Black Magic


Once more the Penny – Ashley series continues with its eighth story, Black Magic. The seven previous stories in their proper order are An Itch Needing Scratching, Caught in the Limelight, Never Too Old, Intimate Revelations, What the Husband Saw, and A Taste of Ginger.

I hope those readers who have been following the lives of Penny and Ashley and their ever-growing Circle of Friends enjoy this latest story that introduces two new characters, Cleo and Jasmine.

* * * * *

Several weeks had gone by since Lady Rose’s newly adoptive daughter Ginger celebrated her nineteenth birthday with her lady friends, some she had known for some time but others who were new to her. However, before the day was over Ginger got to know two new women quite well, getting to know them up close and personal as each ones birthday present to Ginger was to go down on her and eat her pussy. These two new women were Jasmine (Yasmeen), a provocative belly dancer who was hired by Lady Rose to come out of one of those large, artificial, three-layer cakes to belly dance and seduce Ginger and eat her pussy to orgasm, and Cleo, the beautiful and voluptuous black limousine driver who also was paid by Lady Rose to make love with her new daughter, helping her to have another orgasm on her birthday.

Lady Rose who owned two department stores left to her by her father and who lived in the family Victorian mansion where she was born that is located in Piper Point and overlooks Sydney Harbour spared no expense on her newly, adopted daughter’s birthday.

Jasmine had done so fantastically well in the seduction of Ginger that when she ejaculated a large amount of clear fluid, everyone at the party had a taste of Ginger, Jasmine, Lady Rose, and all her friends…Penny; Ashley; Marina, Penny’s younger sister; and Estella Morgan. She had done such a good job, she was invited to the dinner being given in Ginger’s honour.

Ginger also invited Jasmine to come back to her home, not as someone hired but as a friend. She also told her that she would return the favour of eating her pussy as Jasmine had eaten hers. This she promised, and this she had done, fulfilling both of their sexual hungers in a wild, two-lesbian orgy that left each one wet with one another’s ejaculate and with their faces covered with the other’s pussy cream.

Cleo was the gorgeous, black limo driver who also did such a good job of slowly seducing Ginger with each fondling the other and eating one another’s pussy, was told by Lady Rose that if she wanted, she just might have other opportunities for her.

So it was several weeks later on the same day Lady Rose rang both Jasmine and Cleo and asked them to give Penny and Ashley a call at their photography-modeling studio Intimate Revelations located in East Sydney so they could arrange a day and time for them to meet at the studio for an interview. Other than giving Jasmine and Cleo the phone number of the studio and the cell phone numbers of both Penny and Ashley, Lady Rose gave no further details, knowing Penny and Ashley were quite capable of conducting their interviews, and in the cases of Jasmine and Cleo they wouldn’t have to take their time to lead the prospective clients into a sexual tryst in their studio that was one of their main purposes for opening the studio. They did, however, when they saw the beauty of some of the models and the quality of their work, help some of their clients make up port folios to take to the various woman’s magazines such as Feline for whom Penny modeled to see about becoming a model for their advertisements of fine, erotic, sexy lingerie.

It was late Friday when Jasmine and Cleo called the studio, too late for them to go in then, but Penny and Ashley agreed to have them come to their studio early Saturday morning.

It was nine o’clock in the morning when Jasmine and Cleo arrived at the studio together, both having agreed to meet. They were greeted cheerfully by Penny and Ashley and invited to sit down in the area set aside for interviews that had two loveseats facing one another and had been put into a far corner with folding, hinged panels that made this area of the studio not visible to anyone from the outside, and if Penny and Ashley wanted total privacy when they were having a shoot or something more of a carnal nature, they just turned around the sign on the door to CLOSED.

While they received calls from interested women regarding their advertisements in both newspapers and tabloids or walk-ins off the street, their main source of their clientele was by word of mouth, someone like Lady Rose or other women who already were into photography and having their photos taken, receiving instruction in modeling, or both.

These advertisements, of course, did not mention the extras that could go with becoming a client, the loving factor of women with women. After all, Penny’s and Ashley’s studio was in the part of Sydney that was gay friendly, and their studio was very close to Oxford St. where the well-known Wattle Hotel tokat escort was located.

