Bindu and Theresa Ch. 02


Note: if you haven’t already, read Bindu & Theresa Ch. 01, which is a prequel to this story.


The morning after Rob and I had not only hooked up with Bindu and Theresa but had also swapped partners so that each of us had enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh with each of them, we were pleased to hear from both of them and learn that there were no regrets regarding the events of the previous night. In fact, both of them had enjoyed being with both of us and neither was feeling proprietary about either of us so the bottom line was that they were both open to further sexual encounters with either one of us. Over the next few days, we spent time together but didn’t have an opportunity for another event like what had occurred in Bindu’s basement, though each of us always went home thoroughly sexually satisfied. One day when Rob was at work, though, I got a call from Bindu who I’d said was welcome to call whenever she wanted me to eat her pussy. Rob still had not done that for her and I suspected that, if it happened at all, it wouldn’t be any time soon.

Back in the late 80s, when this all happened, we didn’t have cell phones to coordinate where we’d be and when we’d be meeting up; it all had to be done beforehand. Bindu called to let me know that she was heading to the mall with her mom. She wanted to know, if I didn’t already have plans, whether I could pick her up there and take her somewhere so that she could enjoy feeling my tongue on her clit again. I was absolutely interested and was not otherwise committed so she told me that she was planning to part ways with her mom for a bit, meet me outside, then hook up with her mom again once we were done. We established where and when I’d pick her up and I got over there a little early to figure out where we could go. Since it was after the holidays, the parking lots and parking structure weren’t too busy so I found an area of the parking structure that would allow us some privacy.

At the designated time, I picked Bindu up and drove to the parking structure, backing into a spot in the area I’d scoped out earlier. I suggested we move to my backseat even though it wasn’t that spacious because I figured there’d be less likelihood of us being spotted by mall security and it’d probably be easier to accomplish our intended activities there than in my bucket seats up front with a console between us. No one was around so we stepped out of the car then climbed right back in through the back doors. After another quick glance around, we made out a little as I fondled her tits through Bycasino her shirt. She’d wisely elected to wear a skirt, one of those denim miniskirts that were all the rage back then. Rather than sliding my hand up under it to caress her pussy through her panties, I just lowered my head toward her lap while sliding the hem up, exposing her panties. She lifted her ass off the seat so that I could get the hem all the way up around her waist then start to slide her panties down.

With her panties sitting on the rear deck, she leaned back into the corner formed by the backseat and the door, bringing one foot up onto the seat while the other remained on the floor. I kissed along her smooth inner thighs toward her trim, black bush. I took a moment to admire her meticulous grooming before running my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan. She was already flooded with pungent juices so I spent a few minutes just lapping them up, continuing to run my tongue along her slit. I suspected that she didn’t have the luxury of a lot of time if she needed to meet up with her mom again, and I definitely wanted to do more than just eat her pussy, so I made my focus getting her to a quick but highly pleasurable orgasm. Slipping a finger into her snug, slippery pussy, I started to lick and suck her clit while sliding it in and out. She moaned louder and each subsequent moan seemed to go on longer as she grabbed my head and began to rock her hips toward my face. I was pretty psyched to be eating her pussy again and it wouldn’t have surprised me if Theresa had mentioned to her that I was eating her pussy every opportunity that I got. I knew Rob wasn’t eating Bindu’s pussy so, between Theresa sharing what I was doing for her and our experience in Bindu’s basement, it didn’t surprise me, not only that she’d called, but also that she was already so fired up before I even got her panties off.

Her pussy was becoming even wetter and more engorged around my pumping finger the longer I was eating her so I was really eager to slip my cock into her once she’d cum. My effort was already focused on giving her a quick and pleasurable orgasm so there wasn’t anything to change to get her there. I continued licking and sucking her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her as she moaned louder and longer. She finally cried out as her body started shaking like crazy and my finger was flooded with even more of her juices. I kept eating her as she was cumming, wanting to be sure she experienced every bit of intense pleasure as possible. Her orgasm went Bycasino giriş on pretty long and, only once I was absolutely certain that she’d finished cumming, I raised my head and slipped my finger out of her pussy and into my mouth.

