[b]Incidents in a Crossdressers Life: Part 5[/b]

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[b]Incidents in a Crossdressers Life: Part 5[/b]Incidents in a Crossdressers Life: Part 5After our last escapade, Sarah (a boy who grew up as a girl) went home and left her soiled Smurf printed panties behind and I snatched them up before I headed home. Buddy smiled as I sniffed the crotch. She demanded I lick the crust. I was being too playful so she walked up and forced them into my mouth. I guess I was not done for the night no matter how exhausted and cumless I felt. The panties in my mouth instantly got my eraser nipples hard and up pointed my 6 inch cock again. I didn’t think I had it in me?! Buddy said “you’re not done bitch!” She ordered me to the lounge chair and bound my legs to either side of the foot. (I looked down at my pink nails and my asshole started to spasm). She pulled the panties out of my mouth and waited to see if I would say anything. I just gave her that “do me look.” I think her pussy and ass was too sore so she had something else in mind. Once, some time before, she had asked when and why I started to get interested in women’s undies. I confessed that it started when I was young, pre-puberty and I found a pair of my mom’s soiled white, plain ordinary panties. I just HAD to smell them! WOW. Something happened inside of my brain. I HAD to taste it! I slowly licked the white stain and the sk** marks. I had my first tiny hard-on! My nipples hurt! I felt my asshole tighten and I got light headed. I did not know what the fuck was happening. I only knew that I had to do it again! Each day I would wait until she put the laundry down the chute to the basement and retrieve her panties and place them over my face as I inhaled her cunts’ perfume. I was addicted. I soon learned if I rubbed my tiny penis it felt REALLY GOOD! The more I did it, the more I had to do it! One day, I decided to wrap one of her panties around my cock and rub up and down… faster and harder… I felt as if my head was going to explode… I arched my back and something I never felt before happened, something white shot out of my dick and landed on my face. I was very confused and scared! BUT I wanted to do it again!!!A few minutes after I recovered, I put a pair of the panties over my face and started to suck in the crotch. In my right hand, I continued to rub the soiled panties wet with something new that just came bursa escort out of me up and down my cock. My left hand went to pinch my nipples very hard. This time, I felt something wet land on the panties covering my face. I took them off and there was a white substance all over them and my chest. I just had to stick my tongue out and taste it. My first taste of cum! I took the soiled panties and rubbed the cum on my chest and all over my erect nipples. I had to do it again. And I did daily. I would wank off three or four times a day. I had discovered puberty and I liked it!!!! From there, over time, crossdressing. Back to the lounge chair. Buddy then restrained my hands back and stuck the panties back into my mouth. The aroma was intoxicating and the taste of young pre-cum was putting me into a trance. Buddy, took her time to let me stew. She sat next to me and started to flick her nails on the side of my penis’ helmet. It hurt but made me harder. I groaned each time. I needed release and not from the chair. Buddy took the panties out of my mouth and rubbed them up and down her dripping shaved pussy. She then placed them over my face with the crotch over my mouth. The smell and combined taste to her and Sarah were nearly too much. Buddy knew she had me right on the edge. I wanted her to mount me… suck me, or jack me off NOW!No! She untied my right arm and told me to make myself cum. In one jerk, I blew a massive load all up my chest and onto the panties. Buddy turned the panties inside out and forced them back into my mouth; covered in three layers of lust. She then slowly smoothed the cum into my skin making sure she massaged my breasts and nipples. The cum dried and crusted as I tried to breath. She then took my cum covered hand and licked off all of the remaining treasure. She untied me and let me sit up. She had a great big pussy eating grin on her face. A bit of wonder and excitement too. “Well… that was new and very interesting!” she said. “We need to talk more about this evolution into panties!”She was not done yet! I certainly felt like I was. She told me to stand up and put the panties on. They were very tight and she knelt in front of me, helping me get them up my legs. At one point, she had me in her mouth. I arched my back and the dried cum started to flak off my tits. She wiggled bursa escort bayan the panties up over my small cock. The