When Jasmine and Cleo entered the studio, the little doorbell jingled, and Penny and Ashley greeted them with a friendly, “Good Morning. Would you like a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit? Come and have a seat.”

“Yes, that would be lovely,” both Cleo and Jasmine agreed as Penny led them to the loveseat in front of the hinged, wooden divider and Ashley went to get them tea and biscuits. Penny directed Cleo and Jasmine to sit down on the loveseat located immediately opposite a second loveseat about six feet apart. Their having the loveseats facing one another with six feet separating them allowed eye and body contact. Eyes and body language express themselves well, and sometimes both say even more than words express. This is especially true for women who can be subtle expressing themselves, but not so with most men because since early childhood boys are taught not to show their feelings…boys don’t cry…and later boys, now men, advance to the macho image. For most men it’s a no-win situation. Show their feelings and they’re wimps. Be macho and they’re arrogant while some a just brutes. More is the pity.

While sipping their tea and eating their biscuits, each of them studied one another, searching for the person inside. The mood was light and jovial, and by the time they finished discussing what is done at the studio and what extras they could expect from either Penny or Ashley or both or even other lesbians or bisexuals who are invited to join the erotic orgies they often have, Cleo and Jasmine were quite at ease and actually felt sexually aroused by the sensual images each had created in her mind.

“Well now, we’re both so pleased you two are interested in what we offer at Intimate Pleasures, and while we can’t promise you success in the modeling industry—most of that depends on each of you plus a good bit of luck—we’ll do our best to teach you the tricks of the trade, takes photos of you to your best advantage, and help you put together a port folio with your photos you can take on job interviews, some of which we can give you leads if you show real promise in the magazine, modeling industry as Penny did,” said Ashley.

Penny blushed from embarrassment because of Ashley’s praise, but she knew what she said was true. She had found success in modeling for top-of-the-line fashion magazines, especially those that are into erotic lingerie.

“Before we can begin getting down to the basics, we need to go to step two, step one being the interviews,” said Penny. “Ashley and I need to take your measurements, with and without clothes, so we know the exact fit you’ll be needing for your lingerie that we want you to model.”

Neither Cleo nor Jasmine had any problem with this, and, therefore, it did not take much time for Ashley and Penny to get their measurements, after which they gave each of them a white terry cloth robe to wear to keep any chill away from their naked bodies.

The remainder of the morning Penny and Ashley instructed Cleo and Jasmine in the art of modeling, and they also took their first set of photo shoots to see how each one did in front of the camera. Were they comfortable with being photographed or not, especially the nude shots? Did the camera like them? Strangely enough, to be successful in modeling there needs to be a rapport between the camera and the model. The model has to know she’s fine and truely forgets the camera and does her stuff. However, the camera never forgets her. One might call it a symbiotic relationship where two different things learn to live together, in photography a human and a camera.

When the set was over, Penny and Ashley told Jasmine and Cleo how well both of them were in the morning session. They did, however, tell Cleo since she was a big, beautiful, woman—what is called a BBW—she should do fine in women’s magazines that catered to BBWs, and there were quite a few. The BBW had come of age, and there was great demand for the BBW in the world of fashion. They mentioned the movie actress and singer Latifa as one fine example.

“Okay, ladies, I’ve ordered out for lunch that should be here soon,” said Penny.

“So, Cleo and Jasmine, if you want to stick around for the afternoon session, I think you’ll be pleased with what we do. It’s that something special we offer here at Intimate Pleasures from which the studio got its name. It’s a little risqué, but it can be Oh so enjoyable,” Ashley said, giving a wicked grin.

“Sounds good to me,” said Cleo.

“Me, too,” added Jasmine. “Isn’t that one of the reasons we came her in the first place?” she giggled.

“Well, that being settled, we’ll eat our lunch and get down to business,” Penny said, emphasizing the words “get down” and “business.”

After lunch was over, Penny said, “All right, now. Cleo and Jasmine, you being the new kids on the block, Ashley and I want you two to get things rolling if you don’t mind, tokat escort bayan that is.”

“We don’t mind?” answered Cleo, she being more forward and vocal than Jasmine who was more withdrawn within herself. “Do we, Jasmine?”

“No, we don’t mind,” answered Jasmine.

