Black God Worship


This story is pure fiction (and maybe a little fantasy), all characters are fictional and above 18.


I was cruising my favorite site looking at profiles of sexy men near me when I came across this hot ass black man. According to his picture, he was ripped beyond belief, muscles toned, about 6’4″ and his dick size wasn’t listed. The picture was him standing in jeans and an open leather vest, with his chest and abs staring deep into my soul.

I composed myself, and then a direct message.

“Good afternoon,

Pardon my forward message, but I was looking at your profile, and you are one fine ass man! What I wouldn’t give to worship that body for hours.

I know I’m not your body type, but if you like attention, I got a blindfold and a willing mouth.

If not, that’s cool, you’re still sexy as hell.”

I hit send.

A few hours later, my phone dings with a message.

“Yeah, thanks man. Normally I do like my white boys on the thinner side, but your message got my dick hard, so I can use my imagination and let you have this body for a couple hours on Wednesday. Tuesday, we’ll meet for a drink at the bar. See you at 8:30.”

I’m pretty sure I gave myself rug burn rubbing myself so much. It was Sunday. I had to wait two days to see him, but three to touch him.

Tuesday finally arrived and I left the house. I was wearing my black shirt that makes me look thinner, even though my body was on my profile. I also had on the tightest jeans I could get around my body, hoping to accentuate my ass.

I saw him walk in wearing his jeans and the vest from his picture, he did have a shirt on.

He sat down and ordered a beer, I approached him and called him by his username.

“Hey, there.”

“Oh hey, I’m Derek. Sit down, normally, you’re not my type, but my last bitch boy moved away and it’s been too long since I’ve been worshipped. I think you have a cute face that would only look better with my thick cock on it. Here’s my list of how your place should be set up for me. I will arrive at 6:00pm and prepare for me to sleep in your bed. Give me your number and your address.”

I relay the information, and he gets up, “see you at six, bitch boy in training.”

And he walks out the door.

I’m holding his list and I look over it. It’s quite detailed and numbered.

The next day I take a half of day off to go get the stuff he requires. I get home and start to prepare. I put the beer he likes in the fridge. I wash the bedding and make the bed. I set the chair in the living room and slide the coffee table out of the way. I put the condoms on the side table, just in case, you never know.

I hear his bike pull into the driveway, and when he gets to the door, I open it. He walks in and throws his vest at me, which I catch and hang up.

“Show me what I want.” He says.

I lead him to the kitchen, he looks in the fridge, “good. Bedroom.”

I show him that room, the bed is made, “good. Now, let’s get started, I’m raging for a few nuts. You’re going to get a few tonight. Come here.”

I walk over to him, he stands above me by quite a few inches. I’m wearing a t-shirt and my neoprene shorts with the ass cut out.

He reaches down around me and grips my ass cheeks, he rubs his finger against my hole, causing me to shiver.

“I’m going to fuck that ass later. Undress me.”

I start by taking off his shirt, admiring every inch of his upper body. His hands fall down to his side, signaling that I’m allowed to worship him.

I run my hands over his chest, slightly rubbing poker oyna each nipple and pinching it. I slide my hands down his abs, and into his jeans, pushing them down to the floor.

I drop to my knees and start to remove his boots and socks. I pull his jeans off his body and he’s standing there in his boxers.

I can see the outline of his cock, and I reach up with my mouth and suck on it through his boxers.

He’s watching me intently, licking his lips.

I pull his boxers down slowly and let his cock flop out, his balls hanging down under them. I pull his boxers off and he’s naked. I stand up, and admire this perfect man in front of me.

I walk around behind him, putting my arms around him, running my hands up his chest, down his abs, and to his cock, grabbing it, stroking it slightly. I’m applying gentle kisses between his shoulder blades.

I grab the chair and he sits down in it, “are you enjoying yourself?” He asks.

“Yes Sir. Your body is perfect.”

“Yes it is. Keep worshipping me.”

I decide to do something and straddle his lap. He places his hands on my ass cheeks, pulling them apart.

I lean down, and kiss his neck, running my tongue up and down the side of his head, up to his ear and back down.

I lean back and slide down to the floor, running my tongue across his abs, outlining every single one. I kiss down between his thighs, and nuzzle his cock and balls against my face.