“You are so fucking awesome!” she practically yelled, then sat up and brought her mouth toward mine. I removed my finger and our lips met, her hand going to my lap as our tongues slipped into each other’s mouths.

“Do you still have time to ride my cock for a bit?” I asked as she massaged my stiff member through my jeans.

“Absolutely,” she replied, starting to work on getting my jeans open. I helped and was soon pushing them down so that my cock sprung out. She briefly stroked it then straddled me, guiding it toward her hot pussy. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto it, my throbbing tool slipping easily into her snug, slippery pussy. She sat on it for a moment then began to ride me, moving up and down slowly at first but quickly picking up the pace and riding me hard and fast. Initially, I was caressing her sweet ass but I ended up bringing my hands around to fondle her tits, first through her shirt and bra then up under her shirt and just through her bra. I could feel her hard nipples through the cups so I reached behind her and unfastened her bra to free her tits then slipped my hands up under it to caress the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples.

Her pussy sliding up and down my cock felt incredible and I knew it wouldn’t take long before I was cumming, despite a desire to fuck her for much longer. Since she had to meet up with her mom, it was probably good that my orgasm was already building up due to the pure pleasure of her pussy engulfing my cock. I was even more confident now that this wouldn’t be my only opportunity to fuck her, though I did hope that I’d have the chance to experience her fully naked at some point, even if it wasn’t until I went back to school. I’d seen her naked in her basement after her mom had flipped on the light, but everything we had done together had been in the dark; I wanted to get her naked then get her off then get off myself. It wasn’t an unrealistic desire so I just needed to be ready when an opportunity presented itself.

I was pretty close to cumming when she surprised me by dropping onto my cock and just sitting there then crying out as she started shaking again. I hadn’t expected her to have another orgasm but I was happy that she did and it appeared to be another intensely pleasurable one. She humped my cock Bycasino deneme bonusu a little as she was cumming but, once she’d finished, she climbed off of it and knelt on the seat beside me.

“I want to suck it now,” she said before lowering her head and engulfing it in her mouth. I moaned as she began to blow me, her mouth sliding up and down my shaft as she was gently pumping the base. It didn’t take much of her skilled cocksucking before I was back on the verge of cumming again. I just sat there and enjoyed her efforts, not even fondling her tits any more despite them being within reach. She didn’t try to draw out the intense pleasure she was providing, instead focusing on making sure that I had my own orgasm after I’d helped to provide her with two. My cock grew thicker as I was about to cum but she remained on task, engulfing my cock repeatedly even as I started spurting into her mouth with a groan. She swallowed my load as she continued to suck me off, only letting my cock fall from her mouth once I was fully spent.

“Just so you know,” I said as she sat up and reached under her shirt to refasten her bra, “you are more than welcome to suck my cock any time you want.”

“I’ll remember that,” she replied, reaching for her panties, “if you remember that I will also suck it any time you want.”

“Sounds fair,” I said as I tucked my spent cock away and pulled my jeans and underwear back up. With her panties up and the hem of her skirt back down, we climbed out of my car and gave each other the once-over to make sure nothing appeared out of place, then we made out for a minute before I locked up my car and we headed inside together. We were planning to part ways once we were inside but figured we should try to look completely platonic just in case we either ran into people we knew or her mom spotted us from another level. As it turned out, we actually ran into her mom but it looked completely innocent and actually helped explain her disappearance as we said we’d bumped into each other, hadn’t seen each other in a long time and lost track of time as we were catching up. Her mom was not only super pleasant, asking where I was attending school and what I was studying, but it was also obvious where Bindu got her good looks and her hot body (and big tits). I’m surprised I was able to hold up my end of the conversation without babbling incoherently while staring at either her big brown eyes or her impressive chest.

When we finally parted so that they could finish up their shopping, I was practically in a daze between what had happened in my car in the parking garage and the pleasant surprise of meeting Bindu’s mom, who I was thinking I’d need to find a way to see again somehow. There were still almost three weeks of my winter break left and it was promising to be incredibly memorable.

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