Birds of a Feather, Chapter 10


Birds of a Feather, Chapter 10 (Good News and the group grows larger)

All of us except Al and Helga moved over to the large tables near the pool. Al and Helga went into the house and returned shortly with a couple bottles of wine, glasses and a tray of sandwiches.

We didn’t bother to set down, instead we all poured a glass of wine and selected one of the sandwiches. We just talked and mingled, the topics of conversation varied from how other family members were doing to what we liked sexually.

After a couple glasses of wine, most of the conversation had turned strictly to sex. Patty let it be known she liked playing with women and she was a real cum and piss freak. She liked both anywhere on her or in her

I told Maggie I was amazed at what Morgan was doing to her pussy. Maggie laughs, “It takes a lot to fill me up, and I really do have a big pussy and asshole. I can take all of Walter in either hole. I can also get most of his cock down my throat, but only for a short period of time.”

I had a burning question and thought this would be a great time to ask, “Walter, can you tell me how all this got started. With your family and how the other families got involved?”

Walter looked around the room and I noticed Al and Hank give him a nod. “Well Frank, Hank’s family and mine have a similar history. Our ancestors are from the same country and they were mostly farmers, living in small communities. They were hard working people and sex was one of the few enjoyments they had. It was very common to share sexual favors with other family members and family members of the few neighbors they had. When they migrated to this country they just continued doing what they had always done.”

Walter stopped talking just long enough for Morgan to get a new bottle of wine from the kitchen and make a round, filling our glasses.

“Al got here by a little different road. His Dad walked out on him, his Mom and two sisters when he was about 10 years old, leaving them to fend for themselves. A few months later he walked in on his sisters eating each other’s pussy and convinced then it would be a great idea to allow him to join them. A short time later they were able to recruit their Mom to join them to make it a family affair.”

“So you have two sisters,” I ask Al as I wondered if they were still involved in the sexual activities. He smiled, “Yes, two of them, you’ll get to meet them later.”

Helga then spoke up, “My ancestry was much like Walter’s and Hank’s but Al wasn’t aware of that when we met and started dating. We dated, fell in love and were enjoying each other before either of us found out about the other’s family secret. One night after several glasses of wine and some heavy making out I let it slip that I often fantasized about his younger sister, Ginger, when we were having sex. We had a tell all discussion after that and the rest is history.”

Hank told us he had grown up with an open family sexually and had always enjoyed it. He also said he and Patty both enjoyed group sex and he enjoys anal, giving and receiving.

Amie and Morgan both said they didn’t care for a public show of sex but they were up for anything in private, the wilder the better.

Kathy and I both admitted we didn’t know what our limits were but we were having lots of fun finding out.

Al walked over to the table, poured himself another glass of wine then turn to face the group, “This is a real melting pot of sexual appetites. Frank and Kathy, you are the very first people Helga and I have ever invited to one of our gatherings that were not from a sexually open family. We all discussed it quite a bit before we made a decision. Now that you have seen who is involved, both of you must know how much we trust you. That being said, we all hope you both will feel free to test your boundaries and expand your sexual horizons.”

Everyone was looking at me, waiting for me to respond. “We both understand what you’re saying and it’s an honor to be here and to know you trust us that much. I can assure you, we will never betray your trust. Kathy and I have talked about the direction we want to go as a couple, we both agree and this is something we want. She is the bold aggressive one but I’m doing the best I can to catch up.”

Patty raised her glass in a toast, “Here’s to the good times we have had and the ones we are going to have.” We all raised our glasses in agreement then took a sip of the wine.

Kathy had that naughty little smile on her face as she walked over to Patty. She gave Patty a passionate kiss on the lips then reached up and took Patty’s half-filled wine glass from her hand.

Kathy turned so we could all see what she was doing. She used two fingers to open her lips, and then placed the glass up next to her pussy. We could all see as her yellow stream of piss splashed into the glass, filling it to the top.

Kathy placed her hand over her little piss hole to stop the flow. As she handed the glass back to Patty, Amie rushed up and placed her almost empty glass up to Kathy’s pussy.