Penny smiled at both women and said, “Great. Let’s go over to the runway then where you were this morning for your individual photo shoots which, by the way, turned out great. While I was doing the shoot, Ashley went back into the red room—That’s the special room where, if the light outside is red, it means someone is inside developing photos. Just thought I’d let you know if you weren’t aware of that.

“The first part of this afternoon’s shoot, we want the two of you photographed together,” added Ashley.

“So, take off your robes and let’s get going,” Penny said.

Penny went to the camera since she’d be taking the first series of shots while Ashley would stage Cleo and Jasmine in various poses.

These photos had Cleo and Jasmine posing in different positions, each one accentuating the contrasting beauty of both Jasmine and Cleo. Both were women of colour, Jasmine’s skin being an olive-brown while Cleo’s was very black, almost black like onyx.

Jasmine’s ethnicity was that of East Indian, but her complexion ranged in between the very light skinned who most likely had English in them from the days Great Britain held reign over India in their days of colonialism and the very dark skin that was close to being either a very dark brown to almost light black.

Cleo’s roots, on the other hand, went back to the golden era of Nubia in northeast Africa when they were a strong, warring people, who often battled armies of Lower Egypt and had black pharaohs in Egypt’s Dynasty 25 between the years 1080 – 650 B.C. Her ethnicity is clearly shown in her looks, her skin being black like onyx but soft and velvety.

Ashley took advantage of their individual personalities as well as their looks when she positioned them together for shots. Jasmine was tall and sensual with medium sized breasts but beautifully shaped hips with that mature tummy many belly dancers have that look so hot and erotic and Cleo’s all-around physical assets besides her beautiful face with her balanced, large breasts, 40 DD/E, and her 38″ hips, giving her that hour glass look that was so prevalent during the Victorian Period and is now returning with public greater appreciation of the beauty of larger women.

In fact, there is a drastic change in the modeling industry where skeleton-thin is no longer a criteria to be successful, causing models to keep on steady, unhealthy diets that are a real and serious danger to them. Models are now looked at with a reasonable ratio between their weight and height. This is a real advancement in the modeling industry where now the health of models is taken into account.

After the posed shots of Cleo and Jasmine were over, Ashley called them over to her.

“You two were just as wonderful in your modeling as a pair as your were as individuals,” said Ashley. “How did it feel working with someone else, especially since you were nude?”

Cleo and Jasmine looked at one another before answering.

“Worked fine for me,” said Cleo in her self-brazen way. She was filled with self-confidence.

“And you, Jasmine?” asked Ashley.

“Same goes for me. Cleo is a very easy person to work with, especially since we were nude,” Jasmine.

“Glad to hear that,” said Ashley. “You understand the photos of you in lingerie, and nude, and now nude together are for your port folios that you can take on any job interviews. Some, of course, will be just of you in lingerie, but there are some more up-beat magazines that look for nudes, like Playboy and Hustler. These kinds of magazines like to find lesbian couples who pose naturally with one another rather than the faked posturing of two women who have never eaten a pussy in their lives. You two fit the bill perfectly,” said Ashley with a sense of pride in having been the lucky ones to sign up Jasmine and Cleo as models in their studio agency.

Jasmine and Cleo beamed with self-satisfaction for themselves and for their having worked so well together.

Penny came from behind the camera and walked towards Ashley, Cleo, and Jasmine.

“Well, you two, I can honestly say you like the camera, and the camera definitely likes you as singles and as a couple. We have some really good shots,” Penny said with pride.

Penny looked at Cleo and Jasmine to see if one or the other or both were ready to go to the next level, making love the lesbian way. That personal extra they offer to those who want it, the extra that is inferred in their advertisements but never being outspoken about it since that would overstep the bounds of public advertisement.

“Are you ready to go for the extra we offer, you two?” asked Penny. “You know, sharing in lesbian love with one another in whatever escort tokat way it goes, couples…trios…foursomes?”

“Yes, Penny, were ready.”

Penny smiled playfully wicked at Ashley and ran the tip of her tongue around the outline of her lips.

“Well then, Ashley and I will have to get undressed since you two are naked, now won’t we?” asked Penny lecherously.

