Black Magick Ch. 17


As it turned out, Nick’s mother and aunt decided to hold their father’s 80th birthday bash on the evening of Amber’s birthday party at the water park, so Elisabeth and her brother would be going to two big parties on the same day.

Nick hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for over a week, ever since that strange experience in the cemetery. He’d wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with the feeling of having a familiar nightmare, but he could never quite remember what he dreamt. He knew it had something to do with the spirit that possessed his sister. After all, the spirit had promised him that she would come to him in his dreams and tell him more about his task. But all he could see was Elisabeth’s body, writhing against the grass with her eyes lolling back into her head, and a woman with red hair the color of fire whose eyes stared right though him, relentlessly stoking the flame of his lust until he soiled his bed sheets. He was having a hard time washing the stains out before his mother saw them.

The last couple of nights Nick had not tried to sleep at all, and instead sat at his computer all night, reading erotica on the Internet while chugging Red Bull and downing NoDoz.

By the party’s eve, he had already read a story about a nun who had sex a centaur, a whole series about a bunch of horny nymphs who staged a kinky battle against an oil company, and countless other stories. Nick had jacked off so many times he was afraid blood would start coming out instead of jizm. He was beginning to read a story about a college girl with an unusual interest in sex toys, which somehow involved Mary Queen of Scots, when he heard his mother, Susan, moan loudly in the other room.

Nick’s spent cock sprung back to attention at once, and he leapt from his computer chair, eager to make himself of assistance. For some reason his mother hadn’t been sharing his bed for the last week. As much as he felt strange being his mother’s sex toy, Nick really missed the wild nights of sex.

Nick was buckling his belt as he pushed open to Susan’s bedroom. For a brief moment he was treated to the sight of his mother lying completely naked above the bed sheets, her eyes lolled back in ecstasy, gripping a vibrator in one hand and a copy of ‘Better homes and gardens’ in the other. Her large well-rounded breasts were distorted oddly by their own weight so that they resembled melted clocks in a Dali panting.

Nick’s mouth watered and he began to fumble with the fly of his pants. At the same moment, his mother’s eyes met his and she screamed and thrust her vibrator out of sight under her pillow, throwing the blanket over herself.

“What are you doing here!” she shrieked. “You’re supposed to be in bed!”

“I couldn’t sleep,” Nick replied, only a little fazed by his mother’s sharp response to his presence. He knew from experience that even women like his mother and sister acted a little weird from time to time. “I heard you in here pleasuring yourself and thought it would only be polite to offer you a hand.”

“You’ll do no such thing, young man! You’ll march back to your room right this instant and go to bed or I’ll ground you until you’re old enough to drink!”

Nick couldn’t help laughing. There were limits to how ridiculous a person could act, and his mother seemed just plain nuts. She needed to get her facts straight.

“Come on, Mom, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve seen you masturbate! Why have you suddenly gotten so prudish? It isn’t like you at all!”

“Out!” his mother gasped, sitting up on the bed and pointing to the door. Nick noticed that her blanket was sliding off a bit, giving him a remarkably nice view of her cleavage. He wanted to tear the sheet off and place his lips against his mother’s nipple. The muscles in her arm that pointed to the door were so tight and feminine. Nick gulped audibly.

“Stop kidding around, Mom!” he protested, resisting the urge to drool like a rabid dog. His cock was swelling uncontrollably in his pants and he wanted nothing more in the world than to rip it free and thrust it desperately into his mother’s sopping wet cunt hole. He bent down and began unzipping his fly. Surely she was playing some sort of game with him to make him extra horny. There was no really no reason why she should be contenting herself with mechanical toys while she had him to play with!

“Out!” his mother repeated. Her eyes flashed so menacingly that Nick found himself back in the hall before he even realized his legs had moved. His hard cock was sticking out of his fly, like a white flag begging for mercy against a ruthless onslaught.

Maybe his mother was having her period, Nick thought, unsuccessfully trying to stuff his still hard member back into his pants. He hadn’t noticed a tampon string between her legs when she was masturbating, but then again it had only been a couple of seconds, and he wasn’t exactly looking for it.

“And if you’re not in bed in 20 minutes, I’m going to skin you alive. You’d better poker oyna decide that this was some skanky little jerk-off fantasy, and never mention it to me again!” Susan added from behind the closed door.