fabric was so tight that it hurt. Buddy wiggled her nose up and then pulled the panties down a bit and pushed my limp cock back and up between my legs. She then pulled the panties back up to hold my cock in place. I looked down a pair of lovely shaved legs and pink toe nails and saw a lovely pair of Smurf panties with a girls snatch! It was the first time I had been “tucked.” Buddy made me prance around a bit and said it looked lovely. I stated to get hard but it just pushed my erection further back towards my ass. It was tight and exciting.She gave me an odd look. She crossed her arms under her corpulent breast and said “wait right there!” I grabbed and downed a few shots of Vodka and got worried. As she came back to the patio, she demanded I turn around and shut my eyes. Now I was worried! She ordered me to place my arms back and she cuffed them. Next she covered my head and face with a pair of her husbanded dirty BVDs! The aroma of his sweat assaulted my senses. I’m not sure I like this one bit! I loved Sarah’s boy shorts, but her cuckolded husband’s underwear in my face! All of a sudden I felt a pair of red pantyhose being pulled over my head. My head slipped tightly into one leg and she forced the nylon down over my chest. I was very uneasy but very excited. She ordered me to turn around and bend over the foot stool with my ass in the air. Her pussy may have been out of commission but looking up, she had a 10 inch life like strap-on on over another pair of her husband’s shorts. She started to slap the dong on my face, harder and harder. She ordered me to suck it but realized when all I could manage out of my mouth was a muffled grunt; she smacked me harder in defiance. This is not the first time she used the dong on me but it was the first time I was totally helpless. She took the g**** seed oil and lubricated my hole. I was in ass heaven! I closed my eyes and floated. First one finger, probing until she hit my prostate. She took her time rubbing my G spot. I got harder and the tuck made my cock hurt like hell. She could just see the head of my dick and gave it light flick. Two fingers now, lovely, three, I feel the stretching, four! I feel like I’m open to escort bursa the world, then it happened, she slipped her hand slowly in!!!! I felt impaled and loved it. Buddy groaned in lust and satisfaction. She was in total control for the first time in her life. Not just play, but real control. She had me “by the ass” and knew it! I stared to push back and forth. I wanted it deeper. Buddy started to trust with each of my movements. She groaned and whispered; wow. She was now wrist deep in my ass. I mumbled stop. She rested for a moment and stared to slowly masturbate my hole again. My cock spurted a little cum (all that was left from a hidden part of my left testicle). She ever so slowly pulled out and I felt my sphincter prolapse. She took a bit of the cum and massaged it into my swollen red lips. I was nearly in a c***. Smack!!! Smack! Smack! on my ass! “Wake up bitch!” I was slowly coming around with a so lovely feeling in my bottom when she rudely rammed her latex cock hard into my cavern. (I’m not sure if she could touch the sides at that point LOL). She fucked my throbbing asshole like she hated me for killing her dog. She grunted hard with each deep thrust, mindlessly pounding away. The dildo pushing against her red swollen clit, she thrust deep and screamed a guttural cry and collapsed on my back, forcing my arms hard into my back. She rolled off and lay on the patio floor silent and breathing very hard. I was trying to remember how to get my eyeballs back into my head. In what seemed to be an hour, she got up and pulled the red pantyhose off of my body and face. Next came her husband’s skanky BVDs. She then pulled my head up, took off her fake cock and forced me to lick her clean. She then released me and had me sit up. Another shot of Vodka. My ass throbbed and spasmed. My encased cock tight and wet. We said nothing for a while and then together whispered; “wow” and started to giggle. She said “you know we will have to do this again only with Sarah here to play. I want to make you my hand puppet again only with you sucking Sarah’s cock while I do you. I think I will duct tape her to you so her cock never leaves your mouth. I’m not sure what I want you to wear then…. She had a very mischievous look in her eyes. I drove home with my shirt on and nothing but Sarah’s panties on in the car. I hoped I did not get stopped by the police! I didn’t really care at that point! Walking up to the house nearly naked, I opened the door and took a hot bath letting the warn water sooth my gaping hole. I wonder what I could insert there?

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