Kathy moved her finger and the flow continued until Amie’s glass was almost full. Kathy faced the two women, took hold of their wrist and lifted the glasses to their lips. Both women smiled as they each took a big mouth full, and then swallowed.

Kathy then pulled each glass to her lips and took a big swallow from each glass. Helga moved over to Amie for a drink from her glass and Morgan did the same with Patty.

Al asks, “What about the rest of us, don’t we get a treat?” Maggie spoke up, “You bet your sweet ass you do, and I have about a gallon ready to go. Question is, do you want it with wine or neat. All the men lined up, poured a little wine in our glasses and placed it up to Maggie’s dripping pussy.

She quickly filled our glassed to the top. Al gave a toast to all the women and the four of us quickly drained our glasses.

All this was such a turn on there was not a soft cock or dry pussy in the group. Walter was not quite as rigid as the other men were and he said age had a lot to do with that. It was still, by far the largest cock there.

Kathy stepped up next to Walter and attempted to wrap her hand around his shaft. She asks if Walter and Maggie would mind if she tried to get it in her mouth. They both laughed and Maggie told her she could try anything she wanted to.

Maggie asks Kathy if she would be upset if she gave her a few pointers. Kathy told her. “Hell no, I need all the advise I can get.”

Maggie told her, start by put plenty of lube on it. Then open your mouth as wide as you can, cover your teethe with your lips, go slow and just let his cock side in your mouth as far as you can get it. Then try to relax your mouth a little. Then you can try to get more cock in your mouth.

Kathy did just as Maggie had told her but she could only manage to get just past the head. Maggie told Kathy that was far better than most who tried it and she should be proud of herself.

Kathy asks, “Maggie, how do you handle a cock that big.” Maggie laughed, “Honey, I’m what they call a size queen and I have the pussy, asshole and mouth to handle it.”

Kathy looked in amazement, first at Maggie, then at Walter’s cock. “No way, how the hell could you get anything that big inside of you?”

Maggie smiled, “I understand you know what a sexual hat trick is. Well, I can do it with Walter in any one of my holes while two other cocks are my other holes.”

Kathy continued to look back and forth between Maggie and Walter’s cock. Then she reached down and attempted to warp her hand around Walter’s cock, and then she looked back at Maggie, “Show me, let me watch you take that much meat at one time.”

Maggie licked her lips, “Damn Honey, I thought you would never ask. I’ll need a little help getting loosened up a little. I’ll let the women do that and save the men for the good stuff later.

Kathy had no idea what she was talking about but Helga, Amie and Morgan seem to be very excited.

Helga opened another bottle of the lube as Maggie laid down on one of the pool lounger. Amie and Megan helped her slip a lounge cushion under her hips, allowing better access to her pussy and asshole.

As Helga and Patty moved over to join the girls Maggie ask Kathy, “Honey, do you mind if I use your man’s big headed cock to loosen up my throat?”

It was as though Kathy was in a trance as she nodded her approval. Kathy had moved around to the end of the lounger to get a better look at whatever was about to take place.

Maggie motioned for me to move closer. When I was close enough she reached out, wrapped her hand around my scrotum, and gently pulled me over next to her.

Helga poured a palm full of the lube then applies it from the base of my cock, up the shaft and around the head. Her hand was warm and the lube made my cock very slick.

Helga kissed me on the cheek then whispered in my ear, “When Maggie pulls your beautiful cock to her mouth, jam it all the way in and fuck her hard and fast, she loves that.

Helga guided my cock as Maggie pulled me forward by my scrotum. As my cock touched Maggie’s lips Helga used her other hand to give me a hard push causing my cock to go ball deep down fındıkzade escort Maggie’s throat.

A loud moan escaped Maggie. She moved her hand from my scrotum and placed both hands on my ass cheeks. Maggie was controlling my movement by tightening and relaxing the grip on my cheeks. I was fucking her mouth harder and faster than any pussy I had ever had.