Nick moved away from the door, feeling completely and utterly confused. He almost had to repress the urge to cry. He was a guy and not used to crying, and it pissed him off that he was so close to tears now.

He sulked back to his room and pulled the blankets on over his head without bothering to undress. He was pretty sure, with all the caffeine in his bloodstream, he wasn’t going to be able to sleep, and he was still rock hard and completely pissed at his mother for being such a bitch. What was wrong with her? It was almost as though the two of them had never had sex. Nick knew that wasn’t true. He’s fucked his mother every which way almost more times than he could count, and he could still remember how she felt in his arms and the feel of her cunt as it milked his cock. Had he done something that caused him to lose his mother’s affections? The idea was so horrible that he wanted to rush back into her room, threats be damned, curl up in her lap and beg her to tell him it wasn’t true.

Nick didn’t notice when he finally dozed off. It seemed like only a moment later that he woke up to the sight of his younger sister Elisabeth jumping up and down on his bed.

“You don’t know what happened to Mom, do you? She’s acting like a total bitch today. She made me prepare breakfast. Come on, get your trunks on and let’s go. Amber’s mom will be driving up with her minivan in a few minutes to take us to the water park.”

“Where’s your swimsuit?” Nick asked, eyeing his sister suspiciously. She pulled the neckline of her pink and white checkered dress to reveal a white bikini top with a large rose on one breast. “Come on, get out of bed!” Elisabeth said, yanking Nick by the arm. “And for heaven’s sake, eat some of the food I was kind enough to make you.”

Nick didn’t need any more prompting. He got up from the bed with some difficulty and went to his closet to get his swimsuit.

Elisabeth sat on the bed, kicking her legs playfully like a little girl, and stared after Nick as he slowly began to pull off his t-shirt and dress pants so slip into his swim trunks.

“Do you mind not staring at me like that?” Nick protested over his shoulder. “You’re making me feel awkward.”

Elisabeth laughed and continued to toss her legs playfully. “It’s not like you’ve got anything I haven’t seen before, and that muscular ass of yours is total eye candy.”

Nick blushed, but there wasn’t really time or reason to protest. He pulled his white briefs down his legs, tossed them into the laundry hamper and pulled on his pale green trunks on as quickly as possible. They had a strip of blue hibiscuses printed in the sides of the leg and looked like the sort of thing a surfer might wear to the beach in good weather.

Elisabeth whistled as the trunks slipped over her brother’s bottom.

“Any chance there’s time for a quickie?” Nick asked, tightening the waist of his swim trunks and throwing a white t-shirt over his bare torso. His cheeks were flushed.

“Not on your life.” Elisabeth’s eyes never left the spot where Nick’s swim trunks hung off his ass.

“You’re not still mad at me for taking your vir…”

Elisabeth stepped out of the room and slammed the door loudly behind her.

Nick cursed and began rummaging though his closet again, this time looking for his flip-flops and duffle bag.

Elisabeth re-entered a moment later and threw a plate of pancakes onto his bed, saying simply, “I cooked it, so eat it.”

Nick looked at the stack of now disarrayed pancakes, and noticed with some surprise and relief that the nothing had managed to get onto his bedspread. His mother would kill him if she had to do extra laundry for no reason, especially if she was storming about in a foul mood like Elisabeth said.

Nick picked up the plate and the fork. He noticed that Elisabeth had gone though the trouble of making syrup for him out of frozen strawberries.

The pancakes were delicious, but a little on the sugary side for what was left of Nick’s wounded manly pride. Still, he ate quickly and had already put the dish and fork in the sink when he heard the sound of a car outside.

Elisabeth was sitting on the front steps, with a purposefully optimistic air about her, clutching her pink duffle bag and towel.

When Nick opened the front door, she stood up quickly and rushed to the car, greeting Amber and her mother more cheerily than necessary.

Amber’s mother honked the horn playfully to hurry Nick along. Despite himself, Nick broke into a big smile. It was difficult to sulk with the prospect of the water park ahead of him. The park had recently put in a new, extremely high vertical slide. The boys in Nick’s school claimed that the punch of the water against your balls was enough to knock you unconscious if you forgot to cross canlı poker oyna your legs.

