Blacks teen are my toys


Blacks teen are my toysI let two black boys fuck me in the woods behind my house. I was walking up the path that leads to our backyard and saw them standing there smoking pot.I had a rough week at work, and I needed a mental brakeMy husband was having problems getting hard. SoI had no way to get stress off of my chest or out of myNeedy pussy. I was washing dishes an smelled a faint scent Of weed coming from the woods behind the house.I don’t know what made me walked outside and check. I Had smoked pot in high school and college, and remember how That stuff used to help melt away my problems. That is when I saw two Local black teens smoking a joint. I asked if I could get a hit of the budsTrying to sound hip.”What’s your name lady?” The biggest one asked.”Cindy,” I told them.”You sure are beautiful Cindy,” he said.”Who are you?” I asked.”I’m King,” he said offering me the joint he was toking on. They were high school boys I liked it when they told me I looked very beautiful and sexy. I was just wearing at navy blue skirt and a light blue tank top. I didn’t think it looked that sexy. “Damn girl! You lookin’ real good. Don’t she?” King said.The shorter black boy said his name was “Tim”. Tim smiled and said, “Yeah you are very beautiful Cindy.”It had been so long since I smoke pot theyshowed me how to smoke their pot. How to hold the joint and toke on it and hold the smoke in my lungs. They kept telling me…”Hold it in! Hold it in girl!” and laughed each time I coughed.They let me smoke another joint Tim rolled especially for me with some small white chunks he added, while they shared another joint and asked me how I felt, “You got a buzz yet Cindy? You feel high girl?”I felt all silly and happy from the pot. I told them that I liked feeling high and that I had smelled it coming from kitchen window before. They laughed and laughed and thought this was super funny, I remember how pot also made me horny as hell.In college I would get high and touch on myself,Without knowing it I was rubbing on my tits.King said I looked very sexy and asked me if he could kiss me.I had only kissed two other black boys before. There was a black boy In college years ago that I used to sneak kisses from in There was also a black boy named Ron who I made out with in high school. We would kiss and make out and he had fun feeling my tits and he slid his finger in my pussy a couple times. He told me he wanted to fuck me and I would have let him but there was always someone else around.I really wanted to kiss them and I said yes. Tim said he wanted to kiss me too so I took turns kissing them.It was fun and they both kissed really good. They hugged me while they felt all over my body with their hands and it really made me horny. Having both of the boys hugging and kissing my face and mouth while they felt my ass and tits felt so good. It made my pussy feel so warm and wet. I hoped the black boys were both going to want to fuck me because right then, I wanted them to…Tim said I had sexy legs and kept running his hands up and down my thighs, reaching under my skirt and squeezing my ass and started to rub my pussy.My husband had told many times that I was very pretty with my blonde hair and that I had sexy legs. She noticed how attractive I was and how other men checked me.. My husband knew that I’d like being fucked and would want them to do it. I think I would let them fuck me!Before I knew it Tim’s hand was inside my panties and was sliding his finger in and out of my pussy hole while King unbuttoned my shirt, unhooked my bra and started kissing and sucking my tits. They took turns doing this while they told me I was the most gorgeous lady they had ever seen and I loved it.I told them to keep doing what they were doing because it felt sooooo good and I was sooooo happy to finally be doing it. King took out his cell phone camera and started taking pictures of me saying, “Smile Cindy!” And started taking pictures of me.I smiled and was happy that they canlı bahis wanted to be the ones to do me.King pulled down his jeans and told me to touch his cock while he kept kissing and sucking my titties and when Tim saw this he quickly pulled down his pants too. They passed the camera back and forth taking pictures while we made out on the path. I touched both boys cocks and they felt so smooth and hard and I wanted to just keep playing with them. They showed me how they wanted to me to hold them and how to stroke them and said, “That’s how you jack off a black dick Cindy.”I liked how stiff and smooth their cocks felt in my hands. I knew they both wanted me to kiss and suck their cocks next so I got down on my knees and started kissing and sucking. I took turns and switched back and forth on each boys dick with my mouth and tongue while I stroked each of those black cocks with my hands. I was doing what sluts did internet porn movies.King and Tim love when I would swirl my tongue around the head of their dicks and lick them up and down. They really, really liked this and “Ooohed and Ahhhhed” a lot.They went crazy when I would lick and suck their balls. Both boys had big dicks AND balls compared to my husband’s. Especially King’s dick and balls. My husband’s dick was tiny compared toThese two young horse dicks” Oh my God!” I was going to letThese young black big dicks boys fuck me good.King