I look to my left to see Kathy, with her mouth and eyes wide open in amazement. Amie had Maggie’s left leg over her shoulder and I could see that she has her entire hand buried in Maggie’s pussy.

Morgan had Maggie’s right leg over her shoulder and though I couldn’t see it, I knew she had part or all of her hand fucking in and out of Maggie’s ass.

Hank and Al were standing next to Kathy. Patty was kneeling between the two alternating between sucking one cock while jacking the other.

Helga was still standing beside me watching all the activity. She kissed me on the cheek then whispered, “Jam your cock in her throat, hold it there and rotate your hips around. You’ll have to stop soon and she would love a good grinding before you pull out.

Following Helga’s instructions, I placed my hand on the back of Maggie’s head, shoved my cock to the back of her throat and rotated my hips around as hard as I could.

Maggie opened her mouth as wide as she could and used her throat muscles to fuck my cock. This only lasted a short time before Helga pulled me back until my rigid cock shipped out of Maggie’s mouth.

Helga told me, “Come look, see what the girls are doing to Maggie’s pussy and ass. I walked around next to Kathy and looked down to see Amie and Morgan fucking their hands in and out of Maggie’s ass and pussy like synchronized pistons.

Kathy never took her eyes off the action as she said, “Can you believe this, a whole hand in her ass and pussy? Helga stepped up beside the girls, “You girls pull out of Maggie and let Frank see what her gapping holes looks like.”

Both girls looked up at me, gave me a big smile then pulled their hands out of Maggie’s holes. Both her pussy and ass was gaped open wide enough I could see up inside both passage.

Maggie let out a long moan of pleasure as the girls shoved their hands back wrist deep into her pussy and ass at the same time.

Kathy gasped and dropped to her knees. Helga told Kathy that the girls had her almost ready, and then asks if Kathy would like to fist Maggie before she changed positions. “YES, HELL YES! Can I do both holed?

Helga covers both of Kathy’s hands up to her wrist with the lube. I could tell Kathy was very nervous and excited as she moved closer.

Both girls continued to hole onto Maggie’s legs but pulled their hands out. Kathy placed her hands at each of Maggie’s holes, twisted them around a couple of time, and then slowly pushed a hand in her ass. Following imminently with her other hand in her pussy. Maggie moaned, “Oh yes Baby, open my holes up good so I can get all these big cocks inside and milk the cum out of them…

All this activity was exciting Kathy so much I’m sure she reached at least one good orgasm before she pulled her dripping hands out of Maggie’s pussy.

While Al and Hank helped Maggie get up off the lounger, Amie, Morgan, Kathy and I were busy cleaning the dripping wet hands and fingers that had been in Maggie’s holes.

Maggie told us where she wanted ever body and a step by step of what she would like to do. Walter lay on his back, on the lounger. She straddled Walter’s massive cock and started a slow decent until they were pubic hair to pubic hair. We all gathered in close to watch the penetration of her pussy.

Maggie leaned a little forward and asks if I would shove that big mushroom head up her ass.

Helga applied more lube to my cock and Maggie’s ass. Kathy and Patty helped keep me steady as I straddled Walter’s waist. Hank pulled her ass cheeks wide apart as Helga aligned my cock with Maggie’s gaping asshole.

Helga looked at me, her eyes sparkling with excitement and said, “Ram it in Frank, and fuck her big ass hard and fast”. I pushed hard, causing my cock to go all the way in with one thrust. I held it there for just a second. I could feel Walter’s cock through the thin layer of tissue that separated the two passages

Maggie took Al in her mouth while Amie and Morgan started sucking her tits…

Kathy and Pattie continued to help support me as I took Maggie by the hips and started fucking her ass hard and fast. I realized, while I was fucking her ass, in a since I was jacking Walter’s cock at the same time.

As great as all this was, it was physically exhausting and I knew, even with Kathy and Patty’s help I couldn’t hold out very long.

I noticed Amie and Morgan as they stopped sucking Maggie’s tits, moved back, and started watching me fuck Maggie’s asshole.