Nick squeezed into the back next to Elisabeth and Amber, who were busy talking about clothing and hair. Nick noticed that Amber was wearing a purple wrap over her swimsuit, which looked lovely against her dark skin.

“Where’s your brother?” Nick interrupted, realizing that he could really do with some male company.

“He’s said he’s meet us there with his new girlfriend. Apparently they were up most of the night working on their French homework.” Nick grinned, imagining what else the two had probably been doing.

“She is a slut,” Amber added, breaking her horribly buzzing conversation with Elisabeth. “And she thinks she’s better than everyone just because her mother was in a couple of Hollywood movies back in the 80’s.”

“Now, I won’t hear anything bad about your brother’s new girlfriend,” Mrs. Story scolded. “She’s a very nice girl, and working very hard in college, even if she is just a humanities major. Besides, your brother is really fond of her.”

“Fond of her tits is more like it,” Amber said under her breath. If her mother heard, she chose not to reply, and after a moment Amber and Elisabeth went back to talking about other girlish things. Soon Nick felt like he might grow breasts just from all the estrogen that filled the car. At least, he thought bitterly, he’d have his own boobs to fondle.

It seemed like an eternity of make-over tales before Mrs. Story handed the attendant the parking fee and they glided into the parking lot.

Nick heard the sound of a motorbike engine roaring behind him and watched in apprehension as the cycle itself made a wide turn to stop in front of them.

The man on the back of the bike was waving excitedly and brushed the driver’s long brown ponytail out of his face.

He was wearing a helmet, so Nick couldn’t see his face, but he was sure that the man was Damien, Amber’s older brother. That would make the girl in front of him his new girlfriend. She was all bundled up in leather, but Nick could still see that she was pretty damn hot. From the looks of how far the jacket stood out in front, she had to be at least a double D cup. No wonder Amber said her brother liked her tits. Nick could hardly keep himself from drooling.

Mrs. Story made a show of extending the couple her middle finger. “Damn kids, you could have gotten yourselves killed!” she shouted out the window, but Nick could tell from the sound of her voice that she was smiling.

“Damien told me that Mom was a bit of a bad-ass herself back in Africa,” Amber said, leaning over Elisabeth so that Nick could hear. She very nearly missed knocking Elisabeth in the face with her sizable breasts. “Apparently it was really hard growing up black in a country that still believed in segregation.”

Nick gave Mrs. Story a critical look. Amber’s mother didn’t look very old. She seemed even younger his own mother, who had married straight out of high school. She must have been a teenager when Damien was born.

“You wouldn’t believe what I had to do to get into a university,” Mrs. Story added with a sly grin.

The girlfriend waved and started her motorcycle back up. The minivan followed behind. They drove for maybe five more minutes before they came to a parking spot.

Damien and his girlfriend were already removing their helmets and jackets, and Damien was fishing a couple of necessities out of the saddle bags.

Nick’s eyes met those of the girlfriend as she removed her full face helmet, and he felt like something knocked him in the gut. It was Mary, the reincarnation of a dead runaway he’d brought back to life by fucking Victoria! He had to put his hand over his mouth to keep from shouting her name. But there was nothing in her glance to indicate that she recognized him. Was it possible that she was another woman?

Mrs. Story came up closer, extended her hand to her son’s girlfriend, and proceeded to compliment her bike. Nick didn’t know anything about motorcycles, but he could tell from the logo and the general appearance that it was an old BMW.

“Nazi bike,” he caught the girl saying. “My mother had it imported for from Russia last year for my birthday.”

“What was a Nazi bike doing in Russia?” Nick found himself asking. There was a sudden break in the conversation that made him feel self-conscious.

“It was a war trophy from World War II. It used to belong to a four-star Soviet general who was my mother’s lover.”

“Was he your father?” Nick asked, completely oblivious to any harm in his question.

The girl who looked like Mary simply shrugged. Then, as if realizing she was missing a important social formality, she extended her hand to him. “My name is Laila. It’s a pleasure to meet an attractive young man like you.”

Nick felt himself color.

“Keep your hands off my girlfriend!” Damien said, smiling at Nick and putting his arm around Lilia in an affectionate manner. Nick smiled back, internet casino perhaps a little too brightly, as if to confirm that he had no dishonorable intentions.