At the thought of seeing these two beautiful white women naked sent a shiver of desire through both Cleo and Jasmine even though both of them had engaged in lesbian love with Lady Rose’s young daughter Ginger on her nineteenth birthday just several weeks ago. As they recalled the youthful Ginger with her orange hair on both her head and pussy was most delicious in eating her pussy.

Cleo and Jasmine said “yes” with their eyes as Penny and Ashley took off their clothes until they were as naked as Cleo and Jasmine.

“Oh, yes, we are going to have us some fun!” Cleo enthusiastically raised her voice.

“Since we are all ready now, let’s go into the back room where there are two big sofas as well as a large bed,” Penny said as she waved her hand for Jasmine and Cleo to follow her and Ashley.

Once inside the back room Penny had decided how the pairing should go. She craved to eat Cleo’s black pussy and have her full, black lips and pink tongue licking and eating her pussy.

Penny, therefore, spoke up. “Cleo, I’d love to eat your black pussy. Just looking at it with its heavy, hairy bush excites me by itself, and your magnificent, large breasts with the big dark, black areolas and even darker nipples are a sight to behold. Let’s go over to the bed, if Ashley and Jasmine don’t mind. I’m too excited to bother with a lot of foreplay. I’ve been increasingly aroused all morning.”

Ashley looked at her long-time lover and smiled, knowing what Penny had in store by eating Cleo’s pussy since they had shared the art of lesbian love for almost a year.

Penny took Cleo’s hand and led her across the room to the bed that was covered with a plain white sheet and had a waterproof lining underneath in case any woman who shares in lesbian love on the bed ejaculates.

“Now, Cleo, I’m going to get onto the bed and go to the centre where you see the large, red pillow and lie on my back with my head comfortably on the pillow.

Having said that, she got up onto the bed and crawled to the middle and positioned herself as she had told Cleo she would.

When Cleo followed Penny onto the bed, she marveled at the sharp contrast between Cleo’s very dark skin and her white skin that had a brush of olive hue to it due to her Greek ethnicity.

Once Cleo settled herself beside Penny, she reached out and put her ebon, dark hands onto Penny’s full breasts whose areolas were a dark pink and her nipples were a darker pink and massaged them until she felt her nipples become larger, harder, and erect.

Penny closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention Cleo was giving her lustful breasts, feeling her sexual juices beginning to flow and herself becoming wet between her legs as her vagina produced her natural lubrication, some of which had already accumulated around the opening of her vagina.

As her pleasure grew from Cleo’s massaging her breasts, she opened her eyes and looked up at Cleo, seeing how large her breasts were, and yet they stood out firm with just the natural look large breasts have. It was safe to say Cleo did not have pert breasts. She probably lost those pert breasts by the time she was fourteen years old, having matured quickly as far as her body was concerned. One thing was certain, the boys appreciated Cleo’s early, physical attributes as she was budding from being a child to becoming a woman.

However, this male attention never seemed to appeal to Cleo. She found herself more attracted to girls than boys, but she never became very close until she turned eighteen and was a senior in high school.

“Cleo, that was marvelous, but now I want you to bring your right leg over my body and straddle it about my waist line,” said Penny.

Cleo did as Penny asked and soon was straddling Penny’s torso, and, of course, Penny did not fail to notice Cleo’s wonderful pussy whose lips spread apart as she crossed over, and she saw the lightening colour of her pussy lips but that were edged with darker skin. Beyond that, however, Penny caught a glimpse of Cleo’s pink flesh that lay beyond her vulva and into her vaginal sheath.

Moved by the bold beauty that was Cleo, Penny tentatively reached up with both hands and lifted the weight of each breast, seeing how far her nipples stood out from her areolas. Oh, yes, Cleo was sexually aroused as Penny saw by her hard, erect nipples and the bumpy goose flesh surrounding her dark areolas. With her index fingers Penny traced circles around these distinctive, black bumps on Cleo’s areolas.

“I have to taste Cleo’s tits before I go on,” thought Penny.

“Cleo, bend down so I can kiss and taste your breasts,” Penny said.

Before Cleo could respond, Penny reached up, placed her hands around her big breasts and brought them down to her face and let her right nipple go into her waiting mouth so she could suck it. Penny licked Cleo’s very black nipple with her pink tongue, flicking and sucking it.

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