Hank walked up behind Morgan, his hard cock bobbing up and down in front of him. She turned around, dropped to her knees and started hungrily sucking Hanks hard cock.

Helga stepped up behind Kathy and told me, “Okay Mr. Mushroom, time to take a break. Hank’s going to take your place.”

As I pulled out, I heard Maggie and Walter both let out a little sigh of pleasure. With Kathy and Patty’s helping, I moved out of the way as Amie and Morgan assisted Hank as he assumed his position.

Al had a double handful for Maggie’s hair, holding her head in place as he fucked her mouth. He was wet with sweat and breathing heavy. He pulled his cock back until only the head was in Maggie’s mouth as he dumped his load of hot, thick cum into her mouth.

Helga and Patty moved over by Al’s side. As soon as he pulled out of Maggie’s mouth, Helga leaned in and started licking at his balls. She licked her way up to the head of his cock then took his cock into her mouth, sucking it clean.

Maggie turned to face Patty and I expected them to kiss. Instead, Maggie opens her lips slightly and allowed a small line of cum to leak out of her mouth and run down to her chin.

Patty quickly moved over and licked the cum from Maggie’s chin then licked up and across her lips. She turned to me, stuck her tongue out, showing me a thin layer of cum on it. She smiles at me as she pulled her tongue back in her mouth and swallowed.

Kathy was knelling on the other side of Patty, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as she watched everything going on around her.

Maggie motioned for Kathy to follow Patty and repeat the same thing. Kathy followed Patty‘s lead and licked up Maggie‘s chin and across her lips.

She turned to me with her cum coated tongue sticking out off her mouth. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, then we pushed our tongues back and forth, sharing the small amount of Al‘s cum.

I watched as Patty handed Maggie a large Hi-ball glass. I laughed to myself as I thought, “Looks like we’re going to have another sexual cocktail late.

Maggie lifted the glass to her mouth and spit most of Al’s cum in it. She swished the remaining cum around in her mouth, then spit the mixture of her saliva and Al’s cum in the glass.

It was obvious Maggie, Walter and Hank was about to reach their peek. Hank was relying on Amie and Morgan to help him stay in place.

He was holding onto Maggie’s ass cheeks, head tilted back, mouth open and let out a loud grunt each time he slammed into her asshole.

Walter was soaked with sweat, his face was red and every time Hank shoved his cock into Maggie’s asshole, Walter would moan.

Hank started, “OH YEAH! OH YEAH! OH, OH SHIT YES.” At the same time, we could hear Maggie, “HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER; FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR HOT, AAAAAHHHHHHH YES.”

When I looked down at Walter, I got very concerned. He was beet red in the face, his mouth was wide open, and breathing so heavy I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack. He was trying hard to push his hips up into Maggie and a constant, “OOOOOOOOOOOO,” was coming for deep in his throat.

Maggie fell forward on Walter and Hank leaned over on her. Everyone was quite except for the heavy breathing coming Maggie, Walter and Hank. .

The three were still coupled and as their breathing began to return to normal I heard Hank ask Maggie if she could relax her asshole just a little more.

Maggie laughed, “You mean as big as my shit hole is, you need me to relax more.” Everyone laughed and even though I didn‘t know what was going on, I laughed also.

In a few seconds Hank sighed, AAAHHHH, YES, there we go.” Maggie smiled, “Oh yes Hank, it feels so good.”

I looked at them, wondering what the hell was going on. I looked over at Patty. She smiled at me, “My wonderful Hubby is pissing in Maggie‘s cum filled ass.

“OH, OKAY,” was the only thing I could come up with. I had never though of such a thing but my cock sure didn’t know that, it was hard as a rock and throbbing.

Patty picked up another tall glass and walked up next to Hank and Maggie. Hank told her to get ready. Patty placed the glass at the base of Hank’s cock, next to Maggie’s asshole.

