. Looking up and laughing, I told her that had started in Jr high. Got her up, she kissed me. I told her I’d drive her home. When we got to her house, she tossed me a blanket and pointed to the couch. I went into the bathroom awhile later. From her bedroom, I heard loud buzzing. Hmmm…lots of bees or a powerful vibe. As I’m standing there, escort urfa I get excited thinking about her playing with her pussy. She’d been rubbing herself in the bar. She had to horny. So I’m playing away, neglected to hear the vibration stop. She appeared in the mirror. Ooops. She said hurry up, she had popped on a long nighty. Rolling her eyes, she held out her hands. New target. Soon shooting a little long, most in her hands. Had me kneel down and clean up her hands. Told me to get naked and go into the living room. In about 20 long min. She returned from the bedroom. Naked, tits bouncing. She was carrying a flogger. Bent me over a green leather chair. Before she started, she told me this was because I had violated her bathroom. After a few warmup whacks, she said it turned her on . she had me count 30. Yikes. Then she managed to keep the flogger flying back and forth. My ass and thighs were on fire. She was covered with sweat. She flopped onto the couch, spread her legs. I got on my knees, but she pushed me away. Jilled off until a leg shaking O. Bent over, kissed me. Told she knew Dina’ s titties would drive me crazy. She passed out on the couch.

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