His cock is fully erect and a respectful eight inches long. I grab it at the base, and slide my tongue over the slit. Licking up that first drop of precum.

“Don’t tease me,” he says, “put my monster in your mouth.”

I slide the head in my mouth, and slowly push down as far as I can go. He throws his head back, moaning. I bob up and down, grabbing his nipples and pinching slightly.

“Fuck boy, that feels so good.”

I hold as much of his cock in my mouth as I can, his head rubbing against the back of my throat. Bobbing slightly up and down.

“I’m gonna fucking nut if you keep that up.” He says through moans.

That’s what I want, I want his delicious cum in my mouth, I want to feel him spasm in my mouth, pushing his hips into me as he shoots thick streams of cum.

I continue my holding his cock in my mouth, keeping my bobbing up and down, my hands on his nipples still. His thighs start to shake, “oh fuck, here it comes, I’m gonna fucking cum, swallow it all!”

He bucks his hips and I get my reward, his warm sticky load filling my mouth. I swallow most of it, and he grunts with each shot.

I finally let his cock fall from my mouth, wiping the sides of my mouth and swallowing the last of his cum.

“Did you like that Sir?” I look up at him.

“Yeah, that was fantastic. You got what you wanted, now I’m going to get what I want. Go get my bag.”

I get up and grab his bag, and come back, presenting it to him. He rummages through it, pulling out something.

He gets off the chair, kicks it to the side of the room, and I get a better look at what he has.

“Alright boy, here’s how the rest of the evening is going to go. You’re going to be my little white slave boy. You are going to service me in any way I choose. Which means every hole of yours belongs to me now.”

He slides the leather collar around my neck, it’s completely silver studded all the way around. He buckles it, and clips a silver lock on the back. There’s a couple tags dangling from the d-ring. I can’t see what they say.

“There, my chunky little slave. Go get me a beer, and make sure you canlı poker oyna fucking crawl. Real men get to stand, bitches stay on their fucking hands and knees.”

I crawl to the kitchen, grab him a beer, open it and crawl awkwardly back to the living room. I hand it to him, “foot rest, now.”

I position myself and he puts his feet on my back, crossing his ankles. He’s still naked, watching my tv and drinking a beer. He picks up his phone and orders pizza to the house.

After 45 minutes, the doorbell rings, “here, go get that.” He hands me money. I hesitate.

He smacks my ass, hard, “what the fuck did I say? Don’t make me repeat myself.”

I stand up and go to the door, open it, and the eyes on the delivery guy open widely.

I pay the guy and grab the pizza, closing the door before any comments come out. I walk back and hand him the box. He sets it on the couch next to him.

“Foot rest. When I’m done eating, I’m fucking that ass for at least an hour.”

He eats, watching the tv, occasionally reaching down and slapping my ass cheeks, “such a fat ass. Can’t wait to see that white boy hole stuffed with my fat monster.”

He continues eating, drinking his beer. He finally picks his feet up off my back, “take this out to the kitchen.”

I come back and he’s sitting differently, legs spread open, his cock resting on the couch, “come get me hard.”

I crawl over to him, and take his cock in my mouth once more, but this time, he pushes my head all the way down, holding me there, “fuck yeah, get that monster hard.”

His cock is growing quickly, getting harder and harder in my throat. Once he’s fully hard, he picks up my head, “grab a condom and put it on me.”

I grab the magnum condoms, open one, and slide it over his cock, all the way to the base, remembering my sex Ed classes in high school.

“Fucking ride this dick, face away from me.”

I stand up, turn around, and slowly lower myself onto his cock, I like to take it slow, letting my hole slowly open up to cock, but he has other ideas.

He reaches up to my shoulders once the head is in, and pulls me straight down, shooting his cock deep into my hole.

“Aaarrrggghhh fuck!” I shout.

“Shut up, or I’ll gag you. Remember, you serve ME now, I’ll use this hole however I want.”

He begins to thrust his hips, pushing his cock back and forth inside my hole, pushing against what feels like my stomach.

The pain is slowly subsiding as he continues his thrusting, I wish I had grabbed lube.