Maggie inhaled sharply as Hank jerked his cock out of her ass. Patty quickly moved the glass into place and there was a loud farting, güngören escort squirting sound as the air, cum and piss shot out of Maggie’s ass and into the glass.

Patty held the glass in place until Maggie informed her there was no more to come out. When she held the glass up it was over half full of a cloudy mixture of Hank’s cum and piss.

When Hank had pulled out of Maggie’s asshole, Helga and Patty helped him move over and lay down beside the lounger.

Patty imminently took his limp, wet cock in her mouth and started sucking. Helga lay down between his legs and started licking his scrotum, sucking first one ball then the other into her mouth.

Amie took the glass Maggie had spit Al’s cum in earlier and moved over next to Maggie and Walter. Maggie motioned for Kathy and me to help her raise up.

As we put our arms under Maggie’s and started to lift Walter’s huge cock started sliding out. Maggie moved her hands down to covered her pussy lips as Walter’s now soften cock made a soft popping noise as it slipped out of Maggie’s pussy and fell back on his stomach.

We helper Maggie kneel on the deck beside Walter. Amie moved quickly to place the glass up to Maggie’s pussy. She moved her hands aside and grunted a little as she pushed down, pushing the biggest glob of cum I had ever seen into the glass.

I looked passed Maggie and Amie to see Walter still lying on his back watching his wife. Al and Morgan moved over and started licking Walter’s cock clean of all the cum and pussy juice. Even though it was now soft, Walter’s cock was still about 8’ long and at least 2” around.

We all watched the licking action for a few seconds before everyone else moved over by us. Amie pulled the almost half-full glass away from Maggie’s pussy.

Maggie then turned to Kathy, kissed Kathy softly on the lips, then took her hand by the wrist and pulled her around in front of her. Knowing what was coming; Kathy had a big smile on her face as she moved into place between Maggie’s legs.

Maggie placed Kathy’s hand at the edge of her pussy then told her, “Go for it Honey, enjoy yourself and clean me good.

Kathy pushed her hand a little over wrist deep in Maggie’s pussy and slowly moved it in and out. I could see the wetness around her wrist as she pulled out.

Maggie told Kathy, Okay Baby, that’s enough; I’m getting a little tender. As Kathy pulled her hand out of Maggie’s gaping pussy it was dripping wet.

She raised it to her mouth, placed the middle finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. She then held it up and we all moved in closer. Some of us were licking and sucking at her wrist, then kissing to share it with the others we were also groping breast and pinching nipples. It turned into a lick, suck and fondle fest.

Patty was the last to finish as she eased under Maggie and licked her pussy clean.

I noticed Amie had the two glasses we have used to collect our fluids. She also had a third glass I hadn’t seen before. It was a little over half-full of a yellow liquid I assumed was mostly likely piss.

Amie took the glasses over to the bar where Helga set up seven wine glasses. She and Amie started dividing the mixtures evenly between the ten glasses. Then Al opened a new bottle of wine and poured an equal amount of wind in each glass.

We helped Walter and Maggie to their feet, we all gathered around the bar as Al, and Helga passed each of us a glass of the wine mixture.

Walter raised his glass then said, “These glasses contain a mixture of fine wind and a verity of body fluids from each of us. By drinking this, it will make each of us a part of the other, bonding us together as a sexual family. I’ll tell each of you, if this not your wish, do not honor the toast and do not drink from your glass.”

We all raised our glasses in the air, then without hesitation, Kathy and I took the first swallow. When we lowered our glasses and looked at the others, they were all smiling as each and everyone took a big swallow.

Helga raised her glass, “Here’s to the food family and good sex. We all lifted our glasses and drained the remainder of the mixture.

Patty stepped up and gave Kathy a passionate, deep tongue kiss then moved over to me to repeat the same with me. Everyone else, male and female, lined up behind Patty and took their turn welcoming us to the family.

The sun was setting and it was starting to get a little cool. Al suggested we all go inside, where we all gathered in the den.