had me practice opening my mouth really wide, being careful not to let it touch his cock until it was way inside and THEN close my mouth on it when it was really deep inside. We did this a lot times and he really liked it and then I practiced on Tim and he liked it too and said I was “One hot cocksucker!” I really liked all their dirty talk and feeling high on their pot. I liked that I was making the younger boys laugh and feel good. This only went on a long time and it was really driving both boys wild. My God, their dicks were getting REALLY hard and swollen. Soon Tim was grabbing my head and trying to force his dick deeper in my mouth saying, “Oh fuck Cindy! I gotta cum in that mouth now…” He made me choke some and he started squirting his cum inside me. This was the first time I ever let a anyone cum in my mouth and it made me feel so hot. My husband would begme to do him that way, I guess his dick was not big enough. The hair around his cock and balls tickled my lips and face and felt good. I liked the taste of Tim’s cum. “Swallow it Cindy. Swallow my cum now girl! Suck my cum!” Tim said over and over while his cock spurted in my mouth,” King yelled. “Hurry up the fuck up Tim! Hurry up! Bitch has me ready to cum too!””Goddamn Tim hurry up or I’m gonna blow on her face!” King begged him then Tim pulled his cock out of my mouth and laughed at King saying, “Go on now!””Go on and cum on her face! I wanna see it… take a picture!” Tim said laughing.King shoved his horse dick in mouth and just as I closed my lips around the knob head of his cock, touched it with my tongue and began to suck on it, King started squirting his cum in my mouth. King’s cum was warmer and thicker and I liked how it tasted too. I enjoyed being able to make both boys cum and liked how it felt with him squirting it into my mouth. I liked Kingthe best because he didn’t try to ram his cock inside like Tim did. He just stood there enjoying it and smiling at me as I looked up and him and sucked him off and swallowed his cum until he stopped squirting and his cock got soft.King pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to open wide so they could take pictures of the cum inside but I had already swallowed it all.”Damn girl! You swallowed it already?” King said disappointed.”Yes I did!” I said matter-of-factly.I wanted them both to kiss some more but only King wanted to kiss me with my mouth all cummy. They said my mouth was made to suck cocks and make men cum. I liked sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum. I told them I wanted to do it some more while bahis siteleri Tim lit up another joint and let me smoke some more of their pot. King started hugging me and feeling me up and finally stuck his finger in my pussy and started sliding it in and out.”You know this is driving me crazy!” I said. I knew for sure that I wanted to let both of the boys fuck me before I went home. King told Tim that my pussy was good and wet and said I was ready to get fucked….”Let’s do it!” I said. I was excited and I told them that I wanted really, really, really bad to let them fuck me. I said that I wanted King to fuck me first. They started to argue about who was going to bust in my pussy first but I wouldn’t let go of King and Tim just gave up and said, “Go on fuck your bitch…” And pushed us away as we clung to each other.We moved off the path over onto some leaves. I unbuttoned my skirt and shirt and took them off and pulled down my panties and a laid down on the mulch pile of leaves my husband had added to over the years while Kingstepped between my legs, got on his knees and starting rubbing the head of his dick inside my pussy to get it nice and wet. Tim kept telling King to eat my pussy out. I spread my legs out hoping King would eat my pussy but all he did was kiss it and stick his tongue in a couple times to taste me.”Eat her out King! Eat the bitch out. You gotta eat that tight white pussy!” He told him.”I got a good taste,” he said to Tim.”Tastes like she ready for some cock.””I want you to fuck me now King,” I said. Because I was afraid they would change their minds and I was feeling so high from their pot and needed to get fucked real bad. Then he leaned over me, looked in my eyes and started to slide his cock up inside me. It hurt and made me start to cry but the black boy just kept pushing harder and harder and he finally had his cock all the way in. “How’s that? She took it good Huh? Look at the little Married slut I got on my cock Tim!” King boasted.It felt really, really, good.I was loved having a hard dick inside of my pussy. I explained as I humped my pussy back at King.Then he started pinching and pulling my tits really hard and then, would switch to softly sucking on them. He was making me cry and moan and I soon found myself wrapping my legs around his waist when he started to really lay into me, thrusting in and out harder and harder. I kept trying to clamp my pussy muscles around it to hold him inside me because King’s cock felt soooo goooood as he slid it up and down my hole. He was making me tingle and feel warm and I cried and begged him to fuck me harder and harder and I shook and came on his cock. King kept pounding and pounding and it really, really, hurt when he kept hitting the bottom of my pussy until we felt his cock head slip all the way inside me. I