He grabs his bag, and pushes my body off his, “get on the couch, put your face into the cushion, your legs together under you, and your ass in the air.”

I do as instructed and I hear the lid of a bottle, thank goodness, I think.

He then positions himself behind me, his cock at the entrance to my hole, “you ready bitch?”

I grunt into the cushion, yes.

He picks up my head by grabbing my hair, “what the fuck did you say?”

“Yes Sir,” I reply.

“No bitch, I’m your fucking Master now. Say it right.”

“Yes Master. Please fuck my ass with your monster cock.”

“That’s right bitch boy, you know,” he’s leaning into my ear now, “when a white boy learns his place below a black Master, he never feels happier than that. I’m going to plow this fucking hole until the only thing that satisfies you is a real black Master’s dick, slurping on it and drinking all that sticky hot cum.”

He pushes my head back down, and slams his slicked up cock into my hole. This isn’t as bad as before with more lube.

He internet casino puts his hands on my hips, squeezing them, and thrusting his dick back and forth in my hole.

“Yeah, these fat ass hips are good to hold onto while I fuck this ass. Put your hands behind your knees, and enjoy the fucking ride.”

I move my hands, and he continues his thrusting, pounding back and forth deep inside me. I’m moaning, grunting, and feeling like a piece of meat.

I don’t know how long he is back there, but it’s a while. Feeling like days later, he finally pulls his cock from my hole, “on your fucking knees, chest over the couch, hands behind your back.”

I slide off the couch, position my hands together, and he crouches behind me, aiming his monster right at my hole, grabbing my wrists, he pushes all the way inside.

“Fucking sloppy white hole, slicked up and used. I’m going to fucking give you another nut bitch.”

He continues thrusting into me, holding my wrists, and driving himself into me.

“Oh fuck, here it comes, yeah, fuck, take that fucking load.”

He shoves deeper inside me than he has before and I feel his hips twitching against me, the warming sensation of his load filling the condom.

He pulls his cock from me, “fuck! I love a white boy hole, there is nothing sweeter. Turn around bitch.”

I flip onto my back, “open your mouth,” he says.

He removes the condom, tips it over, and let’s the cum fall into my mouth, “don’t swallow,” he says.

I let his cum rest in my mouth, he climbs up on the couch, and shoves his wet cock into my mouth, “clean my monster dick bitch.”

I do so, slurping any cum off the head and swirling it in my mouth.

“You keep doing that and I’ll fuck you again. Swallow my nut.”

I do so and he pulls his cock from my mouth. I look up at the clock, it’s 10:00!!

“Let’s go bitch, I’m tired.”

He pulls the collar by the ring, dragging me almost with him to the bedroom.

He pushes me onto the foot of the bed, “lie down”.

I get up on the bed, and he lies down next to me, “roll over that way, bitches don’t cuddle me. You better be prepared bitch, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night ready to fuck, I may or may not wake you up, but in any case, I’ll slide this monster into that wet fucking hole if I want to.”

“Yes Master.”

He reaches over me, grabs my chin, turning my head towards him, “what do you say to me bitch?”

“Thank you Master, thank you for using my holes Master, I’m yours to use Master.”

“You’re damn right you are, fucking bitch.”

He doesn’t wake up in the night, but in the morning, he pushes my head onto his morning wood and cums in my mouth. We spend the morning with me as his foot rest, and him enjoying the coffee I made.

He did let me eat pizza for breakfast since I was starving and he said, “you need your energy for when I pound that hole before I leave.”

He leaves the house around 1:00pm, after pounding me for another hour before. He gives me specific instructions.

“Okay bitch, I had a good time, you’re going to be my new bitch boy. I have your phone number, and you need to be available in the evenings and weekends for me whenever I want. I’ll text you when I’m coming over, and you better have that fridge stocked. I’ll be back tomorrow night, you are allowed to play with your pathetic little cock, but you must text me and ask for permission to cum. I removed the lock from your collar, but you better keep it on when you’re home. Those are the rules bitch, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He walks out the door, leaves the driveway, and I wait patiently for the next day to go by when he comes back.

He’s been my Master now for a month, he spends on average 2-3 nights a week at my place, using me, and I’ve never been happier.

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