I sit on the couch with Kathy on one side and Amie on the other. Walter set on the smaller couch on my right. Maggie set beside him and Morgan set on the floor at between Maggie’s legs. Al and Hank set in the two large chairs on my left, Helga on the floor in front of Hank and Patty in front of Al.

As soon as we were settled in, we all started playing around. We all had a tit, cock, pussy or set of balls in our hands or mouth. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, just lightly sucking, stroking or fingering as we felt like it.

Al mentioned that we had a big day planned for tomorrow and suggested we all gather in the master bath and enjoy ourselves in the large mist shower before we called it a night. Everyone agreed as we made our way to the large bathroom.

We were all having a fun time washing, fondling, licking, sucking and even sharing a little golden liquid as we moved in and out of the shower.

Afterward, we all made our way to our respective bedrooms. Kathy lay down and I spooned in behind her, my cock pressed up against her ass cheeks and my arm over her shoulder, cupping her firm breast.

We were both relaxed and at peace with the world. I though Kathy was asleep, so it startled me a little when she spoke. “Have you been keeping up with the time?”

By my silence, she must have realized I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. She pushed back against me to get even closer, “I should have started my period several days ago, and so I’m either very late or very pregnant.”

I turned her over and took her in my arms, “Honey, do you think, Oh please, let it be so, what do we need to do, how can we know for sure?”

I knew I was just babbling with excitement as I hugged and kissed her time after time.

Kathy laughed, “I’ll get an EPT kit tomorrow, if the results are positive we’ll make an apparent with a doctor. Now calm down and let’s get some rest.”

I cuddle up to Kathy again but this time I placed my hand over the tummy, hoping I was holding our child to be. I’m sure I fell asleep with a big smile on my face.

I could hear voices, almost in a whisper, “Are you sure this if alright. I don’t want to get in trouble.”

I didn’t recognize the voice.

Then I heard Amie speaking just as softly, “Yes, it’s okay. Kathy said you could and I know he will love it.”

I just laid there and pretended to be asleep. Then I heard Morgan, “If you don’t do it soon, I’m going to, that’s a fine peace of meat that needs to be in someone’s mouth.”

The unknown voice, “Okay but if I get in trouble you two will suffer with me.”

It was all I could do to remain still as I felt a warm, wet tongue lick from the base of my cock, up the shaft and around the head.

I cracked open my eyes just enough to tell there was daylight coming through the window but I had no idea what time it was and at the time didn’t really give a shit.

I heard Morgan, “Look at getting harder. Lick it again Amanda.”

Now I had a name to go with the voice but still had no idea who she was. I only knew I wanted to feel her tongue on my cock again.

I felt the warm saliva as it dribbled up the length of my shaft. Then the tongue again, this time wetter and slower moving than the first time.
Amie sound very excited, “Look Amanda, look at that beautiful head, didn’t I tell you. Suck it Baby, take in your mouth and suck it good.”

I felt the soft lips as they kissed the head, then opened up and slid about half way down my shaft. So warm, so soft. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I raised my head a little and opened my eyes.

Amie was kneeling on my right side and Morgan on my left staring down at the blond head that had my cock so skillful embedded in her wonderful mouth.

Amie glances up to see me looking at them. “Good morning Frank, Kathy said it was alright for us to wake you up this morning. Hope you don’t mind. This is Amanda and you two can talk later but right now she is busy doing one of her favorite things in the world.”

Amanda never stopped her loving assault on my now rock hard cock. She just look up at me and I found myself looking back at a set of sparkling, dark blue eyes, set in a small round face with full lips wrapped around my cock.

Amanda was bobbing up and down getting a little faster and going a little deeper each time. Eventually my cock head was sliding in and out off her throat.

Just as it was really getting good and I was starting to get in rhythm with her Morgan stopped her, “Okay baby, that’s enough of that. Let me have a turn before you start fucking him.”

As soon as Amanda removed her mouth, Morgan didn’t miss a stroke as she took my cock ball deep in her throat. fatih escort

Amanda crawled up next to me, kissed me softly on the lips and said, “Hi Mushroom, I’m Amanda, Hank’s sister-in-law. I hope you don’t mind us waking you like this. Kathy said she was sure you would like it.”