Laila jabbed her boyfriend hard in the ribs and smiled seductively back at Nick. Her smile held so much delicious promise that Nick nearly creamed his pants.

They broke up into groups and went to the respective changing rooms. The walls between the rooms were very thin, and Nick and Damien were treated to the sound of the girls changing. Nick’s head was swimming with thoughts of all that young female flesh, especially when Mrs. Story stepped out to get some more change for the lockers and Laila began to compliment the size and perkiness of the other girls’ breasts and the tightness of their thighs and bottoms.

Nick practically turned purple when he heard swimsuit material slap against flesh and Amber squealed. A moment later he heard Elisabeth’s indistinct whispering, and Amber’s gasp.

“What do you mean, you’re no longer a virgin! What about the plan? We weren’t even supposed to be having orgasms for another week! And you went and lost your virginity?!”

“For God’s sake, not so loud!” Elisabeth said, but the occupants of both changing rooms had already heard. “Anyway, it’s not really a big deal. Nick’s making a pact with a demon that will solve everything for us.”

“Nick?” Amber exclaimed stomping her feet loudly. “I bet it was Nick who popped your cherry? I can’t believe you! How could you?”

“You’re just saying that because you’ve always wanted to sleep with Nick before I did. Now you’ll never be able to,” Elisabeth retorted.

“You little whore!” Amber gasped.

Nick felt sick to his stomach and had to lean against the the wall for support to keep from collapsing.

“I’m impressed!” Damien exclaimed, spinning around and reaching around to pat Nick on the back. “You are a stud! I didn’t think you had it in you! I’ll tell you what, why don’t you ditch that idiotic party your mother is having tonight and come back to my place. With a couple of drinks in her, Laila is the kinkiest little slut you can imagine. I might be tempted to lend her to you a bit, if you would be willing to tell me how you managed to bed your sister. You don’t have to worry, any story you tell me will be kept between the three of us.” Damien was holding Nick tightly by the shoulder in a way that Nick wasn’t entirely comfortable with.

“I’ll think about it,” Nick said, trying to act cool. He was pretty sure he’d go, no matter what he had to do before he could have a bit of action, especially if Laila looked as good in her swim clothes as he thought she might. His head was already swimming with the image of her naked body writhing under his touch, and his tired, overstressed body made the his wishful daydream all the more realistic.

He saw himself sliding a couple of fingers inside of her, felt her muscles grip them. He wanted to see how far her tinder pink inner lips could stretch. He stared up at Laila’s beautiful dark features and her sweet angelic mouth. He wanted to kiss her more than anything, to feel her lips between his own, to taste the sweetness of her tongue, to feel the sharpness of her teeth against his hungry lips, while grinding his palm against her clit.

He even wanted her to draw a little blood from the flesh of his lips, just as a token of passion.

But the images invoked the memory of the fire-haired woman, and Nick felt himself staggering on his feet. “Your first task, your first task,” she whispered in his ear. The heat of her breath was unbearable, the sinister feel of her lips against his earlobe made his cock harden in his swimtrunks. Through a haze of hot smoke he saw an image of his mother lying on her queen-sized bed, clutching her copy of ‘Better Homes and Gardens,’ her vibrator between her legs, her eyes lolling back into her head. He saw an image of himself slipping out of his clothing and sliding into bed next to her. His mother kissed him passionately on the lips and crawled on top of him, taking his quivering member by the hand and guiding it into herself. He could almost feel her skilled muscles milking his cock the way she had done only days ago, and he felt like he might actually break down crying with frustration and unfulfilled desire.

He saw Elisabeth smile up at him. She was happy, oh so happy. She ran her hand down her body and spread her pussy lips apart to show off his cock stuffed inside of her, positively beaming with pleasure of the union. Nick’s heart began to beat like a drum against his chest.

“You might want to do something about that tent you’re pitching before you leave the changing room,” Damien said, bringing Nick back to reality. He was sort of holding Nick up so he wouldn’t accidentally fall over. “You don’t want to poke someone’s eye out,” he added, biting his lip as though holding something back.

Nick heard a loud slap and a girl stormed out of the changing room. He darted out after her, and sure enough, it was Elisabeth.

He sat down next to her on the bench. Her face was red where the slap had landed. Nick wished he had had the forethought to have gotten some ice from a vendor to bring down the swelling.

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