felt… WOW! King really liked hearing me telling him to fuck harder and that he sounded proud when she said, “I’m all the way in now Cindy. How you like that? You love my cock?”He kept breathing harder and looking up at Tim with a big smile as he kept pounding me hard. King tilted my pussy back farther and stopped pulling his cock out so much after he pushed his cock in. He said he was being careful so his dick could stay all the way inside the tightest part of my pussy. His cock was really swollen now and it hurt me some but he made me cum again and I really screamed some then… After just a few minutes of those short deep fucks King said, “I’m cumming Cindy… I’m cumming so good in you.” King started to kiss me hard again while he looked into my eyes. He was such a handsome black boy and I was glad he was the first one to shoot his cum inside me. It felt so good and he made me happy to feel his warm spurts. I suspected that King had a lot of experience fucking girls. I was sooo glad I let him be the first one to fuck me. I laid there and wondered if I’d end up having a black boy’s baby one day. Maybe King’s baby.”I wanted to let a black canlı bahis siteleri boy do that to me for a long time,” I said while King lay on top of me.”You getting done good now Marcy. Keep fucking like that and you’ll be a mommy soon,” he said making Tim laugh.”Yeah let’s make Cindy a mommy Tim!” Tim said and let King lay there on top of me with his cock still inside me for a minute or so while he got down on his knees next to my head and just automatically started sucking on his cock and he said, “Here baby suck on this cock.””Come on now Cindy, suck my cock some more. Help get me ready to fuck you,” Tim said.Tim’s cock was already ready! I mean, He was so huge. I was glad King was able to fuck me first and that he put so much cum inside me. It helped make it easier for Tim to fuck me next.I sucked Tim’s cock for just a minute but then he pulled it out of my mouth. I told them that I liked having both of their cocks in me at once! It felt so sexy!. He told King to get out of the way and he moved in between my legs.Tim put my legs on his shoulders and bent me back and just pushed his dick all the way inside me and kept it there while he moved it all around inside me.It all felt so fantastic! I was yelling, “OH FUCK! OH MY GOD! OH FUCK! OH MY GOD!” Over and over and they loved it.The way he worked his big dick around inside my pussy felt so good and I told him that I liked feeling his balls pressed up against my butt! He kept doing this for awhile and I didn’t want him to stop. He started squeezing hard on my tits too and I screamed a couple of times for him to stop it but he would just start sucking and biting on them when I did that.”Damn this bitch feel sooo good n tight King!” Tim said huffing and puffing as he started fucking in and out.He kept saying it over and over again and I was enjoying being fucked. Tim fucked me a lot longer than King did and King got beside me and made me start sucking him again until Tim stopped ramming in and out and started shooting his cum inside me. I didn’t realize how much I would love being fucked by both and I just wanted to let them keep doing it. And they did.They took turns fucking me like this until it started to get late.I told them I needed to go inside before my husbandgot home from work and they said fine. They both hugged and kissed me really hard and told me to meet them there again tomorrow after school. I told them I would and kissed them both again. They made me promise to not tell that we got high and that we fucked. I deep french-kissed them both again while they grabbed my tits and ass and I promised not to tell anyone ever.”I’m not ever going to tell!” I promised.”That would be dumb. I like fucking!” I told them.My pussy felt all opened up as we walked up the path and I missed the feeling of having their cocks inside me.I kissed them each one more time and walked up across the yard and turned around to wave goodbye as I unlocked the back door and went in. The next time “we’ll fuck in here.” I thought.After I got inside I went upstairs and looked out the kitchen window and saw them down at the end of the path smoking more pot and wanted to be back out there with them again. I went to the bathroom. When I sat down to pee I my pussy still felt all fucked and opened up. Some of the boy’s cum leaked out of my pussy and plopped into the toilet and the sound made me laugh. I washed their spit off my face and was brushing the leaves out of my hair when I heard a car pull into the driveway…It was my husband!When I went back down to the kitchen and looked out the window but Tim and King had both gone. There was no sign of them. I went and hugged my husband. he asked my how my day went and I said, “Oh, just another boring day at home” I told him. Like I’m supposed to tell her; “Oh baby I got high with two black boys and let them take turns fucking me!”Yeah right. It wasn’t really a lie. School WAS boring. It was what happened AFTER school that was fun!We ate dinner While cum leaked out of my pussy. I asked my husband if he could give me some head.If he couldn’t have sex tonight. I pulled up my skirt and let him suck On my used clit, he had no idea that I just let to black teens nut inside of me.King Hut

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