Before I could reply, Amanda grunted and jumped a little. Amanda laughed, “That’s Amie eating my pussy. She’s getting me nice and wet before I mount your cock if that’s alright with you.”

I could only nod my head as Amanda once again covered my lips with hers and gently slipped her tongue into my mouth.

Amanda moaned in my mouth as she reached a couple of good orgasms. The she rose up a little and told Amie, “Damn girl, you really know how to eat a pussy but we need to move on.”

Morgan reluctantly removed her mouth as Amanda moved around and straddled my waist. Amie and Morgan seem to take great pleasure in helping Amanda, as Amie used her fingers to part Amanda’s pussy lips and spread them wide. Amie wrapped her hand around my shaft and aligned it with Amanda’s fuck hole.

Amanda lowered herself down until my cock was about two inches inside her hot, wet pussy. Amie was still holding my shaft as Amanda started rotating her hips around. She would pull back until my cock head was just inside her pussy lips. She would then move back down, going a little beeper each time.

As soon as Amanda’s lips touched Amie’s hand, which was still wrapped around my shaft, Amie moved her hand away, allowing Amanda full access to my cock.

I got my first good look at Amanda as she leaned forward, placed her hands on my chest and impaled her hot, wet pussy on my hard cock.

As I looked her over the first word I thought of was “DYNAMITE”. She was not more than five foot tall, her tits were at least a “B” cup, a very light colored areolas, with nipples slightly darker, a small waist connected to a full set of hips, down to a pair of very shapely legs.

I was ball deep in her hot pussy as she rotated her hips a few times, the just stopped. As our eyes met, she started smiling at me, “Hope you enjoy this”

Amanda started using her pelvic muscles to massage my cock. “I’ve been doing my Kegle exercises, hope you like the results,” she laughed.

“Oh hell yes, I just don’t know how long I can hold out with you doing that.” I felt her clamp down with her muscles then started moving up and down on my cock.

She would pull back until my cock would almost slip out of her pussy, then slam back down until I was once again ball deep in her pussy.

She was moving in and out so fast I couldn’t get in rhythm with her, so I just held onto her hips and let her have her way with me.

Amie and Morgan moved up beside me and started sucking my very sensitive nipples. I could feel a mixture of my pre-cum and her juices as they flowed out of her pussy and down across my balls.

I could feel my balls tingling and knew it wasn’t going to be long before I would be filling this hot pussy with a good load of cun.

As soon as Amanda felt the first shot of my cum she thruster her pussy down on my cock and starting using her muscles to milk every last drop of cum from my balls.

As soon as she realized there was nothing left, she raised up, letting my cock slide out of her cum filled pussy.

She imminently placed her hand over her pussy and moved up to straddle my head. She removed her hand just as she pressed her lips against my open mouth.

I sucked the combined fluids from her as she grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my mouth even tighter to her pussy.

Amie and Morgan had moved up and was busy massaging her tits while giving little love bites to her nipples.

I could hear Amanda’s loud moans and knew she was enjoying another orgasm. She relaxed a little then I felt another warm shot of warm fluid. I quickly recognized it as a little squirt of piss.

Amanda giggled a little and said, “Sorry about that Mushroom, I just couldn’t help myself.

As we all climbed out of bed, I told them I would meet them in the kitchen after my shower. Amanda took me by the arm saying, “No way Baby, I promised Kathy a soaking wet cock as a prize and I’m not about to get in trouble with that wonderful lady.

As we got closer to the kitchen, I could hear the chatter of all the conversation. As soon as I walked in Kathy was setting near the door, she grabbed me by the cheek of my ass and pulled my soft but wet cock to her mouth.

As soon as she had sucked it clean, I leaned down and gave her big good morning kisses. I set down beside Kathy as Helga placed a hot cup of coffee before me.

Maggie was smilling ear to ear, “Okay Mushroom, while you were up stairs fucking around we have been busy making plans. All you need to do is listen, and then agree. I had no idea what else they had planed but
I was sure I was about to find out.

Kathy and I were setting on side of the table Walter and Maggie was setting across from us with Al and Helga now setting and either end of the table. Everyone else gathered around the table to hear what Maggie was going to say. I looked around the table at our new family members.

Amanda was standing behind Maggie and a man standing next to her that favored Hank a lot. When our eyes met, I ask, “Brad?” He gave me a big friendly smile, “Yes, Hank’s younger brother and you have already met my lovely wife Amanda.” “OH YES and I can assure you, it was a real pleasure.”

While looking around the room I noticed Hank and Patty were not in the room. Before I could ask, Maggie told me they had a little errand to run and would be back soon.

Maggie was look straight at me, “Alright Frank, we’ve been talking this morning and what I need for you to do is just listen until we lay it all out. Then you can agree, change part of it or tell us all to kiss your ass and mind our own business.”

When I looked at Kathy, she was smiling and I felt she had agreed with the conversation that had gone on before. I almost laughed aloud as I thought, “we’re about to have a serious discussion and everyone in the room is stark naked.”

I looked back at Maggie and nodded my agreement. Maggie took a beep breath, “Kathy told us she’s fairly sure she’s pregnant and you both are happy about it. Both of your divorces are final and you can now be married.”

She stopped talking and looked at me. I nodded that I understood so far, wondering what else they had been talking about.

Maggie continued, “As you know, Hank and Patty will be moving into Kathy’s house this coming week. Brad will be here to help at the plant while they are moving. Then the following Saturday the two of you will be married and the wedding will be at our house.”

I set in total silence for a couple of seconds. When I glanced over at Kathy, she still had a big smile on her face.

I laughed, then asked Maggie, “Do we get to invite quest off has that already been taken care of to.”

Everyone laugher at my remark then Maggie continued. “Actuality, a little of both. Kathy thought it would post an RSVP invitation to all the employee’s at the plant. Of course, your new families are invited but we will all behave ourselves. Then, if there is anyone else you can let us know and we will be sure they are invited.”

Walter spoke up, “We’ll take care of all the details, you and Kathy just take care of the personal things. As a wedding gift, we would like to fly you Shadow Lake, our get away in the mountains for a week. It’s very secluded and you can have a whole week of just the two of you.”

All this was sounding almost too good to be true. I was trying to wrap my mind around everything and I felt like I needed to talk with Kathy in private before I give an answer.

Just as I was about to share my thought, the door opened and Hank and Patty walked in with a nice verity of fresh seafood.

I also noticed they had a bag from a pharmacy. Patty was all smiles as she handed Kathy the bag.

Kathy opened the bag and took out a small package that contained an EPT kit. She asked me if I would object to her doing the test right then and there. I told her, “Sure thing Baby, I think everyone here is anxious to find out if you are pregnant.

Kathy opens the package then moves back from the table. Everyone gathered around to watch as Kathy followed the instructions and inserted the tube into her pussy.

I think everyone was holding their breath as she removed the tube. We could all see the beautiful blue color as Kathy held the tube up for everyone to see.

I dropped to my knees, took Kathy in my arm and pulled her close giving her a big huge, everyone in the room moved in around us with hugs, kisses and pats on the back. I had never felt so proud and so loved.

Helga said, “Congratulations to you both. We need to do something special to celebrate the occasion.”

Kathy smiled at me, “You decide Frank, tell us something ‘SPECIAL’ you would enjoy.”

I looked around the room, then over at all the seafood setting on the counter. I asked, “May I assume we’re having seafood for dinner. If that’s the case, we should have at least a couple of hours before we need to start cooking.”

As I looked around I noticed several of the others nodding. I asked Kathy, “How do you feel Baby?”

She smiled, “I feel ‘GREAT’ Honey. I smiled back, “In that case I have a very naughty idea.”

Everyone except Kathy was looking at me with a very puzzled look.

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